A “Hot Seat” For Mark Dominik?

June 3rd, 2012

A fan seemingly preparing for the ouster of rockstar general manager Mark Dominik fired a question off to ESPN NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas about the job security of the Bucs’ big cheese during a live chat Friday.

Apparently, this fan doesn’t believe the bold assumption floated by Tampa Bay Times writer Stephen Holder that Dominik has already been stripped of much of his power, and neither does Yasinskas, based on his response.

Jared (Tampa): Pat, lets kick this chat off early…Do you think if we do not see key drafted players have a strong season for the Buccaneers Mark Dominik will still be with us this time next year? Who are the players that need to have strong seasons besides Freeman and Clayborn?

Pat Yasinskas: If they have a bad record, yeah, he could be on the hot seat. But I think you’ll see some progress from the Bucs this year. I’d throw Gerald McCoy (if he stays healthy) into that category on your second question. And I think this year’s first three draft picks also will make pretty instant impacts.

Sure, Dominik could be in hot water if the Bucs don’t show progress in 2012, but for Joe this is more of the talent-vs.-performance debate. Clearly Dominik has made bad moves, but he’s also had top-shelf calls on his watch. Joe’s mindset during and after last season was the Bucs were most vicitimized by coaching gone terribly wrong than anything else. You can’t open 4-2 with wins over two playoff teams and then blame the GM for a historic collapse.

That written, after four seasons, 2009-2012, Dominik surely will have a much more complete record on which to be judged.

66 Responses to “A “Hot Seat” For Mark Dominik?”

  1. Meh Says:

    Dom has bought himself at least 2 years. This year will be a reorganizing year. I don’t think he’s in trouble this year no matter what happens, short of another epic meltdown anyway.

  2. bucyea Says:

    Dom’s drafts have been ATROCIOUS. IMO, both he and Hickey’s job should be on line. Their propensity to draft out of the Big 12 is obvious, and it’s no coincidence that Dom is a Kansas alum. If the Big 12 were a dominant conferance, it wouldn’t bother me, but it’s NOT. IMO, the Big 12’s players are the LEAST ready for the NFL game due to the passive nature of the play in that conferance. I do give credit to Dom for a few nice pickups in FA, but the draft is supposedly, the mantra for how the team will be built, and his lack of success at “building thru the draft” is painfully obvious. Yes Domink’s job should be on the line, although Shiano’s influence on the draft may save Dom’s job, at least, in the near term, til Schiano is ready to bring in his own guy.

  3. Fester Says:

    Can’t hang rockstar yet. I think Clayborn is often overlooked. He was strong last year and could be a 10-sack guy for many years to come if there’s any inside pressure, which brings us back to The Dini and Price …

  4. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Weren’t you ladies predicting that your “coach of the year” with a brand new contract extension was completely safe going in to 2011?

    I think many of you, present company included, were yelling about RahRah’s greatness and security well into the season.

    I will tell you the truth. Dom will likely be safe, if Schiano wants him to be safe. Make no mistake – Schiano is Dom’s boss so long as Schiano has success.

    Dom is becoming relegated to Mr. Contracts – that is it – I think Dom can handle that he seems to understand the nuances of the CBA.

    Dom is no more capable of evaluating talent than Pete Ducher who famously suggested that Gerald may be better off at MLB! Lol

  5. HFXBUC Says:

    Is Dom wearing pleated pants in that picture?

  6. Dini's Biceps Says:

    Bill Polian is available. 6 time GM of The Year Winner. Built Buffalo, Carolina, Colts. But i think we missed the window b/c Dominick has at least 2 more years (we should be getting a lot better over the next 2 years)

  7. j lynch Says:

    Doesnt Schiano need his roof cleaned? Maybe he will let the cat out of the bag..

  8. Brad Says:

    Dom is only here for this year. Schiano will eat him alive as the year goes on. Dominik is and should be dead man walking.. Hes been a total failure both in the draft and the win loss record. He was only retained to help Schiano transition. Any media member can’t see this just doesn’t know their job.

  9. Brad Says:

    And if his fate wasn’t sealed yet it was after he made another stupid move by promoting Hickey. How many contracts, promotions, and bad signings can one GM be allowed.

