A Bucs Gift For A Special Mother

May 13th, 2012

Bucs linebacker Quincy Black watches Diana Rose's reaction to being awarded a new car by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As we wind down Mother’s Day 2012 — strangely, a sports bar/watering hole Joe frequents in St. Peterburg was virtually vacant tonight — Joe brings a really cool story about how the Bucs helped out a great mother in need, and perhaps made the family’s year if not decade.

The Bucs early this month completed a search for a mom most in need of a car, and awarded a single-mother of four, Diana Rose of Clearwater, who relies on public transportation to get to work each day, a brand new Ford Focus.

Rose also volunteers at her children’s schools. She is a student mentor at Clearwater High School, and a math tutor at Belleair Elementary School. Rose also has developed a poetry lesson plan at Largo Middle School.

Rose can relate to some of the citizens she helps. Though Rose has a car, she confesses it is unreliable. For four years she took public transportation to work, a job where her supervisor can’t remember Rose ever being late.

Additionally, Rose walks six miles round-trip to Clearwater High School for her mentoring program, in addition to her trips to Largo Middle School and Belleair Elementary.

In the Clearwater Patch article, Rose noted how now she can take her son to soccer practice each day and use her car for additional responsibilities at work. Now with a car, she got a promotion. She works for the State of Florida helping needy families find assistance.

Joe has been holding on to this story for a while because he thought it was a tremendous Mother’s Day story, and Joe gives props to the Bucs for reaching out and helping a good woman, a great mother, making her family’s life just a little bit easier.

9 Responses to “A Bucs Gift For A Special Mother”

  1. DAN Says:

    thanks for sharing joe

  2. Deminion Says:

    Congrats and Amen

  3. Ladyz Says:

    Wonderful story about a wonderful mother . Thank you Bucs for doing something great for this very deserving Lady. She surly fits the definition of a Buccsneer Woman.

  4. pewterC Says:

    Just 1 car for 1 mother? This is PR at its finest. Spend juuuuuuust enough to get get a heart-string pull out of people. I’m glad for the lady, but UNMOVED by the Bucs…

  5. Brad Says:

    Great story. Her only disappointment, if she’s a Bucs fan, is that Quincy Black was involved. I could think of a multitude if guys I’d rather give her the car besides him. Poor lady..

  6. Vaheena Says:

    Hope she can afford the gift taxes.

  7. stimpy Says:

    Another way the Bucs are reaching out to the community.

  8. ben Says:

    They wanted her to have the car and they knew quincy couldnt stop her

  9. Joe Says:

    They wanted her to have the car and they knew quincy couldnt stop her

    Comment of the day.