Mark Barron Has “Minor Toe Issue”

August 3rd, 2012

Despite the fact he has been shelved part-time in practices, Bucs first round draft pick, safety Mark Barron, was all smiles when he met the Tampa Bay pen and mic club after this morning’s practice at One Buc Palace.

“I’m just doing what I can,” Barron said of practicing with his bum toe. The injury is “a minor toe issue. It is getting better every day. I just have to be careful with it. It’s more of a precautionary thing.”

Barron knows that being a high defensive draft pick on a team whose defense smelled worse than a Missouri barnyard in July comes with high expectations. In so many words, Barron said, bring it on.

“It is pressure but I like that pressure and I want that pressure put on me,” Barron said. “I am still learning, but at the same time I know that there is a lot of pressure being put on me and I am comfortable with that.”

It seems Barron has developed something of a rapport with graybeard Bucs defensive back Ronde Barber.

“The guy has been in the league for 16 years, he has been through everything an NFL player can go through,” Barron said. “I feel like if there is anything that i need to ask him, I can.”

Barron also believes the Bucs defense has the talent to make a statement this season.

“I feel like we have a very talented group,” Barron said, “We just have to put it together. I think it is crazy, a very talented group.”

Saturday, the Bucs will hold a scrimmage at the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway. Not only will thousands of Bucs fans get their first look at Barron, it will be Barron’s first chance to walk on ground hallowed by safety John Lynch.

“I am actually excited,” Barron said. “I haven’t been on the field yet in the stadium. I’m excited to get on the field.”

5 Responses to “Mark Barron Has “Minor Toe Issue””

  1. Adam L. Says:

    And so it begins….

  2. SteveK Says:

    Hope his Biceps are good and strong.

    Injuries, injuries, and more injuries.

    Our D-Linemen have more career games missed (due to injury) then they have sacks… Sad.

  3. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    Who was it that called this on draft day??????

    Oh wait it was Fly.

  4. Mavsmoney Says:

    If we have another draft pick get the injury bug I’m going to kill myself

  5. Buccin Lovin It Says:

    In retrospect, I am actually so happy we didn’t get Claiborne. This guy is a straight beast and is very hard nosed.

    Seems Claiborne is already injured again and needs an MRI for a hurt knee. Maybe Mo is a bit fragile and we dodged a bullet by not getting injury proned player.