“He’s Been On Me As Of Late A Lot”

June 15th, 2012

There will be plenty of external heat on Gerald McCoy from the opening whistle this season as he tries to live up to his draft-day status and whopping paycheck in his third year.

However, the inside-One-Buc pressure on McCoy already is on, so he told Jeff Darlington of The Man Channel, aka NFL Network. The video link is here. McCoy was asked to give his take on Bucs defensive front seven coach Bryan Cox and revealed that Cox is zeroing in.

“He’s been on me as of late a lot about my pass rush,” McCoy said. “Because he said I have all the tools necessary, just need to fine tune them.”

Interestingly, in a Buccaneers.com video in recent days, one could see a scene of Greg Schiano talking to McCoy about hand-work becoming more instinctive, “Bing, bang, boom,” Schiano said.

Joe, like every other Bucs fan and his coaches, is yearning to see McCoy open his tool box and start hammering away with his finely tuned instruments — week in and week out.

4 Responses to ““He’s Been On Me As Of Late A Lot””

  1. Stevek Says:

    #3 overall pick, agreed upon in old CBA, and hasn’t been on the field be aide of injury.

    Damn right Bryan Cox should be on you.
    GMC has the talent to become something special, I’m excited for this new coaching staff bc McCoy needs discipline and fundamentals.

    Gerald seems like a fewer guy too, I hope he can stay healthy and start turning “pressure and impact” into “sacks and forced fumbles”.

    I hope Coach B.Cox can channel some intensity, kind of like Adiran Clayborn.

    Adrian Clayborn himself to 7.5 sacks, lord knows he had very little support.

  2. musclehampster22 Says:

    I guess Warren Sapp spoiled us Bucs fans. It’s rare that a defensive tackle is a dominate pass rusher.

  3. Bobby Says:

    McCoy needs to do one thing….stay healthy. If he does I believe he’ll have a better year than Suh.

  4. Miguel Grande Says:

    I believe Who-Dini will ind a way to disappear with his humongous salary again this year.