Barber On “The Tackling Plan”

September 29th, 2012

Barber explains Greg Schiano’s attention to tackling and interestingly says the offense might improve when there’s more buy-in to a tougher practice work ethic.

Months ago eyebrows were raised when Gerald McCoy talked about how he was learning how to tackle under the New Schiano Order.

Many wondered how one could become a professional football player and not yet know how to tackle properly? Well, it seems Bucs icon Ronde Barber is even benefitting from the tackling education under Greg Schiano.

Speaking on Total Access on WDAE-AM 620 this week, Barber explained that the details of Schiano’s tackling drilling are pounded into everyone’s head and helped the Bucs icon make a tackle Sunday.

“We have a tackling plan. Coach Schiano is very big on his tackling plan; we do it every single day,” Barber said. “It’s bite the ball, and if you can’t bite the ball wrap and roll, roll him to the ground, and if you can’t do that you sweep the ankle. I think on [a challenging takedown Jason Witten on Sunday] I did all three of them while I was holding on to him. (Laughs) He’s a big cat. You know, there’s some benefit though of having a plan when you’re dealing with not just him, but anybody. You have to find a way.”

In the world of the New Schiano Order, the tackling plan is known as systemizing. During Schiano’s interview with Melissa Stark of NFL Network last Sunday, Schiano explained how he likes to systemize everything, per a transcript published in the New York Times.

[Schiano] On what is the most controlling thing he does:

“I like to systemize things. I believe people make a mistake that reinvent the wheel every week. Systemize the way we travel, systemize the way we gameplan, systemize the way we practice and then guys get more and more comfortable. Athletes and coaches are creatures of habit, so if we can systemize things, then we get better at it.”

Barber went on to explain that everything in the New Schiano Order is about practicing daily with intensity and attention to every detail. Interestingly, Barber says that more “buy-in” is needed to the demanding Schiano work ethic and speculates the Bucs offense will improve when that happens.

“It’s been implored upon us numerous times,” Barber said. “And it’s gotta continue to be so, as we get ready for Washington and the games following, that you gotta do it on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so it shows up on Sunday. And that’s always hard to do. So you know feel bad, you’re sore on Wednesday, obviously you know it’s your job. But you fight with it, to want to go out there and run around and go as hard as you can in preparation, but that’s gotta be our edge. And we’ll continue to try and get better at that. I think when everybody buys into that as a team, then we’ll start seeing results, especially on [the offensive] side of the ball.”

It’s interesting to Joe that Barber is still calling for the Bucs to display more devotion and drive in practice. Either Barber has extraordinarily high standards — very likely — or there’s still more indoctrination needed as to how things must be done in the New Schiano Order.

15 Responses to “Barber On “The Tackling Plan””

  1. Brandon Says:

    Just when I thought we were returning to the days of Father Dungy (Joe’s rubbing off on me-if I start speaking in the 3rd person, however, shoot me) this article made me realize something…Schiano will not put up with an underperforming ineffective and unaccountable offense for long. It seems accountability is the biggest trait that jumps out at me regarding Schiano. And I think Schiano will hold the offense accountable… eventually. It normally takes new coaches a minimum of 5 games into the season before their offenses are able to assimilated, understood, and carried out onto the field. That being said, I hope we have enough O for Sunday.

  2. Bob Says:

    I hope josh buys in soon,his system seems to be malfunctioning.

  3. Vic Says:

    WWell said Brandon, accountability is coming to his offense. Schiano has done his part with the defense.

  4. Macabee Says:

    First point on topic is tackling. I do see improvement made in the Bucs tackling this year. Coincident with Barber’s interview is the return of E.J. Biggers. The major problem with Biggers game was tackling. I never thought the day would come when I was looking forward to Biggers being on the field, but if Schiano’s tackling plan is working, then the return of Biggers may be a good thing with all the problems Wright has had with his back.

    Second point is the offense. If the pressers are to be believed, then nobody at One Buc seems to be panicked over the current status of the offense. It’s hard to tell who’s at fault here. Freeman is going to get the majority of the criticism no matter what. But it’s hard to believe that Schiano does not have his hand in the conservative play-calling somewhere. And Sullivan has to keep in mind that he was not Schiano’s 1st choice for OC. Schiano wanted McNulty from the Cardinals, who will be available in 2013.

