Blacked Out

August 21st, 2012

This news that moved across Twitter a short time ago is as surprising as a summer afternoon thunderstorm in Florida.

The Bucs game Friday against the Patriots is blacked out in the Tampa/Orlando TV markets, so reports Joe’s good friends at WTSP-TV Channel 10, which is also the preseason TV home of the Bucs.

@WTSP10News: #Bucs vs #Patriots game #blacked out Friday night. Catch #10News #replay at 11:35 p.m. or Saturday at noon

The next opportunity Bucs fans will have to watch the Bucs live on TV will be the Bucs final preseason game at Washington a week from tomorrow night, Aug. 29.

34 Responses to “Blacked Out”

  1. legacy Says:

    That is horrible

  2. Joe Says:

    That is horrible


  3. Danny Says:

    I’ll reiterate what I said last week-the players should be buying up the remaining tickets and give them out to charities, military etc.

    Suppose if by some chance the Bucs were to win the NFC South and host a playoff game, would the Glazers let that get blacked out? It’d be embarrassing if they couldn’t sellout a playoff game.

  4. lurker Says:

    is the military a charity?

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Just curious, if you get the NFL Preseason package in Tampa, is the game blacked out on there as well? I didn’t know how that worked since the preseason package is on the computer.

  6. bob Says:

    how close was it to being on (anyone know)

  7. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    This was bound to happen, especially after the display we put up last week.

  8. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Danny Says: August 21st, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    I’ll reiterate what I said last week-the players should be buying up the remaining tickets and give them out to charities, military etc.


    For a preseason game?????? I would rather they do it for a regular season game. You know…the ones fox doesn’t re-air?

  9. Alan Bucs Says:

    Yes, Hawaiian Buc the NFL Preseason package is subject to local blackout rules as well. Blackouts of preseason games are just such a dumb concept for the NFL. How much sense does it make to blackout games that don’t count and with players that will soon be cut. It also lessens the exposure for the team and can hurt their regular season ticket sales. I just don’t get it.

  10. Morgan Says:

    There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that this was going to hit the 85% mark. Was there even a question about that?

  11. the_buc_realist Says:

    It might be in the best interest of the Bucs to have this game blacked out, then have the NFL front office confiscate the tape and burn it.

  12. Garv Says:

    No big deal. If you can’t go watch the replay or DVR/VCR it for another time.
    It’s a PRE-SEASON GAME!!!

  13. Nate Says:

    I believe you can buy the online nfl package and still watch the game live…

  14. 941Buc Says:

    Pay up or shut up! First yr season ticket holder saying if you want to see the team buy a ticket. We as a community need to support the team otherwise shut up!

  15. legacy Says:

    Blackouts happen on most of the bucs game that what sucks and the 72 hr thing is dumb not selling tickets most people just show up to the stadium

  16. TRJ Says:

    941Buc- I’m happy your a season ticket holder and hope you enjoy the games this year. I, as well as many others, am hurting along with this miserable economy. On top of that I have a baby on the way and a family to support. I support the team by purchasing authentic jerseys and gear. Just because I can’t afford to attend the games, do you think I don’t DESERVE to watch them?

  17. Clint Says:

    Yea, because the stadium wasn’t paid for by tax dollars.

  18. TRJ Says:

    Clint- “September 3, 1996, the voters of Hillsborough County, Florida approved, by 53% to 47% margin, a thirty–year, half–cent sales tax to build new schools, improve public safety and infrastructure, and to build the Buccaneers a $192 million new stadium entirely with public money”

  19. BucfanBF Says:

    I would love to go to games but cant afford to to do. Don’t put people down who cant afford them 941.

  20. Orlandobucsfan Says:

    Wow 941 that was a very ignorant comment pay up or shut up especially for a first time season ticket holder. You have no idea what peoples situations are, if I had to choose between supporting my family or bucs tickets yeah I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pay for tickets, but that doesn’t take away my right to talk about or even call them my team. Imagine of joe said only season ticket holders can blog here how many hits to his website he would get. Why don’t you think and rationalize before you make ridiculous comments.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The way 941 Buc made that statement was completely out of line. Those who cannot afford to go to games should not go to games. Most of my family on my dad’s side still lives in Florida, and almost all of them have been rocked pretty hard by the economy. I feel for you. I hate the fact that those fans don’t get to see the team. If I still lived in Tampa and couldn’t watch the Bucs, I would lose my mind.

    I will, however, defend what I think he meant (or at least what I hope he meant). Although I do believe the economy is probably the biggest factor to slumping attendance, there is still a portion of the fan base that chooses not to go, even though they can afford to. Whether it be the heat,the fact that we haven’t been very good lately, disconnect with the players, or living in the past, many have chosen to stay away. That is their prerogative, but those same people shouldn’t complain when the game gets blacked out. Hopefully those are the people he was referring to.

