“Jonny Didn’t Wanna Just Punt”

August 1st, 2012

Top-shelf reminiscing here between Warren Sapp and John Lynch on The Rich Eisen Podcast on NFL.com.

The Bucs icons share all kinds of stories, and even take playful yet serious jabs at Father Dungy because he didn’t hold the Bucs’ offense accountable. “Jonny didn’t wanna just punt,” said Sapp, explaining a difference between Dungy and Chucky.

Lynch also talks about how jealous and disappointed he still is that his Bucs didn’t win more Super Bowls. And Lynch tells the story of how he got up to fight No. 99 on a plane.

The fun starts at about 34 minutes of the podcast found here.

5 Responses to ““Jonny Didn’t Wanna Just Punt””

  1. js1506 Says:

    That was fun…. but it’s clearly missing Mr. Derrick Brooks…99, 55, 47 retire those numbers ASAP!

  2. Bobby Says:

    Hopefully we have our version of John Lynch in Mark Barron. Get that D-Line working and if a running back does squeeze through……”BAM!!!!” Barron lays him out. I long for that old Bucs defense to rise from the ashes…

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    That Defense in 1999 was one of the best I have ever seen. Lynch has every right to be disappointed in the way the offense let down the D is so many ways. They held the greatest show on turf to what 11 points? I think they were averaging around 38 a game! Time after time the D gave the ball back to the offense only to have them hand it right back. It was one of the greatest Defensive efforts I’d ever seen.

  4. OAR Says:

    I too have thought the same thing. We should have had a few SB rings. Our defenses were really great prior to that one in our SB win in 2002.

  5. Oregano Says:

    I believe the failure was due to Tony Dungy and his failure to field a credible offense. People talk of his greatness but he was half a coach.