Nuggets From Tuesday’s Bucs OTA Session

May 22nd, 2012

This week’s practice was not as crazy or intense as past weeks’, but that is not to say it was recess. Little yelling or hollering until a horn blew to change stations and drills, then there was controlled chaos.

  • Fan favorite E.J. Biggers made a beautiful play on Mike Williams. Williams got just behind Biggers and Josh Freeman threw high to Williams but Biggers quickly recovered, got right in front of Williams and skied high to break up the pass, knocking the ball out of Williams’ hands.
  • In a scrimmage drill, defensive linemen quickly shifted but not quick enough for exacting coach Greg Schiano, who could be heard yelling, “Get lined up, get lined up.”
  • Schiano didn’t holler just to holler and rag on players. After one play, Schiano could be heard barking, “Nice work, good work!”
  • Bucs rookie running back Michael Smith, wearing Earnest Graham’s old No. 34, sure got a lot of snaps with the first team offense, and showed his speed once by racing around the left end.
  • Schiano was right in the mix during a special teams drill shouting, “Redirect, redirect!”
  • Arrelious Benn made several good catches throughout the practice, including a nice slant-in for a big gain.
  • In one drill, the Bucs had running backs in a hand-to-hand combat drill to mimic shaking off linebackers as they came out of the backfield on pass plays.
  • Linebacker Rennie Curran was getting work with the first team defense as was Anthony Gaitor at cornerback. Mason Foster was still at middle linebacker.
  • How detailed is Schiano? In two-minute drill, on a bullhorn, Schiano instructed the offense, “Situation: minute, 34 (1:34) on the 34-yard line. First touchdown wins!” Schiano would periodically throw out a yard line to start from and a random time under two minutes. Also, Schiano got the entire team to gather around him in the middle of practice to explain how, if there are only 10 men on the field in the first half, he’d rather take a delay of game and save a timeout for a more critical point in the half.
  • Devin Holland made a sweet play defending Tiquan Underwood on a deep pass down the left sideline.

22 Responses to “Nuggets From Tuesday’s Bucs OTA Session”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Thanks for the awesome reporting, Joe.

    This is what we pay you the big bucks for.

    I know everybody has their favorites, but I really like hearing about Michael Smith, Devin Holland, and Anthony Gaitor…so for that, another thank you!

    Are you being sarcastic about Biggers or is he really getting a nice reception? I do like Biggers… don’t know if he’s a favorite, but I think he has talent and some skill, just needs more confidence. He reminds me of a young Al Harris…hopefully we don’t do what Duny did and keep a Floyd Young and watch Biggers go on to be a good player somewhere else.

  2. knucknbuc Says:

    agreed Brandon biggers was given a way worse wrap from last year when he was covering teams no1’s and bigger 2’s. Funny how things change from when in 2010 Biggers was successful covering No.3’s and smaller 2’s everyone thought he had alot of potential and wasn’t garbage. I like biggers honestly when he plays the players he did in 2010 and not the no.1’s like last year. Id say he was a hell of a pick for a 7th rounder. Who really is in only his 3rd year. 2nd offseason.

  3. Rrsrq Says:

    I think when it comes to Biggers, it will depend on who the coaching staff think has the most upside, Gaitor, Biggers or Johnson. Unless the guys play lights out, expect a DB in free agency or early draft next year. But, never less, thanks for the updates, go Bucs go.

  4. Hooters Calendar Says:

    Thanks for the great updates, Joe!

  5. thegregwitul Says:

    Excellent work again with these OTA reports. Keep it up, Joe.

    Also, ‘fan favorite’ EJ Biggers…Love it. (I do like the kid, but not covering #1’s, thank you very much)

  6. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Some interesting game theory there about timeout usage. Everyone has their own opinions of Raheem, but I think pretty consistently, everyone was incensed with how/when he took timeouts.

    I think a lot of that had to do with lack of experience, but Schiano has plenty of experience in a HC role, and frankly there should be no where to go but up in this department. Who knows, maybe some game we might have 3 timeouts to use in a 2-minute drill for once!!

  7. BigBear Says:

    @Rsrsq I think we could be looking at a situation where all Gaitor and Biggers make the team and maybe Johnson too. I think its a real possibility that they Bucs keep an extra DB and I doubt it will be Lewis.

    Johnson-Practice Squad?

    Can’t have enough quality corners right?

  8. stimpy Says:

    I have no problems with Biggers. He cant cover a #1 all the time but he can certainly hold his own as he has proven already.

    He is better at the #2’s.

    Go Bucs!!

  9. thomas 2.2 Says:

    A guest who shall remain nameless reported that Benn has been relegated to 3rd team behind sammy stroughter and preston parker.

    Another Dom failure?

    Rah was a nice guy who could not possibly have been a worse head coach – in every area. From game planning (i.e. horrid starts), to prep, to timeout usage, to challenges, to personell, to scheming, to practice (rah took the allen iverson approach to practice – the first coach ever), to press conferences – you name it.

  10. NJBucsFan Says:

    @ Joe

    I read on rotoworld Benn is running on the 3rd team offense… thus true?

  11. thomas 2.2 Says:

    A Commish guest . . . .

  12. NJBucsFan Says:


  13. Joe Says:


    I read on rotoworld Benn is running on the 3rd team offense… thus true?

    Joe witnessed Benn with the first team several times today.

  14. OAR Says:

    Wow, practice rotation……who would have thunk it. Also, I’m sure Shiano is elvalutating them still.

  15. OAR Says:

    It’s the middle of May! Do you really think the roster and depth chart is set?? Of course you do, anything to jump on Dom about.

  16. Kryq Says:

    Would love to get Mike Jenkins !

  17. RustyRhino Says:

    How was Rennie Curran doing @ LB with first team D? I can’t wait to see him play this season. Are OTA’s open to all? No matter back in Georgia again. RIP Dad

  18. Armando Says:

    Only Rachel Watson can bring the rain

  19. Oahubuc Says:

    @Big Bear: I like that lineup. We have to have a serious stable of corners in this division and Myron Lewis is an absolute joke.

  20. Joe Says:


    How was Rennie Curran doing @ LB with first team D?

    Guys are in shorts and no pads. No way of telling how a linebacker plays in that format and Joe’s not even going to guess at it.

    Will have to wait until training camp for that.

  21. jvato24 Says:

    A guest who shall remain nameless reported that Benn has been relegated to 3rd team behind sammy stroughter and preston parker.

    Another Dom failure?

    Thomas is one consistent MF !!

    4th OTA .. Benn isnt 1st team BUST !!!!!!! HAHAHAAA

  22. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Joe – love the reporting here. Don’t read this kind of detail in the local media. Thanks.