Calm Down!

September 24th, 2012

As Joe is wont to do during Bucs games when he is not otherwise distracted, he likes to hang on Twitter and respond to queries about the game, and the Bucs in general.

But yesterday, it was as if Bucs fans became unhinged.

Look, Josh Freeman and the Bucs offense was horrible yesterday. They couldn’t run, they couldn’t pass and boy, must be nice of Team Glazer to cough up so much cash for Vincent Jackson and yet the stud receiver was hardly targeted yesterday against a beat up Dallas secondary?

The longer and uglier the game got, the Twitter messages Joe received  grew equally bizarre. Here are a few along with Joe’s responses:

Josh Freeman should be benched.

Joe got this more than a few times. Really, Freeman should be benched? So the immortal journeyman Dan Orlovsky is going to do any better, seriously… really?

Besides, in most cases — not all — it takes a while both for a starting quarterback to get comfortable with an offense and for a coaching staff to get used to his toys. Joe just had to laugh when someone suggested Alex Smith (!) didn’t need a full year to grasp a new offense.

Oh, and one Twitterer claimed if the Bucs cut Freeman now, the Bucs chances of drafting Matt Barkley would increase.

Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan should be relieved of duties.

This was another question Joe got where he hoped the party who asked Joe said question wasn’t driving home. So all the work the offense puts in through the offseason, training camp and preseason should be tossed to the curb after the third game because of one awful play-calling game? Well, if one’s goal is to win two or three games, sure, why not?

Where is LeGarrette Blount?

Joe got this question by far the most. It is painfully obvious, as Joe wrote about last week, that Blount has a penthouse in Greg Schiano’s doghouse. No, Joe cannot answer why.

Look, Joe understands how the masses became enraged yesterday, letting another win slip from their grasps, two weeks in a row now. Let Joe talk you off the ledge.

How good did the defense play yesterday? Damned good. And about those two losses, if this were last year, the Bucs would have been absolutely rolled by 30 points, or worse.

With the exception of the Bucs offense yesterday (would it kill Sullivan to not run Doug Martin up the middle on first down and perhaps have Freeman roll out once or twice a game?), Joe sees improvement in the Bucs. Yeah, Joe said it.

What, you would rather the Bucs be the Saints, still looking for their first win of the season at 0-3?

There is no need to look for a launching spot on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this morning.

83 Responses to “Calm Down!”

  1. Jessup Says:

    Defense was looking really nice, but does anyone really expect our pass rush and run stopping to continue to be great with Clayborn out for the season?

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    “So the immortal journeyman Dan Orlovsky is going to do any better, seriously… really?”

    While I’m not going to say Freeman should have been benched, I think Orlovsky probably would have had more than 20 yards passing at the 55 minute mark. So to answer your question Joe, yes.

  3. Travis Says:

    Its overreaction Monday Joe. Every armchair GM throws their stupid thoughts (see above in the post) out without rationale. I purposely avoid the comments on certrain articles, just because they become depressing and lose sight of reality.

  4. robert Says:

    not overeeacting……freeman should be benched IF he is not going to use his legs to escape the pocket. orlovsky reads the feild better….and if you are not going to utilize the mobility….go with the better pocket passer …orlovsky.

    oh, and talib still sucked yesterday outside of the pick

  5. flmike Says:

    I keep saying it, it took Eli three full seasons to figure out the very same system, this will take some time, yeah yesterday was rancid, like anything new skill you learn it takes time to get the muscle memory in place. Please point out the person who has picked up a guitar for the very first time and was able to play like Clapton or Richards, please point out the golfer who picking up his first wedge is able to spin it like Lefty. Was I angry yesterday, hell yeah, but I also remember watching Eli look like a deer in the headlights his first seasons in this system.

  6. Jessup Says:

    We are the #1 run defense in the league as of week three. Only allowing 2.3 yard per carry. Really sucks Clayborn got hurt.

