Ronde Barber: Everbody’s High On Claiborne

April 13th, 2012

Perhaps Ronde Barber tipped the Bucs’ draft hand a bit this afternoon. Or perhaps not.

Surely it wouldn’t surprise anyone to learn the Bucs think highly of cornerback Morris Claiborne for their fifth-overall pick later this month. But it’s another thing to hear Barber talk about Claiborne’s recent visit to One Buc Palace and say “everybody’s high on him” and the Bucs probably will draft him.

Barber sat down for an exclusive interview with J.P. Peterson of WQYK-AM 1010 today.

Ronde Barber: When I was deciding to come back, I had plenty of meetings with Mark [Dominik], and phone conversations with Mark, they told me they were bringing a guy in [cornerback Eric Wright]. I was like, ‘That’s good. We need it.’

J.P. Peterson: You might bring in another [cornerback], Mo Claiborne.

Barber: We probably will.

Peterson: What do you think of him?

Barber: I don’t know. I haven’t watched any film of him. I don’t know how he plays or anything. He was actually in our [secondary] room. They did those little unofficial [predraft] visits or whatever. He’s a good kid. He looks good. He looks the part. Everybody’s high on him.

Not in the Trent Richardson camp, Joe will sleep that much more soundly tonight.

60 Responses to “Ronde Barber: Everbody’s High On Claiborne”

  1. Posey99 Says:

    CC; Legarette Blount

    That is how you make a professional statement when you have potential competition at your position being drafted in the first round.

  2. BonesMahoney Says:

    Either the Bucs are going to be real mad that Ronde is telling the world what their draft plans are or he is just feeding his opinion/some BS.

  3. Bob Fox Says:

    For what it’s worth, here is my latest mock draft…

    I think you can guess who I had the Bucs taking in the 1st round.

  4. Bobby Says:

    @Posey99….I doubt Barber would have responded with as much enthusiasm if he were entering his third year player instead of his 16th…..

  5. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Good point posey. Ronde is a secure point. Re: LB.

    I heard former Buc RB coach Art Valero say, paraphrase, it is commonly known around the league that Blount is a 1 dimensional player which you cant be as a #1 back in the NFL.

    Same day: Ian Beckles said that it was obvious to him that Blount did not know the plays, especially pass plays because he didn’t know where to go to pick up his blocking assignment – he said he was guessing.

    The point: this team apparently feels that they have zero #1 RBs – most experts agree. If T Rich is there it sounds like he is the guy, unless they acquire Forte etc.

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I really hate agreeing with Thomas, but I do on this one. First off, he wasn’t an all-purpose back in college. He had 2 career catches! There’s a reason for that. Anybody think Chip Kelly wouldn’t have given him the chance if he could do it? Second, he had 2 years in Tampa to prove he could do it. Obviously he was probably misused with the prior regime, but at the same time he never showed any promise whatsoever (with the exception of a long catch and run in preseason and a long catch and run in SF – which he got hurt on trying to leap over someone). It just doesn’t fit his skill set. Everyone in the world knows it, minus a few people on this site. I’m going to go ahead and trust the guys that have been in the building with him over any of us, but that’s just me. I know he hasn’t had a full off-season yet, but he’s had 2 seasons (with the same coaches) to learn what the hell is going on out there. It’s not a knock on him, as he is excellent at running the ball, but he’s just not an all-purpose back. He can still be very valuable to this team, and in no way should we even consider getting rid of him. But to put our trust in him to be the #1 (when he has done nothing to prove he can actually be an all-purpose back) is a bit naive, and potentially very dangerous. Believe it or not, having 2 very good RB’s is not a bad thing.

  7. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Hawaiian – Blount caught 15 balls last season without anyone thinking he has bad hands and averaged 10 yards a catch. Very strong.

    Also, if you think he’s useless on third down, ok, but why does Blount have to be an all-purpose back anyway? Michael Turner only plays two downs. Agree with you on having two strong running backs, but the Bucs can get one in the second round.

    Joe brought you takes from Earnest Graham pleading to develop LeGarrette because he has the ability. That’s at least one guy “in the building” that doesn’t agree with you.

  8. MikeWilliamsLiver Says:

    He completely DESTROYED his wrist. It’s gonna NAG him his entire career. Trent Richardson all the way

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t think the issue with Blount is his hands. It’s that to catch passes out of the backfield, you are typically catching from a standing still position. You then have to be able to accelerate quickly to get up the field. I think we can all agree that is a weakness for Blount. He takes a while to get into a higher gear, but you typically don’t have that luxury catching a check down.

