Wide Receiver Jobs Not So Wide Open

July 6th, 2012

Yeah, the Bucs have legitimate talent wide receiver. And with the addition of Vincent Jackson, it seems his presence as a top-flight No. 1 receiver puts everyone else where they belong within a hopefully great offense.

Tampa Bay Times beat writer Stephen Holder penned a piece today talking about how wide open competition is in the Bucs’ receiving corps. But Joe doesn’t buy into that premise.

Jackson and Mike Williams are the clear Nos. 1 & 2. Joe realizes some fans are down on Williams, but he has elite skills and he’s caught 65 balls in each of his first two seasons.

Arrelious Benn was the 39th overall pick in what widely was considered the deepest NFL Draft in history (2010). Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik was calling for Benn to get the ball more last season — a very telling statement, on the Buccaneers Radio Network of all places — but Greg Olson and Raheem Morris wouldn’t listen. Benn is fully recovered from his knee issues and Joe has no doubt Benn will be maximized under the New Schiano Order.

Preston Parker got a new contract and was an offseason standout, per Greg Schiano. He’ll fill his role nicely.

And if Sammie Stroughter can remain completely healthy through the preseason, he’s a lock for the No. 5 receiver slot, in Joe’s opinion. Stroughter plays special teams, is an above average returner, and he’s got the work ethic and runs solid routes. The Bucs would be nuts to dump him, assuming he’s healthy, and considering Parker’s past ball-security issues on returns.

Joe thinks it’s a big “if” whether the Bucs will carry six receivers. Given that the New Schiano Order wants to pound the ball like the 1972 Dolphins and will need more than typical depth on the defensive line and in the secondary, Joe would be somewhat surprised to see the Bucs with six receivers on opening day.

Joe’s got nothing against Dezmon Briscoe, but one would think he’s lost his “Buccaneer Man” card with his offseason absences, and he’s not as valuable with Jackson on the roster. Tiquan Underwood and Ed Gant, Joe considers them huge longshots. Briscoe, Underwood and Gant all likely need banged up teammates in the receiving corps to make it to opening day.

69 Responses to “Wide Receiver Jobs Not So Wide Open”

  1. Surv Says:

    It just escapes me how you could neglect to even consider Briscoe when he scored six touchdowns last season. Say what you want about his commitment, but he is another big target and that would be nice to pair with Jackson in the redzone.

    He is certainly a much better receiving target than Straughter. Does special teams pull that much weight?

  2. Thomas2.2 Says:

    This article is a pie in the sky fantasy.

    DomDom wanted Benn to get the ball more frequently, yet it is Olson’s fault for running the Benn’d around repeatedly. What an agenda!

    Benn is athletic but a very limited player. Stroughter is as slow as molasses and frequently injured. He should be cut, stroughter is about 20% the player of Briscoe or Underwood.

    Don’t be surprised is Parker becomes #2.

    Set aside the “try to salvage DomDom” agenda, Schiano will.

  3. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Briscoe signed off of the Bengals practice squad has 7 career TDs to the 5 of the 39th overall pick by DomDom. Despite DomDom’s desire to get his 39th overall pick the ball – Briscoe has just 15 less catches and many fewer snaps.

  4. ziz Says:

    It’s extraordinary what a buffoon Thomas 2.2 is. Like Dominik was calling the Benn’d around.

    Exactly how is Benn limited??

    You do realize Strougther has fantastic speed?

  5. stevek Says:


    Name 1 stinking pro bowler drafted by Dom?

    I bet Schiano drafts a pro bowler before one of Dom’s comes in as one.

    UDFA Briscoe > Benn

  6. Dini's Biceps Says:

    Benn has hands of stone and a low football IQ (catches with his body and not his hands) The great thing about this season is WE DON”T NEED HIM. Our WR group is great this year. A legit #1 & #2 ……then we have Four legit #3’s. Deep @ WR with a stud O-Line. Josh Freeman better be an ALL-PRO QB this year or do NOT give him a contract extension. Franchise him in 2014 and 2015.