  7. jb Says:

    I suppose we’re supposed to be overjoyed with the fact, we have 3-13 or 2-14 staring us in the face with a quarterback that reminds us of a 6’5″ 8 year old running our offense? I mean, your helmet radio goes out and the BEST you can come up with is a draw play? Our defense played admirably, but with Clayborn out for season, we probably won’t get what we hoped outta them now. Does anybody else shudder to think the rest of this season lies in the hands of Freeman?

  8. Jessup Says:

    So flmike, you trying to say Freeman gets three years to figure out this system? C’mon man.

  9. JerseyBucsFan Says:

    i’m not as upset as i was last week idk why but i still see the bucs turning it around

  10. jb Says:

    flmike Says:
    September 24th, 2012 at 9:13 am

    I keep saying it, it took Eli three full seasons to figure out the very same system, this will take some time, yeah yesterday was rancid, like anything new skill you learn it takes time to get the muscle memory in place. Please point out the person who has picked up a guitar for the very first time and was able to play like Clapton or Richards, please point out the golfer who picking up his first wedge is able to spin it like Lefty. Was I angry yesterday, hell yeah, but I also remember watching Eli look like a deer in the headlights his first seasons in this system.

    REALLY? Was yesterday the first time Freeman ever picked up a football or quarterbacked a game? The man has NO EXCUSE! NONE! People keep making EXCUSES for this guy! Of course he has talent, but it’s quite apparent he doesn’t have the mental make-up to play quarterback in the NFL. Is he just plain dumb? I doubt it, but he keeps showing that he just can’t seem to grasp what it takes to be an elite quarterback, like the one Raheem Morris promised us when he wasted a 1st round pick on this guy! I’d LOVE him to proven wrong, but I doubt that’s gonna happen!

  11. robert Says:

    freeman had 2 fumbles and 1 int….3 turnovers AND he could not get the ball out to a wr or check down….let’s call it what it is joe. he sucked………as did the O coordinator. give jfo one more shot……hurry up offense from the beginning as thats the only time he looks decent. if he stinks the joint up again…yank him

  12. jb Says:

    I’d Love Freeman to prove all us doubters wrong. But I doubt it’s gonna happen and his time is quickly running out!

  13. Danny Says:

    Fans in NO are saying Brees should be benched. Someone said they should tank the season so that they can draft Barkley.

  14. Andrew Says:

    i know our offense was bad but did anyone see how well Mason Foster played. holy crap he was on fire, he must have had at least 10 tackles yesterday and had his best game by far as a pro. i remember 1 play they ran a zone blocking scheme to the left and put our whole d line on skates, then out of no where foster knifed through the line to make a tackle for a loss. WOW! NOW THATS HOW YOU PLAY LB. THAT GOT ME PUMPED. if he keeps playing like that then we have one heck of a lb.

  15. Andrew Says:

    joe i would like to see a piece on.

  16. lightningbuc Says:

    Overreaction? The bucs had 166 TOTAL yards against a team with a weak secondary. I guess we are all supposed to get on here and be all positive. How can any true Bucs fan not be concerned after that buffoon show yesterday? all the experts told us the offense will be fine, it’s the defense we have to worry about

  17. bucyea Says:

    Freeman calling a run on 3rd and long, down 2 scores should tell you all you need to know about his ability to be a FRANCHISE qb. He does NOT have what it takes. Calling a run says he has ZERO confidence in his own ability, he does not have the football IQ needed at this level, and he’s downright SCARED!!!! He has ZERO pocket presence, ZERO ability to read defenses, and his anticipation to throw the ball before receiver makes break is non-existant…other than that……

  18. Justin Says:

    This game was a major cause for concern. Normally, I would brush a poor offensive performance like this aside and just say it was a bad day. We looked overwhelmed against a bunch of backups on the Dallas side. This Sunday will tell the story of the season. If we can bounce back with a good showing on offense, we’ll be fine.

  19. Ian P. Says:

    Jim Bates lasted through November. Thus far the offense is even worse than that Jim Bates defense. I’m not sure Sullivan can survive three more weeks of that kind of performance.

