“No Dog” In Gerald McCoy

August 1st, 2012

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) was out at Bucs camp today for the first time broadcasting his radio show, and Beckles is not upbeat on the Bucs defensive line.

Beckles repeatedly said there’s “no dog” in Gerald McCoy and that McCoy is too nice on and off the field and there’s never been a great defensive tackle that has that personna. “I don’t want no chess players,” Beckles said.

Regarding Amobi Okoye, Beckles call him “servicable,” but doesn’t think fans should be overly excited about him, especially if Rod Marinelli let him get away. “If he was spectacular, Chicago wouldn’t have let him go.”

Beckles is also down on Frank Okam, saying he’s what guys referred to in his era as a “slug,” defined as a lineman that takes up a lot of space but gets blocked all the time.

30 Responses to ““No Dog” In Gerald McCoy”

  1. 4bucs Says:

    Just listened to Ron and Ian havent heard Ian’s daily reminder that he played pro football…ol ian beckles…doesnt like that people dont remember who he WAS

  2. Nick Says:

    Reggie White disagrees. But I know what Beckles is saying

  3. knucknbuc Says:

    Ian Beckles = Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. So basically Ian beckles is saying a dlineman has to be an a hole to be good. ok right.

  4. Que589 Says:

    From the outside looking in McCoy comes off as someone whose focused on being a big personality and not becoming a go hard d-lineman. I initially suspected that w/ his weak bench press at the combine. He appears to be soft and happy go lucky. He needs to go hard and be a dog in the trenches, especially at the DT position, it’s paramount

  5. Jim Says:

    Nothing but doom and gloom from Ian.

  6. 941Buc Says:

    Ian is not saying anything that’s not true. Football is not a game for gentleman on the field, its a game for animals!

  7. knucknbuc Says:

    This is such a dumb perception that every football player has to act a certain type of way depending on the position they play. In that case every good mlb in the league would have to act like ray lewis. And every good qb has to be a rah rah up in your face qb like phillip rivers.

  8. Dano Says:

    The only guy that doesn’t worry me on the D-line is Clayborn. Unfortunately Beckles is right on this one.

  9. Blind Melon Says:

    [Sorry Blind, Joe has a marketing contract with Clear Channel. — Joe]

    and Beckles is off the mark… Ever heard of John Randle or Reggie White?

  10. Hec Says:

    He is right on some points. you do need a tough guy as a DT.

  11. OAR Says:

    Would that be the same Marinelli that traded for Gaines Adams? And an unhealthy Brian Price?
    BTW I think LBs Dhani Jones and LaVar Arrington, WR Chris Collinsworth, and RBs Jim BRown and Priest Holmes would take offense to “don’t want no chess players”?

  12. Pete 422 Says:

    I think this falls under the category of “consider the source.”

  13. Mike J Says:

    Pro Football Weekly doesn’t like many Bucs players, but here is what they said about McCoy:”… a highly disruptive three-technique…can command a double-team when healthy…has the short-area quickness to knife into the backfield on a consistent basis…was missed badly vs. the run last year…a rare talent.”

  14. Bobby Says:

    All this while McCoy dominates the interior today at practice……

  15. Dano Says:

    I’m pulling for McCoy! This defense needs him to play all season.

  16. Bobby Says:

    Speaking of dog….Beckles was a real pooch when he played.

  17. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I never listen to WDAE or Beckles so I do not know to much about this topic but does he ever say anything positive? Only thing I ever hear on this site from him is him bashing his former team… Kind of like certain posters who comment here.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think you should fill out a missing person’s report on Thomas. There must be something wrong for him to have not posted yet.

  19. Dini's Biceps Says:

    Ian Beckles Jumped The Shark years ago (as a “broadcaster”)

  20. FanOfBucs Says:

    One shouldn’t view things so simplistically, unless they are happy with their ignorance.

    It’s entirely possible that McCoy does not fit into Beckles life experiences, but maybe that high road talk is unnecessary..

    McCoy is a positive young man, and I’d guess that he is extremely competitive. That involves being better than your opponent, more prepared, and having the heart to play hard… Call it “dog” if that helps the comprehension.
    Mccoy is a winner, whether or not he ever has a productive NFL career. I know us fans want more. This guy was chosen to anchor a very important position on our defense. That explains why he was drafted as such a top prospect, also why the team wins when he’s on the field, and also why he is a leader in the locker room and on field.

    Maybe Beckles’ life experiences leave him deficient to understand such a person.

  21. Rachel Watson's thong Says:

    It’s all fun and games until someone rips a bicep. I will reserve my judgement on the overly grinning, biceps tearing, excessive twittering, 1st round bust looking defensive lineman until after the season.