  10. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    If it werent for injuries, who knows what Doms drafts would look like.. You cant predict injuries when you draft someone, so he disserves a pass for this. However this year will be very telling though i think he disserves atleast 1 more year after this to truely be able to tell which direction as a GM he is going. And I can say as a fan the last 3 years has been more exciting on draft days than any others before.

  11. Eastsidebuc Says:

    All the moves the bucs have made points to rockstar on the hottest. And he should be! These free agents, moving back up in the first round…
    Somebody lit the flame under him. That 10-6 season had everybody gas’ed
    so buddy thought it was all good… We will see about his talent evaluations.

  12. Tim Says:

    @JLynch — Genius funny!!!!

  13. Bobby Says:

    Dom is in no way on the hot seat. I personally think he is demonstrated how brilliant he is in this last draft. The way he used that 4th round pick to make trades was genius. He has been hurt with drafting players that have suffered injuries but this year we should see the fruit of his drafting efforts. Good coaching makes a huge difference and I think the Bucs are going to be night and day different from what they were last year or even 2010 for that matter. There will be no more slow starts on offense. Those days are gone. Our tempo is going to be intense the entire game. I only wish Bowers were healthy so we could see how good he is going to be because I think he was really coming on at the end of last season. I hope he recovers fully from that injury. Now, if Schiano’s staff can keep Bennett from being a lone ranger we should still be fine.

  14. McBuc Says:

    Brad, Why would you keep a guy you thiunk is a failure to transition the new guy? That is one odd management style.

  15. McBuc Says:

    eastside…”All the moves the bucs have made points to rockstar on the hottest”, please give examples…

  16. Anthony Says:

    Dominik, just like many other successful GMs in this league, has made good decisions and mistakes. The Derrick Ward and Michael Clayton signing were definately AWFUL.

    However, he learned from those mistakes. I do like the talent and honestly, when making these selections, no one else could argue, that Dominik did a rockstar job in adding talent in 2010 and 2011 drafts. Even Scouts Inc. Gave us both HIGH grades. Even the 2012 draft they saw another successful draft.

    The only problem is the coaching and development on the field. They didn’t have the right staff with Morris and his clowns. Schiano seems to be the perfect fit for this young team and Dominik and the Glazers did a good job with that selection. The Free Agent Additions will help mold these younger guys as well.

  17. Stevek Says:


    GMC, Derrick Ward, Mike Nugent, Albert Haynesworth, outside of Freeman the entire 2009 draft, just to name a few.

    We need to see a pro bowler drafted by Dom.

  18. Eric Says:

    These people once replaced Rich McKay, the real rock star.

    Fired a SUper Bowl winning coach/ after a winning season.

    Fired a coach in a playoff year who actually did turn the team around.

    Of course he on the hot seat, along with a vast majority of GM’s in the league. As someone mentioned, Polian was released also, or not re-signed.

    If its four straight non-playoff seasons…………..jettisonville.

  19. Pinnacl3 Says:

    I don’t know about other fans, but I though Mark Dominik would have/should have been let go when the decision to fire Morris came down. That melt down last year was EVERY bit the front office’s fault as it was the Head Coach’s. He(Dominik) put Morris’ assistant coaches and other staff members around him. He signed the crazy contracts and contract extensions. He helped put the roster together with little to NO depth which is where the team suffered the most once the injuries started to pile up.
    I do like this year’s draft class though. And is it a coincidence that the most promising draft class in 4 years came when he SHOULD be on the “hot seat” and new coach with a meticulous mindset when it comes to his representation on and off the field arrives?

  20. J 2.0 Says:

    With Dominik surviving the regime change, that has bought him 3 more years. The only way that will be cut short is if Freeman, McCoy, Williams, and Foster show no sign of improvement, and if Barron, Martin, and David do not come out of the gate hot, and if Nicks and Jackson are complete flops.

    With that said, nothinbg will suprise me. I have never blamed the Bucs recent troubles on Dom, I’ve blamed the Glazers. With that said, draft picks have to work out. I hated the McCoy pick from day one, but with that said I was huge on Dez Bryant that year and he hasn’t quite worked out yet either. Either way today is Sunday and all I have to look forward to is a Rays game. COME ON SEPTEMBER!

