“You Better Be Tough”

April 30th, 2012

Joe’s seen all the draft grades, heard all the pundit chatter, and read all the wrap-ups. The consensus gives the Bucs and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik excellent marks for the 2012 draft. Average it out, from BSPN to NFL Network to draft geeks like Walter Football to national writers, and the Bucs probably get somewhere between an A- and a B+.

So what does it mean? Well, not much until the team hits the field and the players perform.

However, Joe found a couple of interesting takes out there.

First, Charles Davis of NFL Network detailed how this was an extraordinarily skill-specific draft with teams across the league maneuvering and angling to draft for need. On that front, Davis, part of the Man Channel draft guru team, was very high on the Bucs’ moves to address their needs. Davis (and seemingly everyone in the free world) sees Mark Barron as a can’t-miss player, and he liked the patient Dominik plays to get in position for Doug Martin and Lavonte David, who Davis said is a not only a sideline-sideline linebacker but a goaline-to-goaline player in pass coverage.

Second, Joe found the praise of Mike Lombardi, also of NFL Network, intriguing.

Lombardi rambled on yesterday about how the Greg Schiano stamp is found in this draft with a bunch of tough-guy players that will help erase the bad mentality in place last year. Schiano sent a message that “you better be tough” if you want to play for the Bucs, explained Lombardi.

Lombardi had blasted the Raheem Morris way during last year’s preseason, and then again ruthlessly in November, (which led to Raheem telling a story about how he beat the crap out of a kid that made fun of his grandma’s running style). Lombardi believes the Bucs 2012 picks are the kind of self-motivated, football-loving tough guys that will infect the entire roster.

It doesn’t take a genius to know some of these picks will be busts, but Joe likes Lombardi’s line of thinking. Even those who don’t pan out from this draft will enhance the New Schiano World Order, which seems to be the right direction for all things Bucs.

13 Responses to ““You Better Be Tough””

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    I like the guys that the Bucs drafted, but the only one I’m really excited about is Martin (I like Barron and David, but I think the biggest, most obvious impact player from the draft this year will be Martin). Barron is clearly better than any Safety on the roster and David will improve the LB corps (both of those statements are more a remark on how poor those units are). I also think Goode will add depth and be a solid ST contributor. The last 3 guys will likely be no more than Special Teams players. Michael Smith has a chance to be the “change of pace” back, but he better make his mark as a returner and/or gunner if he wants to make the team. In fact, I think the last 3 guys were drafted more for their ST contributions 1st than depth at their respective position (where as Goode for example was drafted as depth/development for the LB corps, the fact he’ll contribute on ST will be a bonus).

  2. Fin Says:

    I’ll be satisfied is Barron turns out to be a big-time run stuffer. Lord knows he’ll have plenty of guys running at him.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    I think we did a great job in the draft but only time will tell. You can only fill so many holes at once, but we did a great job in helping create a good foundation.

    I’m looking forward to camp.

  4. L.J. Says:

    I grade the Bucs draft as a B right now because I think we missed on not taking the linebacker from BC. We needed a defensive quarterback and I believe that he would have clogged up the middle for us against the run. Sure Barron can do the same, but that is after the runner passes our middle linebacker which seems that it will be Foster. Those who want to call this guy Rudd 2.0 are not seeing what I saw, because that guy was a tackling machine. Anyway we will find out twice a year when we play against him and the Panthers. Now we have to just wait until the season starts to see where everyone lands on the starting defense and offense. Let’s go BUCS!!!

  5. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I got this off the NE Patriots website. It actually lists all of the UDFA signings as of 8:00 AM this morning. Would love to hear thoughts on why there isn’t any Rutgers players that were either drafted or on this list.

    Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa State
    Zach Collaros, QB, Cincinnati
    Dan Persa, QB, Northwestern (WORKOUT)
    Sean Baker, SAF, Ball State
    Morkeith Brown, DE, Temple
    Tyler Shoemaker, WR, Boise State
    Mike VanDerMeulen, OL, Toledo
    Brandon Herron, LB, Michigan
    Chaz Hine, OG, South Florida
    Tramaine Thomas, S, Arkansas
    Adonis Thomas, RB, Toledo (TRYOUT)

  6. micronole Says:

    I think there is a realistic chance that the 6th rd pick, Tandy might start at FS, and the UFA from Iowa State may see significant playing time at CB.

  7. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Googling these guys and there are some VERY interesting/intriguing stories on them all. Especially Morkeith Brown who served an Army tour in Afghanistan prior to his stint as a defensive captain on Temple’s football team. Also played some tight end for them.

  8. 941-Bucs Says:

    I think the reason Schiano isn’t really grabbing up Rutger players right now.

    Is because he doesn’t want to show any favoritism. Last year it was pretty obvious Raheem had his little club of his “home boys” who he gave expetional treatment. IE Jackson, K2, Aqib Talib.

    I think Schiano is trying to send a direct message here.

    It’s a NEW Day in Tampa BAY !!!! GO BUCS!

    *note- of that list up there. I see a few players who will stick with the team up through Training Camp. Leonard Johnson, Dan Persa, and Tramaine Thomas.

  9. 941-Bucs Says:

    I don’t know about Foster staying at MLB anymore.

    It really depends on how they feel about Q. Black. Najee Goodee very well could end up squeezeing into the starting Line up. If so i would see him be the MLB, Push Foster to SAM (which is his strongest true posistion) and Allow Lavonte to take over at WILL.

    Although very young, with time to grow together as a unit. They have the making to be a lethal LBing corp. With Watson and Hayward.

  10. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Charles Davis makes a great and interesting point. Before the new CBA, the often spoken draft mantra was to take the Best Player Available, always. This was based off of the fact that previously, you couldn’t afford to pay a player big money if he wasn’t deserving of it.

    But now, with rookie salaries slotted and 66% less than they were before, you can both afford to trade freely within the draft, and draft for need. There is less risk that if a guy you needed for a certain position doesn’t pan out, then its no longer crippling to the salary cap.

    I think based off of that, this whole mentality of drafting for need vs drafting for BPA, is going to drastically weight need from now on as a priority. This is why you can take a Safety and a RB in the top 10 now with no hesitation, or wheel and deal with trading picks to move up or down with more frequency.

    In many ways, this switches how FA and Draft is addressed. Instead of using FA to address needs, its more important to go get the best talent out there. That’s why the bucs got a WR and G that maybe weren’t the biggest of priorities compared to other positions, but will make big impacts at big costs.

  11. Eric Says:

    But Rah was a “players coach” that everyone loved and played hard for……………………

    Until they didn’t.

    Amazing how the mantra and conventional wisdom evolves.

  12. thegregwitul Says:

    @Big Picture Guy – I agree 100%, couldn’t have stated it better myself. The Bucs had a great draft and hopefully that greatness translates on the football field. I have a feeling it will.

    And it can’t just be me, but man am I shaking my head reading about some of those Raheem moments…Those press conferences were ridiculous, for all the wrong reasons.

  13. kgh4life Says:

    I don’t agree with what Lombardi has to say the majority of the time, but in hind-sight he was right. There was no leadership, mental toughness and most importantly accountability. Raheem made excuses for this team and in the end they quit. Schiano wants to bring in his own guys that knows how to play his brand of football, hopefully it translates over to the field.