Derrick Brooks Says Look For Increased Tempo

August 10th, 2012

Bucs icon Derrick Brooks took in a Bucs practice this week and walked away impressed and he even chuckled at the extreme discipline he saw, so Brooks explained during an interview on The Dan Sileo Show yesterday on WQAM-AM in Miami.

As for tonight’s game, Brooks expects to see a tempo that Bucs fans weren’t used to last season. And like many other former players, Brooks admitted that the team quit on Raheem Morris.

“From what I’ve seen in practice up close and personal you know I expect to the team in the first game out to come out with a little different tempo than you saw last them in Tampa,” Brooks said. “I felt the team that ended the season last year was a team that basically quit on its head coach, for whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter at this point. 

“I do know Coach Schiano has come in and brought a more disciplined regimen. …You can see that in the practice, Brooks said of Schiano holding players accountable. “There’s no wasted movement in a Buccaneer practice in 2012, (laughs) whether it’s drinking water, going from drill to drill, being coached, team drills, very little wasted movement if any at all. How well they play to this new approach, only time will tell. But I think this type of discipline. this type of approach was really what was necessary for a talented football team.”

Joe would like to see that tempo tonight, as well. Surely there won’t be any no-huddle to make Dallas Clark feel at home, but Joe hopes/prays there some attitude and urgency in everything the Bucs do.

3 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Says Look For Increased Tempo”

  1. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    I’ll believe it, nice opening drive. Need to fix some of the sloppy errors though.

  2. leatherballs Says:

    Just stoked to see Joe in Miami. Now maybe we get some critical insight.

  3. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    So Sileo got a job? Well at least I don’t have to hear him anymore.