  7. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Sammy Stroughter does NOT have “fantastic speed” ZIZ.
    Read – Stroughter ran a decent 4.53 seconds in the 40-yard dash but tested poorly in the vertical jump (30 inches) and broad jump (9-2), causing one NFL scout to question his explosiveness, but not his desire.

    “He’s more of a football player than an athlete,” the scout said after the combine. “He’s very instinctive, competitive and tough. At the end of the day, that will get him by.

    He also suffered from Depression. That runs in my family as well, so I am certainly not putting him down for an illness that is not his fault (Chemical Imbalance) Just Sayin …

    I have to agree with Thomas 2.2 here about Brisco. I will never forget how he tore New Orleans up with the TD receptions!

    I don’t buy into this “Tampa will be a running team” mentality at all.
    We may TRY to be a running team, and WANT to be a running team, but opposing defenses will have much to say about that.

  8. OAR Says:

    Somebody tell me why, besides having no offseason/OTAs, what was the difference in Benn’s rushing in 2010 at 6 carries for 35 yds(5.8yds/carry) to 2012’s 6 carries for -7yds?
    You guys act like his “Benn’d arounds” never worked. I think it might have had a lot to with what that CBA thing did to our young team.

  9. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    Benn is far better than he performed last year. Briscoe showed flashed but not enough in my opinion. I thinkg that Jackson, Williams, Benn and Parker are a lock. I do think that the Bucs will carry 6.

  10. TrueBlue Says:

    Stroughter has good speed, but more importantly for a slot receiver, he’s cat quick on his cuts. This gives him the separation he needs to be open long enough to get the ball to him. Those quick moves also is an advantage over straight line speed in the return game. The only issue with Stroughter is staying healthy. So far not so much. The pre-season games will tell the tail.

  11. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    As of now Briscoe has been a much more productive player than Benn has unfotunately. I was curious as to why we did draft him instead of trading back into the first for a Demaryius Thomas or Dez Bryant but I do see the potential of Benn. Pop star better hope he shows some serious potential this year but I do worry he is more of an athlete than a football player.

    Demote Dom to being the undrafted free agent scout and hire us someone who can actually draft. For all of the premium picks we’ve had over the last few seasons there really is no reason not to be a powerhouse by now. Dom had best hope that Benn shines, I’d hate for him to be a Brandon Lloyd type that sucks his first six years and than shines for his second or third team.

  12. stevek Says:

    This wouldn’t even be an arguement if we would have passed on Myron Lewis, and drafted WR Mike Wallace.

    Woulda.. Coulda…Shoulda….

    Schiano made the right picks this year in the draft, we might have our 1st drafted probowler under Dom’s tenure. We are on the up and up.

  13. stevek Says:


    Regis will never be Brandon Lloyd.

    Lloyd was known for making “crazy sick catches”.

    Benn is just an athletic specimen, and his hands are not all that to rave about.

  14. Vic Says:

    Can’t believe anyone here thinks Stroughter isn’t damn football fast. The guy already has a kickoff for a touchdown and got hurt last year on a 70+ yard return and he makes those quick route cuts. You can see if if you attend games.

  15. stevek Says:

    @ Vic,

    your’re right.

    We can’t see Stroughter on TV, we are too busy getting Man U. footage, and home games outsourced to England.

    The Bucs need to be televised.

  16. Garv Says:

    I really like our top three WO’s in VJ, Williams and Benn.
    They are not a weakness, like the “minds” of 2.whatever and dini’s weenie.
    THOSE are weak.

    Personally our WO’s are the least of the team’s problems and are in fact a strength.

    Buccaneers in 2012?

