Bill Belichick Lauds The New Schiano Order

August 23rd, 2012

He details his view of Schiano men

Just from judging history, Patriots coach Bill Belichick likes Gators football players. It also seems he is fond of Rutgers players as well.

Now part of that may be because his son played for Greg Schiano at Rutgers. But most likely, Belichick likes Rutgers players because of Schiano.

In town for the Patriots-Bucs joint practices this week, Belichick has his daily morning briefing with the combined pen and mic clubs of the greater Boston and Tampa Bay areas, and raved about Schiano developing NFL players.

“I couldn’t tell you that exactly because I was never there in his program.,” Belichick said of the magic Schiano used to develop NFL players at the noted collegiate powerhouse known as Rutgers. “What I can say is that he has had a lot of players that have come into the National Football League whether drafted or undrafted. A lot of those players play in the NFL.

“A lot of [college teams] have X-number of players in the league, but only a fraction stay and last in the league as players. That showed me that if a player had enough talent, Coach Schiano had that player ready to play in the National Football League.

“There is a very high number of [Rutgers players] that have stayed in the league. That speaks a lot to the program and the preparation. I think the professionalism I have experienced with those players, they come to work, ready to practice everyday, prepared in meetings, in good condition and football is important to them.

Rutgers players in the NFL “are not looking to cut any corners and are looking to do a little bit extra,” Belichick added. “They work hard, they are tough and again, football is important to them. That is why they last as long as they do.”

Time will tell if the New Schiano Order will have the same degree of success in the NFL as there was at Rutgers. At the very least, it seems as if Belichick is fond of the “toes on the line” way of thinking.

13 Responses to “Bill Belichick Lauds The New Schiano Order”

  1. OAR Says:

    That’s what I call a sweet set of “brass” knuckles!

  2. FanOfBucs Says:

    If nothing else, those are some fantastical compliments onto Schiano.

  3. JonnyThumper Says:

    Wow – that was the most ebullienance I’ve ever seen out of the hoodie.
    Nice to see the nice words about Schiano

  4. Miguel Grande Says:

    The greatest poker players in the world will tell their opponents how smart, invincible and great they are. Then they downplay their own success and tell everyone who will listen that, “Schucks, I’m just lucky to be here.”

  5. Bobby Says:

    By the way, what is that on Schiano’s forehead…the ‘mark of the beast’????

  6. Bobby Says:

    Miguel……did you get that permit??? C’mon now….be fair to other idiots. Quit taking up all the posting real estate.

  7. Stevek Says:


    I can’t read what you are writing, it is just too idiotic to put together.

    You are a poet, my friend.

  8. Miguel Grande Says:


    In a battle of wits, you would come to the battle unarmed.

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    Do you guys realizehow significant this is?

    I am die-hard Bucs fan but I also love the Patriots and their mentality.

    We are lucky to be connected to the AFC Patriots.

    Real lucky.

    And @Joe from Joe-

    Could you lay off the “Bellicbeat” refernces in honor of our new coach’s friend? Could you show Coach Schiano that small bit of respect?

    Thanks Joe!

  10. Patrick Says:

    “Just from judging history, Patriots coach Bill Belichick likes Gators football players.”

    Uh oh Joe, you made a typo. Isn’t it “Belicheat”?

    haha 🙂

  11. lurker Says:

    miquel payasito,

    you state you know nfl wisdom and professional poker wisdom. lmao
    your life is so useless that you make a grand life on the interwebs. you are the one with the napoleanic syndrome, not schiano!

  12. Bobby Says:

    @Miguel…Wow! You just gave me a piece of you mind. Problem is…you really can’t afford to do that. As a matter of fact, you should go out and gather up all the pieces you’ve given out because you have very little left.

  13. Bobby Says:

    @Teacherman777….and the answer to the Belicheat question is….nope. That will live with Belichick forever. He’s a great coach but it’s like a home run champ who uses steroids…