  22. Bobby Says:

    That had to be Thomas posting in alias. That would be a good nickname for Thomas….a piece of clothing very close to the a** hole.

  23. drbinshore Says:

    I have to agree about Okam…..flashes occasionaly but at 6’5″ and 350 lbs he does get owned by O-lineman to often.

    This morning at training camp, Okam got PUT ON HIS A$$ by a ROOKIE guard/tackle named Desmond Wynn in the oklahoma drill……..the offense went crazy!

    Roy Miller got almost all of the first team snaps at nose tackle opposite McCoy and you could see the difference in his first step……

    Also, they are using the “tilt” or “cocked” alignment again and that Definately makes a difference for a wider bodied guy like Miller- less upper body available for the guard/center to get thier hands on.

    The advantage of the “tilt” was obvious on one particular play when Miller blew through the guard and center (double team) and into the backfield and disrupted the play…..he looked violent.

  24. thomas two point two Says:

    Ian, and Sapp, and Culpepper, T2.2, and even RahRah Morris are right about McCoy: amazing get-off and potential, but very weak and he plays soft which is not debatable.

    For a player with Gerald’s get-off, which Schiano rightfully loves, to be so unproductive as a pro and even college player, is an indictment on Gerald as a player in all other phases.

    The closest thing to Gerald that I can recall, although as an end not UT, is Alex Brown the former Bear and Gator. Brown had an explosive first step, and every so often he would explode past the tackle and blow up the QB untouched. However, the other 98% of the time he was neutralized by being 1 dimensional.

    Gerald must develop, especially in pass rush and tenacity. I don’t think anyone being honest would debate that.

    What pisses me off is the spin, trying to make Gerald great before he becomes average is b.s.

    Maybe he will be great, but he has not been average yet. Make him earn a rep on the field, not through draft position, $ or spin.

  25. thomas two point two Says:

    Btw: if any of you remember Beckles as a player – he was a major overachiever – he played way tougher than his stature and skills should have allowed.

    He is also a very good guy. Just bc he won’t kiss a– and spin things, isn’t a reason to insult him personally.

    He was a good guard and with Mayberry were effective here – they made Errict Rhett a thousand yard rusher.

  26. chimichango07 Says:

    I heard a interview with GMC after he tore his pec for the second time. He described the pain and instantly knew he tore it and his exact words were, “oh well, there goes the season. ”
    The tone in his voice was as to say eh ‘ol well there still paying me. Wasn’t upset, bummed out at all.
    Seems like he has no sense of urgency…

  27. evo Says:

    I think you people mentioning reggie white need to remember the way he played. Listen to former players talk about the way white played. They say he was an animal on the field. And even the MLBS mentioned are nice guys off ghe field but will crack your head on sunday. You need a certain type of mentality once you put on the pads. And gerald just doesnt have it. Dont you people remember ” please mr brady may we lne up”? You act as if that did not embarrass the whole team and every buc fan. Stop defending this guy and let his play speak for itself. Ian doesn’t kiss a$$. And for some of you the truth hurts. Ian lined up against some of the best DL in the history of fhe nfl. So yeah ill take his word when he talks about a D lineman.

  28. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Common Sense Says: August 1st, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Common Sense tells me that once we get to tomorrow at noon, I’ll only be listening to 98.7 The Fan.

    I use to listen to sports radio constantly but over the last year I’ve been listening less and less. Justin is about the only one I like right now but living 50 miles outside of Tampa it is hard to get 1010 in at all.

    When I heard about the 98.7 thing I instantly got excited. Finally a sports talk channel that will come in clearly!

  29. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    thomas two point two Says: August 1st, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Btw: if any of you remember Beckles as a player – he was a major overachiever – he played way tougher than his stature and skills should have allowed.

    He is also a very good guy. Just bc he won’t kiss a– and spin things, isn’t a reason to insult him personally.

    He was a good guard and with Mayberry were effective here – they made Errict Rhett a thousand yard rusher.

    My memory is different. Beckles was soft when he played, barely holding his position.

    And so far as being a great person, I beg to differ. He’s a racist and is constantly negetive to the point of being intolerable. Word is that their show is close to being cancelled. I know I’ve only turn it on once over the last year, and it only lasted lpong anough to see things had not changed.

    If you listen to Ron and Ian regularly, it explains a lot. Garbage in garbage out.

  30. Jim Walker Says:

    Beckles is obviously not a chess player. There does not exist a more cut throat and ego crushing game. You can’t blame the weather, another player, or some random chance. You lose at chess its because your not as good as your opponent, period. It’s a brutal game.