“That’s When You Establish The Men”

July 29th, 2012

It’s one of the greatest quotes in modern football history, uttered by Raheem Morris when asked what’s different about training camp versus Spring practices. (Here’s the famous video.)

“Training camp is a little bit different. You know to me, that’s when you establish the men. You know you take off your underwear. You put on your big boy pads. And you put your face on people. And that’s what training camp is about.” — Raheem Morris

Well, today is the day. The pads come on for the Bucs for the first time. The crazy new labor agreement in the NFL seriously limits the amount of old school, win-a-job-by-hitting-people-in-camp days available to coaches. So every practice in pads is critical.

Greg Schiano wants a beastly physical team. Well, fans will get to see how that’s interpreted today.

Last week, Joe was asking linebackers coach Bob Fraser about evaluting his unit, and Fraser very candidly said while the Bucs linebackers are working extremely hard and the team can evaluate a player’s pace of learning and his ability to “get there,” it’s a complete unknown whether guys can do more than that.

“Can he make the play? That’s what you find out when you put pads on,” Fraser said.

The Bucs linebackers have more to prove than any other unit in the NFL, and Joe can’t wait to see what they’ve got — starting today.

14 Responses to ““That’s When You Establish The Men””

  1. Brad Says:

    When are moving past RAheem? I don’t care to see a video of an old coach. This is Schiano’s team.. I’m predicting that once the pads are on, Black will be the next player jettisoned out of Tampa.

  2. Mavsmoney Says:

    This is what weve been waiting for boys….!

  3. Eric Says:

    Oh sweet memories….

  4. raphael Says:

    Don’t tell that Miguel poster that they are going to hit each other today !

  5. Eric Says:

    Let us know if you see an elderly lady running like a bulldog.

  6. thomas two point two Says:

    “I was used to the looseness of the prior coach.” Aqib Talib

    That may be the greatest quote ever! Mr. Snoop Dog dancing around like an idiot while his team is getting blown out by a horrible team (Jags), Mr. arrested more times than Pac Man Jones, broke more league rules than Greg Robinson – thinks RahRah was too loose and undisciplined.


    Well at least we have a memorable quote that involved our coach speaking about our team taking their underwear off, and bulldog running grandmas.

    Who hired that buffoon? At least he didn’t use 2nd round picks on Winslow, Benn and Price!

  7. thomas two point two Says:

    I was NOT used . .


  8. james Says:

    as dawn breaks, on the buccaneers 2012 season. there is a sense commraderie,that has not been felt since the days of dungy. as these new buccaneer men are being forged under the watchful eye of greg”the hammer” schiano! yes forged, as we melt away the pain of last years debacle; beaten and shaped into one cohesive unit,of one mind, one purpose,and with the strength of iron and steel determination, under the furnace,of the glaring florida sun.there will be no quit, they will not flounder in the ranks of mediocrity.they will not go quietly down in the night. yes forged in the furnace,beaten on the anvil;and comming out like buccaneer men of steel!!!!!!

  9. Blackmagic00 Says:

    James is this on the fly? Did you stay up late? Well lol.

  10. Matt Says:

    @James, that’s Awesome.

  11. james Says:

    thanx ya’ll. just comes naturly i’m always inspired by my beloved buccaneers!!! (fan for life baby)

  12. james Says:

    the perfect storm. as the winds of change howlled in buccaneer cove,be not dismayed. for our capt has set his anchor well. the men in pewter relying on him,see him steady at the helm. there’ll be no plunder in tampa town,as they hoist there battle flag, the capt has seen to this and for that his men were glad.tested and tried and with all their might they answered the capt’s call.fire the cannons and grab your swords the opponents will surely fall. in victory and defeat, they all held heads uphigh, there’ll be no quit for any of us-the capt or his guys!!!!!

  13. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I think there should be a website devoted to Rahimisms. Anytime I need a good laugh or have to remember how bad things were, I can always go there.

  14. Willie Green Says:

    According to Raheem, you learn more about your players in the showers than on the field. True talent evaluation starts when you take your underwear off and put your face on someone. Try not to gag while you’re at it. And whatever you do…no teeth!