    I don’t think he has to be an all-purpose back. I thought I made that clear. He can be extremely valuable by purely running the ball. You can probably get a good running back in the second, but you can get a great one in the first. By the way, you can also get a very good corner in the second as well. I see TR’s impact on the team far greater than Claiborne, but again I will be happy with either.

    Hard to argue with Graham, as he’s one of my favorites. I just don’t think you pass up a potential elite back to develop one “with ability”. A lot of people have ability, but never live up to it. That’s an awful big risk, especially on someone who has the reputation (fair or not) of not being a hard worker.

    I promise you one thing, I’m not going to become a Thomas and b!tch and moan if we don’t get TR. That’s just not how I roll. I’ll fully support Claiborne, and I’ll be the first to say I loved him all along when he gets his first pick 6. I do think, however, that TR is a better pick. I’m no GM and I could be totally wrong, but I haven’t felt this strongly about one guy since AP (I know, I know, revisionist history). CB’s typically take much longer to develop, and I just don’t know how I am going to stomach too many more rebuilding seasons. I want immediate impact, I’ll worry about longevity another day.

  10. admin Says:

    JOe here,

    @Hawaiian — Think you’ll get that immediate impact with Claiborne and the best available running back in the second round. Does Blount really need the “burst” you’re talking about out of the backfield if he’s averaging 10 yards a catch? Just think the guy is getting a bad rap after no offseasons and substandard coaching last year.

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    Tanard was especially HIGH on Claiborne before he got cut, now he’s just high.

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I sure hope so, because I don’t think there’s any way Richardson is going to be available at #5 anyway. And yes, I think he still needs that burst. 15 catches is a very small sampling, so a couple big catches can beef up that average. The one in SF was a complete bust in coverage. There’s a big difference in catching a few passes (catching the defense off-guard because they didn’t expect it) versus doing it consistently. Believe me, I hope I’m wrong, but I just haven’t seen it yet and I think it’s too big of a risk.

  13. chris bell Says:

    that probably means there not taking him even though he grades out well, trich completes shianos style of offense, sorry Claiborne lovers lol

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think I’ll be happy with pretty much whatever Dom does. The number one thing on my wish list this season was Carl Nicks, and we got him. PTL! The number wish was Vincent Jackson and we got him too. The best scenario for the Bucs will be trade back, but only if they get enough high picks to make it worth their while, and further back than 20 or so. I think the Bungholes would be a good partner with 2 first round picks, and their second too. But I don’t think Marvin Loses is too fond of the The Dom. The Bungholes could really use Blackmon if there at 5 to pair up with Green. Just Saying.

    And if the Bucs us the pick at 5 Blackmon, Richardson, Kalil, or Claiborne would help this team immensely.

    This is pretty much a no brainer, can’t lose situation for the Bucs.

  15. chris bell Says:

    you dont go spend 37 mil on a corner then draft one in first round you got Alphonso denard and trumaine Johnson who are good value corners as well who can be had later

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Number 2 wish

    Not further than 20

    Haha, swear I’m not drunk….

    or high….


  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I do agree he’s probably getting a bad rap by those who say he’s not a valuable member of this team. However, not by those who is saying we need to find another back to challenge, or even take away, his starting position. He’s just not complete, at least not yet.

  18. bucthis Says:

    and good point Thomas 2.2 , Buc’s trade up to Vikes and get T. Rich. I believe Minnesota would prefer to drop down no more than 5 and still get the guy they want. I don’t believe the bucs will trust Cleveland to take Tannehiill. You heard it here first. Bucs could also move down to Miami and take Luke Kuecly. Lastly, the could stay put and take Clairborne. There might be the remote possibility they take Kalii if Vikes trade out. One of these transactions should happen on Draft Day…

  19. 941-Bucs Says:

    I love how people are compareing how Blount answered a question to how Rhonde answers it…

    2 BIG differences in the 2.

    A. 1 is only 20 something and 2 years in a professional sport. The other is going on 16 years and knows everything there is to know about the game.

    B. Rhonde is on the fence of retirement. He is not worried about losing his job. He probably welcomes so one who can fill his role and keep the Bucs alive. Blount on the other hand is just fighting to keep his role on a team.

    Rhonde has no worry nor care of competition at this point in his career. He’s already been payed and played. While Blount has a family to raise, Kids to feed, and a Career that he hopes continue.