  20. Richard Says:

    People are forgetting this was a non-competitive 4-12 team last year. They’re acting like we barely missed the playoffs and Schiano is dismantling a dynasty.

  21. Rican Says:

    “So the immortal journeyman Dan Orlovsky is going to do any better, seriously… really?”

    Plain and Simply, yesterday…
    Anyone would have been better Joe. You yourself wrote the article about his continued digression but yesterday was unbelievable to watch. Lets be honest here greater QB’s have been benched for a game at times in there careers when they’ve had bad games and Josh was no top 10 draft pick. You couldnt dream up a worst performance.

  22. Architek Says:

    I knew this day would come and its coming sooner than expected. Part of me feels bad because i really like Freeman personally but after four years of the same habits I am very concerned. I know what I see as a fan and I watch the games closely. After listening to Aikman (who was a pretty accomplished qb btw) confirmed somethings yesterday it put the pieces together for.

    1. Freeman has talent. No question.
    2. Freeman stares down WRs and locks in on one side of the field. Confirmed.
    3. His pocket presence is cool but he can make bad throws under pressure. Mechanics and footwork breakdown when he feels that heat.
    4. Accuracy issues, overthowing wide open wrs is scary bad in year 4.

    There is more but yesterday aside from the offense failure, i saw the deer in him. He was rattled and it showed. Im not an expert but i knw when the deer comes and he had that look in his eyes and his performance showed it. Cant bench him but you better think twice about sinking tens of millions into him next year. Based on his body of work he is a journeyman qb with a good arm and change didnt help him but I see nothing from him helping his on case. You all can mock all you want but I like when the general population starts seeing the truth. Many of you homers were on a high after week one but i asked whats wrong with Freeman, now you all are waking up. Youre welcome.

  23. flmike Says:

    What Freeman is doing is he is taking way to long to process the information in front of him. There is a few things at work here, the most glaring is the lack of practice time teams are allowed since the NFL let the inmates take over the asylum when it comes to team practices and training camp schedules. The reason the military has exercises is to drill into the troops what is required of them during a crisis without having to think about what it is they are doing, you know what to do and you just do it. Freeman is thinking way to much, and like in anything else, when you have to think about what it is you are doing you’re not dong what it is you’re thinking about. It will come.

  24. Ben Says:

    I’m now getting multiple ads coming up with audio, creating an echo effect. This ain’t good, Joe.

    I agree with you on the article, though. I’d love to see more Blount, but as for Freeman and Sullivan, they need more time.

  25. MTM Says:

    I wonder how long the defense can hold up playing the majority of the time. The defense is playing good enough to make the play offs. The offense is playing like they want the number 1 pick. I assumed it would be the other way around this year. Wrong!

  26. lightningbuc Says:


    I am getting the same thing as Ben. The site is becoming annoying with all the audio that starts up.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe says:
    “Besides, in most cases — not all — it takes a while both for a starting quarterback to get comfortable with an offense and for a coaching staff to get used to his toys.”
    Calling that an offense is being overly generous. Offensive is more like it and I’m being positive. Freeman looked like a deer in the headlights back there, tentative, scared, and lacking confidence or ability to hit his targets.

    If Sullivan is in the booth with Sheridan, he might see the field better and get the calls right. Sheridan can coach him.

    These refs really gotta go. They are so so bad and beyond incompetent. Last night on NBC was just inexcusable.

    I was wrong about this team a few weeks ago. I knew the defense would stand up tough, but this offense is inept at times. It is almost like they flip a switch off and can’t figure out how to turn it back on until there is 1 minute left in the game.

    I’m still on board with Schiano, but they lost 2 games they should have won with bad play calls and bad offense. I realize the defense gave up big yards to the Giants, but if they could have controlled the clock and played more aggressively late, they would have kept Eli from all those plays.

    If you can’t win the crowd, you’re in trouble. I fear this town is very short on patience after the past regime collapse and Schiano better figure this out like yesterday.

