LeGarrette Blount Should Sue The NFL

May 16th, 2012

Update 1:54 p.m. NFL.com has changed the headline that prompted this story. Joe is pleased by the response.

Sniffing around NFL.com this morning, Joe found the following headline on the NFL.com home page: Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount Is Delusional.”

It’s on a post from Gregg Rosenthal, who likely didn’t write the headline, though there’s a reasonable chance he did.

Now one could make a case that calling someone “delusional” is an acceptable insult, though one could argue that it crosses a line into questioning one’s mental state and mental health. (Feel free to grab a dictionary). But regardless, Joe finds this kind of headline commentary on the home page of Blount’s employer, the NFL, completely unacceptable.

Team Glazer helps fund this drivel? Somebody at One Buc Palace needs to make a phone call.

In the new media world sports leagues deliver their own commentary and craft their own media in an effort to drive revenue and interest in their respective league. But when is it out of bounds for a league to start insulting its own players? Joe thinks this slam at Blount is a great example of something inappropriate.

Joe hopes Blount, purely on principle, finds an attorney and sues the NFL for libel and finds an employment lawyer to come after the league, or maybe the precious players union can have Blount’s back.

Joe suspects some lawyer somewhere could make a reasonable case that the NFL is acting maliciously against Blount and subsequently affecting his career potential.

Now Joe’s all in favor of free speech, but there’s some serious gray area when your employer is torching you personally on the company website.

62 Responses to “LeGarrette Blount Should Sue The NFL”

  1. bucs55 Says:

    Everyone needs to just leave this man alone he’s a hell of a running back for a person not been drafted and from comming out of a practice squad he’s hit more expectations than anyone would of thought his young and still learning and getting better he had one bad year and it wasent even that bad because it wasent all his fault yea he fumbled couple of times but the ball wasent given to him let this man breath I promise u give him the ball 250 times and he’s in the pro bowl god what losing a season does to some people that have to come out and talk bad bout a player that’s just been in the leauge 2 years give him time to built a career Omg

  2. Kelso Says:

    Trust. Belief. Accountability.

    Blount should apply these standards, the Schiano core beliefs, to NFL.com.

  3. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    If Schiano turns out to be a bad head coach, this Trust, Belief, Accountability schtick will all of a sudden become cheesy and stale like Youngry® did.

  4. Eric Says:

    Totally non-actionable opinion.

  5. Kelso Says:

    Why not Eric?

  6. jvato24 Says:

    Let people hate … THink how bad they will hate us when we are soon deep in the Playoffs … D*ckheads

  7. Kujolw Says:

    WTF ever!! If Blount were to “Sue’ the nfl for that he’s a baby and needs to be cut. All Blount is going to do to the nfl is prove them wrong.

  8. Jessup Says:

    I’m sick and tired of the anti Blount biased bullcrapola. I get it from Buc fans, because we have whiny fans that love to piss&moan about anything and everything…but the constant disrespect from the media boggles mt mind.

  9. Vince Says:

    It’s getting worse in all sports on the official website.

    What will we read next? “Donald Penn Is A Fat Ass” “Gerald McCoy Is Lazyt” “Greg Schiano Coaches Like Snooki”

    Sadly, nobody will give a crap until they come after an owner or Tebow.

  10. SteveK Says:

    Let Blount’s play do the talking. Who cares about the NFL writer’s opinions, they often times fail to mention the Bucs and when they do they don’t really know what the heck they are talking about.

    Atleast NFL.com is making mention of the Bucs.

    If I were Blount I would be taping these quotes up in my locker and using to fuel the fire everytime I suit up.

    Blount now has: competition, coaching, and hopefully motivation.

    I hope Blount can keep his emotions in check, but unleashes his pain and anger inbetween the whistles.

    This guy was our lone bright spot of a CRAPPY team, and now that we have coaching and $$$ pumped into the payroll for top end talent, hopefully Blount’s career takes off.

  11. SteveK Says:

    I hope Blount punches Gooodell in the mouth.

  12. OAR Says:

    Awe.. somebody’s feelings got hurt? Let’s sue them, of course! This is one of the many problems with our country right now.

