What Happens If… ?

April 21st, 2012

Joe couldn't draft USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil fast enough if Minnesota and Cleveland pass on him.

Though Joe is excited about the draft, Joe has to confess: He’s about drafted out. Good thing the draft is but a few days away. Joe’s ready to get this thing over with and move on.

Now Joe got into a discussion on Twitter last night and today with a few fans. Joe knows many pine for Trent Richardson more so than Joe pines for a wet, shivering Rachel Watson knocking on Joe’s door in the wee hours looking for warmth and comfort.

Joe’s in the Morris Claiborne faction, which he has made no secret of in recent months.

So let’s say the Richardson acolytes are bummed because Cleveland drafts him. And what if the Vikings draft Claiborne? What then?

ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas has that answer and he believes it to be Justin Blackmon, so he wrote in a recent ESPN NFC South chat.

Tim (Athens): Pat, do you think the Bucs have a plan if Richardson goes to CLE and Claiborne goes to MIN? Thank you.

Pat Yasinskas: I’m sure they do. Teams usually are prepared for any scenario. The thing I wonder about in that scenario is Justin Blackmon. I know they just signed Vincent Jackson and have a bunch of young WRs. But those young WRs haven’t really established themselves. I could see them going with Blackmon to give Freeman another target.

Now Joe can see Yasinskas working here and Joe doesn’t neccesarily disagree. Adding Blackmon to the unit of Jackson, Williams and Benn turns the Bucs’ receiving corps into a truly frightening bunch.

Joe’s of a different mind. Why not draft Matt Kalil? From all reports, this guy is an absolute stud of an offensive tackle, a franchise tackle that will anchor an offensive line for the next decade.

Now some of Joe’s followers claim that means too much cash is tied up on the offensive line. Well, that’s not totally accurate. Jeremy Trueblood is in the last year of his two-year, $10 million contract. So if the Bucs draft Kalil, easily he could replace Trueblood (remember, rookie salaries are locked in now to a set amount).

When Donald Penn’s career begins to wane, then Kalil could move over to left tackle a few years from now.

What better way for Kalil, who did play some right tackle at USC, to break in than to play alongside of Davin Joseph? Then down the road, move to replace Penn?

If Kalil is as good as experts say, Joe would jump all over drafting him if he is there for the picking.

As the old football saying says, “It all begins up front.”

41 Responses to “What Happens If… ?”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Kalil…in a heartbeat
    T Rich…in a heartbeat
    my only two auto picks @ 5
    all else is open for speculation

  2. BonesMahoney Says:

    If that draft unfolded that way, Kalil at 5 would be great. He could start at RT right away and after a year or two shift over to LT. That would pretty much be the best offensive line in the league.

  3. Stevek Says:

    Joe, you are right on.

  4. Jason Alonso Says:

    What about Luke Kuechly? It may be a reach but it would fill a HUGE void and allow Mason Foster to move to the outside…or trade down

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I want Tampa to draft Kalil too, if Minnesota passes on him.
    I have him going to Minnesota, in my little Mock Draft.

  6. Macabee Says:

    Save some room on that bandwagon for me! I would take Kalil also. I would only consider trading down if I got a deal like the Rams/Redskins trade!

  7. bucfat Says:

    lets address our needs at DB/LB first before we fantasize about having the most expensive OL in the NFL. Good chance Mo or Trent wont be on the board, if thats the case draft Kueckly at 5. it wont be a surprise.

  8. bucfat Says:

    The bucs are defense oriented not offense, would you all rather see us pick up a LB instead of a OL?

  9. Macabee Says:

    That said, the worst thing that could happen to the Bucs is Claiborne, Richardson, or Kalil. Not bad! Not bad at all!

  10. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I’ve been saying for over a month now. IF Mo goes to Minnesota then we should def. draft Kalil. Only if we can’t trade down! If we can then I’m sorry but the picks would outweigh Kalil IMO.

  11. js1506 Says:

    Draft what you get at 5 if it’s Claiborn, Richardson or Kalil. Stop believing will trade down…

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Kalil over Richardson, not over Claibourn.

    While Mark Dominick certainly made the case for reaching if needed, in his presser he pretty much made it clear he is happy with whoever falls to them.

    To me there are only 3 stars that are sure franchise hits…and the Bucs will get one of them.

    Unless a QB is not taken with the second pick…and that won’t happen.

  13. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I still like the trade idea with STL to trade down 1 spot and get SJ39. Thats only if TR3 is still available. Could you imagine adding Jackson and still getting Mo or Kalil at 6!!! I think its obvious that Clev will draft either TR3 or Blackmon. Leaning toward TR3. But that would be awesome to pick up a stud RB and CB/LT!!! That trade could totally happen if TR3 is there at 5.

