Blackouts Still Lurking

August 4th, 2012

Many Bucs fans were giddy when the Bucs became the lone team in the NFL to agree to accept new blackout rules that permit local broadcasts of home games if 85 percent of the non-premium seats are sold 72 hours prior to kickoff.

As Joe wrote at the time, that did not automatically mean Bucs games would be televised locally again. It seems Joe’s first inclination was accurate.

Speaking before a gaggle of reports at tonight’s night practice at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway, Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer noted ticket sales are good; just not good enough to prevent blackouts (yet), so reports Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times.

Speaking with reporters at a well-attended open practice Saturday night at Raymond James Stadium, Glazer said sales are brisker but televised games “not a slam dunk.”

“We want to give our fans every opportunity to win as many games as they can this year,” he said. “But I cannot stand here today and predict how many there will be. But we’re hopeful there will be more games on television than last year.”

Glazer went on to add he is not disappointed in ticket sales because he understands how the downturn in the economy — which shows no immediate signs of rebounding — has ravaged the Tampa Bay area, thus meaning people have far less expendable income.

Add to that Joe’s long contention that technology has made the in-game experience secondary in a large, growing number of NFL fans’ eyes. Joe wouldn’t be shocked if many home games are still blacked out.

People just don’t have the cash they once did.

5 Responses to “Blackouts Still Lurking”

  1. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Free, Martin, VJ, Mike Will and the hogs will put butts in the seats before too long. Don’t worry.

    Once this offense Gels, it should be potent. They have a brutal early schedule, which makes the opener critical.

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I agree once the fans see what kind of team we have they will come back in droves. I think the defense will be a pleasant surprise as well.

  3. Andrew Says:

    idk joe. I was also there tonight, and out of the 3 consecutive years that I have been going to the night practices{except for last year because of the lockout} this year was the most fans that I have seen yet. I mean the shaded side of the stadium was pact. and It was fun to Josh Freeman practice well and sit close enough to Donald Penn to touch him. That guy is HUGE. lol

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Thomas 2.2,

    This is the best post you have ever written, and I agree 100%. We MUST beat Carolina.

  5. Miguel Grande Says:

    It would really suck if I get blacked out 3200 miles from Tampa Stadium!

    I get blacked out of some Rays games, even the visiting team’s feed is not available.