“They Gotta Prove A Lot Of Things”

April 18th, 2012
Steve Smith ran his mouth about the Bucs

It’s never too early for old fashioned bulletin board material to get one fired up for the season, and Joe might have some here.

Joe respects Carolina wideout Steve Smith, but Joe really is no fan of that guy. In fact, Joe hates everyone wearing that goofy panther on their helmet.

Speaking yesterday on the “Rich Eisen Podcast,” Smith talked about the Panthers’ early schedule — they open at Tampa Bay — and said of the Bucs, “They gotta prove a lot of things.”

Now who the hell is Steve Smith to be saying that about the Bucs.  The guy caught two balls with E.J. Biggers shadowing him throughout the first Bucs-Panthers game last year. Shutup, Smith. Worry about your own 6-10 team.

Interestingly, the Panthers play the Bucs, Saints, Falcons and Giants in their first four games. Smith says the schedule quickly will “establish who is in the better half of the NFC South.” It also could leave the Panthers at 0-4 and wondering what hit them. 

Of course, that would require a Bucs win on opening day, and Team Schiano figuring out how to keep the Panthers from chewing up massive chunks of yards running up the gut. Wouldn’t that be refreshing.

31 Responses to ““They Gotta Prove A Lot Of Things””

  1. bucbelevr Says:

    He’s a gamer. Don’t like Smith, but he has earned the right 2 say a thing or 2. Ultimately, 1st 4 games for all of NFC South schedule, will make/break season mental mindset, with Atlanta’s being far easier throughout.

  2. Justafan Says:

    Just because the Panthers have to prove a thing or two as well doesn’t really alter the truth of Smith’s statement.

    Last year’s defense couldn’t stop anything. Last year’s offense wasn’t much better.

    New coach, new players in skill positions, sure – Bucs fans have reason for optimism. But it doesn’t change the fact that the team has to prove a lot of things. I didn’t hear the interview, did the question center around his opinion of the Bucs franchise, or was he just speculating about how tough the first few games of the schedule are? Frankly, either way I can’t argue the statement.

  3. OAR Says:

    …..but did he punch anyone during the podcast?

  4. Matthew Says:

    I agree that the Buc’s after last year’s debacle, we have no room to stick out our chest. HOWEVER, this cocky swagger coming from this garbage Carolina team is sickening. Yes, Cam Newton looked great at times last year. He also had a ton of turnovers. He also racked up loads of stats in garbage time with Carolina trailing by 20+ pts at times or against the worst D’s in the league (Ours, Arizona, ect). Their defense was only slightly better than our abomination here in Tampa, and going forward I think we have the superior WRs corps & Offensive line.

    There is way too much hype around a “6-10” team right now, & that’s fine. Cam Newton has his own “personal DJ” and these Panthers are running yapping like they are some dominant force. There’s game tape on Newton now, let’s see how he reacts to teams adjusting to his style before we “crown his ass”. The Bucs being overlooked is what we need for these young guys to get pissed off and do something about it. Bucs opened as a 1.5 point home dog in week one, I hope Schiano hammers that point of no respect all offseason.

  5. Thinker Says:

    If Schiano’s worried about home dogs, we’re all in trouble. And F Steve Smith!

  6. RCH Says:

    Couldnt agree more Joe what a loud mouth. Also I wasnt impressed with Newton last year the only way he will impress me is if he does what he did last year again this year. I think he hits a slump this year atlest I hope so.

  7. jvato24 Says:

    How is it not true … The Bucs need to prove alot of things … Like … They really are an NFL Team !!! Carolina DESTROYED us last season and will only be better with Beason coming back and now have a true Power Back with Tolbert.

    The Bucs havent won a game since early October of 2011. 10 games lost in a row. A long road ahead

  8. Matthew Says:

    jvato24 no one is disputing the “Buc’s don’t have to improve” drastically. Joe’s point & mine is that Steve Smith and the 6 & stinkin 10 Panthers aren’t in any position either to be calling out anyone. They have had one winning season in the last 6 years. They are also only a year removed from a 2-14 season; a team “Steve Smith” was a part of.

  9. jvato24 Says:

    Nothing ticked me off more than watching Newton do that retarded a$$ Clark Kent B.S. … So Stupid … Lavonte David tackled Newton like 20 times in a Jr College Championship.

    They changed the Panther on the Helmet now it has a Lazy eye, the teeth have no definition … its a SPECIAL Panther!!

  10. jvato24 Says:

    Hey Joe … I live in Melbourne directly on the other side of the state from Tampa .. Can I still win a round trip LIMO Ride ??! haha

  11. Matthew Says:

    Jvato24 Agreed. Cam Newton ripped off Dwight Howard, who ripped off Shaq with that stupid “Superman Schtick”. I mean c’mon the guy played one year in the league, on a 6-10 team, and he has a PERSONAL DJ!?!?
    I hope he keeps trying to leap over piles, so that hopefully when the Bucs get a LB corps that likes to hit, they’ll thump him right out of the game.

  12. Nate Says:

    Its offical Mo will be the pick since talib is on the block!

  13. Matthew Says:

    Just saw it on espn’s site Nate. Best news I’ve heard all day. Sorry T-Rich fanboys, hello Mo Claiborne! Glad our org is looking to make the right draft pick.

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe, don’t normally say this, but this is irresponsible journalism on your part. Smith’s quote is taken totally out of context by you. Right before that he talks of a new coach and new players for the Bucs and then says they “have to prove a lot of things”, but not in a disrespectful tone at all.

