“We Got The Guy We Wanted”

April 26th, 2012

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik just appeared briefly on the Bucs radio network to discuss the circus that took place in the Bucs trading down, getting played for only a fourth round pick losing out on a stud cornerback.

Dominik put on a good face and claimed Alabama safety Mark Barron was in the Bucs crosshairs all along.

“When Dallas traded up, there was some nervousness in the room, but we got the guy we wanted,” Dominik said.

Bucs radio analyst Dave Moore loved the pick.

“He’s a big physical guy and you win championships through defensive football and he’s a big, physical guy who plays great run support and will fire up the defense. He’s a guy that likes to get fired up. “

Later at a press conference, Dominik spoke about tonight’s events.

“Character was one of the reasons,” Dominik said of picking Barron. “He has a lot of leadership intangibles. He was in mind at [No.] 5. We targeted him at No. 5.

“At five or at seven, our man was Mark Barron. I think you will see athletic, physical football player. He is a force. He is a smart player. He’s physical like John [Lynch]. He’s a great fit for this football team.

“We had no interest in trading up.”

98 Responses to ““We Got The Guy We Wanted””

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    I thought we could have gotten more from Jax, but its a good pick.

  2. Bucnnole Says:

    Only getting a fourth round pick to move back. Fail. Not getting Claiborne. Fail. Reaching for a safety, a need but way too early. Fail. Dominik being fired after this year… WIN

  3. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Told ya, Joe.

  4. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Wow…Philly gave up a small ransom to move up a few picks. Did the DOM say why he only got a 4th?

  5. Rickster Says:

    Sure he was dom….

  6. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    It was only two spots…the value for more wasn’t there. Stop whining without knowing your stuff.

    On a side not, Joe…I think your website is going to crash this weekend. It’s already running very slow.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    I can’t stand saban, but if ur a captain on his defense then you have to be good and a hard worker.

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m going to mail all of you a box of tissues straight from Hawaii. You sound like a bunch of women with all your b!tching and moaning. Look, we didn’t get the guy I wanted either. I wanted Richardson BAD. But I didn’t watch all of his tape. I wasn’t there for the interviews. Barron is a Buccaneer, and he is going to have my full support. Maybe you complainers should stop whining like a bunch of sissies and cheer for the newest Buc.

  9. raphael Says:

    eagles gave a 4th and a 6th to move up 3 spots…….should of got more than 1 pick but i believe they got a stud safety..MUCH NEEDED

  10. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    don’t hate the pick, but he’s obviously not the guy they were targeting. they used up 9:30 minutes on the clock scrambling to figure out what to do after Dallas picked Claiborne

  11. Brad Says:

    Wow!! After Dominik gets fired he should go in politics. What a bunch of BS. This guy should have be canned with Rah. What an embarrassment. This just ruined all the good feelings I had about the signings in FA.

  12. BucsFanInChina Says:

    uh didnt the bucs also get a 7th pick?

  13. Cmurda Says:

    I read what Mark said and the weirdest thing happened. As I was sneezing somehow the words B*** S*** came out.

  14. BucsFanInChina Says:

    nvm pulled a homer

  15. bucs55 Says:

    Hawaiian … Applause thank you couldn’t of said it better my self

  16. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    LOL…what exactly did Dom lie about. As a matter of fact didn’t he use the “we arfent going to pigeonhole ourselves” comment a week or two ago?

  17. Jampersands Says:

    You can’t just GET a 3rd pick instead of a 4th. You can only get what people are willing to give. At least he got an extra 4th, rather than picking at 5 overall and taking someone we didn’t want.

    Dominik picked Barron because there is no depth at safety, both on our team and in this draft. There’s more depth at LB, CB, and RB in Rd 2.

  18. d-money Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Maybe instead of dogging Dom and saying he got played just because he didn’t do what you and all your so called draft experts thought he would do Why don’t you just admit that as usual you don’t really know what your are talking about?

    You’re just pissed that you fell for all the pre draft B.S.

