Why Is Kellen Winslow Bitter?

June 21st, 2012

One of the most bizarre statements by Kellen Winslow during his now famous “toes-on-the-line/woulda-take-a-bullet for [Raheem]” speech was Winslow moaning that the Bucs “fired the wrong dude up there.”

Now unless Winslow has issues with someone on the Bucs scouting department or cafeteria staff — surely possible — just about everyone else he might have dealt with in Tampa was fired outside of rockstar general manager Mark Dominik. So it’s quite likely that the “wrong dude” is Dominik.

To Joe, the veiled reference to Dominik was obvious and completley laughable. Dominik made Winslow the game’s highest paid tight end (at the time) and rescued him from the stench that is the Browns franchise. So what beef could Winslow have with Dominik?

The man paid K2 a king’s ranswom and plopped him into an offense lacking in elite wide receivers with a quarterback that looked to him. Essentially it was a dream job for Winslow.

Joe can’t imagine why Winslow would be bitter at Dominik. Joe can only speculate as to how Winslow could be so bitter.

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  1. the_buc_realist Says:

    this is what a lot of people have tried to tell you Joe, Dominik was calling all of the shots, he was hand selecting all the position coaches, he was setting policy. Raheem had to call Dominik to put Freeman in the game. Named me one other GM that would ever wear headsets during a game. As much as we blame Raheem for having no discipline, you can’t enforce when the GM has all the Juice. ( its the same problem as in Dallas.) its a GM that controls and runs the whole team. Hopefully that dynamic has changed.

  2. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Winslow, Ward, Clayton, Black, and Trueblood have all landed lucrative contracts out of our beloved GM.

    McCoy, Price, Roy Miller, Kyle Moore, Brent Bowden, Myron Lewis, Rejus Benn, Xavier Fulton, and Allen Bradford are all draft choices that have not panned out thus far.

    I agree the verdict is still out on some, others appear to be complete scrubs and horrible draft choices. Roy Miller over Mike Wallace and K2 over Shady McCoy are picks that I just can’t get over.

    Dominik and Dennis Hickey should’ve been ran out of town when Raheem was. I’d bet that no other team in the league would be jumping the gun to go and hire either Dom or Hickey considering they are the masterminds of a pathetic 17-31 record during their tenure.

    I do not think that Dominik is the man to lead us to championships. He was promoted because he would save the Glazers money. It is pretty bad that I clamor for Butch Davis to take over our GM position because I always considered Davis to be an idiot in Cleveland.

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    Being that he’s so astute (and one of Rah’s boys), he was probably using Rah-speak and saying that they should’ve kept Morris and fired Schiano before they hired him. Much like most of Raheem’s press conferences, make absolutely no sense. Way past thinking about either of those two, soooo glad they’re gone and would be ectastic if I never saw another article about either of them.

  4. Mikeck Says:

    You guys are ridiculous…you can take any team, look at the last 4 draft years, select the players that didnt pan out, and then find a player taken by a different team after that player that didnt pan out…and say “See, if our GM was smart, he would have picked player X instead!

  5. OAR Says:

    Why Is Kellen Winslow Bitter?

    Because, life hasn’t given this whinner lemons, he is a lemon!

  6. OAR Says:


  7. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    There are many more, those are the two that stand out MOST because I grew up in PA and saw those two become elite NFL talents while we were stuck with mediocrity.

    If you feel Mark has done such an excellent job, name me three players that have made him look good relative to their draft pick? I actually think that we didn’t even need to trade up for Freeman as he probably could’ve been taken in the second round of the 09 draft. He was considered a project at the time. His numbers at K State weren’t exactly all world.

    And how many GM’s were willing to give Clayton 15 million guaranteed after Dominik? The check has been cashed and Clayton took our inept GM for a ride. I love how we give Ward something like 8-10 guaranteed yet the Texans sign him for close to the league minimum. Defend him all you want but Thomas is right about Dominik.

  8. Nick2 Says:

    K2 is just bitter his country club run with Rah is over and done. No longer will he be able to drink beers with his coach after a gut wrenching embarrasing loss and forget it ever happened. No longer will he be able to incur critical offensiver pass interference (see the Texans game and others) and have his “buddy” coach look the other way. No longer will he be able to skip practices and then run routes where he slams into other offensive players for no reason. The guy is washed up plain and simple and thankfully Dom cut our losses before he became an even bigger cancer this year. That interview in Seattle with the “Rob report” or whatever it was reminded me of the nauseating feeling I got watching the Falcons put up 40 first half points at the end of last year. Thank the lord he is gone and we have a real tight end again.