  21. Thomas2.2 Says:


    The 2012 draft was Schiano’s – if it were Dom’s it would have looked like the previous three horrific drafts.

    Stop trying to rewrite history.

  22. Eric Says:

    Well if we turn it around, who cares if it is Dom, Greg, Glazers, or Sheer luck.

    After all, the league is designed to equalize things.

    Schiano coming from rutgers and being an NFL draft and free agency guru is a bit of a stretch, Mr. Thomas 2.2.

    Sure Dom was also heavily involved. WHich is exactly why his neck is on the line, like everybody else in his profession.

    Glazers arent light on the trigger finger.

  23. Buxter Says:

    The hotness of MD’s seart is equally proportionate to the amount of input, money and mindshare, the Glazer’s had in hiring Rah and his staff.

    Poor coaching and injuries inhibit making a sound evaluation on his draft decisions to date.

    Instead, the Glazers will look to fan attendance as the most important metric.

  24. OptimisTroll Says:

    Dom gets a point for not drafting Justin Blackmon.

  25. raphael Says:

    blackmon = loser glad we didn’t get him…

  26. Buc O Deer Says:

    It all depends on the record this year. 8-8 or better Rockstar Dom probably stays. 7-9 or worse Butch Davis probably takes over. Butch is here for a reason, and it isn’t to just “observe from the back row”.

    I like this year’s draft picks a lot, but when your seventh round picks are better than the higher draft picks selected (i.e. Biggers, Stroughter) you are not drafting well at all!!

    There is a reason money was spent this year!! It’s because someone is on the hot seat and needs to do much better really fast!!

  27. Brad Says:

    @Pinnacl3 … Agree with you 100%. Always thought and have debated with Joe that Dominik was equally responsible for last years collapse as Morris.
    @mcbuc because Dominik is familiar with the current players, knows the in and outs of the draft, familiar with teams salary cap and knows how to sign players contracts that affects or current cap.

  28. Bobby Says:

    Thomas…..this draft was Schiano’s?? Look Thomas….just say no and get some help. You can stop this addiction to whatever drug you’re on that would make you say such silly things….. No organization takes a coach who hasn’t even proven he can coach in the NFL yet and puts him in charge of the draft. I am not saying that Schiano had zero input because I’m sure he did have some say as does any coach but ultimately Dom orchestrated this draft just like he did every draft since he’s been GM. Schiano even said as much when he said Dom showed him the tapes of Barron. Maybe some late round picks were Schiano’s guys but the early rounds were Dom.

  29. McBuc Says:

    SteveK…That was not what Eastside said. he said “All the moves the bucs have made points to rockstar on the hottest”. This suggest the actions they have taken recently threaten MD in some way. Not the players he drafted or brought in, his statement suggest the Bucs are making it known that the GM is in hot water. If this is true, I do not see it, so I asked him for examples.

    GMC has been hurt, can’t call him a bust yest. Ward was on everyones list as the best FA RB at the time. AH was the best option, basically the only option, and he did ok. Nugent went on to play well, just not in Tampa. There is not a GM in history that hit on every move, not to mention if coaching was such an issue you may see great improvement out of the entire team.

  30. McBuc Says:

    Brad…good answer, I do not buy it, but it is a good answer. We will see soon. Winning cures allot, I hope we see many wins.

  31. Fritz50 Says:

    Course, it doesn’t matter one whit what we think. Dom & Schiano both work for the Glazers, and answer only to them. I defy anyone to show me ANYTHING showing the Glazers follow the print media, or , more rediculous, these message boards. If Dom is on the ‘hot seat’, only they know, and we won’t until the AX falls. That’s the way they’ve always worked & I don’t see them changing now.

  32. Fritz50 Says:

    “Weren’t you ladies predicting that your “coach of the year” with a brand new contract extension was completely safe going in to 2011?”

    Yes.Thomas, I was one of those “ladies”. As far as I can remember, I had a lot of company. However, I WAS WRONG. You see,it is possible to admit error, and move on. I can also admit that YOU WERE RIGHT, about the incompetance of the previous regime, and, once again, move on. Being right on one thing has no bearing on your own level of competance, or incompetance, on the whole, nor does it give you the right to denigrate those of us who were wrong. Moderation in all things, dude.