    I really used to like this website but everytime i come back you put up posts like this and make me realize why I don’t visit anymore.

  19. Brad Says:

    Even if what Dominik said is true he should be fired for being so stupid and hiring a safety that high. What a freakin joke. Cleveland, st Luis, Dallas played Dominik like a fiddle. If I see rock star anywhere around his name I will puke.

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    We had no safeties— NONE. A very, very good prospect doesn’t hurt. Who’s to say there was anything else to be had from the trade? I assume if Claiborne’s former coach, who’s on our staff now, and the others, thought he was worth the 5th overall, we would have sat there and nabbed him. Instead, we get a very good safety and our 4th back. I’m over it already.

  21. Eric Says:

    Super dumb, trade out of the spot where we stood to get an elite player for a 4th and 7th rounder……the odds are great will never amount to didley squat.

    For a safety.

    It was tough to blow this. But damned if they didn’t find a way.

  22. aep1717 Says:

    Bucnnole – well said. Dominik is either lying or temporarily insane. This was a six player draft and Dominik traded to pick seven. For a prototype strong safety… in 2003. For a fourth round pick. Giving up a shutdown corner. Please Joe please drop the rockstar moniker. After all the great moves this offseason, this move just brought me back down to Dominik/Raheem sadness. Nothing against Barron, I will root him on like I do every other Buc, but Dominik could teach a course on “how to entrench your NFL team in mediocrity and act arrogant about it”

  23. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Dom is about as believable as Pete Dutcher!

    There sure was “nervousness.”

    Did Ed Reed go #7 overall? John Lynch was a 3rd rounder? Brian Dawkins a 2nd rounder I think?

    Come on Dom.

  24. BucsfaninMi Says:

    Now Kuechly kicks their asses twice a year. That’s who they should have taken!

  25. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    LMAO…looks like the Rams just got punked.

  26. d-money Says:

    And if you actually think Dominick believed Claiborne would be there at 7 when he made that trade then you just prove that you don’t know what you are talking about.

    If they wanted Claiborne then they would have just stayed put and picked him. Obviously they werent as high on him as everyone else is.

  27. Fear The Glow Says:

    Sounds better than the truth Mark…

    Im more pissed that they only got a 4th round pick in the trade than anything else.

  28. Drew Says:

    Used the extra time to trade down again to get Barron.

  29. FlBoy84 Says:


    You left off your patented “rock star” off the last two articles. What’s up with that?

  30. Capt. Tim Says:

    Pathetic misplay by Dom. NFL radio calling it worse mid step since Ricky Williams trade!

    Nice Dom, way to blow our chance at elite player, when you had the 5th pick.

    It’s worse than we thought

  31. Eric Says:

    So we endured the horror of the ten game losing streak, but at least had a great drafting spot, only to have this clown blow it.

    Totally disgusting.

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Did Ed Reed go #7 overall? John Lynch was a 3rd rounder? Brian Dawkins a 2nd rounder I think?”

    It’s irrelevant where all those guys went. Ask yourself this: in hindsight, were they worth being picked at #7? I know damn sure Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu are.

  33. Cmurda Says:

    Jamper, you do bring up a valid point regarding depth in the draft.

    @ Hawaiian. Don’t expect the whining to stop. Not from me anyway. I’m crying like a schoolgirl over what we received in the trade and losing out on MO. As I said in the Dom got played thread, don’t misconstrue not being happy with the pick to not supporting Barron. Every one of us wants all these guys to succeed on the team. We’re all freaking Bucs fans. Even Thomas 2.2, I think. For all any of us knows, Dom just made a genius decision drafting Barron. Odds are against him though….

  34. Miguel Grande Says:

    This guy is lying through his teeth. There was only one reason that the Browns paid so much to move up one place, they out bid the Bucs to grab TR.

    I was disappointed but not surprised that Kalil went to the Vikings at 4. Kudos to the Vikings, they dominated this draft and got their man.

