Greg Schiano Orders Drink Detail

May 4th, 2012

Much was made of Greg Schiano’s first recorded words coaching Bucs players at a voluntary workout recent when Schiano barked about “details,” specifically how players lined up for stretching exercises to begin each practice.

Schiano’s detailed philosophy also extends off the practice field as well.

Discussing the difference between his first NFL practice and the practices he was used to at Boise State, first round draft pick Doug Martin mentioned how players are to spend meetings.

“He wants us to have drinks,” Martin said. We’re required to have two drinks with us during every meeting.”

No, Joe’s not talking beers or cocktails.

“Water or Gatorade,” Martin said.

Schiano doesn’t care which drink a player chooses, or if they mix it up, so long as they have two drinks at arm’s length at all times.

This is, of course, to help keep players hydrated.

20 Responses to “Greg Schiano Orders Drink Detail”

  1. Fish Says:

    Good Idea. Something you don’t typically consider.

  2. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Rah’s players complied with 2 drink minimum rule, and so did rah by a long shot – just reportedly the substance in the glasses were not water or gatorade – unless used as a mixer.

  3. Fish Says:

    [That is just not very smart. — Joe.]

  4. legacy Says:

    Thomas stay riding on morris let the man be.

  5. Joe Says:

    Not cool Fish.

  6. bob Says:

    cool ,smart man, it gets hot round here!

  7. Fish Says:

    Haha sorry Joe. You want me to send it directly to you next time or are you still butting heads? I don’t even like PR that much but every once in a while they’ll have something worth checking out. They have some good notes in this one.

  8. NJBucsFan Says:

    RIP MCA of the Beastie Boys.

  9. Bricen Says:

    @fish Doesn’t joe either comment directly on your post or with the username admin? Don’t think thats the real Joe.

  10. Joe Says:


    It’s just not smart on any website to post a link and write, “Read this instead.” At best you were hijacking a thread. At worst you were trying to get readers to leave this site.

  11. Joe Says:


    Yes, that was Joe. He was nowhere near a computer when he posted that comment from his RAZR Droid.

  12. Have A Nice Day Says:

    This should be a rule of thumb for every person on the planet.

  13. james from dunedin Says:

    How times have changed. When I played organized ball you were called soft if you wanted to stay hydrated. The guys that would get dizzy, puke, or even fall out were laughed at.

  14. Northend Says:

    James ,that while coach has a hand around your facemask pulling you,yelling for you to get up.good times indeed!

  15. Lion Says:


    Mixing drinks with water or gatorade? That sounds terrible..

  16. Fish Says:


    I’ve been reading and posting on this site for about 3 years and have regularly made positive comments on your threads. I’m obviously not hijacking a thread or trying to get readers to leave this site.

  17. Stevek Says:

    Gatorade was used a chaser all the time. Not half bad.

    Ask Raheem, he’s gotta stay hydrated when he’s out clubbing w his best girl, Jane Black.

  18. DAN Says:

    Fish. you miss the point of hijacking. it doesnt have to be intentional. (on purpose)

  19. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    Vodka and Gatorade can be pretty good depending on the flavors, and whiskey and water is a tried and true method of imbibing.

    Anyways, back on topic; this is the kind of thing that lets us know once again that Schiano is focusing on the small details-not very flashy and kinda easy to forget, but extremely important in the long run.

  20. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Why is 66 in the pic above drinking out of Rah’s beer cup?