“Onus Is On The Fans”

July 16th, 2012

Taking an odd yet firm both-sides-of-the-fence stance on Bucs blackouts this morning on WDAE-AM 620, Trey Wingo sympathizer and notorious Joe basher Tom Jones, of the Tampa Bay Times, said Team Glazer has done its part to end blackouts and now the “onus is on the fans.”

But then in the next breath Jones told his radio audience that he’s not telling anyone how to spend their money. And then Jones repeated the whole take again seemingly in the interest of clarity.

Which is it, Jones?

If you think fans need to step up and buy tickets, just go with that. Or as Sam Kinison might have said, SAY IT! (2:00 of linked video)

Of course, fans and the community need to support the Bucs, which has happened, but Joe can’t put all the onus on fans. Ultimately, it’s a team’s and league’s duty to get games televised by whatever clever, creative and conscientious means necessary.

36 Responses to ““Onus Is On The Fans””

  1. Architek Says:

    I will in the house on Week 1 and I am flying from Texas so no excuse from the fans in Tampa! #Section 115

  2. Kennedy Says:

    Put a respectable product on the field again and I’ll gladly shell out my money. Over the last 20 years I’ve been a season ticket holder for 10 of those years.

  3. T in Orlando Says:

    Respectable product or not, if the Glazers don’t see the team approach sellouts, on a consistent basis, and are still being grilled by the majority of fans that blame them for the woes of the team, I can’t say I would blame the Glazers for looking at other opportunities. Regardless of how people view the owners, the NFL can’t have teams in cities that only sellout when the team is winning.

    I love the Bucs, been a fan since the mid-80’s, right around the time the team draft the promised one, Vinny Testaverde, and the last thing I would want to see is them relocate. However, from a business standpoint, even the most biased fan would have a hard time arguing that the Glazers aren’t trying to get fans in the seats this season. I know that winning would be the easiest way to fill the stadium (although it didn’t help in 2010, early 2011, when the Bucs were 14-8 in a 22 game stretch), but the Glazers are trying to do everything they can’t to encourage the fans to come back.

    So yes, the “Onus is on the Fans”

  4. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Tampa fans are the worst fans in the NFL. And statements like “I’ll only support thrm if they’re winning” is exactly why. Also, idiots like Erica, Thomass, and miguelita add to it.

  5. Pinnacl3 Says:

    Gotta agree with @T in Orlando and @ Architek
    I’ve been a fan since the ’94 and I’m not a native of Tampa or Florida for that matter. Moved here from MS in ’02.After years on the waiting list, I’ve become a season ticket holder. I know it’s not feasible for lots of people…that’s understandable. But the fair weather “fans” can’t be the most vocal. That’s how/why teams relocate. I can’t see the BUCCANEERS going that route because of the stadium. However, it’s now up the REAL BUC FANS to show support to a front office that seems to be doing all they can do. FINALLY. That “I’ll show up when the team wins” attitude is the WORST. That’s not a fan, just a loser looking to latch on to something relevant.
    GET BUC or GO HOME…or STAY home!!!!

  6. Jarret Says:


    The worst fans in the NFL? Statements like that make you look like an idiot. Tampa fans are loyal to the Bucs interms of sticking by their team. Have you ever been to Miami? Those fans not only dont show up to the games but dont even rep the Dolphins as their team unless theyre doing well (which is almost never). Or go to J-ville where they dont have fans at all

    To call Bucs fans the worst in the NFL is not only dead wrong but ignorant to the real issue. Why would I go to the game when I can see my team and every other team in the NFL from my couch thanks to sunday ticket? I love the Bucs but I make bets on other games and i do fantasy football so why would I limit myself. Id rather keep up with all of it rather than only the Bucs.

    Oh, and there’s no line for my bathroom

  7. Wade Says:

    I’ve stopped supporting professional sports. It’s a greedy, shady, despicabel business. Btw, what is a good fan? Someone who wastes all their money on buying sports paraphenalia and sports tickets? So, if you waste your hard earned money on people who exploit cities for revenue growth then you are a good fan? That’s what I thought……I’m happy to be a bad fan.

  8. Jarret Says:

    Wade, you bring up some good points about prof sports that I agree with but if you dont support them why are you on a bucs site?

  9. ClayBURN94 Says:

    To be honest ill admit i got carried away with the “worst in the NFL” statement but our fan base is one of the worst. And I say that because I know plenty of bandwagon junpers myself.

