Vincent Jackson Is Missed

July 19th, 2012

In many circumstances, free agents are players that their previous team had no interest re-signing. Geno “Taze” Hayes would be an example in the case of the Buccanners.

But rockstar general manager Mark Dominik can be pleased to say that his big free agent pickups this offseason, Carl Nicks, Eric Wright and Vincent Jackson, were all desired by the former employers.

Per today, Chargers QB Philip Rivers is still feeling the loss of Jackson.

“These questions are always hard to answer. You miss Vincent Jackson, I wish we never had to lose any of the big free agents that we lost,” said Rivers, set to begin his seventh season as starter. “But at the same time, I’m excited about who we gained in return. And getting Eddie Royal, getting Robert Meachem, those are guys that can make plays and do some different things.”

It will be fascinating to see how the chemistry builds between Josh Freeman and Jackson. There’s no question that Jackson was used to catching balls from a truly elite quarterback. Joe hopes the switch to Freeman doesn’t equate to a dropoff in Jackson’s impact.

8 Responses to “Vincent Jackson Is Missed”

  1. SeminoleSam Says:

    It’ll be some chicken and egg if this guy turns out to be Alvin Harper redux

  2. flmike Says:

    As long as Freeman has time and can make the throws VJax will make a huge impact.

  3. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Alvin Harper! Ugh! Freeman has to deliver the ball, VJ will do the rest.

  4. T in Orlando Says:

    I don’t think there’s any reason to believe Jackson = Harper. Harper was a #2, vertical threat type WR, asked to be (and paid as) a #1 do it all type WR. Similar thing could be said about Bert emanual (although he wasn’t quite the Burner Harper was).

    Jackson is coming in to be the #1 WR, having already been the #1 WR on his previous team for the past 3 or 4 years (don’t tell me about Gates being the number one guy in SD, Gates wasn’t facing the other team’s top corner game in and game out).

    Now, if we would’ve brought in a player like Garcon, that would have Alvin Harper written all over it.

    Jackson is the real deal, but it will still be up to Sullivan to scheme ways to get him the ball, and Freeman to deliver.

  5. Luvbucs Says:

    flmike, I agree, the OT has gotten some help w/ the new additions
    VJax will finally be a deep threat!
    This season with additions from free agency day & our best draft sicè Dungy,
    I really think the Bucs will get some well deserved respect!

  6. dougy balls Says:

    the threat of v jax is going to open up the whole field , his deep threat presence is going to keep safeties from playing 8 in the box on the run and is going to open up the field for m williams who will be covered by # 2 caliber corners , not to mention his red zone presence that will force defences to cheat over to his side GREAT PICK UP

  7. Canadabucfan Says:

    And let’s not forget….with the safety’s backed off…Blount and Martin can go beast mode on the defense! With the addition of Nicks, our run game will be sick! Having Vjax, mike Williams and Dallas Clark out there catching passes….what team will be crazy enought to bring the safeties into the box?

  8. Amar Says:

    First it was Buccaneeers and now it’s Buccanners, I know you gotta be doing this on purpose Joe…