  28. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    80% of the people commenting here are idiots.

    I agree with Joe…so I know I’m in the upper 20%.

  29. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    And as far as the video playing ads…deal with it. There are PLUG INS that will block them if you get off your high horses and click “add plugins” in your browsers.

  30. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    MTM Says:
    September 24th, 2012 at 9:48 am

    I wonder how long the defense can hold up playing the majority of the time.


    The Brooks, Sapp Lynch defense did it all the time.

  31. Dave Says:

    I am a HUGE Josh Freeman guy, but you are wrong here Joe. Yes, at some point in the 2nd or 3rd Josh should have been benched for a series (not the game). Just to try to get the message across.

    FREEMAN is the reason for every single issue on offense.

    He is not reading things fast enough
    He is not making a quick enough decision
    He is holding the ball too long
    He is tentative to throw the ball
    He seems gun shy because of the INTs last year and last week
    He is staring down targets
    He is only looking at 1 side of the field

    By playing most the game like this, he is making the pass protection look worse
    He is making the WRs look worse
    He is making the running game look worse

    In the final drive when he ABSOLUTELY had to throw it, he did and decisively and pretty accurately.

    For the most part, the early season struggles on offense ALMOST entirely fall on Freeman’s shoulders at this piint.

  32. Buxter Says:

    Sullivan and Schiano bear much of the responsibity for the offensive woes. But still, Freeman is just an awful QB.

    Joe, you can crank up the Excuse o Matic and set it to max, but what you can’t explain is this…. 4 years in… same fundamental flaws? I feel that Sullivan is faced with the impossible task of trying to make a racehorse out of a jackass.

    What a shame to waste such a stellar performance by the defense yesterday!

  33. BUCTIME Says:

    I did not like the post-game press conference when Freeman said we win/lose as a team. The only time you say that is if your side of the ball played well and your defense sucked or if you are the coach. He needed to take responsibility and say that he played a terrible game.

    The offense and defense may both receive a “L” but it is your fault and the defenses’.

  34. Architek Says:

    How are most people idiots when you turn on the radio, read blogs, and analysts question Freeman performance? I think you are right, just question which 20% you think you fall into. The film dont lie buddy.

  35. Bucgirl76 Says:

    All I can say about yesterday’s game is that the Bucs should answer the phone ringing, because it’s 1998 calling, and it wants its “all defense with little to no offense game back.” I definitely felt like I had seen that game before just with completely different players, except Ronde Barber.

  36. Rican Says:

    Pete your right there is 20% here that will remain Homers till the end of days (Your one of them) and no Joe is just being objective he sees what we see see the articles he put up about your boi Free yesterday.
    And your logic sucks lol
    Because the Brooks, Sapp, Lynch defense were forced to do its somehow ok? Or we have to be ok with it? Or somehow everyone can do it?
    Negative ghost rider

  37. flmike Says:

    Wow, why can’t anyone realize, you can not just open up someone’s head and pour in the knowledge, they have to learn it and that is a process, and what we are witnessing is the process, inconsistant play is an earmark of that, some days it good somedays it’s bad, that is part of the process.

  38. Buddhaboy Says:

    My wife said Josh Freeman looked scared yesterday. I thought when he came out for the bucs first drive, he had the “deer in the headlights” look. He does, he looked shaken the whole game, you could see the white in his eyes more than ever……I cant get over that look……….never seen that before from a good quarterback…..

  39. Rican Says:

    And while I say joe agrees I don’t mean the benching aspect I mean he sees what we see.

  40. BUCTIME Says:

    *not the defenses fault

  41. lightningbuc Says:

    Pass the Dutcher says he’s not one of the 80 percent that are idiots. This coming from the same guy who was adamant that Mark Barron would be fined for his hit on Steve Smith in week 1, seemingly ignoring the video evidence to the contrary.

