“I’ve Never Seen A Physical Specimen Like Carl”

July 13th, 2012

Josh Freeman talked about a variety of subjects on NFL Network last night

Sporting a faux hawk and seeming a bit nervous, Josh Freeman sat down for a one-on-one with lovely Lindsay Soto of the Man Channel, NFL Network, last night.

Freeman raved about the addition of Vincent Jackson and said his presence is far superior to the impact Michael Clayton had on the Bucs’ young receivers during the 2010 offseason and preseason.

Among other takes, Freeman said he forced things too much last season and said he didn’t play “within the system” and within himself consistently.

Freeman said applying what he’s learned from 2010 success and 2011 failure will be the biggest difference for him this season. No. 5 also said he’s “working out from a footwork fundamental standpoint” this offseason and can feel the improvement.

On the human armoire, new Bucs guard Carl Nicks, “I’ve never seen a physical specimen like Carl,” Freeman said.

Soto opened the door for Freeman to take a shot at the lack of discipline under Raheem Morris, but Freeman wouldn’t throw his old coach under the bus and said different coaching styles are out there but all that matters is wins.

It was a wise take from Freeman. Raheem was heralded as a new-wave genius in 2010, before being reduced to buffoon status in 2011. A similar record-based fate no doubt awaits Greg Schiano.

13 Responses to ““I’ve Never Seen A Physical Specimen Like Carl””

  1. Eric Says:

    Jackson better than Clayton? Shocker….

    Refreshing to see him not take a shot at Rah. Shows good character IMO.

  2. princespanky Says:

    The telling part of it for me was when he talked about where things fell apart last year. He didn’t hesitate or even think it just naturally came out that he tried to do way too much and not play in the system….. This is a big deal. In a new offense and Josh being the kind of guy he is; he will try when placed under that microscope to do too much and not keep it simple. So glad he is aware that he needs to play within the system and do his job and trust that everything else will take care of itself.

    Oh and I made a joke about the Taco Bell the other day but dude looks slim like a basketball player now. If the line keeps him clean his athleticism should shine through this year.

  3. Sambizle Says:

    Nice Prince!!! It is VERY nice to hear someone admit the Free played bad last year. It wasn’t %100 on Coach Rah and the OC callin horrible plays. IT was Free not taking what the D gave him and trying to force things. The D got killed last year HOWEVER if Free would have protected the ball A CRAP LOAD BETTER and maybe took the check down or not “PAT the BALL” taking too long to throw other times, THE O might have kept the other Teams O off the field and therefore we wouln’t have trailed teams 42 nothing in the 1st half of games.

  4. Eric Says:

    By the end of a QB’s fourth year, with some exceptions, you “are who you are”.

    Sure hope that twirl move works, and quick.

  5. Sambizle Says:

    I don’t think it was just a confidence issue. I think he was overthinking a lot too (patting the ball looking for the big play.) To what %’s for each I don’t know but these were the issues I saw. This year with run 1st…play-action 3rd I think it should make it easier for him. Also with him working on his foot work “very big”. That should improve his timing and add CONFIDENCE to throw when he should, without hesitation.

  6. Sambizle Says:

    I just watched it and it looks like I was right.





  7. Bucnjim Says:

    You are right about some bad habits he may of picked up or reverted back to, but that’s coaching. These are all correctable problems! The biggest issue last season and even in 2010 was the team was outcoached, unmotivated and undisciplined. When you can’t score in the first quarter of ANY game; that goes straight to coaching and not being prepared for game day. In the NFL you simply cannot play from behind EVERY game and expect to win. Freeman is so competitive that he tried to do it all and ended up doing more harm than good.

  8. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe says,

    “Raheem was heralded as a new-wave genius in 2010 . . .”

    Not by anyone who has a clue about football, i.e. myself and a few select others.

    Some of you, present company included, were acting like Rahrah actually was competent to be a NFL coach and hired on the merits. LMAO

  9. OAR Says:

    I bet your the type of guy that stops the microwave at 1 second, just to feel like a bomb defuser.

  10. Sneedy16 Says:



  11. Bobby Says:

    I can’t believe Thomas thinks he has a clue about football. That should be the news of the day. That’s like Brees thinking he is bigger than Freeman….

  12. Cmurda Says:

    @ OAR. Great line. LMAO. I might steal that one.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Between Thomas and Eric, it’s hard to say which one is more of a dick.

    As for Rah, really, let it go.

    Is there a single Buc player that Eric doesn’t hate on?