  10. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @Clayburn – So people who don’t want to pay for a crap product are bad fans? That is a sucky thing to say.

    I support the team in heart all the time, but I am not going to support them with top dollar if they are not delivering top dollar entertainment. Last year was disgusting to watch on TV or internet for free let alone the amount of money one has to pay to attend in person. I was pissed off for the two games I went to last year. Both were pathetic displays.

    I won’t be buying tickets until I am positive the entertainment value received is somewhat even to the monetary value given.

    If that makes me a crappy fan, so be it. I’d rather be a crappy fan with $300 extra dollars in my pocket than a super fan that is sweaty, smelly, and pissed off after paying $300 to watch the Bucs get stomped.

  11. Garv Says:

    IF you can afford to buy tickets, you do if you’re a fan.
    Only doing so when you think they’ll win is a little weak IMO.

    Hey, there is NOTHING like an NFL game at the stadium. You go to support the Buccaneers, win or lose. And when they win it all? Unbelievable. Especially for those of us who stick it out.

    Just typing that IMO it’s worth it. and most if not all of the fans who sit by or near me seem to feel that way too.

    Buccaneers in 2012?

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    I go to all the games, and I have never left the CITS pi$$ed off. I love to win and hate to lose, but to me its like fishing. The worst day fishing is better than the best day working, and I love my job. But I love going to the games even more. I enjoy seeing all my same buds that I see year after year. We drink and commiserate together when we lose and celebrate when we win. For idiots like me, it is anything but a waste of money. Life in general goes in cycles, ups and downs, and football is no different. I totally understand the opposition’s point to this argument, but I don’t necessarily support it. So many people are just broke and can’t afford it, where as many others just run their mouths, make excuses, and still come to site like this every day. What gives? I have no clue, but I just enjoy going to the games with my boys, just like we go hunting, fishing or blasting guns. It is just another excuse for us to be together and share a common interest. Win or lose, we always win. You get my drift?

  13. BucsFan007 Says:

    Well that’s Tom Jones for ya ……. just like a stinkin’ politician trying to play both sides of the fence ….. I avoid his articles too.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    BTW, I love the Lightning games just as much, sometimes more. Steve Yzerman and Guy Boucher are rock solid, totally awesome, and Jeff Vinick has to be one of the BEST owners in all off professional sports. I think the Glazers are learning from Vinick, and the Schiano/Belichick connection should make the Bucs better and pay dividends. Belichick may be a lot of things, but he is one awesome coach, and Robert Kraft is also right up there in my book. Tom Benson and the entire Saints organization all suck. Arthur Blank, he’s a good man too, running a classy team. I don’t care for Carolina much either, especially after the Donte Wesley incident. Somebody is going to knock Cam’s block off this season, the way he runs around. Watch and see.

  15. Santos Says:

    bigmac…..excellent post, could not have said it better myself, never have i left pissed off after a loss….its not worth it, i got to see my team in person and enjoy every minute from tailgating to the ride home….its like nothing else…do i enjoy it from my home….of course…but nothing beats the gameday experience of being there….GO BUCS BABY!!!!

  16. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Onus is on the fans? Why? Because the fraud I.e. rahdom gets exposed for being a Glazer implemented failure – forcing changes.

    I support anybody who wants to financially punish the Glazers by exercising what little financial power they have (not buying tickets) for a little while. Not forever but for a little while.

    I am more pissed at the Glazers and those who I call sheep (for naively believing that rahdom was anything more than a cheap budget) for lying about what they did (fire Gru and Allen as part of a plan to get cheaper) than for actually doing it.

    If they would have come out and said that we are going to rebuild and create cap space until a new CBA is in place (and payoff MANU debt) and then spend $ once a CBA is in place – I would have disagreed but would not be pissed about the deception.

    Anyone who thinks that Gru and Allen were fired and all of those vets salaries purged to be a better football team are sheep. Period.

    The Glazers are now competing, I will be there opening day thrilled for NFL football again.

  17. Pinnacl3 Says:

    @Thomas2.2 Fut tha whuck are you talking about?!

