More Rumblings Matt Kalil May Fall To Bucs

April 23rd, 2012

As Joe first pointed out last week, it’s looking more and more likely that the Bucs could have stud offensive tackle Matt Kalil fall in their laps.

It’s beginning to appear Minnesota will draft LSU stud cornerback Morris Claiborne, who Joe covets for the Bucs.

Then, the Browns will draft Alabama running back Trent Richardson. That leaves Kalil still on the board.

Joe wrote last week if he were Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, if the above-mentioned scenario plays out, Joe would draft Kalil quicker than one could say “free beer.” You’d have a guy who would be an anchor on your offensive line for the next decade if not beyond.

Now some of Joe’s detractors claim this would be a bad move because it would tie up too much cash on the offensive line. Joe suggested this is not exactly accurate as Jeremy Trueblood is in the last year of a two-year contract. Factor in the rookie wage scale in effect and it’s not a hit financially as some would believe.

Joe was of the mind Kalil would step into Trueblood’s spot and in a couple of years, replacing left tackle Donald Penn.

But Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times seems to suggest Penn, not so much Trueblood, should be keeping a close eye on Thursday’s transactions.

Penn, a 2010 Pro Bowl selection who turns 29 this week, has four years and more than $22 million remaining on his contract. But the guarantees in his deal have already been paid, meaning there are few financial consequences for his release. And Penn wasn’t at his best in 2011, when he failed to keep his weight in check.

It’s less likely Kalil would play right tackle because of his demonstrated ability at the more valuable left tackle position. But if the Bucs are open to that, Trueblood is in the final year of a two-year contract and the future of the position is uncertain.

There are positions of greater need for a team that finished 4-12 in 2011? But there might not be a pick of greater value than Kalil, depending on where the team has him ranked.

People always scream the Bucs not only need to draft the best available talent, but with a No. 5 pick, the Bucs’ personnel department cannot risk missing an impact player with this pick.

If Claiborne is gone, Kalil has the best chance of having a major impact for many years to come.

69 Responses to “More Rumblings Matt Kalil May Fall To Bucs”

  1. jvato24 Says:

    We would have to be a bunch of AssHats to release DOnald Penn .. The guy is pretty Damn Good and you can bet having an All-Pro playing next to him will have Penn bringing his A Game.

    The Guy has handled many of the best Pass Rushers in the NFL. Matt Kalil well he hasnt. Also what does it mean that a team with Charlie Brown as their starting LT and a top 10 1st round QB and they pass on their biggest need ???

    1st off … Ill bet someone on here a Get drunk for free on me night if the Vikes passed on Kalil … They are just pissy the Rams got a boat load of picks right in front of them and want to bait a team from 4, 5 or 6 to trade up, thus the Blackmon, Claiborne talk.

    If the Bucs draft Kalil fine, but you dont Cut a PROVEN pro-Bowl caliber LT in his prime. If Kalil really is soft against the Run, would the Bucs pass on him too ???

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Holder is warped in the head, but he does cause one to think. With Penn at 29, it’s possible he could be right this time around. Penn already have weight issues and he’s now at the age where injuries start creeping in.

    Trueblood, though not nearly as good, is younger and might even play better with Nicks added.


    An interesting article on Bucs website today explained how we got Sapp and Brooks:

    Perhaps the greatest trade in Buccaneer history – or series of trades, really – occurred on draft weekend in 1995.

    Tampa Bay was due to pick seventh in the first round in that draft, and after starting the previous year’s draft with Dilfer and Rhett it looked certain that the Bucs would go after the most impactful defenders they could find. The team has probably never met a goal more thoroughly than it did on that day, but it took a lot of phone calls to make it happen.

    Not long after the first round began, the Bucs took a call from the Eagles, who (it is now clear) were eager to grab NFL Scouting Combine warrior Mike Mamula, the Boston College defensive end. Then-Buccaneers General Manager Rich McKay agreed to move back five spots, from #7 to #12, and throw in a third-round pick in order to get two second-rounders from Philly. At that spot, the Bucs merely waited their turn and, after Minnesota went for FSU defensive end Derrick Alexander at number 11, grabbed the player they wanted all along: defensive tackle Warren Sapp.

    Already well ahead of the game at this point, as time would tell, the Bucs then began to wait for their second-round pick, which was slotted fifth in that frame. As the first round progressed, Tampa Bay’s brain trust noticed another defensive player they admired, FSU linebacker Derrick Brooks, slipping down the board, perhaps because some teams felt he was a little small. When Brooks was still available late in the round, the Bucs made an aggressive move, packaging their own second-round pick with one of the two they had just acquired from Philadelphia and trading with the Dallas Cowboys. That put Tampa Bay at #28 in the first round, from where they grabbed Brooks.