  13. eric Says:

    First Amendment
    Public Figure
    No Damages
    Pure opinion

    Otherwise no problem.

  14. Tryst Says:

    Employee rights
    Statement speaks to mental health
    Presented as fact, not opinion
    Damages to image BECAUSE of being a public figure

    There’s at least a good argument

  15. Big Marlon B Says:

    lawsuit??? settle down Joe

  16. Wienaman Says:

    Would like to point out that that article states that Barber is “confirmed” as a safety now, and that he took snaps exclusively at safety; but yet Joe said yesterday that he observed Barber as the CB in the starting defense, with Black and Barron at safety…what gives?

  17. Chris Says:

    Joe –

    Did my post get deleted? TEST POST

  18. Meh Says:

    Rolling my eyes, Joe.

    Sue over one stupid headline? He’d be laughed out of court.

  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Wienaman – Joe can’t speak for other outlets quoted here, but here’s what Joe wrote yesterday … to refresh memories:

    “What appeared to be the first team defense in a scrimmage of sorts against the first team offense, first round pick Mark Barron was out there, to no one’s surprise. Aqib Talib and Ronde Barber were the corners and Ahmad Black as the remaining safety.”

  20. Chris Says:

    Hmm. Looks like it did.

    All I said was that I think this is not a big deal at all. Journalists create headlines that include sarcasm, wit, etc. all the time…including yourself.

    In my opinion, Joe, you are just giving fuel to all the readers here who accuse you of coddling Blount and coming to his defense in every minute situation.

  21. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Blount has been a punching bag of the media for too long, all due to a youthful indiscretion from his college years. His comments are constantly headlined out of context, misconstrued as selfish, and too often labeled as so-called “thuggish” behavior.
    It’s easy for the ignorant to feel righteous behind a keyboard. Blount is not a bad man.

  22. OAR Says:

    Until Blount proves otherwise(on the field in a real game during the season), he his delusional that he thinks he’s an every down back!

  23. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Why are my comments being censored, Joe? Your comment is above. No clue what you’re talking about. –Joe

  24. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Chris — Again, the gray area is in it coming from the NFL. Where should the league draw the line on slamming players personally, rather than their on-field performance? Joe’s just putting that question out there because the referenced Blount headline is such a clear example.

    As for coddling Blount and coming to his defense, Joe only deals in the facts of Blount’s performance, which don’t mesh with the pariah status many have given him.

  25. Brandon Says:

    Gregg Rosenthal? He is the biggest and worst hack I have ever witnessed type a word on a web page. Has he migrated to NFL.com? His work on PFT was horrendous at best. How he could parlay the garbage he put on PFT into another gig is absolutely insane. The man’s job is to write and supposedly write well but his nonsense is always littered with so many factual and typographical errors that his pieces are often unreadable.

    Gregg Rosenthal is a hack of the worst kind. Anybody that has ever read his rubbish and still calls him a writer should be considered “delusional”.

  26. OAR Says:

    In other news, Blount was catching passes yesterday…. in shorts!

  27. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Blount never said he was an every down back.
    In fact, he said he has more work to do to become an every down back.
    You’re just being a turd.

  28. Jessup Says:

    Blount was thrown to 17 times last year. He caught 15 for 148 yards and dropped 2. If Olson wasn’t hell bent on getting Lumpkin (statistically the worst 3rd down back in the entire league last year) his 41 receptions (and 7 drops) then everyone would already know that Blount has good hands and it isn’t an issue. I watched Blount in camp last year and he was plucking everything thrown at him.

    So glad LOLson is Jacksonville’s problem now.

  29. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Inappropriate? Possibly. Childish? Yes. Does it give Blount a legitimate possibility to win a suit? Only in America.

  30. Bobby C Says:

    Joe you cant be serious with this, People say crap all the time, Im sure Blount has been called a lot worse, Like Loser, Non-reliable, not an every down back, Must be a slow story day, sad this is the best you can come up with.

  31. Bobby C Says:

    Looks like the comment was taken down, twenty minutes ago so i guess your crying worked.