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  17. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I am still laughing over how Joe tries to spin DomDom into looking good by blasting Olson over been sucking. Lmao

  18. Macabee Says:

    Jackson #1
    Williams #2
    Benn – If he can learn the playbook and a 2nd WR position (requirement for
    all WRs)
    Briscoe – A little crazy, but good production and high up-side
    FIGHT FOR 6th WR:
    Stroughter – Edge because of ST
    Underwood – no NFL production, but a Schiano guy
    Gant – A longshot but may be ready to breakout, got size, speed and ball
    skills, no PS eligibility left

    They will keep 6 WRs as they did last year, but fewer TEs because of the new scheme. Go to the Bucs website, they have an article on training camp and position probablities.

  19. Macabee Says:

    Correction: left out Parker as a lock – got a new contract. Sorry for the omission!

  20. Bobby Says:

    Benn>Briscoe. It really isn’t worth arguing about. Joe is absolutely right about the receiving corps. Briscoe will be let go. He’s just not mature enough to make it long term in the NFL in my opinion. Benn has a greater work ethic as does Straughter. Brisoce has a lot of natural talent but so do a lot of street corner derelicts. Ed Gant is one I would like to see on the practice squad as well as Underwood. I believe once Benn comes into his own he will be pushing Mike Williams for the #2. He’s bigger, faster, and it’s just a matter of getting the confidence.

  21. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Benn sucking

  22. Pinnacl3 Says:

    Benn, like Blount, has never really had any off-season training. He was injured coming into his rookie season. And last year’s debacle of an “off-season” may have affected him. Athletically, the dude is MEAN. PERIOD. He’s faster bigger/faster than Williams.
    As for Stroughter, i see him as the odd man out. And I hope we do take 6 WRs into the season:Jackson,Williams,Benn,Parker,Briscoe,Gant.

  23. chrisfwc. :) Says:

    Underwood gets open deep. I think he’s got a better shot than you think. Needs better hands and route running ability to be 4 star.

  24. Steve Says:

    Benn has shown flashes and absolutely deserves the opportunity to get on the field a lot with a new offensive system and Jackson/williams eating up coverage.

    All you have to do is look back at the 62 yard touchdown he had last year agains the colts…that was called back. He did step out of bounds first which should be avoided but showed on that one play what he is capable of doing.

  25. Eric Says:

    The receiving, if everything falls into place, might border at near average.

    Still below the rest of the division.

    And that’s assuming Williams reverts to form and Benn actually does something.

    Otherwise well below average again.

  26. Deminion Says:

    Give Gant a shot on the team

  27. buCncRaZy Says:

    Can we convert Sommer of the WRs to DBs?

  28. Joe Says:


    DomDom wanted Benn to get the ball more frequently, yet it is Olson’s fault for running the Benn’d around repeatedly. What an agenda!

    Not even Vinnie Cerrato would be stupid enough to invest a second round pick on a WR for the sole purpose of using him on end-arounds and dead-end reverses.

  29. OAR Says:

    OldSchool, TrueBlue, Macabee, and Pinnacl3,

    Ditto, ditto, ditto, and ditto!

  30. stevek Says:

    @ Joe,

    Nicr Vinny Cerrato jab! That guy SUCKS.

  31. aj Says:

    Benn is the worst receiver of this group by far. Not the worst athlete, but the worst receiver for sure. I’d have more confidence in him picking things up, if the things he is terrible at weren’t so basic. He doesn’t know the routes, doesn’t get into and out of cuts in those routes, has mediocre hands.

    Yeah, he had one long touchdown catch last year. HE WASN’T EVEN COVERED ON THE PLAY! That is how much opposing defenses feared him. By midseason last year, teams were bracketing 3 defenders between Williams and Winslow, they were rolling zones and bracketing Parker, which left Benn in single coverage all day long. Yet the guy could not get open. The only way Olsen could get him the ball was to hand it to him.

    If you go back and look at the offensive problems last year, it all started with Benn. It was basically 10 vs 11 out there with him on the field.