    And if anyone who says they would rather have TR3 over Jackson and Mo or Kalil at 6 is a F’n lunatic!!!! Point…Blank….Period!!!!!!!

  14. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    The only reason STL would make that trade is because Fisher wants his players only! SJ has been there for years and has a ton of sayso on the team. Fisher wants a rookie RB who will be good but more importantly do everything he tells him to do. And Jackson would be on a new team so his voice wouldn’t carry as much weight being the new guy. Even if that new guy happens to be a dominating RB!

  15. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Off topic…but I also think we should send our 6th round pick to the Eagles in exchange for Asante Samuels. We have 0 depth at CB and his knowledge outweighs his age. If we get Mo. We could have Mo pressing and Asante in a more of a drop back role. That would be nasty! And Asante could teach Mo some of the pro tricks that come with being a CB in the NFL!

    The value is there. Who are we going to get in the 6th round??? Who knows…but there is a great chance he won’t make it very far. Unlike Asante!!

  16. Bobby Says:

    Kalil??!!? Absolutely!

  17. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I wouldn’t complain. They could put my grandmother in that backfield and she might end up in a probowl!

  18. diverson89 Says:

    EXACTLY JOE. If the scenario pans out this way, this is the definite pick our bucs should make. Why would we not try to have the best offensive line in football boys? There’s nothing better for a quarterback in Josh’s position than time and trust from his line. There’s nothing better for a running back in LeGarrette’s situation than having a step or two to get going then a nice hole for him to do what he does best take it right at that defenses ***king throat. And if I’m not mistaking after next year both can get paid, so extra motivation for them because they are Americans.
    Regardless I dont think our bucs will be offered much for a trade down in that situation unless some team is tjax high on tannehill. But I don’t see that occuring, so take Kalil.
    Excellent post once again Joe. Coming from Albany, New Go BUCS and lets get this draft over with

  19. Patrick Says:

    Donald Penn is not old! He’s in his seventh year! He’s got many more seasons left. If this was a move to REPLACE Penn, I wouldn’t understand it all…..looking at all the other holes we have on this team. It’d be downright retarded.

  20. Lion Says:

    I would be so disappointed if we took Blackmon, it’s not even funny.

  21. DAN Says:

    joe thank you for your sound insight, again.i would go so far to say kalil plus a 2nd round running back would be a better improement than richardson and a second round lineman.

  22. 941-Bucs Says:

    No way on Blackmon. He is only the better WR of this draft. He is NOT an elite WR. I don’t really see him being a Megatron, Andre Johnson, or big time WR.

    Should trade down if not gonna take kahlil and Both Trent and Morris are already gone.

  23. Pete Dutcher Says:


    Do you understand how ultra rare a 1 spot trade is? It WILL NOT happen.

  24. Miguel Grande Says:

    Kalil is the man! What a luxury to have the greatest OL in the history of the NFL. Draft LaMichael James in the 3rd round and he gains 1300 yards.

  25. the buc realist Says:

    If Kahlil drops to the bucs, that would be the dream situation. But having your best tackle play right tackle is ridiculous. If the Bucs are smart they dangle a monster trade for the pick, if they don’t get what they want they take Kahlil for left tackle and trade Penn for a high second pick and a conditional pick for next year’s draft.

    In this scenario we upgraded the left tackle position and picked up and extra second round pick.

  26. Mr Lucky Says:

    Kahlil over Richardson.

    If Kahlik AND Richardson are gone then Kuechly.

    Pass on Clariborne – or tradedown.

  27. HFXBUV Says:

    Blackmon would be a great pick at that spot. We would potentially have the most dangerous WR group in the NFL and would be able to overwhelm teams in ourb 3 and 4 WR sets. I’m nit against Kalil either but after listening to Bill Polian strategy, I think you ‘take the player who will put point on the board’ and that might be Blackmon. We are in a great spot to get better with this pick regardless.

  28. jarrett Says:

    THe bucs would also have to consider, either brockers, poe, or coples if this scenario played out. YOu can not have too many pass rushers.

  29. spicer1906 Says:

    We need to draft Mark Barron. if the draft goes MIN- claiborne CLE-Richardson, we need to darft barron. we dont need Blackmon, kahil. we need help in the back seven. ppl are calling for replacements of blount, only 2nd undrafted free agent in NFL history to rush for 1000 yds and penn, a pro bowler. we have no safeties and are very shaky at CB and LB but you ‘experts’ want a RB,WR, and LT all positions that can be addressed later. seems like some want popularity not substance

  30. passthebuc Says:

    A real departure. If a trade down is possible, say a lower first and a 2nd, draft Jenkins in the first round and package 2 seconds for Barron. I realize that Jenkins brings baggage, however I do not see a major problem with the ability of the new staff of controlling the situation. If morris were still the HC, this would not be on my radar.

