New Schiano Order Embraced By Bucs

April 20th, 2012

From the moment Bucs fans read about on Twitter, and later saw on video, law-and-order Bucs coach Greg Schiano barking orders where to place toes while lining up for warm-ups, people knew a new era had begun at One Buc Palace.

It’s a New Schiano Order.

Gone are the days of rap music and backslaps and having feel good moments at practice. No, practice is for work, serious work, detailed work.

Thus far, per Woody Cummings of  The Tampa Tribune, many Buccaneers are digging the new attitude of the New Schiano Order.

Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is one many players applauding Schiano’s forceful ways.

“There’s nobody complaining out here. You just deal with it and go about your business. What are we going to say? ‘I’m not doing it.’ Coach would be like, ‘OK, thanks for your services.’ ”

So too are LeGarrette Blount, Vincent Jackson and Ronde Barber applauding Schiano’s intense practices

One reason Schiano is going all Sgt. Carter is to weed out those who are not serious about football. Remember, just a few short months ago, many players tanked on jettisoned coach Raheem Morris. If one can stomach it, watch again the ghastly performance against the Dixie Chicks to close the horrid season, completing the heinous 10-game losing streak.

Already Tanard Jackson is gone. Joe suspects Dezmon Briscoe could be next.

It’s a new day in Tampa Bay. And the Bucs will likely be better off for it. Much better in fact.

24 Responses to “New Schiano Order Embraced By Bucs”

  1. Nick Says:

    How do you not put a picture of Sgt. Slaughter? Or even Sgt. Hulka and his big toe?

  2. Joe Says:


    How do you not put a picture of Sgt. Slaughter? Or even Sgt. Hulka and his big toe?

    Because Joe’s not trying to mock the New Schiano Order nor ridicule the man.

  3. Paul W. Says:

    Get rid of Briscoe. For now on you either do it the buccaneer way or find a new team.

  4. Chris FWC Says:

    Only two things come from Texas.

  5. TrueBlue Says:

    For the record, the losing streak has not ended, it’s merely at 10 games so far. Until the Bucs notch a win in the regular season, it continues to live in infamy.

  6. Colorado Buc Says:

    Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! I love it!!

  7. Theodore Says:

    “Because Joe’s not trying to mock the New Schiano Order nor ridicule the man.”

    Which is exactly why Joe used a reference to Gomer Pyle’s sergeant 😉

  8. big007hed Says:

    Schiano: Because I am hard, you will not like me. But the more you hate me, the more you will learn. I am hard but I am fair. (Censored myself lol). Here you are all equally worthless. And my orders are to weed out all non-hackers who do not pack the gear to play for my beloved Bucs. Do you maggots understand that?

  9. jvato24 Says:

    I get the feeling this is still Cream Cake to what these players will experience in training camp. This is like welcome to camp … But in August the mommies and daddies will go home and this will be much more in your face … just my thoughts

  10. 941-Bucs Says:

    Saw this and it made me think.

    I can see us giving up a 5 or 6 round for him. Like the article said. Age and price tag a side he is still a dam good CB. Rhonde is like 6 years older then him and still plays at a high level. Plus this team still needs some good veterans.

    Getting him with a late round pick would also give us more wiggle room at #5 over all. We could get with Trent Richardson and still know or CB corp will be ok. Or we could trade down and fill more needs on defense with premium picks.

    It’s food for thought. I wanted us to go after Samuels since last off season when the Eagles got Nnamdi.

    I say go for it Dom.

  11. eric Says:

    I hope some toes cross the goal line with one of our players holding the ball.

    Toes are impressive. Keeping the panthers under 40 more so.

  12. rdbucfan Says:


    Do you remember that we had trouble scoring TD’s last season. More specifically scoring TD’s in the first quarter (I believe we had issues scoring TD’s all game every game)?

    Didn’t we have like 2 first quarter TD’s all of last year?

    How is Mo Claiborne the biggest need when LGB can’t or won’t try to use his 250 pounds to bulldoze into the endzone from the 1 foot line?

    The biggest need on this team is points more than anything. Yes, the defense was bad but gone are the days of give us 17 points and we’ll give you the W famously said by Warren Sapp.

  13. thegregwitul Says:

    If Richardson is available due to Cleveland selecting Blackmon or Tannehill, I think the Bucs should strongly consider trading a 5th round pick for Samuel. It provides insurance just in case something happens this summer with Talib, protects against injury and allows the team to wait until the next draft or two to find their next CB of the future. I would be all for this move, even with Claiborne still available.

    Now, if Richardson is gone, I’d go for Claiborne and keep the draft pick.

  14. Nick2 Says:

    There really nothing worse that I can think of as an excuse to miss a “voluntary” practice which we know each player should attend than “hey I am making a reality tv episode!!” Maybe if he were making a rap music video that might be worse. I cannot believe Briscoe thinks that was an acceptable excuse. If I were him I would have made something up instead of having that leak out. YIKES!!! Cut him!!!!!

  15. 941-Bucs Says:



  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Nice picture of a Drill Instructor. Quite possibly the most sadistic guys on the planet. They produce results and I believe Schiano will too.

  17. Perceptor Says:

    I really am enjoying reading about what coach Schiano is doing right now. I’ve watched all the press conferences and I enjoy hearing him talk about the bucs and it just seems like he is stuff together.

    I’m not worried, but it will be interesting to see how much this “extreme work” and “strict” environment will be accepted by the players. This would be looking far into the future, but Dick Vermil (99-00 Rams) and the Giants (06-07) won their SB’s because their coaches realized they were working their players too hard and were too authoritative. Control is nice, but certainly there is a balance to get the best out of the players involved — these two coaches proved it.

  18. Noleriff Says:

    ….this is MY football….there are many like it, but this one is mine !!!!!

  19. FlBoy84 Says:

    Any of you hom.’s touch my ball, I’ll kill ya.

  20. Mr Lucky Says:

    Wow, what a bunch of weenie’s on this site. Do you really think that screaming and yelling is the ONLY way to get grown men to respond?

    Sorry but Bill Bellicheck doesn’t run around like a drill sargent. Yes after Raheem’s buddy/buddy..hey bro system discipline is indicated but come on people.

    I would HOPE that the players that the Bucs have drafted or will draft dont’ have to be treated like wild animals and beat/yelled into submission.

  21. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Well Mr Lucky, if you know how to motivate and discipline the right way, why dont you go out and motivate 60 nfl football players… Oh wait thats the coaches job so STFU and let Schiano do it his way because the players seem to be responding pretty well to it.

  22. GenocideD Says:

    Yeah, that’s what everyone on this site is saying is that the “ONLY” way to get through to grown men is by screaming and yelling. What a bunch of weenies.
    *rolls eyes
    I think everyone is encouraged by the strict regime b/c it’s very much pointed in a better direction. Is it the ONLY way? I think most would agree it’s not but it’s a quality our current, new head coach possesses and it’s worth noting and relevent to comment on it, Mr.Lucie.
    The Weenies

  23. 941-Bucs Says:

    Im sorry these guys play football. They are modern day gladiator’s. A warriors in today’s society. If they can’t take a little screaming and hollering from the coaches. They are in the wrong sport.Plus they get payed millions to not get so sensitive. This is (or was) a Man’s sport last time i checked.

    Schiano doesn’t look like a Tyrant. He is just very clear and very stern. Niether of which is bad. As long as he doesn’t grow an EGO. Him screaming at practice seems to have been way over blown.

  24. Joe Says:


    ….this is MY football….there are many like it, but this one is mine !!!!!