    I like Stroughter, think he might be okay, but his problem is he is not Preston Parker. But, he does seem like a Schiano type guy, so I’m not counting him out yet.

  32. Eric Says:

    Some of you have forgotten that Dominik drafted Benn.

    That in itself makes him great.

  33. OAR Says:

    Funny, how people’s opinions are taken to the extremes of their content.

  34. Thomas2.2 Says:


    That, and an odd obsession, makes DomDom great only in the eyes of the Joes!

  35. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Every commenter agrees: VJ, Mike Will, Parker have all proven to be better than Benn! Most of us believe that Briscoe, Stroughter or both have proven to be better than Benn.

    Trivia question: which one of these players was drafted 39 or higher?
    Answer: none.

    Another rock star moment! Joe is making the term rock star synonymous with ineptitude. Maybe it already is.

    Underwood has a great shot at making this team.

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Benn was playing last year after a Torn ACL late in the previous season. Although I’ve never torn mine, I’ve played basketball with tons of people who have. They all say the same thing, that it takes a while to regain your full speed, but it takes even longer to get over the mental hurdle. Benn did not have a good season at all last year (of course neither did 90% of the team), but I think a lot of that can be attributed to his injury. A torn ACL is a terrible injury for a receiver, because they do so much cutting. He showed flashes in his rookie season, especially as a deep threat. He even displayed some great hands, which many of you have apparently forgot (he did display some stone hands last year). I’m not saying he should be handed a starting job, but I think it’s foolish to cut him. He’s a big target with speed, and not an easy guy to tackle.

    No matter what Thomas thinks, Olson was not a good OC. I’d like to see how Benn performs with his health, and under a different coordinator. If he still doesn’t perform, then that says something. However, it’s way too soon to give up on him.

  37. FlBoy84 Says:

    Beyond Jackson and Williams, I wouldn’t take bets on who makes the team above anyone else after those two. If you have Parker, Stroughter, Benn, Briscoe, Underwood & Gant all running fairly equal in the eys of the coaches, wouldn’t be surprised to see someone traded, maybe to a WR needy team like the Cowboys among others.

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m also a little curious how you could feel Stroughter and Parker are more proven than Benn. Parker had a good season last year (minus like a million fumbles), but it’s not like his stats blew Benn’s out of the water (I know you’re a big stat’s nerd). He had 100 more yards in 2 more games played. Benn had a higher YPC, and they had the same number of TD’s. As for Stroughter (who I love by the way and really hope we keep), there’s no comparison. Every single statistic favors Benn. Benn also had more yards than Briscoe, although Briscoe is very good at getting in the end zone.

    My guess is going to be that you are going to try to nullify the stats. That is fine, but I wonder why using that same approach with GMC is invalid. Could it possibly be a double standard?

  39. Patrick Says:

    Jackson #1

    Williams #2

    Benn #3

    Parker #4

    Stroughter #5

    Brizcoe #6?……… Why not keep six?

  40. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Why exactly are you so curious about what Thomas thinks? He has proven time and time again he is nothing more than a moron with an agenda to bash Dom and everything Dom does every chance he gets. His opinions are fueled by nothing more than his hate… and sometimes a few facts that are skewed so it fits his argument but wont even acknowledge the facts that dont support his case. I honestly think he is no Buc fan and simply comes here to get a rise out of the real fans, Joe in particular. However, and oddly enough, he claims Joe is the one with an obsession. And 1 last thing to all you who keep mentiong, “How many pro bowlers has Dom drafted?” Well.. the answer is 0 so far but he’s a question for you… how many GMs have drafted numerous pro bowlers in there first 3 years?

  41. Thomas2.2 Says:

    If you want to Silence a Critic you better do better than that weak take.

    Dom has not only never drafted a pro bowler, despite 3 free agency periods, trades and numerous signings (Nugent, Ward, Crowell, Leftwich, Clayton, Winslow, Jones etc) Dom has never acquired a pro bowler in 3 seasons.

