Passing League? Not In Tampa.

May 2nd, 2012

Whenever the leader of the New Schiano World Order, Greg Schiano, does an interview, it seems he always finds a way to mention that the Bucs will run the football like a 1970s powerhouse and break the mold of the 21st century NFL.

He’s said a couple of times recently that the Bucs’ offense will be out of “vogue” in the pass-happy NFL, and that they’ll “ham-and-egg-it” with LeGarrette Blount and Doug Martin. Joe remembers in March when Schiano kept repeating “run the football” with emphasis. Daven Joseph even had some laughs talking about how much Schiano wants the run the football. And in Joe’s off-the-record luncheon with Schiano and other media types, Schiano talked in even more detail about pounding the rock. (Sadly, Joe can’t get more specific from that gathering.)

Ask Schiano what he’s going to do on defense, however, and you don’t get much to sink your teeth into. And that’s fine, the unknown plays in the Bucs favor on defense and they’ve got major personnel questions on that side of the ball.

Now Joe admits he’s fascinated by Schiano’s desire to grind out an old-school running game when many successful NFL teams are throwing the ball all over the field with reckless abandon. It’s even more intriguing knowing the Bucs were hot on the trail of Chip Kelly, who would have brought nearly the exact opposite offensive style to Tampa Bay.

Joe just hopes Schiano has the stomach — unlike Greg Olson and Raheem Morris — to stick with his plan to run the ball behind what should be a beastly offensive line. Perhaps the greatest load of BS floated by Raheem last year was that the Bucs were a running football team. That team abandoned the run — even in close games — faster than Joe would dart from a room if Rosie O’Donnell entered it naked.

Then new head coach Tony Dungy opened the 1996 season with a 1-8 record with a team that could barely move the chains. But Dungy didn’t panic or flinch from his version of the Buccaneeer Way.

Joe suspects the New Schiano World Order will have no problem sticking to its stated core beliefs and plan, even if the NFL beats to a different drum. Frankly, Joe can’t wait to see the Bucs pick up a first down on 3rd-and-3 running behind Carl Nicks.

9 Responses to “Passing League? Not In Tampa.”

  1. jvato24 Says:

    There are 2 ways to look at Tampa Bay ..

    On Offense they look to buck the trend that it is a Passing League and Run the Football, But the Ball will fly down the field thus spending 12 Million on Vincent Jackson.

    Ultimately the Bucs want their passing league to be a series of One on One coverages when teams stack the box to Stop the Run.

    On Defense, The Bucs the best Tackling coverage safety in the draft and also potentially the best coverage Linebacker in the draft.

    My perspective is the Bucs will adapt their Defense to the Pass Happy League while getting more physical, but will make other teams be the ones to adjust to our Punch you in the Face, Swing for the fences Offense.

  2. chargedcbh Says:

    Everyone please read about Eric LeGrand, the Bucs have signed him. This is one of the best sports stories I have EVER seen!!!! Already posted. — Joe

  3. Garv Says:

    Sure, the opportunities will be there for the long ball when that running game gets going. Josh, VJ, Mike Williams, Benn and K-2 will see to that.

    I love the idea of improved time of possession as well. Brees throw TD’s from the bench!

  4. kaput Says:

    “faster than Joe would dart from a room if Rosie O’Donnell entered it naked.” –

    Okay, that’s funny!

  5. OAR Says:

    ‘Peterbilt’ Blount and ‘Aston’ Martin are going to tear it up! Go Bucs!

  6. Steendahl Says:

    this is, in my opinion, a genious way to get wins. alot of teams will focus on pass defense, with smaller safeties/LB’ers to defend the pass against most teams in the league. By having a great ground-game, this should give us an advantage. Look at how Texans did last year, and KC in 2010 with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones

  7. Tristan Berry Says:

    I agree. This looks like the football equivalent of baseball’s “hit ’em where they ain’t”. Like Steendahl mentioned, if defenses across the league are all focused on shutting down the pass, that should leave them more vulnerable to a great ground game. And when those pass-focused defenses adjust personnel to stop the run, they’ll be sitting ducks for Freeman to pick them apart with VJax, Williams, Benn, K2, and backs swinging out of the backfield into the flat. Man, this should be fun to watch!

    I sure am glad we got a defensive-minded coach! Oh, umm…. hmmm,, *lol*

  8. mister V Says:

    My guess is more “I” Formation, pro sets, and less shot gun,even mutipule TE formations on offense,while defense goes back to the future as in more tampa 2 with more zone while adding some blitzing and man coverage. All similiar to what we’ve seen in past offenses here.

  9. 941-Bucs Says:

    This brings an interesting point i saw last year. I wonder if Demar Dotson (former basket ball player) will become a TE for a “Jumbo” package.

    I saw it a few times on goal line plays. I wonder what the chances of him becoming a TE/RT hybrid?