    Barron is not so bad at this pick, but still a reach, they did not get an elite talent.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Since we are going to be so awful, why don’t all you “fans” go find another team?

  36. Josh Says:

    Joe…love your site, however Claiborne was never the answer when they resigned Ronde. I don’t care if Talib is suspended for a year. There’s Gaitor, Lewis and Biggers and others that will have to fight for a job as the nickel. Ronde is not a safety. With Cooper as the DB coach that would have undermined the idea that performance is greater than hype. Let the Cowgirls have the man. Team is greater than any one man.

  37. OptimisTroll Says:

    Blount will blow up Kuechly over and over every year. Good instinct doesn’t help against that beast.

  38. OptimisTroll Says:

    And they did tip their hat early. They said they want to stop the run. Mark Barron does that.

  39. Jerry Says:

    Dom says this EVERY FREAKING YEAR!! I guess we never miss our guy!

  40. rcantrell77 Says:

    I am still ajusting to the Barron pick. But for those that think they spent 9:30 to make the pick b/c of mo c are wrong. They had thier board and we will never know if mo c was really lower. They were probably seeing if any more trades made sense.

  41. Orlandobucfan Says:

    He didn’t get the guy he wanted or we would have traded with the cowboys and or more for the pick than a fourth round what a joke this draft was. We could have even trade with the cowboys after we moved down and for more picks Barron would have been there.

  42. chargedcbh Says:

    Mark Romney, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! The countdown has begun!!!

  43. Thomas2.2 Says:

    At least Dom didnt draft Bruce Irvin.

  44. Adam Says:

    You’re a G. D. LIAR DOMINIK. You. Are. Awful.


  45. TJ Says:

    When did we hire Matt Millen as our GM?

  46. Jason Aris Says:

    we NEED a Pro-Bowler THIS draft!!

  47. Garv Says:

    I think Adam, based on his command of the English language and deep understanding of college and NFL player evaluation should be the first HC/GM in Buccaneer team history.

    We got one hell of a player at a need position who fits what the Bucs want to do on defense. That kind of sort of matters despite the histrionics of some “knowledgeable” fans going off the deep end over picking a great college players who has yet to even see the practice field in Tampa. LOL

  48. aep1717 Says:

    Hawaiian you are the worst kind of fan. Being a fan doesn’t mean accepting boneheaded moves without voicing disappointment. Look to any diehard Browns or Lions fan. We are allowed to bitch when the decision makers screw up… That’s part of the whole damned thing. So stop being a hall monitor and calling out people’s fanhoods.

  49. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “You’re a G. D. LIAR DOMINIK. You. Are. Awful.



    Wow. Nothing more to say.

  50. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Jerry is right!

    Dom says the same b.s. every year.

    Freeman was our higgest rated player, we had Gerald rated higher than Suh, Claiborne is rated higher than Bruce Smith (jk) but something like that.

    Dom fought all day to get T Rich and lost.
    Then due to disappointment he bumped back thinking he would still get Mo, nope, punked by Dallas.

    Then he worked the phones like his pabts were on fire past the clock expiration to trade back again, then took barron.

  51. JSmalls Says:

    It’s one thing to lie to me, Dom, but don’t lie to yourself.

  52. Patrick Says:

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug Adam. I suggest you put it down before you doom yourself.

  53. passthebuc Says:

    There are many posters her tonight that are in the wrong profession. Just think, many of you should quit your jobs and apply to be a football GM>

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    How am I the worst kind of fan? Don’t get that logic. I didn’t get the guy I wanted either, but why cry over it like a clown like you? I don’t cry over something I am not qualified to critique. I’m not a GM, nor a coach. I’ve never met any of these draft picks. i’ve never seen their college tape. I haven’t met their family. Therefore, my opinion is ignorant. Bottom line, you have no control over it. By all accounts, he’s a great player. Everyone outside of the fans of the Bucs likes the pick, so who should I trust? I’m going to go with Mayock and all the other experts, but that’s just me.