  9. buxter Says:

    The Rah story was smoke screen.

    Winslow was outed as a slacker who was unable to live up to Schiano’s conditioning standards. He needed concessions… yet was offered none.

    Anyone hear Ronde complaining?

    Simply put, “toes on the line” was something he was unable, more than unwilling, to do.

  10. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    If Schiano doesn’t produce or show signs of turning this team around, how long do the players keep playing for him? Just saying, the guys do everything he asked and we still keep adding to our ten game losing streak… how long is it until they tune him out and wish Rah was still their coach?

  11. Adam Says:

    They both had to go…. and Winslow. And McCoy too if there’s enough room in the car.

  12. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I dont think the players you have to worry about, I think its the fans you should be more concerned with…
    As far as coaching goes, no way will Schiano be any worse than Rah. I remember him making the dumbest mistakes. Calling unnecessary time outs, Bone head challenges that clearly would not be over turned. Horrible play calling.
    When you hit rock bottom, there is nowhere else to go but up. Only thing to worry about is moronic fans who expect greatness from the get go and will turn on Schiano if immediate results are seen.

  13. SilenceTheCritics Says:


  14. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    I’m sorry some of us actually want to support a winning team STC. I want to see improvement, signs that we are headed in the right direction and have a long term plan to get there. Sorry I need to see results before giving Schiano my full support.

    I got fully behind Rah and things didn’t work out. I’m skeptical that Schiano will be any better in the NFL that Saban, Petrino, and Spurrier were. I want to see the Bucs do well and if Schiano is the right guy, I’ll gladly give him my full support. I do however need to see something before I can throw another $1,000 into season tickets.

    Why is it so bad to want to win STC?

  15. OAR Says:

    Im sorry, but Ward quitting and getting out-of-shape after his big contract isn’t the GMs fault. BTW Ward was coming off 1000+ and 5.6 yds a carry the season prior to signing with us.
    Hind sight is 20/20.

    Also, you do realize Hickey has been part of the scouting department for the past 15 years, right?

  16. OAR Says:

    “Sorry I need to see results before giving Schiano my full support.”

    Exactly, but this can only occur if you give Shiano a chance to coach a FEW GAMES first!
    And please, dont put Spurrier in the same group as the ball-less quitters Saban and Petrino!

  17. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    I’m not saying I don’t support the man or the team. More that I went all in on Raheem and admit that Thomas was right and i was wrong. Before going all in I will take a wait and see approach.

    In reference to Ward, before paying someone I would hope there would be some sort of interview process. If he had the attitude, love for the game, etc. I would hope it would be obvious. Ward was only concerned about getting paid, which he did at our expense.

  18. astrobuc Says:

    That’s twice you mentioned “someone” was right.
    you can get off your knees now, I think he finished.

  19. Jessup Says:

    He clearly meant Olson.

  20. Architek Says:

    Have you all ever lived in Seattle? I would be bitter also…

  21. Nick2 Says:

    Freeman thats where you and I differ. I was NEVER behind Rah and could see what a complete moron he was. The guy just didn’t have a clue and the day they hired him I had reservations. We got the wrong defensive back coach to promote. Too bad we didn’t hang onto Tomlin but thats another story. Rah never deserved support by the fans because all he cared about was whether the players were all comfy cozy. That doesn’t work in the NFL. Being a players coach without consistent discipline is like captaining the Titanic and last years travesty was the result. 2010 was smoke and mirrors with 4-5 last second comebacks that propped up Rah for another year.of players running the asylum. Schiano is a different breed and thankfully he is here in Tampa.

  22. bhall8541 Says:

    Any real soldier knows that “Toes in the line” is the first step to being a soldier! Attention to discipline is key and doesn’t go away just because you think you’re salty!

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m glad this guy is gone. I have no reason to bash him, already did that, and the best thing is he now someone else’s problem. I’m happy they got a late pick for him, because just cutting him would have been a win as well.

    Good Luck K2. I hope you finally grow up and succeed….. at DJ’n

  24. Plbuc Says:

    Enough about K2.Thankfully, He is seattle’s problem now. regardless of record this year, I know we’ll see much more effort on the field and less trouble off the field. Getting rid of the poison and incompetency is the new Schiano order. I’m all for it. Morris was a joke and not respected. The fans were begging for a radical transformation and we got it. Go Bucs

  25. Senor Piva Says:

    the_buc_realist Says: Named me one other GM that would ever wear headsets during a game.