  42. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Freeman looked bad because the Cowboys secondary absolutely dominated our WRs all game long. They played press man the whole time with two high safeties taking away the deep stuff. Our WRs created ZERO separation. Go back and watch the WRs running their routes every time Freeman had to hold the ball. What you’ll see is NO ONE, and I mean absolutely NO ONE was getting open. Later in the game I could read Freeman’s lips after one play where, again, his WRs failed to create even an inch of separation. He said, “are you f-cking kidding me?!”.

    And I have to agree with him.

  43. Snook Says:

    Calm down?

    In an era of the NFL where passing yards are a dime a dozen, its inexcusable to have an offense that generates only 95 yards of passing prior to its late 4th quarter run.

    Freeman is not the same QB he was. Where’s the guy that used to run if he couldn’t find an open receiver? Its better than standing there for 10 seconds before being sacked!

    This offense is a joke. And its a combination of Sullivan and Freeman that need to get their shiz together. Its almost as if Doug Martin has a clause in his contract that says he MUST get the ball handed to him on 1st down. I thought the problem was Greg Olson last year. Apparently, its not just Olson. Freeman was the worst QB in the NFL yesterday. That’s pretty bad.

  44. Snook Says:

    The Bucs are extremely lucky to be 1-2. And the play calling has been awful in all three games. It wasn’t just yesterday.

  45. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Dallas has probably the toughest secondary in the league with Carr, Claiborne and Jenkins starting at CB. They held the Giants, a team that scored 41 on the Bucs, to only 17 points and held Manning to barely over 200 yards passing. These guys can stick to ANY WR like glue, including Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. That’s the story here…not Josh Freeman. Watch the tape ’cause the tape don’t lie.

  46. JBUC24 Says:

    I agree with Dave & Bucyea…..Freeman showed us today that he is not capable to make a decision quickly in a 2 minute drill. I have always had a little bit of hope for Freeman, but have zero after yesterday!!

    It’s not an over reaction, it’s REALITY!!

  47. Rican Says:

    Yes watch the tape Dallas and watch Freeman’s play. The tape don’t lie.

  48. Daffy Buck Says:

    Last week the offense looked good and the defense gave up a ton of yards and points. This week the offense looks horrible and the defense looks great. These are the growing pains of N.S.O. Overall they should learn each week and get better. I am still hopefull for 7 wins.

    This is Freeman’s fourth year and only looked good in 2010. They should look at his 2010 reel with him and point out what he was doing right. If we lose the next one, you have to give Dan O. a chance. If we end up with less than 5 wins Rockstar gives up the farm for Barkley.

  49. Bobby Says:

    The only way to make Freeman look better is to let him roll out more often and make the defense respect his running ability. He actually throws better on the move. I think he sees the field better when he’s out of the pocket.

  50. Eric Says:

    Whatever happened to the lasting contender thing? Wasnt that what we were promised four years ago? Fallen just a hair short eh?

    Oh, I forgot, we hit the “reset” button because we had to rework the entire coaching staff due to the previous humiliations.

    Losing 12 out of the last thirteen games is plenty of reason not to be calm IMO.

  51. Brandon Says:

    I don’t think it would have killed Freeman to sit him for a series. His play was at the same dismal level as Sullivan’s playcalling.

    The guy lost 20+ lbs… for what? He hasn’t used his legs a bit…he stands in the pocket like a freaking statue. Part of that is Sullivan not getting him on the move on bootlegs and rolls and half rolls and the other part is Freeman. He has to learn how to climb the pocket, slide in the pocket, scramble out of the pocket to buy time. His inability to do this while standing there stone still with the ball at his waist was mind boggling. Penn didn’t do a bad job on Ware but gave up 2 sacks to him… both of those sacks were on Freeman and the fact that he held onto the ball way too long.

    That being said, it usually takes close to half a season to get a new offense rolling, I’ve noticed it is usually a minimum of 5 games. If we come back from the bye and Freeman is still stinking it up, then perhaps a change should be made. Orlovsky might stink but if he gives us a better shot at winning than Freeman then the change should be made. Give it time but let’s keep our options open.