  33. FlBoy84 Says:

    @Brad “How many contracts, promotions, and bad signings can one GM be allowed?” – Matt Millen was GM in Detroit for seven years. Dominik looks like a friggin’ genius compared to that guy.

    Dominik has definitely had his hits and misses. His latest project seems to be Eric Wright, who he referred to as “my guy” multiple times during the introductory press conference. Saw Wright is currently running 2nd string during OTA’s, curious how he performs over the next couple of years, considering he got $37.5 million for 5 years, including $15.5 guaranteed.

  34. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Bobby: You probably didn’t know that a football has laces.

    Dom admitted pre-draft that his role had changed.

    The Glazers brought Schiano in to build Schiano’s team, the Glazers are cheap by not dumb. No person with a brain would bring in a new leader to completely turn around an organization but tell that leader that you are forced to allow the previous leader, a complete and total failure, to make the personnel decisions for you.

    Dom had never seen Schiano’s vision in place dumb a–. Schiano identified the players he wanted which were T Rich first, Barron second and if T Rich was gone Martin 3rd.

    This was totally a Schiano draft, with the exception of Smith who it sounds like the scouting department, Hickey and co, found.

  35. Eric Says:

    No GM has to hit on every move.

    But very few survive a horrendous ten game losing streak, setting the franchise record for points allowed.

    I know I know, it was all coaching.

    But if rah’s coaching techniques were so bad, why did it take Dom three years to notice. He attends practice and games right?

    And didn’t he hire a lot of the now recognized horrific staff?

    For the foregoing reason, seat is at least warm….

  36. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Thanks for the honesty Fritz.

    My point is that many of these jokers have no credibility. It was obvious to the informed that Rah had no clue at all.

    Now to act like you are some expert on the 17-31 GM’s performance – the one who never acquired a pro bowler after 3 drafts and 3 free agency opportunities.

    That is hard to do – even a bad GM would stumble on a pro bowler somewhere.

  37. Thomas2.2 Says:

    No Eric it wasn’t all the coaching just 85%! LOL

    That estimate is as arbitrary as it is ridiculous.

  38. Adam Says:

    Could someone enlighten me as to what top-shelf calls boy-band GM Dominik has made? By my count, he has drafted TWO legit starters. His #1 receiver is really a #2. His 2nd round WR is barely seeing PT. He drafted 3DLs who are all injury prone in the first 2 rounds of consecutive drafts.

    I’d rather go to Rosie O’Donnell for diet advice than rely on Dominik to pick players.

  39. Garv Says:

    Well Adam, since you wanted GM Dominik DEAD after we drafted Barron, I take your posts the same way I do 2.whatever’s, whining Eric’s and Mikel Granee’s…………as ignorant rubbish, the kind that can be found on any eagle’s blog.

    Mark Dominik is most assuredly NOT on the hot seat, not should he be. Any feeb outside of the above knows that.

  40. Thomas2.2 Says:

    If Dom was let go tomorrow would anyone outside of Joe and Garv care?

    Does anyone truly think that the org is better off with this guy doing anything more than Glazer dry cleaning?

    I would be shocked to hear so.

  41. Tom Says:

    I see two “top shelf calls” Dom has made. 1. Drafting Freeman (which had a lot of help from his former D Coordinator Raheem Morris) and 2. Drafting Mike Williams in Rd 4. Signing Blount was a make-up call after Dominik dismissed him after the draft and noted at the time that Blount wasn’t on his radar (it sure helped his radar to have a sh*tty RB signing in Derrick Ward to force the move after the preseason, dude was lucky, not good).