  20. 941-Bucs Says:

    Would swap the #5 overall with the Pats for both of the 1st’s a 4th and possibly Brandon Spikes 😉 <<< still wish we would have drafted him.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I pretty much agree with you. However, at no point in Ronde Barber’s career would he have answered the question the way Blount did. He’s way too smart. That’s not saying he wouldn’t think that way, but no way in hell would it ever come out of his mouth. I was initially a little irritated by Blount’s comments, but I have since backed off. He’s just being competitive, and not thinking about being PC. He gets a pass from me.

  22. teacherman777 Says:

    I love how he called him ‘the kid’

    Ronde, is the godfather. He accepts mentoring. I think we will lose Talib for some games. Wright was double insurance.

    But you can imagine the possibilities. If somehow, just somehow, Aqib could get his life together?

    Aqib has at times, PLAYED like an elite corner. I wish he could realize his potential and learn from Ronde. But….we cant afford to speculate.

    Draft Claiborne. He is special.

  23. teacherman777 Says:

    BLOUNT publicity!!

    Watch this video if you dont realize how great LeGarrette Blount is. With our new RB coach. Watch out!!

  24. teacherman777 Says:

    Trent Richardson Publicity.

    Now watch this and tell me you dont want to see the beginning of the baddest RB duo in the league PUNISH people week in and week out.

    We could use them both A LOT and win A LOT of football games.

    Just sayin

  25. bucfat Says:

    Im stunned how much you guys write back and forth. Seriously WOW.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Don’t think those are the correct links.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    It sure beats the alternative: being productive at work.

  28. mister V Says:

    Guys, why are we still debating a dead point? Minnesota takes kahlil and Cleveland takes Richardson problem solved My preference is richardson also,but no way does the fairies goes brain dead and allow him to get by without a riot in the city. Hey,any of those remaining 4 picks would be a great adding including blackmon and he’s the last person of the 4 I would like to see in pewter.

  29. mister V Says:


  30. mister V Says:

    Sorry Teach, I don’t think anyone will ever make the mistake of using the words “Great “and Blount in the same sentence,but then there’s alway 1, right? Listen, I don’t want to bash LB,although he does make it easy for me. I’m a buc fan first and anybody schiano thinks deserve to be on the team then i’m fer ’em and for them and anyone he doesn’t (TJ) I’m with him there 2.

  31. Garv Says:

    Ronde Barber has no idea who the Buccaneers will draft, whether or not they will trade down, or who will start at safety in September.

    It’s filler and means nothing. Claiborne, Richardson or Kahil at 5 if no trade.
    Win win win. although there will be some whining “experts” who will know better no matter WHO we pick.

    That’s just the way it is.

  32. bucfanjeff Says:

    So Richardson it is then. Good, glad its settled.

  33. MikeWilliamsLiver Says:

    Yep, glad they all see it our way now…..Trent Richardson is gonna be a Buc

  34. Cmurda Says:

    I like it Ronde. – MO 2K12

  35. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Here’s what I think:

    1) Claiborne
    2) Kalil
    3) Richardson

    In order for the best choices there for the Bucs, those are all good options. If any of those guys are there the Bucs can’t lose.

    When Schiano was hired he said we would be a “run-first” team. THEN the Bucs hired Sullivan as offense coordinator.

    I have seen people say that the Bucs will be “a run-first team like the Giants”. To me, these people don’t know what they are talking about. The Giants were 32nd (last) in rushing yards and 5th in passing yards.

    The Bucs WILL NOT be a run-first team. I know Bucs fans are HOPING they will be because it’s been a long time since we have been (really since Dungy), and they are projecting those desires into their draft predictions.

    Schiano said recently that the Bucs, at least in the beginniing, will have the element of surprise. How do you accomplish that? By making teams think you will play one way but in truth you play another.

    Use reasoning instead of desire and you will clearly see how this draft will play out.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    I tried that link and it went to Elephant Porn.

  37. Pete Dutcher Says:

    mister V Says: April 13th, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Sorry Teach, I don’t think anyone will ever make the mistake of using the words “Great “and Blount in the same sentence,but then there’s alway 1, right? Listen, I don’t want to bash LB,although he does make it easy for me.


    Nonsense. Blount has had no more fumbles than Alstott did in his first 2 years…Alstott…who also could not catch or block at the time.

    Those giving up on Blount have NO CLUE.

  38. gotbbucs Says:

    “I have seen people say that the Bucs will be “a run-first team like the Giants”. To me, these people don’t know what they are talking about. The Giants were 32nd (last) in rushing yards and 5th in passing yards.”


    Well done Pete.

  39. mister V Says:

    Pete, I know you do your research so go back and watch rutger teams and come back and tell us all about “Air Schiano”. That WAY We’ll all know for sure which schiano’s leaning….or NOT!!

