No Chance Bucs Get Trent Richardson

April 23rd, 2012

Look, Joe knows Trent Richardson is a great football player and a great pro prospect. Joe’s not an idiot.

But Joe’s tiring of the crazy faction of Bucs fans that really think this guy is going to wear pewter and red on Thursday. Joe even believes many of these fans would pass on a night of passion and domination with Rachel Watson if it meant seeing Richardson in a Bucs jersey. Forgetting for a moment that Richardson isn’t the smartest pick for the Bucs at No. 5 overall, Richardson is not going to be there for the Bucs at No. 5.

If Richardson is the legendary, once-a-generation running back every draft guru and Richardson-crazy fan say he is, then there’s no way the Vikings, with their No. 3 overall pick, won’t have a pile of great trade-up offers for Richardson. That’s reality. When draft day comes, if Richardson really is considered that special, the Vikings will get pounded with deals from multiple teams.

And the Vikings will deal — and the build-through-the-draft Bucs won’t be the ones trading up. Minnesota has Adrian Peterson locked in to another $40 million or so guaranteed on his new contract. They have no need for a running back but a big need to stockpile talented players by trading the pick.

Then there’s Cleveland. If the Vikings don’t deal, what would be a huge red flag for Joe on what league GMs really think of Richardson, then the Browns are sitting there at No. 4 and hurting for running back. Yeah, it’s Cleveland, but it’s damn hard to believe they wouldn’t take Richardson.

The point is if Richardson is the superstar savior some Bucs fans believe he legitimately is, then there’s no logical reason for these same fans to believe he’ll be there for the Bucs.

Joe wants to believe rockstar general manager Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano would not draft Richardson, but Joe firmly believes they’ll never get the chance at No. 5.

51 Responses to “No Chance Bucs Get Trent Richardson”

  1. Bucworld Says:

    If Richardson is there, the Bucs will take him. I really don’t think he will be there at number 5. His stock has gone up to much. Joe, take a deep breath. The Bucs will take Claiborne.

  2. raphael Says:

    I don’t know her ,but I can unequivocally tell you I would not pass up a night of passion (not sure about the domination part) with Rachel Watson !

  3. raphael Says:

    Okay, I change my mind…count me in on the domination part !

    1 claibourne
    2 richardson
    3 kalil
    4 trade back

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’ll agree he won’t be there at 5, but if he is, he’s a Buc.

  5. Kujolw84 Says:

    The first round is full of good prospects, pretty much making it difficult for team’s to want to trade down. Most team’s want to stay were they are at because the know they can get need, value, and not have to spend two picks on a player. I think if the Bucs don’t want to reach for Kuechly at 5, which I keep hearing, I feel they don’t need to have a real high price. Mabey a 3rd or 4th round pick, really I would be fine with a 4th or 5th just to move to 11-14 to get Kuechly with out reaching for him. I don’t think we really need a CB, we should let Schiano/Cooper have at them and see how they respond this year.

  6. jvato24 Says:

    This sounds great in theory. But this is the NFL Draft and anything can happen. The guy TR is compared to in Adrian Peterson went 7th!!! Anything can and will happen. Still a good chance he is gone by 5 but to guarantee that scenario is a stretch.

    Blackmon would be a hell of a fit for the Browns West coast O.

    My question would be, does Holmgren have a history of snagging RBs early or WRs ??

    The big wildcard imo is Kuechly @ 5.

  7. MikeWilliamsLiver Says:

    so if Trent falls to the Bucs……it’s a NO brainer to steal him with the #5 Pick (my fingers are crossed)

  8. Jessup Says:

    I don’t want him at #5, but to say he won’t be there is silly. Adrian Peterson lasted until #7 for heavens sake. There is nothing close to a gaurantee that the Browns will take him. They’d be better off taking Blackmon at #4 and Doug Martin at #22.

  9. the buc realist Says:

    Kahlil will be the Pick. then we trade Penn for a second rounder and a pick to be named in next years draft.

  10. Heath Says:

    Couldn’t this same logic be used to denigrate every pick that falls to #5? If Kalil is such a dominant LT, why would the Vikings not want him at #3 and if he falls past Minnesota, why wouldn’t teams that need a LT be flooding the Browns with calls about moving up? You can do the same scenario with Claiborne. It’s fine if you think that the Bucs shouldn’t select Richardson, that’s a very likely conclusion but the logic used here is at best sketchy and likely completly flawed.

