New Schiano Order Not Just About Discipline

June 22nd, 2012

Of course all Bucs fans know full well about “toes on the line.” It’s a theory embraced by one of the greatest of all Bucs players and scorned by former Bucs more interested in spinning discs in Las Vegas, having a social hour at practice and quitting on teammates.

But the New Schiano Order isn’t about Marine-like rigid ways. It’s also about having enthusiasm for your job, taking pride in your job, and fostering camaraderie among teammates.

Bucs left tackle Donald Penn explained after he caught a punt to end minicamp earlier this month.

“A couple of times, a defensive guy made a great play and I had to go congratulate them, even though I am competing out there,” Penn said. Anthony “Gaitor made a great play on Vincent Jackson in the end zone. I had to go congratulate Gaitor, it was such a good play.”

For Joe, this is very cool to know. Penn is right; guys are out there competing for a job, for their livelihoods, for their childhood dreams. But any hint of selfishness is put aside when a teammate does well.

This is not a bad thing.

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