  31. passthebuc Says:

    Regarding a running back, I would take Pead from Cincinnati. He reminds me of Walter Payton. If he were a running back with Alabama last year he would have had 2000 yards and would be a first round choice. Pead can find the open crease better than anyone of the top 5 backs in the draft.

  32. rhymenoceros Says:

    I don’t understand how there’s no problem drafting a Tackle at #5, but taking a RB is “irresponsible.” How is this anymore “responsible?”

  33. Rickster Says:

    Jt is a better run blocker anyway. Our oline is stacked with talent and now the rb position is to.
    I wouldnt mind I guess if we drafted kalil but at this point we are completly ignoring the weakest point on the team and thats at lb.
    If kalil and blackmon are the only ones left I think trade down and get a lb…

  34. aj Says:

    Blackmon would be like drafting Williams over again. VJax, Williams, Parker, Briscoe, Benn is a pretty tight group already. Also, I never take Yasinskas on the evaluation of talent, he does some things good, but he is pretty lousy in that area.

    You take the best player on the board in Round 1 and 2. End of story. If that guy is an offensive tackle, even better. Left tackles have the third most value of any position, worth more in any trade. Might even be 2nd, pretty close between them and defensive ends.

    At the end, if you have the most dominant offensive line in the NFL since the 1990’s Cowboys, you are going to be an excellent team. That line took a couple of above average (Aikman and Emmitt), but not elite players, and put them into the Hall of Fame. It also piled up championships as it drove opponents into the dirt. Even made Alvin Harper look like an all pro, becasue any WR can get open when they have 15 seconds to do so.

    I’m with Joe on the Claiborne bandwagon, but give me an offensive line with 3 pro bowlers, a former SI all pro, a versatile young guy like Zuttah, a young franchise tackle and Ted Larsen coming off of the bench, and Blount will go for 1,700/15tds and Freeman will start looking like the franchise QB everyone hopes he will be.

    Even a bad defense looks good when your offense can possess the ball 40 minutes a game.

  35. Patrick Says:

    If we drafted Blackmon, it would pretty much say that they’ve given up on Benn.

  36. FlBoy84 Says:


    Believe the thinking is that RB’s have a shorter shelf life and the position is undervalued due to the number of late round/undrafted RB’s that have produced in the league, basically showing you don’t have to have a 1st rnd RB to have a good running game. On the flip side, generally the drop in talent from a 1st rnd OT to a late rnd/undrafted one is quite substantial. Obviously not the case in both situations all the time, but in the majority of it. Curious to see how the draft plays out.

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    “I don’t understand how there’s no problem drafting a Tackle at #5, but taking a RB is “irresponsible.” How is this anymore “responsible?””

    If you’re seriously asking that question then you won’t be able to comprehend the answer?

  38. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Getting an all pro Tackle with the #5 pick in the draft would be the steal of the draft. He could play RT for a season then move him over. Even a monster like him will take time to transition to the NFL pace. So that would be a perfect scenario for him to learn from. Penn is great but once Kalil gets it he would have to move to RT or be traded. But Kalil is like Joe Thomas and Jake Long. That would be a great pick. But this all means Minn drafted Mo and that would be a little heartbreaking. But Kalil would be just fine I think.

  39. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    And a 1 spot trade is rare. But the report has been out there. Its not like its just an imaginary wish or something. Jeff Fisher does things his way. Period. If he really wants TR3 he might make it happen. It would be a good trade for both teams and help us out in 2 areas instead of just 1. Be positive @Pete Dutcher!!!! If you wouldn’t be happy with that trade going down. You must be an Aints’ fan impersonating as a Bucs fan or something?!?!?!?

  40. Brain Says:

    It’s amazing how much time people spend discussing the draft and even formulating opinions of who they want their team to pick, all without actually scouting the players that “they” like! How does anyone know Kalil is actually good without watching him themselves? It’s not hard…just google the player on youtube and look at their skillset and athleticism. Having seen Kalil I know that he’s not an impact run blocker and definitely not worthy of a top 5 pick for us when we’ve already invested a ton in the OL. We need defensive help big time.

    I’m not one to make claims about players based on other people’s opinions, but Greg Cosell is one football analyst who I respect a lot and he doesn’t have Kalil as a top 10 pick. If anyone has to listen to draft analysts because they can’t do it themselves, they should stick to Cosell and Mike Mayock. They’re the only 2 who go through the evaluation process properly and know what to look for.

  41. princespanky Says:

    Bottom line is that bringing in Khalil would sure up the line for a very long time. That could extend the career of our franchise QB and would allow us to put anybody in at RB and let them have success…

    It’s a no brainer if he is still there you take him.