  15. patrickbucs Says:

    He is a gamer, not sure he’s earned the right to run his mouth on a 6 win team though. He and Carolina much like Atlanta have never won a SuperBowl period.

    Did the Panthers even need to throw the ball anyway? They just ran and ran and ran on the Bucs, it was a joke in both games.They probably averaged over 200 yards rushing a game:)

  16. Capt. Tim Says:

    Say what you want about him( and I do), but Steve Smith has nothing left to prove, and has earned the right to say what he thinks.

    What did Carolina beat us by in two games- 60 points?

    I’m sure smith was referring to the guys who quit last year. And sadly, he’s right. Even being a life long Buc fan- I can’t defend them for that!

    Oh, and harassing the “we love TRich” boys is my job! I’ve got the lil man crushers so disturbed, it’s hilarious!

    Call him a slow ,short Ompa loompa!! You can tell some of them actually start crying!!


  17. Rrsrq Says:

    I agree with you, I also heard the podcast, he was not being disrespectful, he was asked about the division, he said the Bucs have a new coach and some new players, so they will be looking to prove something, AND I hope he is right. It wasn’t a jab at the Bucs.

  18. UK_Buc Says:


    Why would you put “Steve Smith” in inverted commas??

  19. Brandon Says:

    Yeah, the same problem the last 4 years, teams running up the gut, and yet we still have fans clamoring for Trent Richardson or a CB…when clearly getting a guy in like Luke Kuechly would solve the gut gashing problem. The guy’s a major stud and would solve many of our defensive problems.

  20. Snook Says:

    The way people talk about the Panthers last year, you would’ve thought they were 10-6 and not 6-10.

    Their defense is a joke — like ours.

    And all the DCs have a full season of tape on Newton and a full off-season to study it.

    Newton takes a step back this year. All 2nd year QBs do.

  21. Matthew Says:

    @UK_Buc to emphasize/highlight his role in case people forgot in a terrible 2-14 season. Now if he was taken out of context as a previous poster stated, then so be it; no story here. However, if he was taking a pot shot even a small one, I suggest he looks in the mirror at his own teams failures in recent years before worrying about Tampa.

  22. Snook Says:

    I wish I could find Newton’s TD-INT ratio against teams with a winning record versus teams with a losing record.

    I’ve seen it and it tells quite a story.

  23. OB Says:

    Joe, I believe that the one thing the team learned last year is that losing is terrible. The second thing is that they beat the Saints and Falcons with GMC in the game.

    The thing I see is that the entire D has a preseason with a disciplined coaching staff that demands attention to detail, this includes such minor things as tackling, being where you you belong and hustling. The offense has better blocking and a lot of weapons that, oh they will have a preseason also, will play together or probably be released.

    Yes they will lose some games, but in the first part of last year they could and did beat anyone.

    The preseason games will give us some idea of what is going on, until then, hope springs eternal.

  24. SteveK Says:

    Steve Smith is right on, “We need to prove a lot of things”.

    “Who the hell is Steve Smith”, Joe.

    Steve Smith is good WR in this league, and the man can play at a high level.

    WE QUIT LAST YEAR. We need to come out and “prove” ourselves week 1 agains the kitties.

  25. UK_Buc Says:


    Fair enough, I thought you were doing a “Joey from Friends”

  26. SteveK Says:

    Jake Delhomme’s collapse at QB prevented Steve Smith from having better stats.

    You saw how good he was last year, he just didn’t have a guy that could get him the ball.

    Smith may be a jerk, but that smurf can play.

    I still remember a few year back when he single handedly beat the Bears in the playoffs.

  27. SteveK Says:

    And, Smith broke his arm on a TD reception, and still hung onto it.

    Unlike Mike Williams letting the DB take the TD away from him in London.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree with some of the other comment about Cum Spewton. I’m not sold on they guy and the number 1 reason why is……….. he’s an idiot. The guy just isn’t very smart, at least not like an NFL QB needs to be. You guys are right that now there is film on him and his OC’s magic plays. If Cam keeps running the way he did, he will get injured sooner rather than later. Eventually you are going to take a hard shot from a blind side. I would rather have Josh Freeman than Cam, because he is more cerebral. Listen to Cam speak. He doesn’t say anything intelligent and lacks a basic understanding of the English Language. Sorry but I’m no Cam Fan. He won’t get lucky twice. Ain’t gonna happen. I can see Cam ending up as meat on a Clayborn-Bowers sandwich, with ketchup running down the side in week 1. Carolgina Sux!!!

  29. Papawill13 Says:

    Steve Smith should be in Jail, How many Teammates has he Ended Their Career with Vicious Assaults? At least 2.

    If Smith was not the attention of an unhealthy man love from Richardson he would be in JAIL!!

    Smith is Scum who ended the careers of people because he Enjoys Destroying one guys Eye Socket while his back is turned and he is sitting in at a Desk, because he missed a Block…

  30. Papawill13 Says:

    I guess some people dont mind if a Person Destroys the career of other players by Destroying their Eye Socket, as long as he scores TDs… Then he is Good…

    Smith is a Coward who will ONLY Fight when 1) Your back is turned, 2) You are sitting and Facing AWAY from him, 3) He has a Helmet on and You dont. Smith is Self Centered Person who will Hurt anyone he does not like.

    Defending this Scum because he Single Handily beat the Bears is Sickening….

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Don’t worry Papawill, the Saints will get him. I don’t believe that bounty has been collected yet.