  40. Pete Dutcher Says:

    mister V
    I would do that…except Schiano isn’t running the offense. You do not hired a superbowl winning coach as coordinator and then put the cuffs on him.

    Regardless of whether Schiano ran a lot in college, the NFL is a completely different animal. In college he ran the who shebang. In the NFL he has a GM and coordinators that have a higher degree of control.

    There is a reason retired superbowl winning coaches have trouble succeeding if the come back as head coaches…they are of the “run-first” mentality. That can still work if you have a dominant defense, but without one you will get beat more often than not.

    Joe Gibbs was run first. Jimmy Johnson was run first. The list goes on.

    In regard to the Bucs, we do not (currently) have a dominant defense. Even if we fill 90% of the holes on defense this off season it still has to be proven on the field.

    If we go run-first before it is, we will always be coming from behind.

    While I understand the desire for run-first…if the criteria is not met for it first we will see another head coach failure.

  41. teacherman777 Says:

    @Mister V

    Aaron Rodgers TOLD Blount that he couod be one of the greatest!

    Just watch the video and see the unique skill set he has.

    Under the right offe se. Dude could easily out up 1500 yards.

  42. Twodog Says:

    Forget Mo. Our Gm and Coach will. He can’t even read the playbook much less remember what is in it. The best thing I see in the Bucs recruiting is signs of some criteria that leaves Mo out of the picture. Go Bucs..

  43. Northend Says:

    Bob fox,solid mock. Can see alot of that happening and like all late picks except i think we skip oline and get another TE

  44. deminion Says:


  45. the buc realist Says:

    Best case scenario for the Bucs, is if Kalil falls to them. Then they could dangle a trade for Penn ( a high second rounder plus conditional pick in 2013) or a monster package for the Bucs to move up to take Kalil.

  46. BigMacAttack Says:

    Word of the day “Shebang”. Chalk one up for Pecos Pete

    Call Blount what you will people, but he has made numerous Great Plays. When he gets rolling, he turns into a walking highlight reel. Carl Nicks and Byner should improve Blount’s situation. Would I still draft Trent Richardson to pair with Blount? In a heartbeat. Would I draft Blackmon to Pair with Jackson? In a heartbeat. Would I draft Kalil to pair with Penn? In a heartbeat. You can’t lose anyway you go.

  47. teacherman777 Says:


    You got it man. We have many great options.

    Blackmon is a fluid reciever. He he would not only be pairing with Jackson but also with Mike Williams and Benn.

    Kalil would be great insurance to protect the blindside of our franchise QB.

    Richardson means FIRST DOWNS. And first downs will keep our D off the field which of course is what they need.

    And Morris Claiborne gives us the CB we need to help us stop Cam Newton and Drew Brees. Two of the baddest QB’s in the world today.

    And A trade down also is a win win.

    So no matter what argument you people make.

    We are sittin pretty at #5.

    I love all our options.

  48. Thomas2.2 Says:

    15 catches for 148 is too small a sampling to draw any conclusions. Nearly half of his yards came on 2 well blocked screens, take put those deviations and he is about 6 yards per catch in 2011.

    For 2010, he caught 5 balls for 14 yards.

    In 27 career starts, he caught just 20 balls for 162 yards – 2 years with of starts and less than 1 catch and 8 yards per game.

    Like everyone is saying, terribly 1 dimensional – T Rich will be the pick if available. Obviously, Blount cant block and fumbles – Schiano doesnt trust him.

  49. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I will support Claiborne also.

  50. teacherman777 Says:

    @Pete Duthcer

    Thanks for having Blounts back and mine.

    He is the main reason we went 10-6. He sparked our offense nd gave us the running game J-Free needed to get comfortable.

    For all you Bkount doubters, just imagine of Atlanta signed him to replace Michae Turner, who is slowing down by the way.

    Do you want to see Quincy Black try to tackle Blount??

    He would destroy our D!!

    Trust me, you do not want to see Blount in another uniform!!

  51. rpm44 Says:

    You all might think I’m smoking something but here is what I think…
    Colts – Luck
    Redskins – RGIII
    Vikes – Kalil
    Browns – Richardson (TR)
    Brows – Trade Bucs 1st and 2nd round – Blackmon or Tannihill. The Browns get two explosive players they really want and the Bucs get the 22nd, 37th and the 211th (rd 7) picks and the Bucs already have the 36th pick already.