  11. Rrsrq Says:

    Bucs don’t need a CB, let Schiano and Cooper have at em, huh? You don’t draft for this year alone, in the NFC South, you bettter get a corner for now and the future, has to be Claiborne and I wouldn’t be upset with Stephen Gilmore @ 5 over Keuckly. Though Keuckly can really tackle, I’m not sure we got the d line beef to help him, I think he needs run stuffers or at least d linemen that can keep o linemen from getting to the 2nd level. He is Ruud 2.0 when I look at YouTube.

  12. Bucs4life Says:


  13. Dylan Says:

    @Joe keep dreamin about morris claubourne and his bust potential, non tackling, getting blocked and not standing a chance in the run game. he is overrated, you should wanna post an article saying how much you hope the bucs get this guy. Watch the little trent richardson documentary on about him returning to his home town pensacola.. he ask his old coach who is like his agent and best friend, “who is gettin me coach” first thing he says “i know tampa is really really high on you” dont be surpised if the bucs are the team to move up to 3, why? simply because they want matt khalil right? or blackmon? or claibourne? agree so far? so if they trade down to 5, they gain a pick or player, and still ensure 2 of those 3 prospects and a true blue chip player. dont be so fast to say the bucs arent one of the teams that will be calling minnesota on draft day. think you forgot the bucs new head coach schiano says all were gonna do is run, run run, run, deep pass, try again. and clearly he isent in love with blount. just like i said in free agency there gonna get offensive weapons for freeman simply because corner can be addressed in the 2nd or 3rd round easily. on draft day, there gonna be aggresive on getting a back who will A, be a INSTANT impact on the game an opposing teams gameplans. B sell tickets, and C help out the franchise… that would be josh freeman.

  14. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Heath – The same logic does NOT apply for other picks. Some credible draft analysts claim Kalil and Claiborne may not be the best on the board at their positions. Those guys include Greg Cosell (Claiborne) and Bill Polian (Kalil). That’s not the case with Richardson.

  15. Garv Says:

    Look, I agree Trent Richardson will not be there at 5.
    But if he were to be? I believe the Buccaneers would take him.
    He could well be the best player in the draft.

    Claiborne, if there would be an excellent pick! Kalil would be a damn good pick.
    A trade down could well bring in needed LB help and another high pick.

    It’s going to be fun, good for our Bucs this weekend. Only the “experts” will be whining, thinking they know more about the game than do the professionals. Maybe they do………..about Madden ’13…..or internet porn.

  16. Eric Says:

    The NFL Draft and “no chance” does not compute.

    And, rock star has traded up before – for Freeman.

    And, the “build through the draft” bucs look a little like fools gold gatherers this offseason. Not ver Steelers/packers like at all.

    I like TR as a player and the hilarity associated when Joe does a 180 if his star selects him.

    Get TR, even if u have to trade up IMO.

  17. raphael Says:

    # internet porn ^^^

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    Dominick said very clearly that he would consider moving up or down on Draft Day. If the Bucs want T-rich they could very easily trade with Minnesota, without probably giving up the farm. Minnesota would still get either Claiborne or Kalil at 5. Maybe not a high probability of a move up, but a possibility for sure. Dom has been very aggressive, getting his “Guys” this off season, and I don’t see that changing, but who knows what he wants. Moving back is a great scenario for the Bucs, moving up is a long shot, but Impact Players like the top 5 or 6 can make your entire draft successful. One great Player versus 6 mediocre players. The Bucs have drafted way to many mediocre players in the last several drafts.

  19. Nick Says:

    I see this… Miami getting desperate for Tannehill. Moving up to 5 to get him. Bucs move back to 8 and get Luke Kuechly and 2nd rounder. Thats if T-rich and claiborne are gone.

  20. raphael Says:

    Bucs could trade Talib-an and a 5th to Vikings, or sit there and see or trade back…

  21. Brian Says:

    Logic, logic, logic. There is no logic once the stuff hits the fan Thursday night. But if you want to rationalize, the Browns should pass on Richardson for the same reasons that the Claiborne fans want the Bucs to pass on him! In fact, the Browns can more easily pass on him because they have #22 and #37, which virtually guarantees them the 2nd best RB of their choice, while the Bucs don’t have the luxury of knowing that a suitable or comparable RB will be there in the 2nd.

