Lavonte David Is As Advertised

August 10th, 2012

Joe first came to learn of Lavonte David when he watched Cornhuskers games. (Yeah, Joe likes to watch Big Ten football, guilty as charged). It seemed every play when Nebraska was on defense, Joe either heard David’s name called or saw him near the ball.

So when the Bucs drafted the sideline-to-sideline linebacker in the second round this spring, Joe was geeked. Finally, a playmaker at linebacker.

Well, even though it was a preseason game and it was against the dreadful Dolphins, David seems to have lived up to the hype.

Dude was everywhere, making plays. His interception of a tipped pass showed how he is a ballhawk and he simply crushed a Dolphin return man on a punt. With the rain starting to come down and most players appearing to run gingerly, David flew down the field as if he was in an Olympic sprint of some sort, enabling him to make the crushing open field tackle.

Joe is just geeked. It seems this drought of getting little to no plays made by linebackers is coming to an end.

5 Responses to “Lavonte David Is As Advertised”

  1. Andrew Says:

    yes sir, he is. I dont want to get to high on him just yet because im tierd of getting burned buy all these linebackers but, he looks good.

  2. Andrew Says:


  3. BucNeckid Says:

    David already looks better than most of the LB’s we had last year.
    Kuechly who?

  4. ben Says:

    he was in on every play there for a while and he is still green, cant wait to see him in mid season form

  5. Mavsmoney Says:

    Love this kid. Just wish he didn’t share a number with geno hayes