  52. MTM Says:

    at the Doucher Journal (Pete Doucher)

    For one nobody accused the current Bucs defense of being Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Rice etc.. So toss out that excuse.
    Freeman is a major part of the problem. He is indecisive, looks down receivers, does not run with a lane is wide ass open. Look at the game tape !

  53. Robbie_G Says:

    WOW, the O was a MESS. RUn EVER 1st down? I understand Freeman was bad, but throw the damn ball. Do no huddle, try SOMETHING> Freeman has not looked good at all this season, a couple good throws here and there. Missing open guys, missing his reads, no the backup is not the answer. but come on, Freeman and Sully need to try something NEW. The D looked great, well done boys!!

  54. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    MTM, I might have called you people idiots…but you are the ones opening your mouths and proving it.

    Yes…Freeman is far from perfect. But it takes time…3 games is not enough. And benching him for a series as suggested above???

    That further proves my point.

  55. Rican Says:

    One word Pete… Homer
    Your proving that the more you open your mouth. It’s far more than the system. The system has no bearing on the problems Free is presenting four years into his professional career. A QB should show progression four years in no matter what systems he’s asked to be in not regression. Certain aspects of QB play are constants and these dear sir is where his regression is occurring. Thats ok, Mr Homer sir.

  56. Rican Says:

    NOT ok Mr. Homer sir

  57. Gunner Eleven Says:

    I was one of those knee-jerking, arm-chair QB’s, gripping a Miller in one hand and twittering in the other.

    I wanted Freeman to be the man. But he’s not. Schiano won’t have 3-4 years to turn Freeman into a pro bowl QB. Don’t forget that Freeman was Rah’s pick. If the offense continues to play likes this, Sully or Freeman will be gone (or maybe both).

  58. flmike Says:

    Wow, I would hate to have to come work for a few of you. If given a new task that contains on the low end, about 120 options based on what you see in front of you, but what you see in fron of you is constantly changing, how many of you would master it in less than 6 months. And, Oh yeah, there will be 7 to 11 220 to 340 lbs plus men racing at you as fast as they can while you’re filtering thru your options…

  59. Rican Says:

    Again your referring to problems having to do with a new system. Which is understandable. However Free is digressing in areas that are constants for a QB that do not change from system to system. (For example : Accuracy)

  60. robert Says:

    it’s not rocket science!!!! look for the hole in the defense they are giving you and play the play (or audible) that exploits that weakness.

    all this “he has to process all the information, look at who’s coming at him from where etc, etc…any one of a 100 excuses) is bs.

    when any good qb steps up to the line they look for the weakness and expose it. jfro would rather us blame it on sullivan, when he could change the play at any time. thats just weak imo…

  61. Tony FWB Says:

    The play calling was horrible. They were running plays that set no play action up, no screens, hardly running off the tackles to cut outside.

    WHERE IS BLOUNT?!!!!!!!!!!!! If he is in Schiano’s doghouse, then Schiano needs to get over himself and realize he has a beast of a back.

    REALLY why are we playing DJ Ware, Sullivan should know this guy wasn’t that good he was third string behind Jacobs and Bradshaw and should be behind Martin and Blount.

    3 and long you run????? on your side of the field too?

  62. flmike Says:

    Have any of you complaining about Freeman ever seen a real NFL playbook, not just a few scatter pages, but the full playbook, depending on the system and the coordinators it can read fairly standard or look like a mashup of algebra and calculus, each system is virtually a new language that has to be learned. This comes back to my point of thinking while you should be doing, Freeman is still not completely comfortable in his new system and the new language he has to learn and what he is doing is thinking and not just doing, that only comes with time and a comfort level in what you are doing. Again, we are seeing the pitfalls of learning something new while trying to execute it as well, inconsistency is the earmark of this. In the Giants game he looked great the first half, making reads and basing his decisions on those reads very quickly, flash forward to yesterday, the Cowboys coverages were way better than the Giants and he now had to think about what he wanted to do within the new system, with time and practice these decisions will become muscle memory and they will be made even before he realizes he made them.