    AP did last until the 7th pick , so you never know.

  22. Ryan Says:

    If T-Rich and Claiborne are gone why not pick Kalil and solidify the OLine!

  23. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Eric – C’mon now. Joe doesn’t do a bunch of 180s. But Joe is a fan. And if the Bucs were to pick Richardson, Joe would agonize for a day but after that he’ll be in line cheering for the guy like everyone else.

  24. Yar Says:

    The only position the Bucs need this minute is MLB. Kuechly is a vacuum cleaner that plays sideline to sideline. People say he makes tackles too far downfield, but he is making tackles that were missed by others. Gotta get Kuechly, with him Price, Akoye, McCoy and Grimm the middle of the D will be good for years.

  25. Justafan Says:

    For weeks, we’ve seen Joe pound the gavel for why it would be a stupid, irresponsible waste of a pick to draft Trent Richardson. Now we’re matter of factly informed that there’s no way someone else won’t take the guy higher than #5.

    If this is true, then the fact is that it would be a stupid, irresponsible waste of a pick to let Richardson slide if for some crazy reason he was sitting there for us at the pick. A decent starter at CB can be had at 36. A special player like TR should be taken if the opportunity exists.

    Which is what many of us have been saying all along.

  26. Ryan Says:

    What did all the playoff teams have in common…..get offensive line play. Of course you get Kalil if he falls!

  27. Ian P. Says:

    If Adrian Peterson had been on this Bucs team last year, would they have been any better? Not with that terrible defense they wouldn’t. So why would anybody think this team would get better with Richardson on the roster? This team needs to fix the defense. It has to be Claiborne or Kuechly. If Richardson is still available at #5, you trade down to the 7-8-9 area, and still have a great shot at getting Claiborne or Kuechly.

  28. Thomas2.2 Says:


    You are right. Some of the less informed fans dont understand how lacking Blount is in most areas. Even rahrah and Olson understood this.

    The difference that TR would make to this offense is immeasurable. The defense that Claiborne, a good man corner, will make next year is negligible. Both Dom and Schiano know this.

    My strong belief, and every indication, is that the team will try like hell to move back if T Rich is gone. They know Claiborne will be good but they dont want a cover 3 (or 1 depending on your term) corner at #5 because the value wont be there for 50-60% of your snaps (zone).

    I dont think anyone, except maybe Dal and Min, are in love with Mo. One is too low and one to high.

    Schoano is dying for TR, too bad he will be gone.

  29. celly_bwoy Says:

    I know @Joe hasn’t referenced this yet, but after reading this, I thought of a very real draft trade possibility and wanted to hear some thoughts on it.

    For those not planning on reading the entire article, Leslie Frazier is quoted saying that, “…when drafting that high, you want to get a game changer, someone that can score points. A QB or a WR”

    Considering the fact that they already have who they believe to be the QB, their biggest need is at WR. This all of a sudden puts into play a strong possibility that the Vikings COULD take Blackmon. If that is the case, and the Browns select Richardson @ 4, that would leave Claiborne AND Khalil on the board when the Bucs select.

    It was originally believed that the Rams and Jaguars would be looking for receiver help and the general consensus was that the Rams could take Blackmon @ 6 and Floyd could go @ 7.

    If only Floyd is left on the board at that point, there is a strong chance that if the Jaguars wanted him, they could make a play to move in front of St Louis to take the second best WR (that some believe is actually THE best WR) in the draft.

    If they could do it for a 3rd or 4th this year as well as a 1st or 2nd next year, I would be all for it.

    God, Thursday can’t come fast enough. Tired of all the speculation (and smoke screens) and just want to get to reality.


  30. celly_bwoy Says:


    Its nice to know you got a copy of the defensive playbook already to know that we’ll be in zone 50-60% of the time.

    Does it also say in there how many times Foster will blitz as well?

  31. BonesMahoney Says:

    If no one trades up for Claiborne it’s obviously a big red flag that Claiborne is not a great elite prospect. The Bucs should pass on him at 5.

    @Ian Actually if Peterson was on the Bucs last year we wouldn’t have had so many fumbles and 3 and outs. So the defense wouldn’t have been on the field as much so they couldn’t give up as many points. We would have won more games because of that.

