“You Can Hide A Center”

August 28th, 2012

Joe apologizes at the mere mention of his name, but the lesson of Sean Mayhem shouldn’t be forgotten.

The 2009 season was extraordinarily painful, and one major lowlight was the turnstile imitation turned in by backup center Sean Mayhan, aka Sean Mayhem.

The A-gap often looked like the Selmon Expressway when Mayhem was in the game. 

Jeff Faine missed four starts and Mayhem was historically awful and was released in October of that year and never heard from again in the NFL at the ripe old age of 29. 

So it was interesting to Joe when former Bucs guard Ian Beckles lobbied on the WDAE-AM 620 airwaves today for the Bucs to move Jeremy Zuttah over to right guard and let Ted Larsen, the current backup center, take the Bucs’ center gig full-time.

“You can hide a center; and you can lose a game at guard,” Beckles said, explaining a center takes on fewer double-teams than a guard.”

Beckles said Zuttah can keep his line-call duties at right guard, a move he said wouldn’t break new ground in the NFL. And Beckles said he considers Larsen solid and serviceable.

Joe’s unsure about this. The Bucs proved in 2009 that a lousy center can be exploited and exposed.

Regardless, Joe would like to see Larsen and Derek Hardman slug it out at right guard unless rockstar general manager Mark Dominik can find a can’t-miss dude to replace Davin Joseph. Hardman and Larsen are both in their third seasons and were successful as starters in 2010. One of them should have what it takes to play some decent football.

27 Responses to ““You Can Hide A Center””

  1. Bobby Says:

    For once I would have to agree with Beckles. I think it makes more sense to move Zuttah over to guard and use Larsen at center. Now, if we can find a decent guard after the final cuts that’s a different story.

  2. canadabuc Says:

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  3. princespanky Says:

    I think that the only decision to be made is what is best from a run blocking perspective. If Zuttah is a better pulling guard which by all accounts he is then I think you have to do that. It’s the area which is supposed to be the identity of the ball team.

    I would make the bold prediction that we are not going to find a guard better then Zuttah after cuts.

    Find a center off waivers and make them compete with Larsen. Larsen was a center in college anyway.

  4. Being Ikkles Says:

    Ian Beckles….hahaha..has he mentioned he used to play pro football today for 50 x

  5. Miguel Grande Says:

    Darn that Ian Beckles and his NFL OL experience and wisdom.

  6. Patrick Says:

    SIGN Andre Gurode!

    12 year veteran, 5 time pro bowler…….good temporary replacement for Joseph.

  7. Bill Says:

    I mentioned this to a friend on Sunday. We should not only be keeping an eye out for a guard but a center as well. It may be easier to find a decent center than a good guard anyway. I think with what Schiano wants to do in the run game it would be better to Zuttah at guard to replace Joseph..

  8. Bobby Says:

    With Beckles ‘experience’ and ‘wisdom’ don’t go hand in hand. He was right on this one….a rarity for Beckles.

  9. Miguel Grande Says:

    Do you really think Andre Gurode, 12 year veteran and 5 time pro bowler would run the dreaded and unnecessary 110X16 torture tests in the August Florida heat?

    If he did, would he recover by the bye week?

    Would the Rockstar waive the gauntlet?

    What would Donald Price say?

  10. bill Says:

    What wrong with Signing Faine to a 1yr deal he is still out there right? then move Zuttah to rg….Faine is a good center just got injured much like McCoy!

  11. Lion Says:

    I actually like the idea of Zuttah playing right guard over Larsen and Larsen at center. Larsen just seems more like a center than a guard to me and we all know Zuttah can play right guard.

  12. NJBucsFan Says:

    Bill….Faine was one of the worst centers in the league. The offense is new so there is not even familiarity there. We will find a cut guard or center that will be serviceable and would be an upgrade over Faine. I think we should kick the tires on Deuce Lutui…with him and Nicks that’s a whole lot of beef on the line.

  13. Fritz50 Says:

    Hokey, Joe, not sure what’s going on, but, have ‘lost’ the last post I made here. Would like to know what’s going on. Was it too long? Violate a site rule? Please let me know if I did do something wrong. The post in question was about the
    ” dreaded and unnecessary ” conditioning test.

