Bucs Have Best Practice Thus Far

July 31st, 2012

Though Joe enjoys the feedback he gets from fans on Twitter about training camp, Joe often chuckles when he gets the “How’s [player-X] look?”

As Joe often answers, the player looks about what his listed dimensions appear to be.

Until players compete in actual games, even preseason games, unless a player is owning training camp, there’s little to tell about practices, specifically when they practice in underwear.

But to the trained eye, such as the pair of eyeballs from Bucs coach Greg Schiano, Monday’s practice was much better than the “sloppy” practice Sunday, so typed Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

“I thought the effort was outstanding today,” Schiano said. “Probably the best we’ve worked in the four days, certainly the hardest. We cleaned some things up, which is good.”

The Bucs concentrated more Monday on situational football than they have in other workouts and one of the players that stood out to the coach was veteran tight end Dallas Clark.

Clark, whom the Bucs signed as a free agent during the offseason, made a diving fingertip catch along the sideline during one drill and has performed impressively since camp opened.

Again, it’s nice to make fingertip catches while performing drills. But doing that when a cornerback from another team is draped all over a receiver is when Joe will take notice.

6 Responses to “Bucs Have Best Practice Thus Far”

  1. Bobby Says:

    I really want to know more about how the D-line is doing. I think Okoye is back and it should be he and McCoy anchoring that line w/Bennett & Clayborn. That sounds good on paper but I want to hear how things are gelling. How our defense performs this year will depend on those guys.

  2. Stevek Says:

    Hope D. Clark can bring in a little production to go with his leadership skills.

    Agree with Bobby, how’s Wallace Gilberry and Gary Gibson looking?

  3. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Joe…why are you promoting illegal gambling in the post that follows this one?

    Pete – Saying anything on this site is unlawful or illegal, especially this legitimate and phenomenal handicapping service and revolutionary computer analysis, is not responsible and not appreciated. –Joe

  4. raphael Says:

    because we don’t let legalities get in the way of fun…thats why !

  5. Buc4Life Says:

    Joe,I agree the finger-tip catch only means anything while the wr is being tested, but it’s stil good to know that the old pro still got it

  6. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I’ll admit I’m no gambler and I don’t fully understand some elements of the industry, but I could swear gambling is illegal in Florida.

    Pete – Saying anything on this site is unlawful or illegal, especially this legitimate and phenomenal handicapping software, is not responsible and not appreciated. –Joe

    On topic:
    I didn’t, and still don’t, agree with the Dallas Clark signing. I can see why Winslow had to go but the Bucs did not wake a lateral move or improvement at all. However, what’s done is done and I’m hoping for Clark to find success with the team.

    This article conflicts with reports of how Clark is doing in camp (drops). I suspect he is one of those live game performers.