    We could look at his bad moves, which lets just say multiply the positive moves by 3 so far (Ward signing, Clayton re-sign, Quincy Black and his boatload of cash). If the team doesn’t pull their heads out of their butts this year then Dominik most definitely deserves to be put on notice. The hope is that his move start to pan out…because I’m sick of the annual Gerald McCoy/Brian Price/Cody Grimm to the IR article I read

  42. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    @J Lynch, We cleaned the roof of the house that Schiano bought before he bought it. The Realtor who had it listed wanted it to look it’s best, so it would sell. Our roof cleanings normally last awhile, so I will not be cleaning Coach Schiano’s roof, in the near future.
    However, you can rest assured that as soon as I get any juicy tidbits of information, I will pass them along, unaltered.
    Please do be aware that Coach Schiano has specifically told all his players NOT to talk to their roof cleaners, yard guys, and barbers, as well as the press.
    This means it may be wise to depend on JBF.Com for your sports information, instead of me:)

  43. Garv Says:

    Well Chis@Apple, I’m sure Coach Schiano and Mark Dominik DO care deeply what message board “experts” like 2,whatever and Adam “think” and that would explain their deep understanding of the NFL and Buccaneer football.
    I certainly can tell from reading their “opinions” EXACTLY what they “know” and where they are coming from.

    Again, Dominik is gong nowhere and frankly, that’s exactly as it should be until at least the next two seasons play out.

  44. Stevek Says:

    Butch Davis and Schiano called the shots at the draft this year.

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    When your team is not winning, everyone is on the hot seat.

  46. j lynch Says:

    Good one Apple !!!

  47. Adam Says:

    Well GARV. I read what said twice, but judging from the sentences you put together, you might have come up with something more coherent had you just slammed your head on the keyboard.

    Secondly, I noticed that you had absolutely no retort for the content of my post which tells me what I already know: I’m right. And you’re just … You.

  48. Garv Says:


    You “read what said twice”? Great. I read your asinine post right after the Barron pick wishing Mark Dominik dead and have taken absolutely nothing you type seriously since then.
    Your ignorance, hatred and blatant stupidity make you as worthy of caring about as a jackwagon on an eagle’s blog. Follow?

    I doubt it.

    You’re about as “right” as can be expected from your ilk.

    But I am done with you and the 2.whatever whiners. As a long time paying fan I enjoy following the team, not the IDIOTS who seem to enjoy their delusion of being smarter than actual NFL General Managers and Head Coaches. It’s pathetic, repetitive and rather boring.

    Now run along…….after reading “what said twice.” LOL

  49. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Thanks Guys!
    I do think Davis and Schiano had a LOT of influence in the draft this year, like SteveK says.
    I agree with Hawaaian Buc that when the Team is losing, everyone is on the hot seat.
    And, I agree with Garv, that unless we have a major meltdown, Dom ain’t going nowhere.
    Frankly, I have a hard time with some of the negativity lately. We are Undefeated right now, and IMHO, have greatly improved our team.

  50. Garv Says:


    If I could delete my last post, I would. It was unnecessary.
    I come here as a fan, not to get nasty over the opinions of other posters.

    I remain confident in the direction of the Buccaneers, look forward to a strong 2012 season leading to playoff appearances in the near future.
    My hope is that we are attending games in November and December that matter, that those games remain relevant as far as making the playoffs is concerned. and if it takes another year after such dramatic changes, so be it.

    Most of the fans I know feel that way and that’s good enough for me.

  51. Stevek Says:

    Dom and GMC have a “make or break” campaign.

  52. Eric Says:

    That seat can heat up very fast, even when frozen.

    Look how fast you folks turned on Raheem.

    From the next Chuck Noll to the cause of all our probelms.

  53. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Thomas, you are so predictable. So if these draft choices do not work out, whose head will you call for? Schiano or Dominick? Knowing you, Dominick.

    bucyea Says:
    June 3rd, 2012 at 8:57 am

    Dom’s drafts have been ATROCIOUS.

    His first one was atrocious…aside from Freeman. The second one will be determined THIS YEAR…and the third one NEXT YEAR. So your statement is not accurate.

  54. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Joe…I hate to be the one to start up rumors and the such…but I saw it mentioned in the first comment that Dominick bought himself 2 years. I could see that, but for the “advisers” aspect. Do any of them have GM experience?

    For example…isn’t Butch Davis known as a good judge of talent?

    Just something that popped in my head. Haven’t really thought it through.

  55. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    As far as Adam goes…I’m tossed. He’s a Bucs fan…but also a Mets fan…

  56. BamBamBuc Says:

    Adam, I’ll take on the content of your post….