  22. flmike Says:

    I know this is going to sound pretty sh*tty, and maybe it’s just my profession, but everyone I know who wants to work is working and making damn good money. Maybe if people actually followed their parents & teachers advice and got an education instead of treating school like it was/is a prison sentence they’d be better off in todays economy. I for one am a veteran who paid his way thru school using the benefits the military extended to me. National service is one way of getting ahead in life, the other is not being ignorant and blaming others for your short-comings. If the economy has hit you hard maybe you need to ask yourself why? Don’t be that 40 year old guy/girl flipping burgers who thinks their best years were between 10th and 12th grades, grow up and take charge of your life, no one can determine your destiny but you, if others do, it’s because you allow it…

  23. below me Says:


  24. MadMax Says:

    Wish I had the perfect lives of flmike and 941buc. Manufacturing is about all thats around where I live and because of NAFTA, Ive been laid off 4 times in 10 years. So its my fault the greedy company wanted to move jobs to china and mexico paying $1 an hour. And not everyone can go the military route because of health conditions. Oops, my fault again. And if I lived in Tampa, I would try to make a game or 2 with cheap seats. But not every Buc fan there can afford that. Guess its there fault too according to flmike and 941. I wish everyone was as blessed as you two. You guys just dont get it.

  25. mikeck Says:

    Its simply ridiculous that the NFL expects fans to pay full “Steak” price for “ground beef” games. Then when people say “no, I cant afford $250 to take me and my 2 kids to a game and have some food”, they black it out.

    I get regular season games…but pre season…really??

  26. flmike Says:

    School is an option for everyone, it’s free for the first 13 years, now, what you did or didn’t do with that free education is up to you. My life wasn’t blessed, but I was blessed with people around me who instilled the value of an education. After the second layoff I think I would have gotten the idea that being an unskilled laborer in a factory isn’t exactly the road to prosperity that it used to be…

  27. lj Says:

    no games are blacked out if you know where to look online

  28. MadMax Says:

    Keep guessing and assuming flmike. I went to college, machining. If you want to call tool and die work an unskilled labor, then go for it. Say what you have to and try to feel almighty and right. Keep that nose up in the air and thumbing it at people below you. That really speaks volumes (smh).

  29. flmike Says:

    I wasn’t trying to insult anyone. I’m just so tired of hearing people blame everyone else for their problems, it’s Obama, it’s greedy bankers, it’s my boss, etc. Hey if things aren’t working for you, maybe it’s you, if it’s the area you live in, move, I have moved multiple times to advance my career, and I plan on doing it again.

  30. MadMax Says:

    Im hardly blaming everyone. I am speaking facts about my situation. You act like Im some poor lazy slob who just wants to cry and take handouts. I’ve actually done very well for myself other than jobs hitting the layoff mine every 3 years. I own real estate (a few of them rentals, which is why I wont move) and the only debt I have is school loans (under 10k). I started with nothing, no help from anyone.

    My original point was not everyone can afford tickets and the entire cost of going. I understand that. Theres many factors that are different and go deep into everyone’s situations. It seems to me the people who look down on others like that never had to face family, health, or employment struggles. Therefore its easy for them to look at it the way you do.

  31. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Okay Joe…nothing I posts gets through today…what’s going on?

  32. BK Says:

    flmike- “I have moved multiple times to advance my career, and I plan on doing it again.” We hope you move sooner than later and dont let the BUC door hit you in the ass. Yes I am trying to insult you…just like you did to us whether u meant it or not.

    941- Get a grip with your attitude MR BIG TIME first time season tik holder. OOOhhhh!!! BFD! The reality is NOT all of us can be season ticket holders right now. Feel blessed you can but dont shat on the rest of us who can afford only to go to a game per year or less.

    The NFL is really missing the mark from a marketing perspective. There should be no blackouts during preseason. The consumer should be able to SEE the product (hamburger or steak as referenced earlier) PRIOR to purchase. Ya wanna entice me….score 3 touchdowns in the first half with the 1st teamers for once. Right now, the product is sub standard! SHOW ME DIFFERENT!

  33. BucfanBF Says:

    941 and flmike are clueless morons insulting people. I finished high school and went to college as well. Unfortunately my profession has taken a nosedive. Cant move and leave family behind and abandon them like you guys, so get off your high perch and go cheer for some other team.

  34. flmike Says:

    So I’m a clueless moron because I feel that you should take responsibility for your own life & well being and not depend on anyone or thing for handout unless you are truly unable to take care of yourself. Truly, I am feel sorry for anyone who has lost their job because it has moved elsewhere or if you’ve been victimized by a bad economy or by circumstances that you have no control over, I can understand that jobs are hard to find, especially if you do not have a marketable skill and I understand that even those with marketable skills in some cases are still having a hard time in this economy, that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take responsibility and do whatever it is you can do to either change your situation or make your situation better. Take a class at the local JUCO, go online and learn a new skill, apparently you all have the internet, there are free online classes for everything, hell Stanford University allows you to audit their classes for free online. Yeah, I’m a moron, I can see that.