Sapp Blasts Dilfer, Returns To NFL Network

May 31st, 2012

The saga of money-flushing Bucs icon Warren Sapp took another twist yesterday as word broke that bankruptcy-seeking Sapp will keep his job at NFL Network for another year. The gig pays him about $45,000 monthly, per various reports.

No surprise. Joe wasn’t worried Sapp would go hungry. Joe always figured Sapp would land a good analyst gig somewhere else if the NFL ditched him as punishment for fingering Jeremy Shockey as the alleged snitch of the Saints bounty scandal.

However, Joe didn’t realize Sapp had torched Trent Dilfer in his new book, which comes out this summer, gambling that he wouldn’t need to call on Dilfer’s employer for a job.

And in his new book Sapp Attack, Sapp probably didn’t help his chances of signing on with ESPN if he needed a new TV job. Talking about ex-teammates who are now prominent ESPN analysts, Sapp said Trent Dilfer was just “an interception waiting to happen,” while Keyshawn Johnson was a problem because “everything was about him.”

Joe can’t wait for Sapp’s inevitable summer book tour, which should include several signings across the Tampa Bay area and plenty of local radio interviews with Sapp divulging all kinds of goodies to help sell books.

18 Responses to “Sapp Blasts Dilfer, Returns To NFL Network”

  1. RED MAN Says:

    They pay him $45,000 per month…

  2. SteveK Says:

    He has all the right in the world to “torch” Dilfer.

    1st round pick, held out of mini camp, and could never take the Bucs to the promise land.

    I am sure all QB’s wish they could have played for the Bucs D of the late 90’s-00’s, and then the Raven’s D.

  3. Bulldog Says:

    Sapp the player = Almost Great Sapp the Man = Worthless as breasts on a fish.

  4. ksneil2000 Says:

    Sapp’s the man. I love him telling it like it is. No way did he goo over the line for blasting “meshawn.” We DEACTIVATED him for being a selfish player. And Trent Dilfer was trash, who cares. Not like his “rep” can be tarnished when he’s seen as maybe the worst QB to ever win the super bowl.

  5. Miguel Grande Says:

    I’ve always loved Warren Sapp since he was drafted by the Bucs. He’s a natural for the airwaves because he’s brutally honest.

    Someday I hope to see him in an airport, bar, restaurant or something, I’ll ask him to sign a napkin and take a smiling picture with me. I will then giggle like a school child when he tells to go f**k myself.

    The act of filing bankruptcy is a genius legal maneuver, to protect his assets from ex-wives, baby mamas, Schockey, credit card debt, various lawsuits and countless other claims right before his blockbuster book is published. He probably has his assets tied up in his Avila mansion and life insurance based investment portfolios. My admiration for him grows while the haters just stew.

  6. Stanglassman Says:

    I would think it was 45k per episode. Dilfer developed into a better player in his later years. Billick taught him how to limit his turnovers and manage the game.
    Now I have the images of tits on a fish and Sapp gooing over a some line…thanks.

  7. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Promiseland? Dilfer didn’t even take us to candyland.

  8. DieHard_Bob Says:

    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  9. flmike Says:

    Wonder if he includes the story of how he stuck an intern with a $10k dinner check in his book?


    Great player.

    Ugly human.

  11. Eric Says:

    I guess I am one of the few Dilfer fans around. He did QB the team at the begining of that turn around, and I think was the starting Qb when we beat the lions for first playoff win in around 18 years.

    Not saying he was all that good, but deserves a little more credit I think. And, the man has a SB ring as starting QB.

    Marino and Tarkenton don’t have one of those………..

  12. SpanishBuc Says:

    @Eric, you should be banned from giving your opinions for mentioning Dilfer in the same post as Marino and Tarkenton. He was awful!! 72% qb rating 113td vs 129 int. 55% completion rate… he had one season where he was not bad enough to allow a great defense to win a championship. Remember it’s a TEAM SPORT!!!

  13. Eric Says:


    Actually, in the 1997 playoff season Mr. Dilfer was voted the MVP………not Mr. Sapp.

    Namath threw away more INT’s as TD’s and hes in Hall Of Fame.

    Just saying in Bucs history he wasn’t so bad as people say.

  14. Eric Says:

    Also , I think Dilfer is one of three bucs Qb’s to ever make the pro bowl roster while playing for the bucs.

    Trent Dilfer
    Brad Johnson
    Jeff Garcia

    Somehow, Mr. King never quite made it……….

  15. Miguel Grande Says:

    Dilfer is the absolute worst QB in NFL history, bar none. He started because he was a #1 draft pick and the coach would have been fired if he cut him in training camp.

    Baltimore won a Super Bowl despite their miserable offense.

  16. espo Says:

    Eric, I’m with you. Dilfer wasn’t all world but he was coming around. He was a starting QB for a superbowl champion team and I don’t know why these fools would blast him for it. He was having his best season here in 99 before he went down. The way I see it, we beat the Rams if we didn’t have to rely on King. Not sure if we could’ve beaten the Titans though. McNair always gave us trouble.

    Releasing Dilfer was one of the dumbest moves this franchise has made. Thankfully Gruden came in and rescued us by turning Brad Johnson into a champion. Oh wait, people on this site like to bash Brad as well.

  17. Karl Says:

    Dilfer is pretty smart.I bet he agree’s with Sapp.

  18. pewterpirate99 Says:

    He’s completely right about Dildo er Dilfer. The guy blew dog! If it wasn’t for Ray Ray , Sarigusa, Jamie Sharper, and the rest of that incredible defense they don’t go or win that super bowl( not to mention the bad ass running of Jamal Lewis). I find it funny that now people talk about this putz like he’s some sort of qb expert. Why because he was a first round bust, a journey man qb his whole career, or the fact that it took him to get with a hall of fame defense to have significant success in the nfl ? As far as Key goes, yeah he’s right Key was all about himself. Oh well, he still is the best receiver this team has ever had in my opinion.