    DomDom is also 17-31, no playoffs, never finished better than 2nd to last in the division and serial blackouts.

    You still want to match resumes? This guy may have presided over the worst 3 year GM performance in NFL history.

    He only got retained because he threw the head coach under the bus, which admittedly wasn’t hard to do.

    Hawaiian: you are matching stats between a 39th overall and 6th, 7th round draft picks. Benn has performed on par with Briscoe and Stroughter – 6 and 7th round picks, but not Parker a UFA.

    The point: Benn will probably make the team as the number 6 over Stroughter, and he should return kicks – but he was another wasted pick at 39.

  42. bucobruce Says:

    Benn is finally healthy he will be a stud this year with teams 3rd best corner on him.

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I didn’t realize stats had to be matched according to where they were drafted. Funny, when I look at stats online, I’ve never seen anything to suggest that. Guess I’ve got to look at more prominent sites like the ones you often reference. As far as being on par with the stats of Briscoe and Stroughter, that would actually be false. They are much much better than Stroughter, and better than Briscoe. Benn’s career numbers are better than Parker’s as well. I guess I have to get out my chart do I can grade their numbers on a curve, due to where they were drafted.

  44. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Dimitrioff drafted Ryan, Brian Xander drafted Von Miller – pro bowlers in the 1st 3 years. There are dozens more.

    Hawaiian: compare Briscoe, Parker and Benn stats from 2011 – when all 3 were on the team and active. Then tell me how their stats compare?

    Yes – Benn outproduced both of them in 2010 when neither of the other 2 played (except for Briscoe at the very end of the season). Only you would include 2010 stats to support your arg.

    Disruptive anyone?

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Dom has never acquired a pro bowler in 3 seasons.”


    He did acquire 2 this season. I also bet you we get a few guys that he drafted in this year. And I truly hope, just to piss you off, that GMC is one of them. We are going to remind you of it every single day if it does happen.

  46. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think I already did that genius (compared their stats from last year). Again, Parker’s was slightly better in yardage, but he did play in 2 more games. Funny how you ignore the fact that Benn was coming off an ACL tear. I guess you think that’s a minor surgery, especially for a receiver. I would love for you to tear your ACL tripping over your Jon Gruden blow up doll, then come back and tell me how minor it is. I’m not saying Parker and Briscoe aren’t good receivers, but I am saying Benn is not as worthless as you suggest. Dominik can’t control if someone gets hurt, especially when there wasn’t a history of injury. He’s definitely had some bad luck in that regard (Price, Benn, GMC, etc.), but it’s not his fault. I have a feeling we’ve seen the worst of the injury bug, and a lot of these players are going to have very good careers. I do know that you will never admit it regardless, because you truly believe you are always right. Even when you aren’t right, you are never wrong. I swear on several occasions I’ve had to go into the other room to make sure you weren’t my wife. Then I realized that my wife knows much more about football.

  47. Eric Says:

    Not previous pro bowlers but players who made it wearing a Bucs uniform.

    I can’t say Dom is the worst, but he ain’t the best.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I can’t say Dom is the worst, but he ain’t the best.”


    Agree 100% Eric. I don’t think anyone is calling him the best.

  49. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Lol Believe me 2.2 nobody is trying to silence you. We all know you are going to keep spewing your hateful bias opinions no matter how redundant they are. My name however is as you read Silence The Critics. Not silence the Morons. So… continue the spewing.

  50. BigMacAttack Says:

    Since we just celebrated the 4’th, I feel the need to bash Kellen Winslow, AKA Soldjaboy. It was last year at the home game (I believe) Veteran’s Day. That POS realllllly burned my A$$. The last player introduced usually carries the Buc Flag, but Mr. Wonderful K2 carried the American Flag. When the lazy POS made it through the end of the line, he laid Old Glory on the ground instead of being patient and handing it off to a staffer. I was irate and screaming down at the field. I just felt like the arrogant punk had absolutely no home training at all. I wanted to vent that being that the 4’th just past, and I am now glad that K2 is gone. He was so lazy, just laid it on the ground, I still can’t believe it…….. well maybe I can. Glad he’s gone and Mike Williams should have a great year with V Jax here, who should really light it up.

