Barron Scores High Early Marks

May 25th, 2012

There’s no doubt at least a few players drafted in the top-10 overall last month will become notorious busts in their respective cities. That’s the just the crapshoot of the NFL Draft.

But after only a few weeks of practice Greg Schiano already is brimming with confidence, telling a group of fans this week that he knows the Bucs made a “good decision” after seeing Mark Barron practice for a while.

Schiano’s comments were part of a fan video recorded at One Buc Palace this week during a tour. Now Joe usually steers clear of these Too Hot For TV covert recordings, but Joe was able to verify its authenticity after it was first referenced on

“Every video I put on, Mark Barron dominated competition. Whether it was a lower level opponent, whether it was Penn State whether it was a Southest Conference foe, every single game you felt his presence in a big way. Having coached defensive football for a lot of years, I don’t care what level you’re going and transcending to, when you dominate the level you’re playing at, it usually happens at the next level,” Schiano said. “Then throw on top of that, that Mark Barron was a two-time captain, voted captain by his teammates twice at the Unversity of Alabama, who has won two of the last four national championships. That to me, I was sold. I was sold, and our organization. And I can tell you after working with him for a few short weeks here, we made a good decision.”

Joe’s as hopeful about Barron as the next guy, and it feels good that the head coach isn’t hedging already or talking about Barron “figuring out” the NFL. The Bucs absolutely cannot afford for Barron to be anything less than very good.

18 Responses to “Barron Scores High Early Marks”

  1. Dew Says:

    And now that we know Claiborne can’t even practice until late July I’m even more happy with this pick. Who knows if Claiborne’s wrist will ever again be 100%. Man we’re only about two months away from training camp. Sure hope we can watch most practices as in the past.

  2. SteveK Says:

    This was a great pick.

    Red Barron is for real.

    Really glad we didnt waste the pick on Mo Claibourne.

  3. jvato24 Says:

    Barron is still recovering from surgery too.

  4. Macabee Says:

    Because of the vigorous OTA practices required by Schiano, you probably won’t see too much more of Barron until his contract is signed.

  5. Snook Says:

    Claiborne is a joke of a pick. He’s perfect for the Cowboys.

  6. TrueBlue Says:

    Just imagine how Dom would have been savaged by now had he picked Claiborne. Gotta love ignorant fans with favorite picks.

  7. Kirk Says:

    I remember even Joe thought that the Buccaneers got “snookered” by the Cowboys jumping ahead to pick Claiborne. I think the Bucs “snookered” the Boys by taking a good cover corner, but a light hitter. The Cowboys bought damaged goods.

  8. SteveK Says:

    Claibourne vs. Dez Bryant (on and off the field).

  9. #1bucfan Says:

    We should all admit that we were puzzled at the pick. All media outlets locally and nationally had us taking Claibourne. I personally thought Kuechly was the pick after we traded down 2 spots. Only time will tell who got who on this sequence of events. I just hope Barron proves to be what everyone says he is.

  10. DieHard_Bob Says:

    Right after the draft when my all time favorite Buc John Lynch came out and said that he studied all the safeties in the draft and Barron was by far the best of his class and even reminded him of himself in the way he hits that was good enough for me. I figure the scouts and coaches probably saw the same things which lead to the pick. Can’t wait to see him on the field.

  11. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Barron is a baller – he stands out on tape. Not sure how much of an impact a safety alone will make in year 1, but this kid is Polamalu like.

    I understand liking Barron over Claiborn, not thrilled with manner in which this all happened – getting squat for trading back – but Barron is a lower risk pick although at a less important position.

  12. deminion Says:

    Go bucs!!!

  13. #1bucfan Says:

    Thomas 2.2 – agreed. Everything I’ve seen of this kid has been nothing short of dominant. But, as with all the hyped up draft picks, the proof will be on the field.

    Definately shoud’ve gotten more than the 4th for 2 spots but what is done is done. Now all we can do is wait…until August…

  14. thegregwitul Says:

    I agree with you as well, Thomas. I like Barron a lot and think he will be a special player. I don’t think we really got ‘squat’ to move back, though. Yeah, it was only one draft pick in the 4th round, but that pick allowed the Bucs to move around in the draft and bring in Doug Martin and Lavonte David, two players I was really hoping Tampa would land pre-draft that they probably would have missed without having that 4th round pick to deal.

  15. 941-Bucs Says:

    I can’t really hate the trades that happened during the draft. It is what it is, I feel we could have gotten more (when you compare other trades) out of that first deal. When i look at how those picks were utilized and the group of talent we walked away with. At the end of the day i am very very pleased. We addressed many area’s on the team and added quality depth/competition at many positions. We a walked away with 3 easy starters (Barron,Martin, Daivid)and 2 more potential ones (Goode,Tandy).

    We may have only got a 4th round to move down but how they utilized that 4th round pick is what impressed me. They maximized what they had to work with. remember that 4th round pick is what helped land us Martin AND David. Not so bad for that late of a pick.

  16. FloridaGirl Says:

    Claiborne’s former position coach at LSU is now on staff with the Bucs. Very telling that the Bucs didn’t draft him – likely based on inside knowledge of the extent of the wrist issue that wasn’t well known prior to the draft. Claiborne is broken and won’t be able to practice for months. He’s toast.

  17. patrickbucs Says:

    I really wanted Eric Berry a few years ago but this guy has it all as well. He will be the centerpiece to a rebuilding defense.

  18. Colorado Buc Says:

    I’ve long missed the Thump that Mr. Lynch provided in Tampa. Hopefully we can get that back with Barron. Lynch made everyone think twice about playing ball after he hit them, and he did it in a very clean way. Hope he is right.