Time Not On Benn’s Side

August 15th, 2012

The Bucs are exactly two weeks from their final preseason game in Washington. And now it seems that there’s no shot that Arrelious Benn will make his 2012 debut in that game.

Greg Schiano said yesterday Benn is “probably a few weeks” away from returning from the knee injury he suffered July 27.

Perhaps the Bucs stick Benn on the physically unable to perform list to start the season? That would force Benn to miss the first six games, and buy the Bucs some time. Of course, the Bucs could surprise and keep six wide receivers including Benn, a move that would be unexpected to Joe given all the injury and depth issues on defense.

As Joe’s written previously, Joe just can’t wrap his head around the New Schiano Order gifting Benn a roster spot when he hasn’t earned a job. The Bucs have little financial commitment in Benn, and Schiano surely has no personal stake in the 2010 pick.

28 Responses to “Time Not On Benn’s Side”

  1. Brad Says:

    My stand on Benn is the same as Blount. Everyone is so negative on both and I think both are capable of being huge stars in this league. I think Benn has huge upside and is better than the Parker’s, and Straughters on this team. If he’s not costing much way would you cut a guy that has made some great catches for this team. Like Blount Olson didn’t use him enough. I see Benn elevating to the number 2 receiver in this team with Williams playing the slot as the number 3. Why would the Bucs cut a guy with that much potential? And it would be stupid to put on IR when its very possible he can start in game 1.

  2. TBuc Says:

    When do we stop considering Dominik a “Rockstar”. Yeah no one can predict injuries, but his picks are not panning out and in a results driven sport, Dominink should be on the clock if these picks don’t pan out.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Benn is a beast after he catches the ball.
    He has been hurt quite a bit. I say give him a chance, he has a lot of upside.

  4. robert Says:

    cutting benn would send the wrong message. you get hurt, you’re gone. he would lose players respect. i don’t see it happening. maybe pup as a last resort, but i think he makes the team.

  5. Macabee Says:

    I try not to get emotionally attached to football players, but I would like to see Benn totally healthy under this new regime and get an opportunity to demonstrate the skills that I genuinely think he possesses. But it’s a competitive sport that places a premium on roster spots.

    The only thing I ask is if we do decide to move on, then try to get decent trade value from a player of his potential and draft status. So far we have either cut or traded players that we’ve gotten very little return on our investment.

  6. Bobby Says:

    Benn isn’t going anywhere. Like I said last time an article like this appeared…this is just a way to start a football conversation with a baseless article. Benn is injured. It’s not season ending and he will be ready for the start of the season. Why would you cut a guy who is fast, physical, and gets yards after the catch? Schiano has never indicated that he thinks Benn is on the clock. Love this site but articles like this are just filler nonsense.

  7. FlBoy84 Says:

    Both good points Brad and Bobby, but have to disagree with you a little Brad. While you’re probably right that Benn is a better receiver than Parker, and Stroughter, at some point he has to stay healthy enough to prove it. While I don’t think Benn will get released, the cut lists coming out the next few weeks will be filled with players who had great “potential”, if only they could have ……. And definitely don’t think Benn has reached the Blountisphere level as far as hatin on a player goes yet.

  8. SensibleBuc Says:


    You can make the club if you’re in the tub. Just the facts of life.

  9. Picked Off Says:

    I’m not the GM, but I would not be cutting Benn. There is a lot of potential there. If he’s hurt and can’t get on the field, use the PUP list. At minimum, I’m trying to pull a trade (hopefully for something more than a 7th rounder). Way too much talent to just let him limp out the door. I’d like to see him healthy and see what happens.

  10. Justin Says:

    No chance Benn gets cut. Really none. He has talent and Schiano talked specifically about him after he got hurt. Said he was upset Benn went down because he was looking good.

    His talents have never been put to good use. His was used primarily as a end around specialist last couple years. No more of that nonsense with this new staff.

  11. lightningbuc Says:

    Bet he will be PUP’d and then at 6 weeks put on Injured Reserve. See what he has next year.

  12. Lion Says:

    I would have to agree with what Robert said.

  13. Bucs4life Says:


    Just a quick question. Do you know if the players read your website regularly? Curious to hear their feedback on your articles and the commentary (if any). Thanks.

  14. BigBear Says:

    @lightningbuc He could be back week 1-2, how could that land him on IR? I can see if they think it would be better to give him extra time with the PUP but IR and wait to next year won’t be happening unless he re-injures it while rehabbing.