  18. Santos Says:

    Thomas while the majority of your post make me roll my eyes due to all th bashing you do(sometimes called for but mostly not lol) I can see your point of view and can honestly say I was wrong about rah, tho I was rooting for him and wanted him to do good… It was obvious he was in over his head and took the wrong turn by becoming buddies with the players. I love he bucs thru whatever they go through, but quitting when getting paid handsomely and ripping off paying fans is not acceptable. I would rather pay practice squadders full price seats than the team that lost 10 straight last year.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Glazers didn’t save a dime by firing Gruden. It actually cost them money. Sure Rah was cheap, but they paid Gruden the whole time he was here. It was anything but a cost saving measure. Free agents or lack thereof was another story, but that was Dom’s call. Brian Glazer told me himself they cut Chucky loose because of a difference in philosophy. They had changed their vision on how to run/rebuild the team. I don’t believe Rah lived up to their expectations, but after losing a great young coach like Mike Tomlin, they didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Thomas, stop being 1 2.2fus and skewing the facts to meet your agenda. Couldn’t you at least get a GMC bash into that last post. The Glazers have always wanted to win and they are very competitive owners. I’m sure they would acknowledge their mistakes, but I doubt very seriously there was any malice intended as a conspiracy theorist like yourself alleges on an almost daily basis.

  20. Oregano Says:

    If the Glazers were just trying to save money, they sure screwed the pooch by signing Gruden and Allen to a long term contracts and then firing them. Maybe, they’re just incompetent.

    I just can’t wait until the CBA forces them (kicking and screaming) to pay the full salary cap like every other team.

    Their history in business has some really dubious moves. The kickball fans in England hate their freaking guts even though there is a severe penalty for incompetence. Your team could get thrown out of the league. Imagine, if the Bucs could get thrown out of the NFL, and demoted down to Arena Ball or Lingerie Football.

  21. Thomas2.2 Says:

    The Glazers told Gru and Allen to slash more payroll than the value of their contracts. They both said no knowing they could not compete.

    They hired rah and Dom for peanuts. The savings was a net profit to the Glazers while paying Gru and Allen. They also gambled that both would accept replacement gigs – they were wrong with Gru – he outsmarted them.

    The point: we have a reason to be pissed at the previous fraud plan. But I am not going to boycott bc I am pleased with this offseason.

    Dom deserves much more blame for the 3 year disaster.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas2.2 Says:
    July 16th, 2012 at 8:02 pm
    The Glazers told Gru and Allen to slash more payroll than the value of their contracts. They both said no knowing they could not compete.

    That is a bold faced lie. You can not prove that or back it up at all. You are speculating and again distorting facts to serve your hate agenda.

    Prove it Thomas. You can’t, no way. The Bucs payroll was down before Dom took over, and who do you think brought them out of Cap Hell to begin with? It was Bruce Allen and Dom learned a lot from Bruce. You are so full of bologna Thomas. Gruden didn’t outsmart anyone. Gruden was sickened when he lost his job and he still hasn’t got over it. Of course he milked the Glazers for every last dime, he was pi$$ed. There was no replacement gig. Word is Allen was told to fire Gruden, refused and both went out the door, but I don’t know for sure. I wasn’t there and neither were you. Stop spouting lies that you can’t substantiate with credible information.

  23. Thomas2.2 Says:

    The basis for that statement came from local sports radio. The source was a family member of the female general counsel for the team under Gru Allen. I don’t remember her name but I am sure that you can figure it out.

    Apparently, there was a contractual against her speaking but the caller provided very specific reliable information about percentages of salary reductions etc as a part of what happened surrounding the firing of Gru Allen.

    You can believe it or disbelieve I don’t care, but taking his statements in addition to the known facts – it is totally consistent.

    The commenter up above who quoted Bryan Glazer is not saying anything inconsistent. If you think they hired Rah (without a single interview) then fired all of their expensive vets weeks later including Brooks and Dunn (which the caller said Gru Allen would not do) unrelated to $ – I have some swampland for sale.

  24. Thomas2.2 Says:

    contractual prohibition . . .

  25. Vic Says:

    Well there you have it, Thomas’ source is a sports radio caller. Brilliant!

    Hired Raheem without an interview? They guy had worked for them for many years and got Gruden’s blessing to be defensive coordinator.

  26. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Obviously referring to other prospective candidates. You know like the legit coaching search that took months and dozens of interviews just recently.