  32. Eric Says:

    The Fins might be desperate to move up to grab the A&M QB.

    He played under Sherman and all. Miami needs some excitement.

    What would Cleveland want to move up? Swap and our second?

    Gotta be some way to make TR happen without giving up the farm. We need some dang excitement too. I dont care if we only get four years of it or so. Better than misery.


    Just a gentle jab………..

  33. rdbucfan Says:


    “@Heath – The same logic does NOT apply for other picks. Some credible draft analysts claim Kalil and Claiborne may not be the best on the board at their positions. Those guys include Greg Cosell (Claiborne) and Bill Polian (Kalil). That’s not the case with Richardson.”

    So if Richardson and Claiborne are both available at #5, you would select a player that you admit may not even be the best player at his position Mo Money Claiborne.

    You would rather the bucs draft what could be the 2nd or 3rd best CB at #5 over the best RB prospect in the last several years. I’m so glad you’re not the Bucs GM. The teams that draft for need continue to draft for need each and every year.

    Please Dom draft the best player available.

  34. Matt KB Says:

    Tannehill is the key to everything. I’m convinced that any movement at #3 will center on someone trying to get him before Cleveland does (their lack of connection to him is a deliberate attempt to convince other teams — namely Miami — that they don’t need to move up to get him).

    As for Richardson? Whatever. It’s a 60/40 league favoring the pass, and elite backs rarely win Super Bowls these days. Get someone that can defend the pass or help the pass game and get a role-player back (like Cincy’s Pead) in the late rounds.)

  35. Pete Dutcher Says:


    You should have a poll asking who do the fans want most with the 5th overall pick, Mo, Trent, Matt, or Claiborne.

    “Joe even believes many of these fans would pass on a night of passion and domination with Rachel Watson if it meant seeing Richardson in a Bucs jersey.”

    I don’t want Richardson unless my top two choices (Mo & Matt) are gone, but I also would not take a night of passion with Rachael. Why? Because as of today I have been:

    MARRIED 18 YEARS!!!!!! Wooooot!

    Look, ma, top o’the world!!!!!

  36. Bob Fox Says:

    Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes about how scouts in the NFL almost worship the ground TR walks on…

  37. Pete Dutcher Says:


    First, there are no sure things. Richardson could be a bust as easily as Claiborne could.

    Second, it’s wishful thinking that the Bucs would take Richardson over Claiborne. They need secondary help more than they need RB help.

    Don’t believe me? Look at all the talk coming out of One Buc Place about the running game…how big it’s going to be. It’s all they are talking about. They’re not talking about the passing game much at all.

    Think about that. If the Bucs are heading into the draft with all this talk about the running game, why would they let all the teas know they want Richardson. Wouldn’t they keep it hush-hush as much as possible so that no team traded up to take him from them? THINK ABOUT IT.

    And yet, they are brushing off questions about CB…talking about how they want to keep Talib and they now have Eric Wright and Ronde signed another year. They have worked hard to create the doubt that they will take Claiborne.

    And it’s not an easy thing to do, because it is so obvious to people that know how these things work.

    No matter how the draft goes, so long as 1 & 2 are QBs (and they will be) we will have Kilil, Claiborne or Richardson fall to us. That’s a win-win in my book. We just take whoever is left.


    …Mark Dominick is completely unpredictable. He might surprise EVERYONE and go with Linebacker.

  38. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Bob Fox

    Tell me, does Bob McGinn have an agenda there? Like maybe he’s hoping HIS team takes Richardson?

  39. Bobby Says:

    It will be Claiborne. Won’t be Kuechly unless we trade down. Won’t be Richardson unless Kalil and Claiborne are both gone.

  40. Pete Dutcher Says:

    That’s what I’m thinking, Bobby. And I also think the Bucs will still choose Claiborne if they have both he and Richardson to choose from.

    Either way…this website is going to explode when that pick is made. I hope Joe has the servers primed 😉

  41. Bob Fox Says:

    Pete…McGinn has NO agenda. He’s just one of the best beat writers in the NFL. He only reports what the scouts tell him. My own mock draft has the Bucs taking Claiborne. I certainly don’t have an agenda either.