  63. Buddhaboy Says:

    Something is up with Freeman. He is very unsure of himself, Look at his post game presser, he is very insecure….

    My theory is that he has thin skin. Under Coach Rah he was the hailed one. and now he seems to be very insecure, not sure if it is all too much for him, but he is acting like the beatin step child, afraid to talk for fear of beatings….

    [Accuse a Bucs player of illegal activity once more without concrete evidence and you’re gone. Joe is the one responsible for what is on this site. — Joe.]

  64. lightningbuc Says:

    Good god, FLMIKE! Coordinators and systems change in probably half the organizations every year. When Gruden came in, it was certainly a different “system” for Brad Johnson, but he was able to figure it out pretty quickly. You either have “it” or you don’t – regardless of system.

  65. Architek Says:

    Trust me I want to make excuses but I am speaking from his complete body of work. I can’t and won’t speak for everyone else. I am not saying bench him but all I am saying is think twice before giving him long term money. I watch Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco demolish good secondaries and they’ve been in multiple systems. It’s just time to see real growth and people are wising up to his deficiencies. I was a big Freeman supporter but I need to see more from him, leadership wise. I saw on the bench yesterday sulking and I want him up communicating with qb coach and Sullivan more in bad times trying to get something going. I agree with everyone take but I just need more in year 4!

  66. Architek Says:

    You have a point and that’s a common problem with big frame WRs that name isn’t Megatron. I would love to see quicker guys out there but we don’t have those kind of wideouts. We can get up the field though and win a lot of jump balls, they just need a chance. That ball Freeman threw behind Jackson for the open first down was a good case and point. No reason for that missed throw.

  67. sensiblebuc Says:

    FLBoyinDallas’ post is all you need to read. It’s kind of hard to shine when your offensive coordinator is running a pop warner offense, your receivers aren’t getting any separation and you’ve got an inconsistent o-line trying to stop Demarcus Ware.

    I said it yesterday, the offense had no rhythm and the plan never changed. Freeman was obviously struggling yesterday and we just kept dropping him back there like a statue and letting him get hit. I don’t care who you are, if you get hit you’re going to get rattled. There were no rollouts, no motion, ONE WR screen that I could remember (to Benn) and ZERO imagination in the offensive playcalling.

    Freeman has never been and will never be the savior like Stafford or Tom Brady but he’s at least a top 15 QB if he’s put in position to win. He’s been overcoached (to borrow from a poster on here yesterday) so now he looks robotic and scared to make throws in tight windows because he doesn’t want to turn the ball over like last year. Sully needs to open up the offense a bit downfield, use all of our weapons including Blount, and break the tendencies we all can see forming and we’ll be fine.

  68. flmike Says:

    Brad Johnson had been exposed to the WCO in Minn sitting behind Warren Moon and Cunningham, though Gruden didn’t run a true WCO the verbage and reads were very similar if not the same, almost all WCO come down from Bill Walsh and though the language has evolved since he wrote the book, it’s still pretty similar. We are talking about a kid who has been in 3 different systems in 4 seasons (3 different languages, 3 different read types, and at least 3 different guy’s voices in his earpiece.) I am a computer programmer, I know 5 different programming languages, though they all look the same, they are very very different in execution.

  69. crazy Says:

    Rather than bash one player wouldn’t it be more reasonable to look at how the off season moves to improve play around the QB are doing? Better line play with a punishing running game was the plan wasn’t it? Injuries aren’t helping the O line but the running game is not effective enough to set up play action or stretch the field as planned. The most disturbing development to date was the total breakdown when 5’s headphones went out. Only the team knows whether that was due to over-controlling coaches or an over-dependent risk-adverse QB. Given what we’ve seen so far I suspect they are hard at work addressing it. We all saw the same thing. Bashing #5 won’t fix it. We’ve seen what he’s capable of if the offense can only bring it out of him.

