Rising Star: Adrian Clayborn

July 13th, 2012

Yes, last year the Bucs were dismal, awful, putrid, embarrassing. The grotesque 10-game losing streak said it all.

But amid the morass, there was a glimmer of hope. That, for Joe, was the play of rookie Adrian Clayborn. The beast from Iowa didn’t take long to make opponents feel his presence, just ask Matty Ice.

Once upon a time, the NFC South was loaded with defensive stars, many wearing the Bucs’ pewter and red. So ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas decided to put fingers to a keyboard and type out what he believes could be the next defensive stars of the division, and Clayborn made his list.

Adrian Clayborn, defensive end, Buccaneers. In a rookie year in which everything around him went wrong, Clayborn put together a nice season in 2011. He had 7.5 sacks and forced three fumbles. If he was able to do that amid chaos, he should be able to do much more in Schiano’s new world. Of course, it would help if Gerald McCoy and Brian Price could stay healthy and provide some help at defensive tackle.

Joe totally is in the same mindset as Yasinskas regarding Clayborn, who should be a terror for Bucs foes for years to come.

Now Yasinskas also cited Bucs safety Mark Barron as a future star. But before Joe anoints Barron a stud, he must do two things: play a snap in the NFL and, more importantly, sign a frigging contract.

7 Responses to “Rising Star: Adrian Clayborn”

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    Clay born reminds me, slightly, of a very disruptive fresh from the draft guy named Sapp. I hope he can get going and bring Bucs defenses back to limelight. Go Bucs!

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I dont think clayborn will be elite but I think he will be very good at both stopping the run and rushing the passer. Thats all this defense needs, now if we can get some production on the opposite end and up the middle. We’ll be a solid defense.

  3. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Imagine if GMC can stay healthy and set up Clayborne like that all season long. A fan can dream!!

  4. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Very pleased with Clayborn. He may turn out to be the best, and one of just 2 or 3, worthwhile draft picks in DomDom’s first 3 drafts.

    Schiano’s only draft will produce more stars than DomDom’s first 3.

  5. Mike J Says:

    Clayborn was supposed to be tough against the run, but he looked totally lost to me at times, spinning like a top trying to locate the ball carrier. I thought Bowers, whose strong point coming out of college was supposed to be the pass-rush, was actually more effective against the run the last 4-5 games than Adrian was.
    Not an indictment by any means; I still thinkClayborn can be a top-notch DE in the league, w/ more reps. We expect too much out of rookies nowadays.

  6. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Agree with you Thomas.

    Barron and David are probably better than players than any of Dom’s previous picks. I already envision Barron being more valuable than our entire 2010 draft featuring McCoy, Price, Benn, and Myron Lewis… Gosh that was a loaded draft class and Dom picked us scrubs.

  7. CharlieB Says:

    If McCoy and Price can stay healthy (it’s an if), McCoy, Price, Mike Williams, and Grimm will be a good haul from 2010. Also can’t take credit away from Dom for picking up Blount, even if it wasn’t in the draft.