Bucs Aren’t “Bullies”

September 23rd, 2012

Joe’s not really getting why Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud would call Greg Schiano and his Buccaneers “bullies,” like he did today in a piece penned for the Tampa Bay Times.

Frankly, it’s almost ludicrous. And it makes Joe seriously question whether Stroud knows the meaning of the word, “bully.”

Who exactly are the Bucs bullying? They barely laid a hand on Eli Manning in 51 pass attempts. And the players don’t break on-field rules or get fined, like the fist-throwing, cheap-shotting Giants did last weekend. Hell, the Bucs’ most bone-crushing and intimidating offensive threat sits on the bench.

Simply attempting to play physical football on every snap — like many other clubs around league — doesn’t make you a bully. It makes you a football team.

Stroud also seems confused why Schiano accommodated media requets for interviews this week on the heels of the world famous kneel-down-buster play.

But it continued with Schiano’s unapologetic stance that he was all too accommodating to repeat in one-on-one interviews last week on ESPN, the NFL Network and NBC Sports.

Regardless of where you come down on the debate over the kneel-down play — and many respected former players and coaches sided with Schiano — he didn’t want to let the issue pass without taking full advantage of it.

Joe bets Stroud would also be on Schiano’s ass if he didn’t accept the interview requests from the NFL’s cherished television partners. He’d probably even drop the P word on Schiano. There’s no pleasing some in the media.

Regardless, Joe hopes the Bucs do become bullies of the NFL. But Joe knows the Bucs are miles away from filling those shoes, if they even aspire to.

16 Responses to “Bucs Aren’t “Bullies””

  1. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Stroud = Hack

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    If it were the Steelers or Ravens it would be business as usual! These guys have gotten so used to finesse football they can’t distinguish between very physical play and dirty play (Giants) Hey Rick; how many Bucs were fined this week for dirty hits? Oh none; O.K.! How many Giants were fined for their actions on the field? How about you write about that? The Bucs are taking a stance that they’ll no longer except being door mats. Even when they lose; somebody getting punched in the mouth along the way. I’ll take this style of play all day every day!

  3. bucyea Says:

    And you wonder why the fans dont support the Bucs. Look no further than Stroud and the most PATHETIC “sports media” in the universe. The agenda driven pukes think the story is about them, they’ve totally lost sight what a real reporter is. it’s PATHETIC!!!

  4. Bobby Says:

    My God, Stroud may be the worst sports writer in the country and that is no hyperbole. He is absolutely pathetic. I wonder how he got that job. Was he actually good at some point in his career?? He certainly is horrible now.

  5. Buc fan south Tampa Says:

    Just win baby. Everything else is noise.

  6. FlBoy84 Says:

    Stroud’s simply doing what he normally does and is piggybacking off other articles from the national media that are calling Schiano a bully. Much easier to write articles when you can basically copy and paste.

  7. Eric Says:

    Hopefully we set aside psychological warfare and concentrate on pressuring Romo.

    Stroud would not recognize an original though if it bit him in the ass.

  8. Vic Says:

    Stroud clearly doesn’t like Schiano after reading that story.

  9. Macabee Says:

    If bully means that mean, nasty, take no prisoners attitude on the field, then I like bullies. I liked the Raiders during their heyday and I liked the Miami Hurricanes when Davis and Schiano was there. Some people called them thugs and bullies – I called them winners!

  10. Miguel Grande Says:

    The Little General’s lack of character is becoming more disturbing as the season progresses.

  11. jb Says:

    It’s a well known fact that Stroud is the biggest Pansie-ass in the Tampa Bay area Pen & Mic Club. He doesn’t care anything about facts, he just simply takes shots at whoever happens to be trying to get the BUCS on the right path. He’s done it with every coach and GM we’ve had here, except for Rich McKay (who he is personal friends with) and Raheem Morris ( who did his best to kiss Stroud’s and everyone elses butt he had to, to keep them from printing the truth about what a disaster he was as a head coach and leader). Anybody that believes anything that Stroud writes, might as well move to Atlanta and become a fan of the Dixie Chix (Falcons) which is really where Stroud’s heart is. He loves the Falcons and McKay, which accounts for 90% of the ridiculous stuff he comes up with re: the BUCS.

  12. Rick330 Says:

    Calling this team a bully is insane. A bully walks away with your lunch money. This team walks away with a loss caused by no pressure and lack of coverage skills. Over time I feel there is a chance they could garner the bully status of our old teams. I refuse to give this team any status until they actually play more than 2 games. Go Beat Them Cowboys!

  13. Justin Says:

    Stroud is on the same level as Pete Prisco. Those guys write on a 2nd grade reading level about nothing. Shame on anyone for wasting their time with him.

  14. snook Says:

    What would you expect from the same douchebag that wrote an article the day of the Bucs-Eagles playoff game saying Dungy would be fired if the Bucs didn’t win. Stroud is worthless.

  15. Jeff Says:

    I left a nice comment for stroud on his article.

    He does not sound like a Bucs fan at all so why do they keep him around to alienate the Bucs fans?

  16. Picked Off Says:

    Stroud must be taking pointers from Jason Whitlock. When you don’t really have anything real to report, make it up and try to stir s#!t…