Defense Makes A Statement

August 10th, 2012

Last year if one took a shot for every first down a Bucs opponent had, one would be prone on the living room floor, comatose by halftime.

Yes, it’s preseason. Yes, it’s a glorified practice. Yes, it was against the Dolphins, who appear to be a miserable squad.

But how refreshing was it for a change that the Bucs defense pitched a shutout with the first and second team?

Gerald McCoy and Adrian Clayborn were all smiles after the game in the locker room — why wouldn’t they be? But behind the smiles lurked no false sense of security.

Work still needs to be done.

“It was good to put ourselves in a good situation to put [good play] on film,” Adrian Clayborn said. “It felt good to be able to contain someone, sure. But it’s just a beginning. It’s just a start.

“We are just trying to get better and play smart football and that’s what we put on tape today.”

Play smart football? What a novel concept!

Like Clayborn, GMC wasn’t about to go dancing after Friday’s performance.

“It was great, but honestly, we weren’t going out there to try to prove anything,” GMC said. “We put a lot of work into it back to the spring and this was the first chance to showcase it. I think we did a fairly decent job.

“We still have a long way to go. This is our first go-around, and for our first go-around I think we did fairly well.”

Since it was the Bucs first go-around, there were mistakes made. GMC nor Clayborn wanted to talk specifically about those mistakes but GMC said the errors were nothing to panic over.

“There are a number of different things [the Bucs could do better], but it is not anything that cannot be fixed. Just little stuff. Adjustments.”

14 Responses to “Defense Makes A Statement”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It was great to see football again. It was even better to see some resemblance of defense out there.

  2. BucNeckid Says:

    Looked better
    Lots of pressure
    but stats don’t lie
    ZERO Sacks
    against a bad Dolphin Team

  3. Macabee Says:

    Loved the Foster/Clayborn double-whammy!

  4. Bucfan1532 Says:

    I loved watching our buds again. Our secondary needs a lot of work…..

  5. leatherballs Says:

    I saw GMC punk plug an o-lineman in the chest (and miss a tackle) but hey… he was in the backfield!

  6. ben Says:

    you dont need sacks when they are throwing into the grass with a manchild on your ass

  7. lurker Says:

    ben said:
    “you dont need sacks when they are throwing into the grass with a manchild on your ass”

    ummmmmm need to rephrase b/c that sounds like a nambla mission statement.

  8. Lion Says:

    Is Barron still dealing with that toe injury or something?

  9. Oahubuc Says:

    Anthony Gaitor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Myron Lewis. That man earned a roster spot tonight.

  10. thomas two point two Says:

    I went back and graded Gerald. Not very good but the calls were vanilla.

    He had one stuff, one offsides and he beat his man on one other but grossly missed the tackle.

    On the other 11 snaps he lost at the line of scrimmage – looked very tired during the no huddle – generally looked like the Gerald I have seen previously.

    Schiano moved him around outside both guards fairly evenly which is smart. I reserve my overall analysis until after preseason game 3 bc both teams were vanilla and careful last night.

    However, anytime Gerald plays 1/4 of a football game and doesnt end up on IR – means he gets an A plus.

  11. thomas two point two Says:

    Despite the camp propaganda, once the game started Myron Lewis became, well, Myron Lewis. Shocker!

  12. Bobby Says:

    @Thomas…you graded.ha! Ha! LOL!!! OMG I have tears in my eyes I’m laughing so hard. You ‘graded’ someone….’snicker’ ….oh Tommy…that’s so cute. You are ‘special’ aren’t you…..

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Visitors sideline ticket to the Bucs-Dolphins preseason game? $35

    Thomas 2.2 going back and grading GMC’s performance? Priceless

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So Thomas is grading players now! LMAO!!!! I truly can’t believe he actually had the balls to write that. Are you trying to make yourself a joke? It so, well done!