  32. Bobby C Says:

    Just for old time sake. He is what he is, http://youtu.be/OEu3GzNDs74

  33. Bobby C Says:

    just in case you missed it, take two http://youtu.be/ZduAMyLIXoM

  34. OAR Says:

    Turd here. Do you read AND comparend or just put words in others post/mouth? Where did I say “Blount SAID he is an every down back”??? I said he thiks he is.

    per Rick Stroud
    Asked if he still sees himself as the No. 1 back, Blount said today, “Yeah, until they take it away.”

    BTW dont $h!t me, cause I might turn out to be your favorite turd!

  35. Red86 Says:

    That article made me lose it too yesterday. I don’t get how the author would make the claims he did without actually being in the locker room and coaches room. I don’t get how he know the situations that causes the coaches to keep blount off the field on third down or passing situation. There is such a thing as bad coaching. I used to play for a bad coach in basketball. Our fast break drill has 2 defender already set while 3 guys on offense. Yeah not a fast break… but it’s a handicap though. But the point is that Olsen was down right horrible overall. 5 carries the first game is the largest evident against how crazy his play calling was. The he can’t catch thing is way out of hand as well. Every time I seen him catch the ball. Blount made a much needed big gain. He may not had many opportunities, but that not his fault. I don’t care what other speculate about who starting at running back. It’s the coach decision at the end of the day. But in this case, it’s not apporiate to taint Blount reputation, one of our bright spot all year. Then the fumble issues. He Fumble one time more than he did last year (5). Plus he was just 219 yards shy of another 1,000 yards rushing. People that diss Blount about his performance on the field don’t appreciate good talent.

  36. bucs55 Says:

    @oar he wasent given the chance he was a everydown back the way he was used last year for the amount of carries he had a such a injured offense of line he has a good year

  37. Retread Says:

    Ripping players on NFL.com or reporting about Tom Brady’s hair and half the stuff they do adds no value. Don’t even know why they do it.

  38. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @My favorite Turd…
    Here he says it’s a process becoming any every down back.

    “Every day I’m proving more and more that I can play on every down. It’s still a process, but I have the offense down and I’m in really good shape and so the ball is really in my court.”

    There’s a difference b/w being called a No. 1 back and labeling yourself an every down back


  39. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Adrian Peterson is a No. 1, not an every down back.
    Amongst others.

  40. OAR Says:

    Dont get me wrong, I love Peterbilt Blount’s running style and his potential to be an every down back. But, he was undrafted and almost got put on the Titans practice squad. He needs to improve on a hitting a hole, pass protection, and route running/catching, which I hope he does.

  41. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Agreed OAR
    Blount just needs to be given a break.
    It’s quite an accomplishment to be where he is as an undrafted free agent.

  42. Red86 Says:

    @ Bobby C

    Look at the Bosie St coach at 1:40. He see Hout hit blount first and smack talking him. The coach tried to push his guy back. But Blount did it for him.

    If you want to tell the truth tell the whole thing not pasrt of it. In you case you just showed the punch. You didn’t show what lead to the punch. Plus, fights happen often in camp. I would love a teammate like Blount because he stood up against the defense push his unit around after the play over.


  43. beansnap Says:

    I would expect Blount to expect nothing else than to earn the #1 RB spot. If not, then what’s the point. I want everyone on the team to plan on being the starter, or they aren’t working hard enough. That is what competition is supposed to be about. Why in the world would that make him delusional? That article is an absolutely useless, biased, joke of an article. When there is no news, write something stupid and pass it off as an article.

  44. OAR Says:

    LOL! I know comprehend. So I mispelled, sue me! Brain farts suck!
    But, I still didn’t say he said anything, just he thinks he’s an every down back. Funny how in the same interview he said that, he goes into what you quoted and into touches and that competition is what might be what makes him that everydown back.

  45. OAR Says:

    I’m glad we were able to steal him from the Titans. He definitely shouldn’t be practice squad material.

  46. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    No hard feelings.
    Like Joe, I get defensive about Blount being unnecessarily castrated by the media and supposed fans. While I’m not in the ship that he should sue his employer, I do think he has a just right to have serious beef with his foolhardy antagonists. It comes off as prejudice when he’s labeled a “thug” by subhumans.