    Mickey Loomis? Allegedly

  26. DallasBuc Says:

    @Joe- why do you suggest that just because Dominik gave Winslow a fat contract he shouldnt be bitter about his HC getting fired? Winslow partially shares an opinion with a lot of us fans that Dominik is also responsible for that horror show of football last year. Whatever negative things we may feel about Winslow the football player and the man, I have to in part agree with him that it is unfair for Dominik to still be employed since he is as much responsible if not more for fielding the embarrassment we endured last season.

  27. Bobby Says:

    You can’t really say that these draft picks are busts if you think the coaching was horrible. I was on the Morris bandwagon until I saw his inability to adjust his schemes. On both sides of the ball we seemed to have no answer during that 10 game skid. Game after game we came out after halftime and did nothing differently. Just like players may do well their rookie years (Suh, Mike Williams, etc) it’s usually different in year two once there is tape to study for your opponents. Morris was like that. He never took it to the next level and did anything to utilize the talent he had properly and make sure they as well as he continued to progress. I really think the only thing that started us off 4-2 was the fact that we do have talent when said talent is healthy. If that talent would have had the benifit of the coaching they are getting now I think things would have been different. We would have been competitive in every game despite the i juries

  28. Bobby Says:

    Darn! Hit the post button by mistake….Anyway, we would have been competitive in spite of the injuries because our fundamentals would have been sound. None of the missed tackles, etc. I am so pumped about this season because I know the difference that attention to detail can make when you are working with NFL caliber talent. I don’t see any NFC South team being better than us. I think we match up talent wise better than any of them.

  29. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    A@Architect – Seattle is one of the best kept secrets in the USA.
    It is a great place to live.
    If my roof cleaning business were not so well established here, and the hot and humid weather in Tampa so good at regrowing Mold and Mildew, giving me more repeat business, I would move back to Seattle in a heartbeat.
    I like Tampa (Brandon High School Class of 1972), but I lived in Seattle from 1976 until 1989
    We got our Seahawks when Tampa got the Bucs.

  30. Bucfan1532 Says:

    Winslow wanted the easy way out and didn’t want to work hard. Schiano did the right thing trading him.

  31. stevek Says:

    The reason for K2’s selfishness is because of his fathers sucess.

    K2 has an inflated ego, and he is just not that darn good.

    He refuses to work hard, so glad this SCRUB is outta here.

  32. evo Says:

    Hey joe.. don’t you think it’s kind of sad you have these ridiculous names for our bucs management? I mean ” rock star general manager”? Give me a break. This guy has made mistake after mistake. How can you call him a rockstar? Your frequent butt kissing is going to turn away true fans who really pay attention. Frankly im sick of you bashing kellen for saying what alot of us thought when the bucs cleaned house. Yes raheem should’ve gone. But your “rock star” should have been gone as well. And everyone thought so. STOP KISSING A$$

  33. Joe Says:


    Hey joe.. don’t you think it’s kind of sad you have these ridiculous names for our bucs management? I mean ” rock star general manager”? Give me a break. This guy has made mistake after mistake. How can you call him a rockstar? Your frequent butt kissing is going to turn away true fans who really pay attention. Frankly im sick of you bashing kellen for saying what alot of us thought when the bucs cleaned house. Yes raheem should’ve gone. But your “rock star” should have been gone as well. And everyone thought so. STOP KISSING A$$

    Maybe this will explain why:

  34. evo Says:

    Um joe.. thats just a link for the best of’s. Yes it says you have the best blog. Of course you do. I let my subscription to that other site go. Get all the bucs info i need here for free. But i am looking at this from my cell phone so maybe i missed something. But still this “rock star” stuff seems like kissing up. No one said he was a rock star when he hired those idiot coordinators. What about giving clayton his contract. And if you think kellen was so over rated. Isnt our “rock star” the one who made him the highest paid TE in the draft?

    Btw thanks for responding joe. Im sitting here in citizens bank park. And they just canceled the game i flew up here to see. So thanks for keeping me company

  35. Joe Says:


    So thanks for keeping me company


  36. evo Says:

    Meant highest paid in league

  37. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Evo — Joe’s not kissing anyone’s ass. Joe used the rockstar nickname after Dominik was in high demand from national media following the 2011 draft. The nickname fit at the time and was fun and timely, and drove some people nuts, so Joe has stuck with it.

    Joe even uses “rockstar” in posts that are critical of Dominik. So hopefully that clears things up for you a bit.

    Also, Joe really doesn’t care about readers that might be driven away by Joe’s style and opinion. The day Joe starts to be concerned with that, then it’ll be time to hang up the keyboard.