  15. BucsNBeer Says:

    Players who are consistently injured should be jettisoned. I’m ok with giving Benn a few weeks to get it back together.

  16. Snook Says:

    The jury is still out on Lavonte David, but with our history of 2nd round picks lately, we should just trade that pick away every year instead of using it. Can’t remember we actually got 2nd round talent out of a 2nd round pick.

  17. Joe Says:


    Just a quick question. Do you know if the players read your website regularly?

    Joe’s not sure if any player “regularly” reads Joe but they do read it from time to time.

  18. Blind melon Says:

    The talent is on tape for certain. Arguably a better player than everyone not named jackson, Williams, underwood and a mediocre Parker…

    He is a team player, has been there every moment and is really decent sounding guy = definitely a fit for Schiano, Sullivan and Fleck.

    I think PUP could be an option, but not realistically so…

  19. JerseyBucsfan Says:

    If there going to cut Benn than they would also have to cut E.J and I don’t see that happening

  20. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Joe the last paragraph is insane. Why would they cut Benn?? He has talent, especially as a #3 or #4 WR. A combo of VJ, MW, TU, and AB is one of the best in the league. If you take Benn out of that equation your left with what…Parker; don’t think so, and then who else??? ohh yea no one worth a damn!! Come on now. A 2nd round pick a couple years ago and you’ve already given up on him. I’m amazed how you have stayed on Blounts’ team the entire time, as have I btw, but give up on Benn so quickly. #nonsense

  21. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    And after tearing his knee last season what did the guy do? Bust his a$$ to get back on the field in how many months?? 5 or 6? Like the one guy said. This article is just a filler to get people chatting it up on your website. Great job getting hits @joe….#whatajoke

    I normally like just about all of your articles but this one is a piece of ____.

  22. AqibSwagTalib Says:

    what about Biggers? How can you write this article about Benn when Biggers is in the same situation, but has WAY less upside than Benn. Benn could be a very good WR in this league and has shown flashes of him being great. How would you keep Sammie Stroughter and cut Benn? thats a joke. Biggers or Stroughter would get the boot before Benn would ever.

  23. Red86 Says:

    Who on this roster of receivers is better than Benn? THat’s the question. Jackson=Pro Bowl, William= push, Underwood=looks like a push or better, Parker=slightly behind but got potential, Stroughter= why mention him. The roster space can hold 6 wrs and 4 rbs and 2 fb. Plus there is practice squad. That’s not an issue. Cutting Benn would let me know Schiano didn’t pay attention to 10-11 tapes. Benn made several big plays for us. Many for 1st and goal. It’s a bad decision to let him go.

  24. Mr Lucky Says:

    What the heck are you guys smoking?

    All I read is this….Benn has potential…give Benn a chance….Benn’s a beast…..best is the Bucs best #4 WR…..


    You guys get WAY too emotional about these players and you WANT to see the POTENTIAL but facts are facts Benn:

    1. Can’t stay healthy
    2. Doesn’t learn new offenses quickly
    3. Isn’t very fast
    4. Needs to be cut…..

  25. Bobby Says:

    @Mr Lucky…..Apparently we haven’t been smoking the same garbage you have. Benn is fast, and Schiano said he was picking up the system just fine and having a good camp (OTA) prior to the injury. Again, it’s foolish to equate injury to being a bust.

  26. JonBuc Says:

    Spunkie Munkey # clown

  27. 76buc76 Says:

    One thing I don’t get is this Underwood dude.Everyone loves this guy and have him as our 3rd WR.Sure it’s great a guy comes into camp and won a spot but 3rd WR.I hope he’s not a preseason hero.WR1 and WR2 are set after that I think it should be WR3a,WR3b,WR3c and WR3d

  28. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    Get off my jock bro…you always have something to say. Grow up and support your team that you love to bash. Benn is a really talented WR. I know he has had some health issues. But, that doesn’t mean you cut him. He has more talent than PP and SS put together. If he can stay healthy he would be a great compliment to VJ and MW. I like Underwood…you can look back to my posts when we first picked him up. I said then, that he would be a good WR on our team. Also said the Patriots didn’t want to lose him but had no choice but to place him on waivers.

    We can ditch Stroughter and pick up Jeff Demps. More reliable and faster WR/RB/Return Man. And reports are out there that we want him. We almost signed him before he was picked up as an alternate for the relay team. But NE wants him too. So that might get us. Brady or Freeman….hmmmm….i wonder???