    First, I’d have to guess that your “2 legit starters” are Freeman and Clayborn since you didn’t actually state which ones you meant. I could agree that they are legit starters so far. However, Mike Williams has been a pretty productive 4th round pick and starter. Even as a #2 WR, he’d still be a starter and a legit one.

    His 2nd round WR hasn’t seen as much playing time, but also was recovering from an ACL injury his rookie year. While he was able to play, they (doctors, experts, etc.) usually say that players don’t get back to true form until the second season after injury, when the fear of reinjury subsides a bit. We’ll see if he can rebound this year or not, but I can’t blame Dom for his ACL injury. Those things happen all the time in the NFL. Really, do the Colts blame Polian for Peyton’s neck injury? Do the Vikes blame the coaches and ownership for Adrian Peterson’s knee injury? If GM’s, owners, and coaches cannot foresee injuries then that discounts Dom from Benn, Grimm, GMC, Price, etc. as bad picks. All passed physicals at the combine, and all were assumed healthy. Injuries happen, it’s not like someone is taking a baseball bat to their knee/bicep/whatever to make Dom look bad. Even DaQuan’s Achilles injury is not related to any knee injury history he’s had. The Achilles tendon is the ankle, and I’m sure there isn’t a doctor out there that will project an Achilles injury in the future based on a micro-fracture surgery in the knee. That would be like me assuming you’ll break your ribs in the next 6 months based on the obvious amount of concussions or severe drug usage you’ve obviously experienced to this point.

    While not all picks have panned out (which they usually don’t), and not all FA signings have been valued correctly, it hasn’t been all bad. While Biggers has taken a lot of criticism, remember, he’s a 7th round draft pick. And while the former regime’s first round pick Aqib Talib has been injured or suspended he’s had to step in and play. While he hasn’t been very good, he’s been better than most 7th round picks, and not as good as a first round pick. Cody Grimm stepped in for a suspended Tanard Jackson (again, former regime) and played well for a 7th round pick until injury struck (when he was hit by Sabby Piscatelli in the Ravens game, thank goodness Dom didn’t resign him… I might agree with you if he had). Roy Miller has played about as well as a 3rd round DT should be expected to play.

    While Dom foolishly resigned Quincy Black to a big contract along with Trueblood, Clayton, and free agents like Derrick Ward… He’s also locked in Donald Penn and Davin Joseph (both Pro Bowl player) and added Nicks and Jackson.

    In 3 drafts, Freeman, GMC, and Clayborn were his picks in Rnd 1. Two are “legit starters” and the other has had injury issues. It is possible he has hit with all 3 first round picks, and at least 2 of 3. We have players scattered through the later rounds that participate and have added depth (Dekoda Watson, Grimm, Biggers, Miller, Williams, etc.). Not all great players, but all have contributed in some way when called upon. Some say Dom “lucked out” getting Blount (meanwhile dogging Blount for being one-dimensional). Lucky or not, Dom got him.

    Some will say this was “Schiano’s draft”, yet Schiano himself said that Dom and Hickey had all the scouting down and they were going over film as a “team” leading up to the draft. While I’m sure Schiano had his input for his “kind of players”, and what he was looking to add based on what he’d seen, Dom and Hickey did the leg work, Dom handled the trades.

    Going beyond what you’ve said, some are critical of Dom for the hiring of Raheem Morris. Yet, most reports that I’ve seen, most of the talk that I’ve heard leans towards that hiring being a Glazer choice. If someone overrides the decisions of the GM, it’s the owners. Maybe Morris was Dom’s choice too, I’ll never know but I’m not holding that against him when it just as likely was the ownership.

    I hope this satisfies your need for someone to attack your assumptions directly and in a coherent and comprehensible fashion. If you didn’t understand anything, simply copy and past the “hard word” to Dictionary.com and I’m sure you will find some help there.

  57. BamBamBuc Says:

    Pete – many fans in Cleveland (if there are any left) would say Davis was a horrible judge of talent and the whole Tim Couch/Kelly Holcomb/Jeff Garcia QB fiasco is just a sampling of the proof. His drafts were truly pathetic. He did serve as GM and coach in Cleveland.

  58. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I wasn’t sure. I was asking because it does not seem outside the realm of possibility that Schiano could have asked to have Davis as an adviser in case his relationship with Dominick does not go well. With Dominick not knowing hte true motives.

