Versatile De’Anthony Curtis Among 13 To Stay On

May 7th, 2012
De’Anthony Curtis is an intriguing prospect

The Bucs kept the dream alive for many of the guys at rookie minicamp/tryout camp last weekend. Several others were sent packing.

One of the more interesting players to stick is De’Anthony Curtis, a former running back, fullback, wide receiver and cornerback at Arkansas. Bobbby Petrino called him “the ultimate team guy.” (Insert your own joke.) Curtis also plays special teams and averaged 5.9 yards per carry for the 11-2 Razorbacks last year.

Speedster seventh round draft pick Michael Smith might have some competition. Curtis clocked a 4.36 40 yard dash.

Here are all the latest Bucs moves released today by the team.

DE Quintin Anderson – Wagner 
S Sean Baker – Ball State 
RB De’Anthony Curtis – Arkansas 
P Eric Guthrie – Iowa 
T Jermarcus Hardrick – Nebraska 
QB Jordan Jefferson – LSU 
FB Antonio Leak – Henderson State 
DT Jordan Nix – North Carolina 
TE Danny Noble – Toledo 
C Moe Petrus – Connecticut 
DT Myles Wade – Portland State 

CB Derrick Roberson 
DE Hilee Taylor 

WR Luther Ambrose 
LB Ryan Baker 
LB Mike Balogun 
QB Zach Collaros 
S Ron Girault 
C Chaz Hine 
DT Donte’e Nicholls 
T Trevor Olson 
G Chris Riley 
K Jake Rogers 
CB Quenton Washington 
T Rocky Weaver

17 Responses to “Versatile De’Anthony Curtis Among 13 To Stay On”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Does anyone else find it a bit reassuring that a former Rutgers guy Ron Girault was cut? I wish Mr. Girault the best of luck, but it at least shows that Schiano isn’t married to his former players.

  2. SouthTampaBucman Says:

    Geez, did you really think we’d have Rutgers South down here? He did a great job but they still weren’t very good.

  3. 941Buc Says:

    Where’s Leonard johnson?

  4. Kevin Says:

    @941 – he’s already signed

    @South – no, didn’t think this would be Rutgers south, but also shows that Schiano is willing/able to separate his relationships with previous players in order to make the hard decisions. One could argue that this was an issue with the prior regime.

  5. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think Spurrier had the problem when left Florida for the Redskins, he brought along too many college players like Weuerful, who was an awful pro. I don’t think our prior regime, Raheem and Josh Freeman were a problem necessarily.

  6. stevek Says:

    Schiano mentioned in his most recent presser, “One thing I mention to these guys I bring in with prior experience: It is all about what is best for the Bucs”.

    I trust Schiano to get the best 53 out there, no excuses.

    No more lazy play and quitting out there.

    New era for Bucs fans, and thank goodness!

  7. echase Says:

    Unlike “Ra” that was married to Freeman because he coached there one year, your right at least he can cut ties..

  8. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Actually he was married to Freeman because he drafted him in the first round just like any other coach would be married to there guy they drafted in the 1st round… Nothing is wrong with Free give the guy a break

  9. Kevin Says:

    I wasn’t referring to Freeman, more the fact that Raheem’s “guys” had a very long leash.

    All I was trying to get at is that Schiano has said that he would make the best decisions for the team and that he wouldn’t let personal relationships cloud his judgement. Schiano has spoken very highly of Ron Girault in the past. This is simply an example of Schiano backing up his words with actions.

  10. kh Says:

    That 40 time from the Arkansas pro day is suspect at best, I highly doubt Arkansas has 9 players running in the 4.3’s, let alone 3 players running sub 4.3’s.

  11. Brandon Says:

    Yeah, those numbers are completely bogus. They aren’t official by any measures and were done by the Arkansas staff. Plus, WR Joe Adams timed in the mid 4.5’s at the combine and was supposedly timed at 4.30. The numbers were also done in 2011 with several other notable Razorbacks being extremely far off from their combine times as well (Bequette and Jarius Wright).

    According to NFLdraftscout, Curtis ran 4.47…which is good, but not 4.36.

    If you want to tout somebody with great potential from this group, look no further than Myles Wade. At his pro day measuring in at 6’2 310 lbs, he ran an impressive 5.05, benched a very impressive 42 reps of 225, and jumped a nearly unheard of 35.5″.

    Ladies and gentleman, the freak athlete of this group is Myles Wade, not Curtis. I predicted Wade would be given a contract based on the fact that he is so explosive and strong and would stand out in shorts. Wade’s problem, however, is that he has very little production on the field, posting only 30 tackles last season and 2 sacks for Div 1-AA Portland St.

  12. Brandon Says:

    Oh, and what makes Wade stand out even further in regards to his ridiculous 35.5′ vertical jump… the supposed athletic freak Curtis only jumped 34.5″.
    Curtis’s pro day numbers:

  13. Brandon Says:

    More research on De’Anthony Curtis on his 5.9 yards per carry and his ability to play special teams:

    His 5.9 yards per carry came in a total of 20 carries. Most coming in a 49-7 blowout.

    He had 1 tackle on the season…and 1 kickoff return for 9 yards. The kickoff return was the only one of his career. The tackle was one of 11 he made in his career. And his yards per carry for his career? 4.7, on a whopping 44 lifetime carries for 205 yards. His only carries came in the team’s 4 blowouts (New Mexico, Missouri St., among other patsies). He also caught 17 passes… for his career… and scored a grand total of 2 TDs. Don’t spend too much time rooting for this guy, he’ll be gone very shortly.

    This dude is destined to be cut about as quickly as the pads go on.

  14. Tuggz Says:

    Too bad the two USF Bulls didn’t make the cut.

  15. Dave Says:

    The 40 times may be bogus but the botom line is still good: the Bics are trying to get some speed in the backfield to help out. Competition

  16. tnew Says:

    Arkansas grad here. First off he ran a 4.50 at his Arkansas Pro Day. The fast 2011 time came during the spring time when they ran on the indoor track surface I would bet. They often use that facility in the spring because it has an electronic timing system. The surface is state of the art fast so the times would be faster… also it is for team evaluation, they can accurately time the entire squad but is skewed versus a turf time.

    Only thing I can figure with this guy is that he is a project on the DB position. He played as a backup RB because of the lack of depth at that position his entire career but was supposed to switch for his senior season until Knile Davis broke his ankle. He is listed as a DB by all of the services so who knows.

    Never blew me away while at school and I’m surprised he was given an invite much less signed. He was the 4-5th rb on a shallow depth chart and same on the db chart. Ron Cooper must know something we sure don’t.

    BTW Joe, that picture is Dennis Johnson #33 against TN. Curtis wore #23 for the Hogs and I suppose you are going to have a really tough time finding a picture of him doing anything.

  17. tnew Says:

    Check that, that was him. Just found the blown up pic. Sorry Joe