    And that’s how the Bucs turned a first and a third-round pick into two almost sure-fire Hall of Fame defenders in the course of a couple hours in 1995. It’s hard to imagine any trades working out better than that.

    If Dominick pulled something like this…think about it. If we traded with Miami, then still got Claiborne…and then traded back into the fist and got a stud LB…that’s a scenario I would LOVE.

  3. princespanky Says:

    We have a bunch of road paving guards and center, even if Khalil is not great in run block he is still a good fit and a great value. If nothing else it gets us a guy people will be real interested in a pick and trade scenario. If not then he can keep Penn in check in a position battle or take over for the much maligned Trueblood.

    Winning all the way around. What would be really crazy is taking a pass on Khalil to reach and pick Kuechly. That would be sheer insanity.

  4. Meh Says:

    The big thing is that Penn is tradeable. If we take Kalil, we’ve spent a pick on a position that isn’t a ‘need’ position. We still have to fix the defense, and we have one less pick to do it with. We could probably get a 2nd for Penn, and spend both second rounders and the third rounder on defense.

    Now this is risky. Kalil has a higher ceiling than Penn, but Penn is a proven NFL LT. He isn’t a super star, but he’s good. Borderline pro bowler.

  5. DAN Says:

    i think id take keuckly first, but i prefer defence to offence as a preference

  6. the buc realist Says:

    how can anyone argue that upgrading the Left tackle shop and then to pick up a high second rounder for Penn is the best scenario for the Bucs, It probaly would lower the money tide up in the O-line. last year 5th pick contract was 4 year 18.5 million contract. Then we could get a corner and linebacker in the second.

  7. Chris FWC Says:

    I called this a month ago. I want Big $ Mo but I see us getting the STUD LT.

  8. Mikenice Says:

    I’ll take Kalil. With Kalil added to our already rediculous o-line I could average a few yards a run..not to mention Blount and Doug Martin or LaMichael James! Our running tame would be downright unstoppable. And Josh Freeman will have ample time to find Jackson, Williams and Benn! I would prefer a shot at drafting a shutdown corner..but I won’t complain.

  9. jvato24 Says:

    I pray we dont see Kalil blocking Freemans blind side against Pierre Paul and then Demarcus Ware the next week .. Unless there is an injury

    He is a rookie … Let him fight with Trueblood for playing time

    If Penns weight is such a big issue, Why not Carl Nicks at 350 Lbs ??

  10. celly_bwoy Says:

    I mentioned this in the other post, but obviously it applies here

    For those not planning on reading the entire article, Leslie Frazier is quoted saying that, “…when drafting that high, you want to get a game changer, someone that can score points. A QB or a WR”

    Considering the fact that they already have who they believe to be the QB, their biggest need is at WR. This all of a sudden puts into play a strong possibility that the Vikings COULD take Blackmon. If that is the case, and the Browns select Richardson @ 4, that would leave Claiborne AND Khalil on the board when the Bucs select.

    It was originally believed that the Rams and Jaguars would be looking for receiver help and the general consensus was that the Rams could take Blackmon @ 6 and Floyd could go @ 7.

    If only Floyd is left on the board at that point, there is a strong chance that if the Jaguars wanted him, they could make a play to move in front of St Louis to take the second best WR (that some believe is actually THE best WR) in the draft.

    If they could do it for a 3rd or 4th this year as well as a 1st or 2nd next year, I would be all for it.

    God, Thursday can’t come fast enough. Tired of all the speculation (and smoke screens) and just want to get to reality.


  11. jvato24 Says:


    You talk about Kalil making our run game unstoppable .. You are completely kidding yourself and lost if you think Kalil is close to the RUn Blocker TrueBlood is … Kalil is basically a finnesse Tackle ..

    If you say Freeman would have all day to make a Pass, I would agree.

  12. bucs55 Says:

    Penn is a proven player he shuts down some of the best ends in the game no one from the bucs team last year had a good year so how could people judge him and not judge everone else in the team he was one of the best tackles in the game last year if you really look at the game he seems to be holding up right againt the best pass rushers in the game kalil is a rookie hasent proven anything yet I say trade back and pick up a team need because I would take Penn a proven pro bowler a stud at the left tackle over kalil anyday

  13. SteveK Says:

    @ Pete,

    Thanks for the knowledge on the BUCS draft, GREAT STUFF!

    If Kalil is our guy at #5, barring injury, he will start over Trueblood.

    This is a great thing, and we would not need to spend a future high draft pick to address the O-Line.

    Why not “complete” the O-Line and then address all resources/picks to all other needs?

  14. SteveK Says:

    @ Celly_Bwoy,

    You are right one, Blackmon could be the pick for Minnesota.