    You have a right to b!tch all you want, but it is all for nothing. Move on, he’s our guy. Go ahead and bang your head against the wall too while you are at it. If you really took a step back and looked at how you are acting, you would see how ridiculous you sound.

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Why is everyone so damn concerned with what Dominik says? What do you expect him to say “We missed out on our guy, but we settled on this guy”? Reality is, all of your wives and girlfriends didn’t get the guy they wanted either, do you want them to tell you the truth?

  56. Longo Says:

    Barron: correct me if i’m wrong but he did not seem to care when he was picked. i rewinded it five times and could not read anything positive from his reaction. on top of that ~ pimpin in all the gold bling gives me the perception one of his main focuses is money. i really like mark dominick a lot, but i really think this was a big mistake. really bummed out! i love the bucs, this pick really hurts!

  57. L.J. Says:

    Why say anything……They are ALL IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

  58. rcantrell77 Says:

    Good point about Dom stating “we got the top guy” in past drafts…… I will takes Stafford over Freeman and trade mccoy for suh in a second. Difference is that they controlled it in this draft and moved down for a 4th rd pick.

  59. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Thomas2.2 Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Dom is about as believable as Pete Dutcher!


    “Pete Dutcher” wasn’t caught completely off guard by this one…were you? And Thomas…I know you’re trying to get a rise out of me…probably because you like to get a rise out of a real man. But it’s not working.

  60. Cmurda Says:

    For what it’s worth, Mayock is creaming his pants over our Barron pick. This guy knows more than I do. He’s already giving him a pro-bowler ceiling and floor. Hmmmm

  61. Michael Says:

    I call BS! Not a bad consolation pick but I think Claiborne was a better choice.

  62. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    rcantrell77 Says:
    April 26th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Good point about Dom stating “we got the top guy” in past drafts…… I will takes Stafford over Freeman and trade mccoy for suh in a second. Difference is that they controlled it in this draft and moved down for a 4th rd pick.


    Good lord…people are stupid tonight, lol. The Bucs never had a shot at Suh or Stafford. And Stafford only has one good year behind him…that doesn’t make him better than Freeman.

  63. Eric Says:

    Some of u would swoon if they drafted the equipment manager at UCF.

    We get it.

  64. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Why say anything……They are ALL IDIOTS!!!!!!!!”


    You do realize that at the NFL level they have these things called “press conferences”. At these press conferences, they have reporters there. These reporters ask what they call “questions”. One of these questions usually asks about the first round pick and how you decided on him. It’s not very convincing if the GM doesn’t answer that question. I highly doubt “no comment” would be a satisfactory answer, don’t you think?

  65. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Some of u would swoon if they drafted the equipment manager at UCF.”


    I’m sorry, we got a safety that all the experts gush over, and was rumored to be one of the highest rising players in the draft, yet he is being compared to an equipment manager?

  66. George Says:

    The level of negativity here is astounding. Seriously. It is quite possible that Barron was the guy they really wanted. Perhaps they felt they needed a guy who could be a force against the running game in addition to solidifying the pass D. I’m excited that they drafted a leader, a playmaker, and a guy who can add a physical presence to the defense.

    And really, the Bucs probably had the most insight into Claiborne because of Ron Cooper on the staff. If Claiborne was really that much better than Barron, the Bucs would know, and would not likely have traded down.

    Too many whiney bitches following the Bucs.

  67. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I say this…it doesn’t matter if Claiborne goes on to have a strong career or not. What matters is that Mark Barron does. If Barron does well…then this was a genius pick.

  68. MJ Says:

    so now that we’ve cooled down, it looks like Bucs did OK with what they had and what they wanted. Should they have received more for trading out of their pick? Yes. But if they truly wanted Barron, then at least they got their man and another pick. C+/B-?

  69. Paul Says:

    On buccaneers.com, they had an “inside the draft room” that showed footage of Dominik before the draft saying how the wonderlic is a big part of how they decide their draft board.

  70. Eric Says:

    I’m not comparing the guy to an equipment manager, you can make a case that anybody in the first round is going to be very good, including Barron.