  14. Fritz50 Says:

    Heer goes, 1 last try

    “would run the dreaded and unnecessary 110X16 torture tests in the August Florida heat”

    You continue to harp on this theme. Since EVERY player currently on the team has passed this “dreaded” test, and done so without complaint, I really don’t see where this attitude comes from. As far as being ” unnecessary” , that’s your opinion, which you’re entitled to, of course. As for , it served it’s purpose, as a way of weeding out those who were unwilling to work hard & do whatever it takes to make the team & make it better, something I think was needed to be established, from the get go, & I applaude Coach’s willingness to proceed with it, no matter who it weeded out, “Star” tight end or scrub.

  15. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I agree with signing Faine on at Center and moving Zuttah over to guard.

    Faine > Harden.

    Great idea.

  16. TrueBlue Says:

    “a center takes on fewer double-teams than a guard.”

    Am I missing something? Why is a guard or center ‘taking on’ a double team? Don’t they create the double teams by helping another teammate block a defensive player? Isn’t it the defensive side of the ball that takes on double teams?

  17. Fear The Glow Says:

    I know you can’t expect him to just seamlessly replace Davin but when did Larsen become some lousy player that we should all be terrified of? He played pretty good when he got his chance. Im more worried about Trueblood not having Joseph next to him to keep him in check.

  18. Miguel Grande Says:

    Maybe when Larsen replaced Davin and was called for back to back pre-snap penalties that some began to think he was a lousy player that we should all be terrified of.

    Is it that he can’t hear out of his left ear or that he can’t see the ball snapped with his left eye?

  19. Bob Says:

    Hey joe I said that saturday, also I am sure if we look hard enough and give up 4 th round pick w3 could wrestle a lineman fthat could long term replace joseph,also if we don,t mine spending too much could probley Get a real back up qb, freeman needs to pick it up way to iinacerate,

  20. Garv Says:

    With the arrival of 98.7 the Fan does ANYBODY listen to Ian Beckles anymore? Seriously? Those guys are done and will not be missed at all by this Buccaneer fan.

  21. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Man, are peoples memories short. First, you all forget that Zuttah did not do so well at guard.

    Second, Ian Beckles is an idiot. He seems to forget the past..when the Bucs had center problems years ago. “Hide a center” indeed…

    Btw..98.7 is the same station as 1010 am…just much better reception

  22. Dave Says:

    I don’t know what the answer is but it SEEMS that Zuttah playing RG would be better. They would have the weaker link (Center) playing between Nicks and Zuttah…. seems better than having him play between Zuttah and Trueblood.

    But, by doing that are weakening 2 spots? I don’t know, depends on where Zuttah is better.

    Of course there were times when Ted Larson played Guard pretty decent so who knows. Plus next week there should be some decent depth released for them to sign and I expect them to sign a couple.

  23. Dave Says:

    The funny thing is, just a couple days ago, prior to Davin’s injury, I told a friend that I have a feeling Schiano’s drafts will be heavy on O-lineman and D-lineman year after year, regardless of the mone sunk into the O-Line…. which is fine with me

  24. JSmalls Says:

    Like Booger said on 98.7, regardless of who replaces Davin its a downgrade and if you move zuttah over you just created two downgrades.

  25. Garv Says:

    We could not receive 1010AM in Sarasota, 98.7 IS new to us down here and a great alternative to most of WDAE. Believe me, not hearing Ron and Ian guessing birthdays and their “opinions” on Tampa Bay sports will not be missed by me, and I suspect many others. Gary and the Commish or Ron and Ian? ROTFL.

  26. Dre-Day Says:

    JOE…… UM…….who the hell is SEAN MAYHEM?

    you must be talking about Sean MAHAN….. No such player with that name ever played for the bucs. C’mon joe

    Read the post. Not just the pictures. Always a good idea. –Joe

  27. Dre-Day Says:

    When mentioning a man… its “always a good idea” to get his name right.


    not Sean MaYhan….. -Dre