  51. BamBamBuc Says:

    Let me get this straight… Raheem 2.2 (um, I mean Thomas) wants to gift jobs to players without a training camp or preseason? Benn is bad coming off a knee surgery, Parker is good and might be #2… Martin is better than Blount (because of draft status, not because he’s never carried a ball in the NFL before)… isn’t that what Raheem did? Gift players jobs? Glad I know who to compare Thomas to now. He and Raheem should get along well.

  52. BigMacAttack Says:

    It is also a little early to say that none of Dom’s picks will be Pro Bowlers. I could see Clayborn and Bowers both possibly in coming years. Mark Barron, who knows. Half this draft class could be in short time. And Mike Williams has the talent to be great. Even Geraldini if he stays healthy may become a dominant force. I care more about winning though, and since so many national scribes absolutely hate the Bucs, the votes may never come. Ronde at safety may even make another one too. Who knows? But I like Dom and think he is doing a pretty good job so far, especially a GM with only 3 years under his belt. Haters will keep hating. And Ol Eric needs a woman bad. Maybe we should all pitch in and buy him a Ho.

  53. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    Barron will be a pro bowler, but that was Schianos pick, as was this draft.

  54. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Man…there are a lot of Thomas Wannabees on this website these days. Not to Joe: If the majority of commenters turn negative like Thomas, you’ll end up losing visitors in droves.


    Joe, you might be right, they may only keep 5 WRs this year…especially considering how many Dline spots will be taken. But my money is on 6 WRs.

    As to Benn, Thomas and company are negative now, but if Benn does well, they will do their best to make people forget their comments. And I think Benn will be the #3 and will do well.

    I also think the number 4 spot will be Parker, and we will have more 4 WR plays than people think. I think we only keep 2 RB and 1 FB…maybe a third RB so that Blount can step into the FB roll later this season if needed.

    The positions I think we’ll go low on are LB and Oline spots in order to create spots for Dline and such.

    Back on Benn…he is MUCH better than the doubters give him credit for being. At the end of 2010, fans had high hopes for him. He was improving at that time. In 2011, we had Morris, Olson and no off season.


    Mark Dominick isn’t the one that is supposed to turn these players into Pro Bowlers. The coaches are. Dominick is supposed to get the players with the potential, and he has. Now that we have a more professional staff, we’ll see things happen.

    And I predict three Pro Bowlers this year…maybe more. Nicks, Jackson and Clayborn (who will be Dom’s first).

  55. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Oh, and if Zuttah does well, he’ll make the Pro Bowl.

  56. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    It is purely speculative and a made up excuse to suggest that Benn sucked last year because of the ACL or RahRah or Olson or anything else.

    Maybe those things contributed, maybe they didn’t – none of us.

    That is why I evaluate the play in games and at the practices. Benn has a good size speed ratio but he runs loose routes, has below average hands and struggles with concepts – you can see it.

    He can get behind a corner wide/outside the hash if he gets a free release but that is really about it (along with returning).

    Parker is dynamic, Briscoe is a size plus advantage with good hands – underwood is a blazer.

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Barron will be a pro bowler, but that was Schianos pick, as was this draft”


    Wo wo wo, wait a fricking minute! Isn’t that convenient, and a load of complete Bullspit! Either you really are that stupid, or you think we are. You’re argument is a joke, and this statement is too laughable for words. It’s so stupid it’s really not even worth arguing.

  58. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And where exactly have you seen Underwood play Thomas? Rutgers? Practices in New England? OTA’s in Tampa? You are so full of spit! Just stop already, because you are embarrassing yourself. You just go from one BS reason to another.

