Will Joseph Ever Play For The Bucs Again?

August 27th, 2012

Davin Joseph’s contract presents an interesting reality: He might never play another snap for the Bucs.

Per Rotoworld.com, part of the NBC Sports family, Joseph’s seven-year, $52.5 million deal signed before the 2011 season only included two guaranteed contracts, $9.5 million for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. After that the Bucs could cut ties with Joseph, who turns 30 next season, without cash ramifications.

Joseph’s patellar tendon injury is serious. That’s what screwed up Cadillac Williams — twice — and other NFL players have struggled to even return from it. Can Joseph even get back to training camp in 10 months?

Joe’s a big Joseph fan, and his injury is a huge loss. But the Bucs are forced to move on for 2012. If the new guard is solid, Joe doubts Joseph will put his hand on the ground for the Bucs again.

27 Responses to “Will Joseph Ever Play For The Bucs Again?”

  1. Travis Says:

    this is the dumbest thing ive heard yet regarding his injury… Joseph is an offensive lineman not a RB whose explosiveness is in jeopardy after a severe knee injury, Joseph will be 100% after his rehab. Cut an all pro guard? Joe you’ve lost your freaking mind… Offensive lineman come back from severe knee injuries all the time with little to no degrade in their performance…. STUPID

  2. Jrock Says:

    It really saddens me to read this story, but Joe might be right on this one. The Bucs know knees though, remember. It’ll still be impossible to find another Davin if we can’t get him right again – big loss.

  3. Jrock Says:

    @Travis – this kind of injury kills O-linemans careers, his footwork may never be the same, his leverage may never be the same. Just because the dude isn’t making cuts carrying the rock doesn’t mean its not a serious injury

  4. Vic Says:

    @Travis – Get your head out of the sand. Joseph will be 30 coming off major surgery. You shouldn’t want him on the team eating up massive salary at that point.

  5. Travis Says:

    @Jrock, right so a torn patellar is suddenly going to make the guy have lead feet and trip over himself? Footwork is not physically driven, its learned. Some have it, some dowt. And as for leverage, Joseph has never had problems with leverage he is a squatty guy, his advantage has always been his freakisly long arms.

  6. BigBear Says:

    I will always want to see him back, but it may not happen. Lets hope his recovery goes well and he can be seen anchoring that right side in July 2013!

    Also @Travis Joesph has never been an All-Pro. He has played at a high level (see two pro bowl appearances), but that All-Pro elite level has alluded him thus far in his career.

  7. Jarret Says:

    It would work out perfectly. He leaves after the season with his boy toy Jeremy Trueblood lol.
    With all the money tied up between Nicks, Penn, and Zuttah, it wouldn’t shock me. Theres plenty of spots on the defensive side that need money invested into it (another d tackle or corner).

  8. Tommy Boy Says:

    Yea I dont see them cutting Davin loose. He is a leader in the locker room and has been a beast for us since we drafted him. If he knee is absolutely a wreck next year then yeah. If he even gets back to 80% health they’ll keep him. And stop with the “he’ll be 30 next year” nonsense. That really only applies to runningbacks. O-lineman last a lot longer then 30. This is alarmist journalism.

  9. Miracle Says:

    I would believe that contract restructure would be more likely than a cut or trade. Of course, I’m partial to the big man who has been solid for us through these up and down years.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    I think one thing is a given next draft…OL will be at the top of the list.

    Time will tell, but didn’t the knee in question have a brace on it? Joseph is one of my favorites, the the reality is he may never be the same again. He’ll be a Buc, but it may be at a reduced rate. Dotson will be your new RT by seasons end.

  11. bucfanjeff Says:

    Actually, Dotson will be your new RT by game 1 or 2 most likely…he looked descent.

  12. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @TommyBoy – “Alarmist journalism?” You’ve got to be kidding. Joseph is injured and carrying a huge non-guaranteed contract. You don’t think the Bucs are considering 2013 in whatever moves they make now and this offseason at guard? Joseph’s return is nowhere close to a given and worth noting as the Bucs ponder the future at the position.

  13. robert Says:

    @ least he was paid well this year. We could bring him back, but I don’t think it will happen. They will likely get comfortable with someone this year and draft someone next year…they have to given our depth. and DJ will probably get more money on the open market than we would offer given we have already drafted his replacement. this is not rocket science…anyone who thinks otherwise should have their head checked

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joseph’s statement that “it could’ve been worse” leads me to believe there’s a decent possibility he returns to form. I think a restructured contract is much more likely than just releasing him. He’s shown no sign of slowing down thus far and I’d wager he has 2-4 years of good play left in him even after the injury. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

  15. REHABMAN Says:

    Travis: If he fractured the distal pole of the Patella, and needs to have his extensor mechanism reattached (Partial Patellaectomy) he could be left with significant Quadriceps weakness, just giving you a little education.