    Chris Carter 2.0.

  15. chaoticbuc3125 Says:

    reading this made me throw up in my mouth.. If the Bucs draft Kalil,Dominik and Schiano deserve to be kicked in the face… They should draft Keuchley even if CLAIRBORNE is on the board hate CB in top 5 even more than LB.. You simple don’t need Kalil and would be a waste for the Bucs this year. Linebacker is by far the Bucs biggest need.

  16. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    I’d much rather trade down in that scenario to load up on extra picks to use on the defense. We have immediate needs now in the back 7, RB and TE depth. Elite talent is not needed on the Oline

  17. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Last year, the 5th overall pick got a 4 year deal for 18.5 mil. And I’m pretty sure that includes a 5th year option. To lock a (potential) franchise LT for that price for 5 years, is a steal.

    Considering the deal that Zuttah got for 4 years and 16 mil, I’d say we were getting a pretty good deal for 2 key pieces, with the potential for Trueblood to come off the books next year.

    I am a fan of building from the inside-out, and there are far worse places on your team to invest money (3 corner backs making 10mil+, Philadelphia?) than the OL.

  18. T in Orlando Says:

    @ princespanky

    Pick and trades are so rare in the NFL (can you think of one other than the Manning/Rivers trade from ’04) because the team who made the pick has virtually no leverage (clearly they’re not too crazy about the player they picked, otherwise why pick him).

    What I would really like to see happen if Trent and Mo are gone, is for us to swap picks with Jacksonville plus their 3rd rounder (I hear they’re looking hard a Blackmon, and would need to get ahead of St.Louis to get him), then swap picks with anyone looking to get ahead of Miami for Tanneyhill, and get appropriate compensation based off that, then pick BPA, and have at least 7 picks to go in the draft with at least 4 in rounds 2 and 3. If we can only get half of that done (the J’ville part) and the Rams pick up Kahlil, then I’d like to see us grab Kuelchy (sp?) at 7.

    If Richardson and Claiborne are off the board, and we cannot find a trade partner for 5, I have no problem with drafting Kahlil there. I wouldn’t be too keen on immediately releasing/trading Penn, as we wouldn’t know exactly what we have in Kahlil, plus his presence on the roster may motivate Penn to stay in shape, and subsequently, play even better.

  19. princespanky Says:


    While I agree with you that Penn is a good pro there has always been a knock on him that he has needed too much help from the left guard when faced with elite pass rushers. Just watch some tape and you will start to notice it.

    Now as far as Khalil goes, he is compared by most people to Pro Bowl Joe Thomas in terms of pass blocking…. that is completely insane… he is a completely fluid; top end pass blocker.

    Experts don’t normally miss on being able to predict pass blockers… last years draft had a bumper crop of tackles who started during their rookie season and played very well. See Tyron Smith and Nate Solder who both played RT last year and will be switching to LT this year.

    If that same scenario happened here we should be overjoyed.

  20. princespanky Says:


    I agree it happens very rarely and I also agree that I would be happy to see what we have in Khalil should no good alternative be available.

  21. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    I think the Vikes are taking Justin Blackmon, and in that scenario Morris Claiborne is still there for us. Although I have to say I would prefer we got Kuechly, assuming he is as good as advertised. Dominick will know what to do… I hope.

  22. raphael Says:

    Donald Penn = 400 lbs….

  23. raphael Says:

    Penn looked like Ned Beatty in deliverence trying to block the DE from NE last year…

    can’t go wrong with Kalil either.

  24. Oahubuc Says:

    We get younger, deeper, and more dominant in the trenches? Sustainable pick. Love it.

  25. Schmuckaneer Says:

    I say take Kuechly, or trade back and pick up Stephon Gilmore. I know Kalil is said to easily be the best OT in the draft, but it’s also openly been said that this is a very weak draft for OL and that Kalil is no mind blowing prospect. He’s no Jake Long or Joe Thomas as fat as “can’t miss LT prospects”. Besides all that, the Bucs are in a “Win Now” mode. Spending money on big FAs, new regime, #5 pick…so as much as I agree on the speculation of what Kalil could mean for the future, I’m not sure the Bucs aren’t looking for an immediate impact guy.

    And Joe, you harp on Richardson not making sense mostly because we have Blount (I agree), but you’re offering a very similar scenario with Kalil when we have Penn. I know there’s a discrepancy with my comparison due to the age factor with Penn….but there is also the discrepancy of prospect grades with Richardson being a much higher grade than Kalil. I say we spend that pick on an immediate need. If there’s not a “need meeter” worth the #5 we trade down and get the guy who meets the need at the proper draft value position and stock up an extra pick or two.