  70. Rican Says:

    Haha more like a bottom 32 QB ATM

  71. lightningbuc Says:


    What is your excuse then for him doing worse last year than in 2010 with Greg Olson’s system? He should have been way better last year according to your logic.

  72. stimpy Says:

    Im going to go jump off the skyway. Who’s with me?! Joe? Anyone?

    Seriously. I went to the home opener and thought our O was okay at best. Im finding it hard to justify going to the Washington game. I REALLY wanna go to the Eagles game…

    But please, please tell me why i should continue to support your product?

    As to Free. Everyone here saying it takes a while to learn a new O is correct. BUT there are still BASICS that ANY QB in their 4th year should have already MASTERED.

    In 2010/11 Free was great at scrambling to find an open recveiver or extend the play. This year thats non-existing. Not sure if this is on the O Coord or on Free.

    Joe, can you explain? Or anyone else?

  73. SteveK Says:

    Yesterday, watching Freeman take the field with the offense, it just didn’t feel right.

    After the first drive, the Bucs Offense couldn’t do anything. Freeman can’t even put up a Trent Dilfer type of performance.

    Freeman needs to figure it out quickly, or he is a goner.

  74. Architek Says:

    You should continue to support but just lower your expectations for the offense until the dust settles. Thats all you can do.

  75. flmike Says:

    What is your excuse then for him doing worse last year than in 2010 with Greg Olson’s system? He should have been way better last year according to your logic.

    That was a complete and total lack of leadership from Raheem on down, the players obviously did what they wanted to do, look at Freeman, he looked like he gained 30lbs during the season, you also had Olsen trying to add his playbook (if you can call it that) to what was a bastardized version of Gruden’s and it all turned into the giant turd we witnessed. As in any organization, if it stinks it stinks from the head on down…there seemed to be little to no coaching on as the season went on.

  76. Miguel Grande Says:

    When the opponents get more tape on our initial game plans, our offensive output will get weaker and weaker. Going into halftime with out a substantial lead will make it impossible to win.

    Our head coach will never give up his halftime siestas and we can only look forward to next year’s draft.

    My suggestion is Jarvis Jones, an OLB from Georgia. Since we’re not using LGB, I would suggest using him a trade bait to pick up Ryan Mallett from Belicheat.

  77. Rican Says:

    “As to Free. Everyone here saying it takes a while to learn a new O is correct. BUT there are still BASICS that ANY QB in their 4th year should have already MASTERED.”

    amen Amen AMEN!!!

  78. Rican Says:

    Mike now ur spewing nonsense in an attempt to keep what’s left of you fingertips gripped on what you “want” Free to be as a QB all the while being blind to the QB he is right now. And that’s way below avg

  79. Rican Says:

    I really do hope he proves me wrong and ends up being the QB he has the “potential” to be. For our franchises sake.

  80. Patrick Says:

    I’m sorry………but Freeman’s performance was embarrassing for this whole franchise and the whole city of Tampa. It was that bad. The QB at my Division II college would’ve done better!

    My friends who are Cowboys fans laughed at me when I told them Freeman was taken in the 1st round……….they were like “are you serious”?

    We’re a 3-0 team right now if Freeman knew how to DRIVE a team down the field and complete passes more than 3 yards.

  81. Patrick Says:

    Yesterday was probably the first time I’ve seriously been ashamed that he’s our starting QB. And that’s bad……..cause I’ve been one of his biggest supporters the 1st three seasons.

  82. flmike Says:

    I missed this yesterday, but thanks for validating my point about new systems, by mentioning Joe Flacco being in multiple systems and now he is tearing up defenses. This is his 4th year in this system under Harbaugh, and if you remember, the Raven fans were calling for his head the first two years he was in the system, it was only midway thru last season where he actually started to figure it out and this year they added the no huddle aspect which is the last piece, 4 years into the new system, 4 years it has taken Flacco to learn the new system completely, why not give Josh the same latitude.

  83. thao hall Says:

    flannigan penn