    If it was a grand scheme to elevate the great RahRah to HC based on his brilliance – why announce him as DC weeks before? You wouldn’t.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    Gruden promoted Rah to DC, not the Glazers, but the Glazers bought him a one way ticket to DC.

    I once knew a guy, that knew a guy, that heard a guy talking to another guy, about a guy that said some guy was Allen’s neighbor, and heard him tell some guy on the phone that he was spending too much for dog food and curtains in his office.

    Your argument has more holes than Swiss cheese in a food processor.

    You’re even trying to spin Brian Glazer’s words 180 degrees.

    Can I get a GMC bash or something you’re a little better at? You’re losing this one big time. Bed time for 2.2. Want me to tell you a bedtime story?

  28. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @BigMacAttack “Can I get a GMC bash or something you’re a little better at?” So awesome. I literally laughed out loud at that. Good one.

  29. Kyle Says:

    I will watch my buc games on my computer that is until they come to Denver December second and I can go watch them and make fun of bronco fans

  30. Bucfan Says:

    I Will watch my bucs on TV, hopefully. I can’t afford to attend games due to bankruptcy and foreclosure….

  31. SeminoleSam Says:

    The GMC bash comment was quite funny. Raheem was a gamble, and not a cheap one considering they had to pay Gruden, Allen and other assistant coaches, and feel the wrath of many Gruden fans. It was a calculated risk that they knew failed when 40,000 showed up for meaningful games in December 2010. The town didn’t like Rah. … Real talk.

  32. Jim Says:

    @ Oregano…You really put it right about our “kickball” team Manchester United ! The fans hate the Glazers because they did an LBO – loading a billion U.S.dollars worth of debt onto a debt-free club . They have been using our clubs own money to try and pay their debt off. The Glazers even loaded some of their own personal debt onto the club, have never ever put any of their own money into it and have even taken personal payments /loans out.( 77% of our clubs earnings has been used for debt repayment and only 12% on player transfers since Glazer takeover )Only because we have a genius of a manager, Alex Ferguson, has our team been able to win under the Glazer ownership. And the thing is , we are seeing more and more of what you guys have had with the Bucs..getting players on a freebie or young players (promising/has potential”), an inexperienced assistant manager (cheap), a couple of players near 40 years old still playing when before we would have got new players etc..When our manager ( now 71 Yrs old) retires, the Glazers will sweat when they find out the hard way just how good he was on the limited budget he had under them….

  33. Scubog Says:

    After reading some of these posts I started to wonder if I somehow got “pop-uped” onto an anti-Semitism blog. You people who continue the worn out banter about our billionaire owners, who just happen to include the MOST VALUABLE SPORTS FRANCHISE IN THE WORLD in their vast portfolio, and somehow think that’s a bad thing must have no understanding of finances.

  34. kaput Says:

    Tom Jones is painful to listen to – he has a terrible radio voice, but he makes up for it by being as dumb as a stump.

  35. Oregano Says:


    “After reading some of these posts I started to wonder if I somehow got “pop-uped” onto an anti-Semitism blog. You people who continue the worn out banter about our billionaire owners,”

    I don’t believe anyone said anything about Arabs or Northern Africans where the Semitic Tribes originate.

    I simply said,”Their history in business has some really dubious moves. The kickball fans in England hate their freaking guts even though there is a severe penalty for incompetence. Your team could get thrown out of the league. Imagine, if the Bucs could get thrown out of the NFL, and demoted down to Arena Ball or Lingerie Football.”

    I think Jim said the ManU fans hate the “owners” because they never really owned the team and they loaded it down with an odious debt which will need to be serviced before the players, coaches, infrastructure and stadium does. They believe eventually Manchester United will strangle in debt and they will be thrown out of the league.

    Your misunderstanding of finance is causing your puzzlement. “Vast portfolio?” More like massive debt.

    I think the Buc fans should be happy about the rule in the NFL that won’t allow to them use the team as collateral on loans. Its too late for the kickball team.

  36. Scubog Says:

    Oregano: It seems some people (maybe not you) have issue with the Glazers no matter what they do and are overly concerned about their business interests about which they know little. Guess you missed the article in the Tampa Bay Times about the “kickball” team’s worth (nearly two billion) and on this site about the mighty Bucs being worth nearly a billion dollars. That’s two sports teams worth nearly a combined THREE BILLION dollars. Perhaps you should check their credit rating if you think they have excessive debt. The English hate them because they are AMERICANS.