    But there were a handful of guys considered elite and at five we should have gotten one, or received far better compensation to forego our opportunity to draft one.

  71. Paul Says:

    The video on buccaneers.com is “@1Buc: Inside the Draft Room”

  72. Miguel Grande Says:

    Thomas 2.2 nailed it.

    “Dom says the same b.s. every year.

    Freeman was our higgest rated player, we had Gerald rated higher than Suh, Claiborne is rated higher than Bruce Smith (jk) but something like that.

    Dom fought all day to get T Rich and lost.
    Then due to disappointment he bumped back thinking he would still get Mo, nope, punked by Dallas.

    Then he worked the phones like his pants were on fire past the clock expiration to trade back again, then took barron.”

    My respect for Thomas 2.2 has gone up 300%, he rules. The only possible reason the Browns overpaid the Vikings to move up one pick was that they outbid the Bucs. Then to show that he was a true Rockstar, he traded down to pick MC at #7, but got absolutely punked by the Cowboys.

    Fire the Rockstar before he destroys our favorite team, hire Thomas 2.2.

  73. Paul Says:

    That’s all pre-draft, so they never wanted Claiborne in the first place..

  74. George Says:

    I love when fans assume they know more about evaluating talent than the GM.

  75. Eric Says:

    Thomas 2.2 totally nailed it, that is very likely what happened.

    Plus he figured Minnesota was going for mo.

    Golden oportunity lost.

  76. Miguel Grande Says:

    Minnesota wanted Kalil since 3 months ago, they just played the Bucs against the Browns for a gigantic payday and still got the best player in the draft.

  77. George Says:

    Doubt it.

  78. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    But what if we didn’t think one of those “elite” players really was elite? We had as much background as any team on Claiborne and we didn’t run to the podium to get him. We gave away our pick to move down. Trust me, if they were sold on him they would have just taken him. That says something, don’t you think? Perhaps in analyzing all the players, they found that Barron was elite. The draft is not an exact science. What everyone thinks is elite does not always pan out. Give Barron the benefit of the doubt, at least until after the Carolina game!

  79. Eric Says:


    I hope the kid is all pro.

    Just not seeing safety that high.

    Maybe Dom is right and the vast majority of scouts are wrong, but I doubt it.

  80. Marques Says:

    It should have been a 3rd no doubt

    (see draft chart below)


  81. @eric Says:

    Shut up already all you haters, do us a favor and turn in your Buc Gear ASAP and pick a new team , bunch of cry babies who just wanted the popular pick and didn’t watch a second of tape on Barron and what he brings to our team in all aspects. Great pick Dom and coach……..T -Rich wouldve been great but Barron is an all around better player and leader than Clayborne , people cried about picking John Lynch if you don’t remember…….John Lynch the baseball player? Too slow , can’t cover etc……..well not saying. Barron is JL but he changed everyones perspective about him and Barron will too, he has all the positive boxes checked that you could ask for, special teams stud , plug the middle and stuff the run , closing speed , cover man to man and brings the hammer PLUS he was team captin at Alabama, we need leaders. Just shut up or get on board.

  82. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It certainly wouldn’t have been my pick either, but he is a damn good player at a position of dire need. I was never high on Claiborne, nor did I really want Kalil. After we lost out on TR, I had a feeling it was coming down to either Barron or Kuechly. The only thing I am really disappointed in is that I felt we could have gotten more out of JAX, but then again I’m not familiar with the trade charts, so maybe that’s the correct value.

  83. Miguel Grande Says:

    Nobody had Barron rated at ELITE, they could have gotten an ELITE, but they got cute and blew the Ist round. Got punked by Jerry Freaking Jones.

    Hey Rockstar, I hear South Eastern Central Louisiana Polytechnical Institute for the Blind is looking for an experienced GM, to rebuild their Bocci Ball Team.