  16. Fritz50 Says:

    IDK, Joseph has a history of toughness, & , as stated, the Bucs know knees , intimately , those with the addition that he has a whole season and off season to re-hab, tell me that the Bucs’ll, at least, give him a shot at a return. Could he be gone? Of course. But I think the Bucs wait & see before making any permanent moves. He’s prolly not going to fool them into thinking the knee is good, if it’s not.

  17. Stevek Says:

    If Davin Joseph is cut, you can count on these guys also being cut:

    GMC, Quincy Black, and Trueblood.

    I say we keep Davin, and atleast put faith into a strong rehab.

    After all, the Bucs “know knees”.

  18. gatherspeed Says:

    This could be possible, but I feel they give DJ every chance to come back.

    They have almost 6-7 months before they think about it.

  19. JonBuc Says:

    I was wondering this same thing earlier this morning. With so much $ tied up in the guard position, Joesph may end up being too expensive to keep given the uncertainty and extent of his injury. Sucks…feel bad or him.

  20. GurS Says:

    @Travis I’m assuming you’ve not played OL or DL at high school or college? (that’s not intended in any sort of condescending way, btw) I say that because you say that a patellar tendon injury isn’t as damaging for a guard as it is to an RB who needs that burst and to be able to cut on his knees.

    Well, I promise you that healthy knees are absolutely a necessity when playing on either line. If you’ve never played the position, at any level, you may not realise just how much chopping at the knees occurs, in both directions. It is a constant stream of people trying to get at your knees in any way possible; simply put, if Joseph is not able to strengthen this knee back up to what it was pre-injury, he’s not going to last through a game because of how plays actually unfold in the trenches – and that’s even more true on the interior where it’s harder for the officials to spot.

    Of course, if it’s in front of the replacement officials, you can make it as blatant as you like and they will never call it 😛

  21. Pete 422 Says:

    I hope he comes back. Either way, I can see the Bucs going after a top Guard in the draft or FA along with DL.

  22. lurker Says:

    well, if he comes back and gets a restructured contract, trueblood will be gone. if has been suggested, that joseph resigning was contingent on trueblood being here, now i understand trueblood’s concern. not only for his friend but also, himself.

    seems dominick is structuring contracts to allow an out after 2-3 years. this might be beneficial to the bucs if davin can’t return to form.

  23. K1ngAdroc Says:

    I disagree. If he doesn’t recover, it’s obviously and issue. That is true for any player that gets hurt. The Bucs need depth on the Oline and this next pickup could seriously improve our team.

    It’s WAY to early to be writing off Davin. He is the epitome of what makes up “buccaneer men” and should be given every opportunity and all the resources this organization can muster to help him recover. He is not a greedy guy either. I’m confident that next year he could take a pay cut to stay with the organization if he has an extended path to recovery.

    Is it a possibility bucs go another way if he doesn’t recover… sure. Nature of the biz… but cumon Joe, let’s be a little more optimistic than that.

  24. dway Says:

    Davin Joseph has been my favorite buc for 3 years now. It has been weird to say our best player is a OL but he is a beast and maybe one of the last people i would like to meet down a dark alley. From everything I’ve seen he is a great person, a leader of this line and the team, and I personally would be sad to see him go. Especially seeing how the Bucs are so good with knees apparently. If they can get him back to 95-100% I would love to see him back in a Bucs uniform but if not I would understand, it’s a business, but to me he’s irreplaceable.

  25. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I love Joseph, but lets be honest here…the oline has been up and down for years and its getting old now. Once considered a strength (for a whole year) it has drastically under achieved.

    Adding Carl Nicks was a huge upgrade.

    Joseph has been solid. Trueblood has barely been average. Penn made probowls but did not deserve them. Zuttah is unproven at his assigned position…in fact during this preseason he has been a slight weakness there.

    Replacing Faine with Nicks was a great move…but it was just the start. With Penn losing weight, if he can maintain his current condition, he will serve well enough for a couple more years.

    So the more immediate concern, obviously, is a replacement of Joseph, but Trueblood should be replaced next year.

  26. 76buc76 Says:

    Davin is a mauler of a downfield blocker but if you’ve ever read profootballfocus they say Davin is a horrible pass blocker and one of the most overated player’s in the league.I think to guy’s beside him did’nt help.Trueblood is at the bottem too of course

  27. Rican Says:

    Joseph will retire a buc