  42. Bob Fox Says:

    Wrong link. Try this one…

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    @Bob Fox,
    I checked out your Mock Draft. I like the idea of trading back in round 3 to pick up a 4’th again. That makes some sense, but if LaMicahel James is on the board when they pick in the 3’rd, he’d be my pick. I would like to see the Bucs possibly trade back in the first with Cinci, and get both of their picks. I’d try to get Mark Baron and Donta Hightower if they were still on the board. 2’nd round, I’d look for Janoris Jenkins if he’s there.

  44. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I am hoping Trent is there for us to pick at #5 not only because he would be the best pick for us but also just to hear Joe cry and come up with excuses for why he was so wrong for the 1000s of articles he’s wrote up to this point basically saying his opinion is right and the rest of us who want Trent are idiots

  45. BucsFanMC Says:


    I read your blog everyday. While I do enjoy reading it, I am getting tired of reading you bash the idea of the Bucs drafting Richardson at 5. When we go 4-12 the year before, getting absolutely crushed in every game of the 10 game losing streak, it seems pretty obviously that anyone with talent could help the team. So you might want Claiborne more…..we get it….but why be so negative about Richardson. Richardson, Claiborne, Kalil, Kuechly, all seem good to me. I’d rather just read about you writing more positive things about each prospect. Also, My family has been season ticket holders ever since we moved down to the area when I was 10 years old. I go to every single home game (yes, preseason too). It seems more likely that Richardson will get more fans in the seats than Claiborne. Be nice to see a bigger crowd again. Again, it’s not that I don’t want Claiborne, but Richardson wouldn’t be so bad either.

  46. Eric Says:

    Let us hope the rock’s latest collection of beasts arent molded into a fine tuned losing machine like his last group.

  47. Joe Says:


    I am getting tired of reading you bash the idea of the Bucs drafting Richardson at 5.

    Only four more days to tolerate it and you’ll never read Joe “bash” — love how people misuse of that word — how drafting a running back at No. 5 is grossly irresponsible despite having a defense with a back-seven being a virtual slice of Swiss cheese.

    Joe appreciates your loyalty, man. Thanks!

  48. Colorado Buc Says:

    Forgive me I did not read all the posts before posting on here, but I think this is relevant so skip it if you don’t.

    It doesn’t matter what Todd McShay says, it doesn’t matter whether or not somebody trades up, or whether there are a lot of inquiries to trade up, it does not matter if the Browns pass on him. Because none of this goes into how the prospect has graded out. The Bucs scouting department, Coach Schiano, and Dom have already developed an opinion. They have at least 4 scenarios of how they pick, who they, if they trade back, the homework is done. It is ridiculous to think they would pass on him if there was lack of trade buzz or a pass by the Browns. The Vikings didn’t pass on AP when the Bucs passed on him for the late Gaines Adams. No, If the Bucs view Trent as their guy, they could care less if none of the other 32 team do. If he is there, and he is there guy, he will be picked. If not they will pass.

    I’m hoping for Defense, more specifically Claiborne, but I am not a GM, so I will take what we get. Hopefully with a side of titties and an ice cold beer.

  49. Papawill13 Says:

    I agree with Heath, just because someone is passed does not mean they arent the best. Derrick Brooks was not only passed on by almost every team but the Cowboys rather have had 2 3rd round picks than Brooks. And its not like the cowboys were 2-14, they won the Super Bowl after that draft.

  50. vince_bucnation Says:

    Joe, with all due respect, this article is extremely stupid. Richardson IS one of the top (if not the top) prospects since Peterson. Peterson was drafted 7th overall. Just because the Vikings aren’t getting a ton of trade up offers for him would mean nothing. People simply aren’t willing to trade the farm for an RB, even if that RB is a top prospect. How in the world the Vikings not trading down would be a “huge red flag” for you is beyond me. And there absolutely is a chance Richardson falls to the Bucs–absolutely.

  51. 1976Buc Says:

    Most guys on this site don’t know talent unless it’s chosen for them. Richardson is a great player. Is he any better than Blount? Everyone knows that RB’s that give second effort are at more risk of having th ball stripped. Check Blount’s YAC. Take a way one silly incident at Oregon and Blount might have been the Heisman winner. Who knows. He was all everything in High School, JUCO Player of the Year and a candidate for Heisman his senior year at Oregon. Give him a break.