    And no, it’s not speculative to say he struggled because of a knee. Ask your scout friend or whoever the hell else you claim to know. They will tell you the same thing. Ask your doctor. Ask anyone who has ever torn it. Even fricking Tom Brady struggled the year after he tore his, and his arse barely moves. Everything that you type is speculative, and ridiculous.

    Fact is, you love to hate certain players (most in fact). Aside from a few players you claim to like (conveniently the ones where you don’t have to give any credit to the Dominik and/or Raheem), you spend your worthless life bashing all the others. You want to know why your posts have no merit with anyone on this site? It’s because you are entirely predictable. Any frequent visitor to this site can predict exactly which articles you are going to post in. That makes you predictable, and very stale. An article about GMC, Raheem, Benn, Talib, Dominik: definitely a post. An article about Eric Legrand, or the Bucs helping out in the community: not a chance in hell. Even an article about Brian Price will yield a (negative) post from you because he plays (kind of) the same position as GMC. But go ahead, argue that. I could use another laugh.

  59. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yeah, Barron is Schiano’s pick, not Dom’s. Convenient. Dom had nothing to do with it. He didn’t trade back, that was Schiano too. He didn’t use the pick we got to trade back up to conveniently get another Schiano pick Doug Martin either. That also was Schiano….

    YET… Raheem, Olsen, the ACL, etc. may have contributed to Benn’s down year, even though Benn sucks. Benn had a down year (typical of a second year WR, although more typical coming off injury, and even more so when not used properly like Blount and Benn) and Schiano had a great draft… without the help of anything else going on around. I forgot this was Tennis, an individual sport where you don’t rely on anyone or anything else but your own talent. I didn’t realize each players performance has NOTHING to do with the coaches performance or the players around them.

    Some players excel regardless of circumstances. Those players are Hall of Fame players. That’s like Barry Sanders with the pitiful Lions. Other players need players around to be as successful as they are. After all, football is a team sport, and coaches and players are a part of that team. Thomas, you obviously haven’t really watched the games closely enough, you didn’t even realize that it was plenty of Lumpkin and Madu and Graham missing blocks to get Freeman sacked while Blount was picking up DB blitzes (look up the Cowboy game on NFL.com and you’ll see his excellent pickup). I’m guessing your same lack of knowledge is what you’ve seen to make Benn suck so bad and I am not willing to believe you’ve done any research to back that up either. Same as questioning GMC in the Colts game where he led the team in tackles, had a sack, and overall performed pretty well (it was Talib that almost gave that game away letting Garcon catch those two big TDs on quick slant/screen passes that no D-line could get pressure on).

  60. Bobby Says:

    Thomas is so clueless it’s laughable. Pewter Report did a three year draft comparison along with FA comparing us to New Orleans, Atlanta, and Carolina and guess what….yep, we come out on top as far as players making the roster and actually contributing. It’s easy to say Dom hasn’t done a good job until you start to compare and realize that most GM’s miss way more than they hit. It’s always a gamble but we have more draft picks and FA’s that are actually on our roster than the other teams in our division. Yes, Julio Jones is good. Yes Cam Newton is good and yes, Jimmy Graham is good BUT they are not the entire team. The article also went on to say that it takes 3 full years to evaluate a draft class so it’s hard to say with players like GMC, Bowers, and Price just how good our drafts really were. We should know more this year.

  61. Bobby Says:

    BamBam…you can’t be serious right??? I mean…nobody could really be that stupid. We turned the draft over to a first year rookie coach who hasn’t proven anything yet in the NFL?? Sure we did…. Nice little world you’re living in there brother. Did you get a hold of some of Miguel Grande’s stash???

