Nuggets From Abbreviated Bucs OTA Practice

June 5th, 2012

Joe was on the front lines today, watching intently as the Bucs participated in their latest OTA of the spring.

(Yes, despite the summer-like weather, it is still technically spring for a couple of weeks).

* Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan gets hands-on and intense working with receivers.

* Bucs coach Greg Schiano personally conducts what appears to be a linebackers drill to practice coverage and stuffing holes. Upside down trash cans represented gaps.

* Rookie wide receiver Ahmad Lewis made a nice move on old veteran Ronde Barber by sprinting right at him forcing Barber to quickly backpedal. Then, Lewis cut hard to his right over the middle getting good separation.

* Vincent Jackson sliced through the secondary, all the while biting the football.

* Once again, Michael Smith gets practice time with the first team, once catching a swing pass to the left side, quickly racing through the defense.

* Schiano could be heard telling players as they ran between stations, “Run like you have the ball!”

* Schiano likes detail in running his offense. “Start at the 31-yard line and go to the building.”

* There was a Dezmon Briscoe sighting!

4 Responses to “Nuggets From Abbreviated Bucs OTA Practice”

  1. dan Says:

    barber got burned twice by lewis in your story 🙂 hahah or did barber fall for it twice?

  2. BucFan20 Says:

    Almost choked on my iced tea when I saw ” sliced throuth the secondary” and “racing through the defense”. Please say the defense was not really on the field.
    Sorry. Just bad flashbacks!!


    A Dezmon Briscoe sighting ranks up there with seeing Sasquatch.

  4. Paul W. Says:

    Thank you Joe.

    This is what puts you above the rest.