Observations From Bucs’ Tuesday Practice

August 14th, 2012

Joe was out at camp today, what may have been the hottest to date. Here are the sights — and sounds — Joe noticed.

* Davin Joseph called for holding. Joe waits to hear Greg Schiano’s ire but a word is not spoken from the Bucs coach. At least, not a word that Joe can hear.

* Sammie Stroughter calls for a fair catch on a punt and the ball goes right through his arms. Joe is confident the priests at Jesuit High School could have heard the groans from the fans and the shrieks from the coaching staff and players.

* Eric Wright rolls on the ground writhing in pain of some sort but bounces back on his feet and doesn’t appear any worse for wear.

* Bucs having the case of dropsies on punt returns today. This time it is Michael Smith’s turn.

* Interesting: Dekoda Watson playing down lineman in 11-on-11 drills.

* Sammie Stroughter catches a slant from Freeman for a big gain.

* Mike Williams beats Anthony Gaitor along right sideline and Gaitor whips his arms around in disgust.

* Cody Grimm blitzes from Freeman’s blind side and would have had Freeman on the ground, save for the no-hit jersey.

* First errant pass Joe has seen Freeman throw since last week. Tiquan Underwood had a step on his defender but the pass was way overthrown/behind Underwood.

* “Situation, situation: 1:38 left. Field goal ties; touchdown wins. “

* Freeman flushed out of the pocket by three defenders and cannot connect with Mike Williams.

* Fans at practice join in to add hollering to piped in crowd noise. Never seen that before. Pretty cool.

* Same play as before, this time on a pass over the middle, Mike Williams takes away interception from Mark Barron.

* Fans on their feet in the bleachers, screaming for the Bucs defense.

* Josh Freeman screen right to Muscle Hamster for 30 yards.

* Josh Freeman telegraphed a pass to Mike Williams and his perfect pass is off Williams’ hands. Williams was standing flat-footed over the middle, wwwiiidddeee open.

24 Responses to “Observations From Bucs’ Tuesday Practice”

  1. OAR Says:

    Get those drops out of the way NOW during training camp!

  2. OAR Says:

    Great work again! Love the site and all the hard work put into it!

  3. Joe Says:

    Thanks OAR!

  4. Bobby Says:

    I know these guys are tired and they’ll fight through the mistakes. It’s brutally hot out today.

  5. Kryq Says:

    I read somewhere Jeff Demps wants to play in the NFL, maybe we bring him in.

  6. Jwayne Says:

    i would love demps as a return man. the guy is stupid fast

  7. Joe Says:


    I read somewhere Jeff Demps wants to play in the NFL, maybe we bring him in.

    How many thousands of young men want to play in the NFL?

    Generally, track people suck at the NFL level. Joe can think of three who did not, but you have to go to the way back machine: Bob Hayes, Renaldo Neimiah and Willie Gault. Neimiah was little more than a hanger-on with the Niners.

    Willie Galimore was a track guy, but we’re talking 60 years ago!

  8. Joe Says:


    i would love demps as a return man. the guy is stupid fast

    Fast as in track fast? Doesn’t work very often in the NFL.

  9. DC Says:

    he wasnt only a track star. he played RB at UF and was a BEAST

  10. mark from the block Says:

    Demps was a home run hitter down at Florida. I think he could have a shot just like Trinton Holiday in the NFL. But I feel like Michael Smith could be that Returner we need

  11. Joe Says:


    he wasnt only a track star. he played RB at UF and was a BEAST

    Why, he was such a “BEAST” he wasn’t even drafted.

  12. TheRealVince Says:

    Dear Gator Fans, I think you may be misremembering. Demps was decent at best as a RB @ Florida. Fast- Hell yes he was fast and worked really well in Urban’s spread but the second a pro style offense came in there he went way down hill and couldn’t take the pounding. In the pro’s he is a return man, special teamer only and that’s no even a lock cause he’s often injured.

  13. NJBucsFan Says:

    I like the Demps idea….I’d like it more if he would switch to WR and not be a RB.

    @Joe – I agree that track speed is different than NFL speed but the kid played SEC football at UF that has to count for something. He also has shown he can be dedicated. He would make a great Buccaneer Man!

  14. NJBucsFan Says:

    Joe – I don’t think he was a beast but he wasn’t drafted because he came out an told NFL teams not to draft him because of his dedication to the Olympics

  15. SteveK Says:

    @ Joe,

    Most recently, for the Houston Texans (this preseason), they have former LSU- Track/Football player:


  16. OAR Says:

    Demps, being a Gator, might be cool as a Buccaneer return man, but I think we have found a hell of one in Mike Smith.

  17. DC Says:


    because he declared for the olympics and said he would be training specifically for that. He will find a team within a few days

  18. NJBucsFan Says:

    Rotoworld reported we have been staying in touch with him during his training and we are very interested in signing him. They also stated he’d be a WR/RB hybrid

  19. Macabee Says:

    Pewter Report is reporting that the Bcs are interested in signing Demps!

  20. Macabee Says:

    Correction: Bucs

  21. Mike J Says:

    Well, the Pewter Report is saying that the Bucs are very interested in signing Demps, and have been for some time.

  22. Mike J Says:

    Sorry, Macabee.

  23. Jwayne Says:


    its not like demps is a track star attempting to play football for the first time. he was a good back at florida. youtube that 84 yard td run against kentucky and tell me he doesnt have football speed.

  24. TheRealVince Says:

    JWayne, No doubt Demps is fast and has good “football” speed, and I’ll never say he is not a talented athlete. Just remember that run you speak of was against Kentucky….not saying a whole lot there. If he makes the roster I’ll cheer him on of course, but until he proves something in a pro-style offense (which he has yet to do) and proves it against true professional football players, I myself will remain skeptical.