  47. Bobby C Says:

    Martin will be the new Number 1 back, just deal with it and move on, theres no way that they would draft martin and sit him on the bench, move on people things are changing for the better. Blount will be the punisher at the end of the game when the other teams tongues are dragging on the ground. I just pray that he holds onto the ball.

  48. OAR Says:

    None here too! I’m just a fan for my Bucs and hope he can be coached up on a few of his attributes. Ashton Martin and Peterbilt Blount should be one hell of a backfield!!!!

  49. ElioT Says:

    Hope LB can use this as fuel. I’m not the only one who sees TE kind of talent he has at the RB position. I’m ready to see him and Doug year it up this year.

  50. Dew Says:

    Gregg Rosenthal is a midget twirp. Sue me.

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    OAR, you crack me up. Always good for a laugh. Turd.

    Went to 1 Buc today and Blount stopped for a moment to say hello to us. The guy is a total beast and being right in front of me, he looks to be in excellent condition. It is very apparent that Blount has been working his tail off to get better. I’m not small, but there is no way I would walk up an insult that guy. He could put some serious hurt on you. I believe the Bucs plan to do the majority of their talking on the field, with their play, where it counts, between the tackles.

    This is going to be a good season, and the Bucs are doing a lot of really neat things for their season ticket holders. Its a great time to be a Buc Fan for sure.

  52. BigMacAttack Says:

    Also saw Doug Martin stretching in the weight room. He looks good. Lavonte David was eating lunch with Freeman at the next table over from us, and David is not small by any stretch of the means. The guy is rock solid muscle, and has be 235# to 240#s.

  53. OAR Says:

    Just call me Ferguson, Turd Ferguson!
    Seriously, great to hear about your experience at One Buc Place and your meeting the players. From everything Ive read and seen(video) they are back on the right track to being one hell of a team, again!

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Just curious, how did you get a tour of OBP? Are you able to call and make an appointment? I’m coming in late November and would love to see the facilities.

  55. BigMacAttack Says:

    HB, yes,
    They are giving tours of the Facility to Season Ticket holders. They are also letting those thinking about it, take the tour as well. Its really cool and at the end you get to stuff your face in their killer dining room. BTW, food was great and they are proud if their 2.5 pound plates. My son called it 1 Buc Plate. If you call the ticket office and ask for a rep to talk to, they will probably hook you up. The schedule is filling up fast so call ahead ASAP to make appointment. Tell them you are thinking about moving back and getting season tickets. You can bring family or friends, just have to give them names. They don’t take you in where the players are but in the lunch room, some are still there, and Dom just popped in along with Dennis Hickey and I’ll pretty much say hey to anybody, which I did and they’ll stop and chat. Pretty cool, took about 2 hours with lunch and started about 11:45. I highly recommend it and they gave us free hats(nice) flag, pictures of us with nice frames, DVD, pins. It was really first class and Blount stopped to say everybody on his way out, that was cool too. Blount looks big and in great shape. He isn’t playing around, and you can see wants it bad.

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thanks Big Mac, that sounds awesome! I will definitely be doing that in November. Thanks for the info.

  57. Cmurda Says:

    I heart Blount and I hope to heart Martin soon. Get off Blount’s jock. All the guy does is produce and punch a dude every once in a while.

  58. Oahubuc Says:

    If he played for Dallas they would have used some other word, like prescient or astute.

  59. 1976Buc Says:

    Another reason fl.com has been deleted from my favorite list. Would you be happy if Blount was content giving up his No.1 spot? My guess is he will not be in Tampa this time next year. He will sign a multi-year deal somewhere.

  60. Stevek Says:

    Schiano’s discipline + Blount= 1000 yards.

  61. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    eric Says: May 16th, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    First Amendment Public Figure No Damages Pure opinion

    Otherwise no problem.


    You people are stupid. Freedom of the press does not apply to the person’s employer. If your own employer published a story about you being dellusional in thinking you could advance in the company, you would not only have grounds…you would jump at the opportunity.

    People look at lawsuits as a dirty word because of the stupid ones filed. But you all seem to forget WHY we are able to file suits…to protect people from thing like exactly this.

  62. Eric Says:


    The mere fact that the NFL has NFL.com doesnt mean it endorces the opinions stated therein.

    Blount is employed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.