New Bucs Running Back Michael Smith

April 28th, 2012

Here’s a quick breakdown of seventh round pick, Utah State running back Michael Smith.

21 Responses to “New Bucs Running Back Michael Smith”

  1. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Caddy clone and kick returner?

  2. pewterC Says:

    Looks like we’ve got a burner. 4.35 40yd dash…

  3. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    The Potato Bowl? lol

  4. BOb Says:

    more like a darren sproles clone. lets hope so. butim pretty sure thats the thinking here

  5. BonesMahoney Says:

    Caddy clone? lol what.

    5’8 207 with 4.3 speed and a little power. Love that pick. Finally drafting some RBs! I was sick of always having UDFAs back there.

  6. BrianW Says:

    Nice pick, never heard of him though! RB is one of our least deep positions on the team despite adding Martin. Looks like a fast kid, and thick for a 3rd down guy… maybe returns too?

  7. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Not a team captain, waste of a pick.


  8. jLM Says:

    Qb last pick???

  9. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Lol @potato bowl

  10. kay Says:

    I’ll take it. anything is more valuable than lumpkin. Really not many additions need to be made before training camp. A vet back for league minimum but definitely not a need after martin, and maybe an interior lineman and possibly some RT competition. Max starks anyone?

  11. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Much faster then Caddy coming out….worth a flier.

  12. Patrick Says:

    1000x better than Pumpkin. Can’t wait till we can see our whole draft class play!

  13. MOBucs Says:

    Gonna give Mossis Madu a fight for 3rd rb roster spot.

  14. Jacko101 Says:

    Lol ^^^^ @ pumpkin

  15. Big Picture Guy Says:

    I’d really like to see us grab one of these qb’s left. I just have nightmares of Dan Orlovsky running out of the endzone to self-commit a safety again, and Rudy Carpenter isn’t worth the polyester in his jersey.

  16. BrianW Says:

    Check out this tape, the Potato Bowl was awesome!! I can’t believe I missed it. He split carries with Turbin who got drafted earlier too. Watch the 2nd or 3rd play where he takes out a blitzer, gets up and opens a hole up the middle for the QB to scramble into. Then 2 minute mark he turns it on with a long one!

    We needed RB depth and we may have got it.

    If link doesn’t work, google Michael Smith Utah and it’s one of the only youtube clips not of his pro day 40 yard dash.

  17. kay Says:


    we cut carpenter weeks ago, he’s the cowboy’s problem now. Brett Ratliff is our qb3.

  18. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Same difference. Either way, they’re both a 4th quarter pre-season hand-off qb.

  19. eric Says:

    If he works hard he could become the driving force of the team…

  20. BucFan20 Says:

    Just remember Coach said he wants compitition at All positions. FREEMAN!! You got your new toys now your on the hot seat. Stare down receivers, over throw, under throw FUMBLE, PICKS, stand and look at wide open running lanes, hold the ball forever this year and it will be your last.

  21. Tom Says:

    This guy can ran ( fast) ,Block, and catch….strong little dude…….wow.