    It may be wishful thinking but it could work…

  52. BigBear Says:

    @the buc realist. Why would we get rid of a borderline pro bowler year in and out? And have a rookie try to be a stud right away? If we take kalil trading penn would be dumb. Play them both and have trueblood as the backup to the right with kalil moving if penn gets hurt.

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    RPM, I like that idea of a trade with the Browns, but it may take their 1(22), 2, 3 & 4th round picks to equal the value of the #5 pick. They both total around 1700 then. Pick 22 & 37 are only worth about 1310. The other option would be if Cleveland threw in their #1 from next year to that 22 & 37 pick.

  54. BigMacAttack Says:

  55. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I could care less if Blount played on a division opponent, in fact I would prefer it over Williams, Turner and Thomas.

    It is no argument, Blount doesnt know the plays. Yes he is good for 3 or 4 exciting runs per season but he is goid for 10 times as many negative plays.

    Get over it, he is a backup or complimentary player – nothing more.

  56. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ teacherman

    Very few people are Blount “haters”. They’re Blount “realists”. I think everybody, even Joe, can agree that he’s a limited back in that he runs very well in certain situations and not much else.

    He tippy toes to the line, doesn’t lower his shoulder on short yardage, hasn’t shown the ability to pass block consistently, and, even though he has great hands, he’s not a “sudden” or “explosive” player in the passing game thereby limiting value. Unlike, one-dimensional Michael Turner, Blount tips the defense off to what we’re going to do because of his inability to pass block thereby clogging up the offense. Are Blount’s issues fixable? Maybe. Can be become serviceable in pass pro? I guess. Will he ever be a weapon out of the backfield? Doubtful.

    Here’s a radical idea: Let’s draft T-Rich (or perhaps, begrudgingly Doug Martin). LOL. He’ll be more dynamic, more explosive, and more capable in the passing game if he lives up to his billing. Blount has 3 more years in a Bucs uniform for very little money. He’ll be an exclusive rights FA this year, a Restricted FA in 2013, and going into Unrestricted FA after 2014. In 3 years we will not be a run-first team anymore if Freeman develops so we’ll need a dynamic back that can keep defenses honest by running between the tackles AND catching those swing passes out of the backfield. Is Blount ever going to be that guy?

  57. mister V Says:

    Teach,from what rumor I’ve heard, That day ARodgers told Blount that he could be one of the greatest.They both had just left JStevens and TJax appartment. Any truth to that rumor? I believe we all want the same thing,but disagree on how we (bucs fans)should go about reaching that goal. Schiano strikes me as a no non-sense straight shooter from everything written about him in this area and he’s not going to say one in public and do the opposite ( John Gruden)without knowing that local media will call him to the carpet. It seem to me if Schiano lie in public about being a run 1st team then he was simply grandstanding. It would make me feel like this guy can’t be trusted and tthe immediate loss of the players attention and confidence. Time and time,I’ve heard players discuss the importance of players trusting their coach, You can’t be both a liar and disciplinarian that kite wont fly very well. TBT printed a very good article on Schiano about how he plans to “BUC” the pass happy nfl trend and will continue forward with his run 1st approach. No doubt this was explained in the interviews b4 the hire of any of his coaches and obviously everyone hired was on board then and now.

  58. BigMacAttack Says:

    I just don’t think it makes much sense to cast a RB to the curb who only has 2 seasons under his belt and one with 1000 yds in 11 games. Especially when he was undrafted and cost next to nothing to keep. Blount is great potential and can be coached up. Earnest Byner may just be the man to do it. There is no concrete proof that Bloiunt does not know plays or blocking assignments. That is mostly speculation and there is a better chance that Greg Olson had no clue and was way over his head. The whole team needs to tighten up, but I believe Blount was one of 3 players to meet Schiano when he arrived and he’s been here ever since.

    Thomas, I love you little buddy, but again you’re just way off the mark here. And I so hope in year 3 GMC proves you wrong. Players that have shown some ability shout get 3 years to mature and develop.

  59. Draft King Says:

    With Aqib Talib facing criminal charges and Ronde Barber being 37 years old, Morris Claiborne is the most logical choice for the Bucs at #5. The only deviation might be if Cleveland drafts Ryan Tannehill at #4 and leaves Trent Richardson on the board (presuming it goes Luck/RG3/Kalil in the top three), but the Bucs need help at corner and Claiborne is the top prospect in the draft.

  60. Garv Says:

    I really hope that no matter what, the Buccaneers go BPA in rounds 1-3. No matter what, if that player Richardson, they take him, Claiborne, they take him.
    So yeah, it SHOULD come down to that. Holds true for every position but QB and that doesn’t even come into play.

    SMART teams take the best player available…..period.