    The offense will get better as I suspect it will or there will be changes in 2013, because Schiano’s loyalty is only to winning!

  5. flmike Says:

    I like that line “Schiano’s only loyalty is to winning”

  6. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    That’s it. Barber is such a hard worker even in practice, its no wonder why he is still in the league.

    These young football guys just dont seem to understand how sort their careers really are. They cant fathom the very small window of opportunity that some might have as an impact player.

    Barber is right. Freeman needs to focus like his career is on the line… because it is. This is Freemans make or break year. He may not even have the rest of the season if he gets yanked and the other guy steps in an moves the chains.

    This is where Josh Johnson was no threat to Freeman and cause Free to not have any sense of urgency.

    Well, when Free ends up as a backup on some other team’s roster… maybe then he will realize the opportunity he once wasted in Tampa.

  7. FlBoy84 Says:

    If the offense can build the attacking mentality the defense seems to have already acquired, it would make a vast difference in their performance. That could be what Barber is referring to. That the O just goes through the motions during the week and then expects to come out and be an attacking and aggresive unit on Sunday. Gotta bring that every day of the week if it’s going to become a habit.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I love that Schiano systemizes everything because that’s how any professional organization should be run. As long as the system that’s created is open to revision over time to improve it based on experience it will serve this team well.

    One of the first things Jeff Charleston, the new DE the Bucs just signed, said when he arrived at One Buc was that everything was first class the way the organization was run. He was very impressed with the professionalism. Can you imagine anyone saying that during the Rah regime?

    I also heard Ronde’s hint that the offense isn’t where it should be because some guys aren’t buying in 100% yet on that side of the ball. Hopefully Schiano identifies those players ASAP and lights a fire under them. The way you practice during the week is the way you’ll play on Sunday. Obviously our defense has that concept nearly mastered, at least.

  9. Architek Says:

    I would like to take a stab at whos not buying in on offense and say his number is 27. But there is probably more. I absolutes hate watching Larsen play he commits a penalty every game and he sticks out like sore thumb. He not starter material.

  10. Mavsmoney Says:

    @bucfan #247

    I don’t think Freeman’s work ethic is the problem. There have been numerous times we’ve heard about him going above and beyond what required. It’s the decision making I’m afraid of.

  11. Yar Says:

    Def. HC mess with the O to much and Off. HC mess with the D to much.
    Looks like the O is terrified to turn the ball over. Like Marino says “pick a guy and let it fly”.

  12. 76buc76 Says:

    Schiano is making Sullivan run the ball on first down.They should run it up the gut on their first possesion first down.The skin’s will be expecting a shot down field.Then on our next first down hand to Blount pitch it back to Free and bomb it to V-jax.I wanna see Free run for some first down’s.He had 14 rushing TD his last year of college.When the QB run’s the DE’s can’t pin there ear’s and come around the edge.So it’ll buy him more time in the pocket to throw the ball.If we lose to the next 2 games because of the offence.I’ll be done with Freeman myself.Please run some dump passes to the flat to Blount not a CHECK DOWN.3 or 5 step drop and boom.Blount in the flat with a line-men V-jax,Benn and Lorig out in front to block…that is just scary

  13. FanOfBucs Says:

    Let’s Go Bucs!!

  14. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Macabee Says:

    …The major problem with Biggers game was tackling…


    See now, I felt is main issue was effort. I watched him give up pursuit on multiple occasions last year…to the point where teammates were screaming at him to go after guys he failed to cover.

    I also thought his speed was an issue.

    Either way, I think Schiano will not put up with a lack of effort. To think Biggers will pick things up right away is a mistake some people are making, I think (even he thinks he will).

  15. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I don’t think they will expect the Bucs to pass on first down at all…considering they hardly ever do. A good fake hand off might be best to start the game.

    Whatever the case…I think it would make a statement if the Bucs defense sacked RGIII on the first play they get a shot at him.