  84. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    One thing to remember is that in the NFC South, the TE’s are a huge factor, and they kill us every game. We had no answer for Jimmy Graham or Tony Gonzalez. Barron should help greatly, plus he has the speed to cover receivers as well. Those who are saying he’s an in the box safety are ignorant to Barron’s game. He had 7 INT’s as a sophomore. This guy can do it all. Again, I wouldn’t have picked him, but then again I’m not a GM, so my opinion is meaningless. He is going to help our defense tremendously, in all aspects (run, pass, and leadership).

  85. Oahubuc Says:

    Watch the kid play for the next few years. My money’s on the kid playing lights out. Our safeties absolutely suck- I would say the worst position on the team- and we got the best one available- by a long shot. Have a good cry if you must, though, about the 4th round pick we didn’t have before today.

  86. Eric Says:

    Seems like they outsmarted themselves, then reached for need.

    Please don’t jinx the guy and compare him to lynch.

    It concerns me he has been hurt last two years. I woulda rather had Hightower.

    Oh well.

    “in Dom we trust”

  87. Joe Says:

    This just verifies that last season (4-12) was not just Raheem’s fault.

    The other half of the dumbasses is still amongst us, and he’s our GM.

    How the hell do you pass up on Clairborne?

  88. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think Dom is as good as fired. The freaking Dallas Cowboys stole our pick and the hated Carolina Panthers grabbed Kuechly. We have to face Kuechly twice a year. i hope he sucks, but I doubt it.

  89. Deeg Says:

    I understand that for weeks, this has been the site to come to for talk slanted towards hope for Morris Claiborne. But some of you guys are a bit … I dunno, ‘narrow’ in your outlook.

    Ultimately, if they were never going to trade up for Richardson, I think this ended up pretty well. The _player_ is a solid selection, and the extra pick is a nice bonus…. Ooh.. Wait … Doug Martin!

  90. Joe Says:

    By the way people justifying this pick are the same delusional idiots that were trying to find the positive side of our crappy season last year…ex “even though the Falcons gutted our defense our Safeties got vital playing time. etc etc…”

  91. Steve Says:


  92. Halim Says:

    Mark Dumb-inik indeed!

  93. Patrick Says:

    Is there an another “Joe” on this website?

  94. Fish Says:

    Joe, you’re trashing people with logic and common sense and you sound like a prick.

    The Bucs traded back BEFORE THE VIKINGS EVEN MADE THEIR KALIL PICK. THEY DIDN’T WANT CLAIBORNE. THEY WANTED BARRON. How many clues do you need to see that? The worse part is that you’re spreading this misinformation to people who don’t know better and now they are making the same mistake.

    Just because you’ve been stuck on Claiborne (I liked him over Richardson, too!) doesn’t mean you should be so ignorant to think that Dom screwed up. You have a an influential voice that is currently leading people to stupidity. Shame on you.

  95. Fish Says:

    I hope so, Patrick.

  96. Oahubuc Says:

    The people justifying the pick? Like Mayock? Yeah, he’s pretty lacking in football knowledge.

  97. HolyBuc Says:

    If MoMo17 was elite why the hell did St. Louis pass on him? I’m pretty sure they could use a lock down corner. We have his college position coach on our staff. If he was the guy we wanted you think we would of left it to chance? Greg Cosell who has been talked up on this site…says this about Barron “I would argue that Barron is one of the 5 to 7 best players in this draft.”

  98. Adam Says:

    GEORGE: “I love when fans assume they know more about evaluating talent than the GM.”

    @GEORGE….. well when you’re “Boy Band General Manager” is making ridiculous claims that they “got their man” (a safety, in the top 10 – if he’s not Ronnie Lott, they blew the pick) and saying idiotic things like “We had McCoy higher than Suh on our draft board” (and we can see how that turned out) we’re starting to get a feel for the fact that Dominik is a pretty lousy drafter and an even worse evaluator of talent.

    In a league where you are facing Julio Jones, Roddy White, Marquest Colston, and Steve Smith, you need top-flight corners… not a safety and a 4th round pick.