    I’m not saying that’s the case…just that if Dominick we fired next year, I would not be surprised to see Davis stepping in.

  59. Eric Says:

    Joe doesn’t blame our GM.


  60. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    BamBam says:

    Some will say this was “Schiano’s draft”, yet Schiano himself said that Dom and Hickey had all the scouting down and they were going over film as a “team” leading up to the draft. While I’m sure Schiano had his input for his “kind of players”, and what he was looking to add based on what he’d seen, Dom and Hickey did the leg work, Dom handled the trades.

    Well said.

  61. Joe Says:


    Butch Davis and Schiano called the shots at the draft this year.

    Unless Schiano is patently lying, your statement is false.

  62. Adam L. Says:

    Still just name calling from Garv and no meaningful debate.

    Aside from Freeman and Claiborne, show me the slam-dunk Mark Dominick move! Derrick Ward? Trading for K2? Finding Kyle Moore? Rebuilding the defensive line?

    You got NOTHING Garv. Dominik blew his first pickin the draft so badly I was screaming at the screen.mi didn’t even SEE the Doug Martin pick, I was so upset, I went to bed.

    @bambambam. I read your post in full, but you pretty much agree with me. Either the jury is out, or the player is a bust, with the exception of Freeman and Claiborne. Williams was drafted to be a #1 WR. The Bucs went to VJ to remedy the mistake. I’d even go so far as to say Roy Miller has underachieved. I wish there was a stat like in baseball’s WAR (wins above replacement) whe we can judge how valuable someone like Roy Miller is.

    I’d say the best move that MD has made was one that he DIDN’T make: losing out on signing Albert Haynesworth.

    Garv…take a lesson from bambambam. He knows how to post.
    Dominik is so dumb, he doesn’t even use HINDSIGHT. This is a guy who told the press that if he had a choice between MCCOY and SUH he would STILL take MCCOY!!

    Hot seat? ABSOLUTELY. If his previous draft picks don’t bounce back and over achieve AND we don’t see some real promise from this years’s draft, we need to send Dominik where they sent Kyle Moore.

  63. Fritz50 Says:

    “didn’t even SEE the Doug Martin pick”

    Dude, it’s a GAME, you’ve got way too much invested in this. Been there, done that, & had to back off, myself, so I understand, but come on.

  64. BamBamBuc Says:

    Actually, I don’t agree much. Not once have I said a player drafted is a bust yet (although there are several later round picks from his first draft). I would say the jury is out. Still too soon to tell with most players. Williams was not drafted to be a #1. Benn may have been, and that hasn’t worked out as well. But is that just a nice surprise with Williams (a 4th round pick) or a miss on Benn. We’ll know this year as he should be fully recovered from his ACL. Let’s see if he gets the playing time and becomes a #2 (best he can hope for with the signing of Jackson).

    I think if you could look at “starts x round drafted” you find more of the value of the player. Getting starts from 3rd thru 7th round picks has more value than from 1st rounders (not that they make more impact, just that the “value” of those starts is higher). We’ve gotten plenty of starts from those picks. That shows good value. All 3 first rounders have started (when healthy) and we’ve gotten significant depth in later rounds. To me, that’s what a GM is supposed to do in the draft.

  65. McBuc Says:

    BAM BAM…great post, well said and acurate as far as I can tell.

    Adam, remember the #1 receiver is not the only starting receiver on the team…it is a position. MW had a second year slump, along with the entire team, which is also common in the NFL.

    Either way, I enjoyed reading the exchange, but I do not see how Bam Bam agreed with your statements.

  66. Garv Says:

    “You got NOTHING Garv. Dominik blew his first pickin the draft so badly I was screaming at the screen.mi didn’t even SEE the Doug Martin pick, I was so upset, I went to bed.” Adam of Jersey

    That explains a lot. Again, I apologize for even engaging this kid in his childlike tirades.

    As has been typed, it remains to be seen how many of the recently drafted players work out. And as far as I know, GM’s are not responsible for the unfortunate and untimely injuries suffered by players. I often wonder why more fans do not realize that simple and logical fact.

    Have a great week, training camp next month!