Now Underwood Waits

August 29th, 2012

It’ll be damn interesting to see whether Tiquan Underwood makes the Bucs’ final roster after cuts are made on or before Friday.

Clearly, Mike Williams, Vincent Jackson, Preston Parker and Arrelious Benn are locks. Parker got the night off tonight with the starters, and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik said Benn will practice next week.

That’s four receivers, and the Bucs need at least one more to start the season.

Underwood has been the model New Schiano Order citizen. He battled and succeeded daily in practice. He earned his reps. He produced. Tonight, he had six catches for 82 yards. Yes, Joe realizes Underwood should have done better in preventing a Redskins interception and/or make a play on that pass.

But a guy like Underwood almost has to make the cut. Schiano has talked over and over again about how players will not be handed jobs, an attitude that carries much more weight for bottom-of-the-roster guys.

The only thing working against Underwood is his lack of experience and versatility, versus Sammie Stroughter and Jordan Shipley.

It’s going to be a grueling wait for the guy with the standout do.

25 Responses to “Now Underwood Waits”

  1. MadMax Says:

    Underwood makes it. I just know it.

  2. lurker Says:

    i think it’s him versus shipley. i believe he gets the nod. sgt stroughter is gone, i believe.

  3. BucFan20 Says:

    He has done what he had to. He has shown it on Special Teams. He has shown it with his catches. He also was the one that chased down the Redskins player from behind that had the pick when nobody else could. Dom was on at that time too and said that was exactly one of the things they were looking for. That kind of effort. I hope he makes it.

  4. Jwayne Says:

    hello underwood, bye bye sammie…

  5. MadMax Says:

    And while chasing down that player from behind, he tried to knock the ball loose while tackling him….speaks volumes.

  6. King Says:

    If we are foolish enough to let him go, he will be picked up elsewhere quickly. The man has shown he has what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

  7. Eric Says:

    He deserves to make the team, but I hope we don’t have to count on him to do much.

  8. ElioT Says:

    If he doesn’t deserve a roster spot then I don’t know who does…

  9. Garv Says:

    He certainly gave it everything he’s got and deserves to make the cut. He can hold his tall head high!

  10. Miguel Grande Says:

    Maybe ship Underwood to the Phins for a draft pick or a RG.

  11. aj Says:

    The Fins are in worse shape than the Bucs at RG, with Steinbach retiring they are probably looking for depth there as well.

  12. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    We’ll keep 6 WRs. At least for the first week or so. May as well. We can cut Madu to make room…because Madu has not got it done.

  13. lurker Says:

    we still don’t know what we have in shipley.

    so you think we keep 6 receivers and 5 safeties, pete?

  14. Nate Says:

    I think benn will get traded… for a o-lineman… just a thought…

  15. albuc44 Says:

    come on ..Parker ?…he should be cut .. he hasnt done anything in the return game — oh wait besides muff it — Smith showed his tail off in the return game … with Benn back .. Shipley , Underwood … then I would keep as bench.. Stroughter AND x out Parker.. Underwood has played his heart out and delivered … He stays put….

  16. Oahubuc Says:

    @nate, if we really could land a good guard, that wouldn’t be bad at all.

  17. schmuckaneer Says:

    I like Underwood and hope they find a way to keep him. I think they have to keep Stroughter and Parker though. Both have proven production in the regular season. Honestly I think Stroughter offers more in the recieving and return game than Parker. Underwood has shined everytime they’ve given him the chance, but he’s never had the opprtunity to shine against first teamers. I like the kid…love his attitude and intangibles. I’d like to see them cut Parker first and Shipley second.

  18. MTM Says:

    Goodbye Parker. Hello Underwood.

  19. knucknbuc Says:

    Guys Parker isn’t going anywhere he’s not a good return man which we all already knew except schiano. Dude is clutch on third down and probably has the softest hands on the team. Don’t understand the love for shipley the two weeks he’s been here he’s been underwhelming to say the least. Dude couldn’t even get in with the scrubs last night. He’s good as gone. 31 other teams didn’t want him on waivers that tells you something. I guarantee you if parker gets released other teams put in a waiver claim on him.

  20. canadabuc Says:

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  21. McBuc Says:

    Knuck, actually the report was several teams put in waivers on him, we just won. When he is healthy he is very good…That being said, if he is not healthy we do not need him. I agree, use Parker as a receiver, let Smith return kisks and punts. I think Underwood can help out there as well.


    Benn’s a lock?

  23. Bobby Says:

    I would call Underwood a probable. It will be Straughter or Parker who goes.

  24. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I hope we keep Underwood and Shipley. Stroughter’s time should be up.

  25. aj Says:

    How you can watch the game last night, watch Parker get the night off with the teams STARTERS, and still think he is going to be cut, that is delusional. He made the team, he is the #3 receiver, get used to it.

    McBuc, PFT did report at first that multiple teams claimed Shipley off of waivers, but they updated that later on and said it was just the Bucs. I haven’t really seen enough of Shipley to make a call, but if the Bucs keep Benn, no way they keep Shipley. It would be mighty ballsy to go into the season with two gimpy wide receivers on the active roster.