  62. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    If Blount is so bad, how come Walmart keeps running his plays in the TV department? 😉

    Thomas…your last response? THAT’s how to voice your thoughts. Not a negative thing…just constructive comments.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Moon is made of Cheese, yes most definitely Cheese. I can tell by the holes when I look at it, but I am only basing my statement on observations made when it is full and when it is not.
    And so it shall be written, so it shall be done.

  64. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yeah Dom really worked the Draft well IMO. He sat in there and owned it, took Coach Schiano to school, they targeted players, then made the moves to get them, but I’m sure they were in agreement in the first few rounds. I believe the 2 guys from Virginia, Goode & Tandy were 100% Schiano’s picks.

    I know that Dennis Hickey and Dominick are very close and put a lot of time into their board. I think the Bucs first 3 picks were made at least a month before the draft. It was just a matter of prioritizing and making the moves to get their guys. Dom said he was shocked that Lavonte David lasted as long as he did. That is another player that may have a real strong upside.

  65. BamBamBuc Says:

    Ha, sorry Bobby…. sarcasm loses a LOT in print. No, No, that was sarcasm with a tilt toward Raheem 2.2 (um, Thomas)… He’s been called out so many times, and when proof is put directly in front of him, he simply disappears only to reappear when the next convenient topic arises. Didn’t mean for ANYONE to think that was serious.

  66. BamBamBuc Says:

    Thomas – again, go watch some video…. Yeah, I know most video you’ll find are “highlights”, not “lowlights”, so you aren’t going to see a lot of drops or anything else negative. But seriously, go to NFL.com and look up Benn. Watch the videos. Both last year and his rookie year, he was going up against DBs and pulling in passes off their shoulder pads. Last year, he had a couple great catches going out of bounds where he didn’t only have to have good hands, but great feet as well. There are many times he’s shown making catches between the hashes. Against Arizona and Washington in 2010 comes to mind (both down at the 1, but I still think he was in for a TD against the Skins). A nice deep cross (over the middle) against the Falcons. Has he dropped some? Yeah, he has. That was also a big knock on Mike Williams his rookie year. As many circus catches as he made, he also dropped MANY easy ones.

    Also, you (Thomas… Raheem??) mention that Dom hasn’t signed a Pro-Bowl player. First, understand that the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest with “fans” voting counting as a significant factor. Second, the statement is false. Dom has signed Pro Bowl players. Dom has signed Donald Penn (RFA – contract extended), Davin Joseph (UFA – New contract), Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson. Very few rookies ever make the Pro Bowl (Cam made it as an alternate only because Eli was in the SB, AJ Green and Suh were two over the past couple years that legitimately made it). Considering players from Dom’s drafts have only been in the league a couple years, one of those seasons without any off-season, there really has been very little to base success or failure on Dom’s part due to “Lack of Pro Bowl appearances”.

    While the 2010 season’s 10-6 record was “blamed” on an easy schedule (although why anyone would “blame” winning on anything is beyond me), it should also be noted that much of the success that year was the play of youngsters such as Freeman, Williams, Benn, and Blount. Grimm was a pleasant surprise until injured. You mentioned Briscoe playing as well as Benn, yet he IS a Dom signing off the Bengals practice squad. In fact the Bengals were angry that we were paying him rookie minimum active salary over the typical practice squad amount. Adrian Clayborn (while not a Pro Bowl player) IS a Rah/Dom pick. You gotta give one of those two credit for picking him, as much as I’m sure that pains you.

  67. Jeff78280z Says:

    I can’t see the Bucs keeping 6 wide receivers. The Bucs need d line depth with all the injuries to the D line. Having said that I think stroughter could be the odd man out. I think the depth chart may be something like this. Jackson, Williams, Benn, Parker, Briscoe.

  68. Eric Says:

    With all this fabulous drafting and free agency it’s amazing we lost ten straight.

  69. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Yea eric and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact the coaching was piss poor the entire season long for the last 3 years… no no lets not factor that into anything! Lets just blame everything on the one guy who doesnt control what happens on the field…