Cody Grimm Needs To Hit People

August 3rd, 2012

The new labor agreement and its softer practice demands seem to be working against Cody Grimm

During the very brief stretches of time over the past few years when the Bucs’ run defense played respectably, safety Cody Grimm was patrolling the box and putting his face on people forcefully.

Grimm always landed on the injured list, but his game is hitting and the new labor agreement makes it hard now for guys like him to shine in practice. Grimm feels great, so he told in an exclusive interview last week, but he’s running a lot with the third team.

Today, the leader of the New Schiano Ordersaid he needs to see Grimm play when he can let loose.

“I think Cody’s strength is when you get into game situations and you can go live because he’ll put his face; you know he’ll go get you,” Schiano said. “And I think he’s an intelligent football player. I’m anxious just to see him play in games, special teams and defense.”

Joe’s got a lot of confidence in Grimm’s ability, though not his ability to stay out of the training room. If he stays healthy, one has to believe Grimm is a Schiano kind of guy. And Joe also suspects the regime wouldn’t mind having a roster heavy on defensive backs given the injuries and suspect 2013 future of Ronde Barber.

8 Responses to “Cody Grimm Needs To Hit People”

  1. Jessup Says:

    I thought Grimm looked trimmer in the pics I’ve seen, and after going to camp today I saw first hand. Dude has lost the baby fat.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Cody is a thumper. I think he’ll make the squad.

  3. robert Says:

    “We need greasy, fast speed!” -Grimm just isn’t fast enough, and unlike Ronde he does not have the 15yrs experience/instincts to make up for it.

    maybe chasing chickens would help?

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    But I thought training camp WAS for taking off your underwear and putting your face on people?

  5. Brad Says:

    @joe.. Do you think the league and nflpa will change the rules for practice at some point. Like the number of practices allowed and the number allowed with pads. I just think if it stays the same in a few years the product on the field is going to be horrible for most teams. Once the Brady’s, Brees’s, Mannings, of the world retire I predict a lot of sloppy play for all teams. Just my opinion..

  6. Vic Says:

    The rules will change at some point, as soon as the NFL figures out how to make money on it. …But the reality is they’ll make the money on better preseason games if that’s only place teams want them hitting. Makes too much sense.

  7. Buccin Lovin It Says:

    I hope Cody can stay healthy and return to his 2010 form… Last year he looked very hesitant to run up full speed and smash someone like he did in 2010.

    It was obvious the injury phobia made him play out of his comfort Zone. I believe that was a big reason he got hurt again. It is no secret that you get less injuries when you play at full speed.

    Anyways the guy was very instinctive and a great run stopper. My favorite part about his game is his ability to open field tackle properly. If the entire team could just tackle soundly like he did. I believe our Defense would be dam near unbeatable. We always had someone near the ball carrier, we could just never bring him down and or quite chasing him at the 5 yard line. Not to mention any names *Cough* (Sean Jones) ..

    On an unrelated topic. Looks as tho Mo Claiborne gots a banged up knee and needs an MRI. We may have gotten lucky as sh!t to get Barron instead of Claiborne. The last thing this team needs is anymore injury prone player who has tons of potential but will sadly never reach it do to injuries. Go Pewter Barron, fly free.

  8. Oahubuc Says:

    Schiano almost let a Raheemism slip there.