  26. jvato24 Says:

    princespanky Says
    Experts don’t normally miss on being able to predict pass blockers…

    Not very good to busts – Jason Smith ?? Eugene Monroe ??? Trent Williams ??? Robert Gallery ???

    Ok – Sub Par player-

    Russel OKung ??? Andre Smith ???

    All these guys besides Robert Gallery are top 10 picks in last 3 years … That track record may be worse then RB History.

  27. Jarret Says:

    Blackmon will never be anywhere near Cris Carter…I still can’t imagine the bucs taking an o-lineman with a top five pick. Trade it away if Mo is gone

  28. jvato24 Says:

    2009 1 1 2 2 Jason Smith Rams Baylor
    2 1 6 6 Andre Smith Bengals Alabama
    3 1 8 8 Eugene Monroe Jaguars Virginia

    2010 1 1 4 4 Trent Williams Redskins Oklahoma
    2 1 6 6 Russell Okung Seahawks Oklahoma State
    3 1 11 11 Anthony Davis 49ers Rutgers

    2011 1 1 9 9 Tyron Smith Cowboys USC
    2 1 17 17 Nate Solder Patriots Colorado

    Get over yourselves if you think by drafting a player high he is an automatic probowler

  29. raphael Says:

    Kalil’s brother is a pro bowl center…I would say chances are good that Kalil will be a pro bowl Tackle

  30. Snook Says:

    So…. let me get this straight. Tackle is not a position of “need”. Right?

    But if Kalil is there, we’d draft him because he’s the best player available?


    Drafting BPA over need… BRILLIANT!!

    So with this same scenario, why would we draft a CB (need) over BPA (Richardson) if MC and TR are still there at #5?

    Gotta love the hypocrisy.

  31. bucs55 Says:

    Princesspanky. We agree to disegree I don’t think Penn unsess the left guard as much as you think because if you do look at his tapes a lot of pass rushers try to go outside on him leaving him alone to block and people might complain on his size but Penn uses his lenghty body very well to block some of the best defensive ends in the game how could u say he needs help from the left guard wen the bucs haven’t had a good guard since Sears left …. And on The kalil theme anylist could anylist anything you gave me 2 good players I could give you tons have have struggles to become good tackles … Jason smith rams 2 overall dry said he had a lot of potencial and he’s now concidered a bust …. Monroe from jacksonville bust … Kenyatta walker was. Good prospect out of Florida comming out and he never lived up to the hipe y give away a proven player expecually now with good coaches a a supporting cast like hicks for someone that people haven’t even seen step in to the NFL field I say trade down and pick up. A plyer of need instead of giving up what you already have in Penn a proven vet

  32. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I have been hoping for Kalil, and now it looks as though it may happen, maybe.
    I still think Minnesota will trade the number 3 pick to a team that wants to move up for Trent Richardson.
    Cleveland will then take the receiver Blackmon, leaving Tampa with a choice between Kalil and Claiborne.
    Cleveland is no threat to take Claiborne, they already have the 2nd best secondary in the NFL.
    They need a target for Colt McCoy.
    Hopefully, Tampa will take the big USC Trojan Kalil, who will protect Josh Freeman for years and years, as well as smash mouth run block.

  33. Meh Says:

    Snook, imo Claiborne is better than Richardson. BPA *is* Claiborne.

  34. Schmuckaneer Says:

    BPA according to the analyst is Richardson. BPA+Greatest need should be the equation. BPA is all speculation. However, the Bucs having a far greater need in their back 7 is a fact. You have to go with the highest rated back 7 player available. If you can trade down and still get that guy, even better.

  35. bucs55 Says:

    I believe if kalil falls to num 5 the eagles or bills will make that call to trade to protect the qbs dry have spent so much money on

  36. Snook Says:

    Its amazing that there’s teams supposedly willing to move up to #3 to draft Richardson, yet the Bucs would be foolish to draft him because “you can get RBs in later rounds” and ” we already have a RB.”

    Sounds like the same story for Kalil. We already have a LT and he was undrafted from another team.


  37. Snook Says:

    “Snook, imo Claiborne is better than Richardson. BPA *is* Claiborne.”

    Not really… Claiborne isn’t even agreed upon as the best CB in this draft. How can you be questioned as the best player at your position yet also be best player available at #3?

  38. Schmuckaneer Says:

    @Bucs55 I agree. Very plausible.

  39. bucfanjeff Says:

    This is the time, days before the draft, when sh!t like this gets out. The Vikings have every intention of drafting Kalil. What they’re doing is making everyone second guess them so another team gives them a bunch of picks to move up to their spot. Smart move on their part to see if they can get the extra picks they want. If the tops 5 teams remain the same and don’t trade out of their spots, it will be:

  40. thibs5599 Says:

    We have Penn, we do not need Kalil. It would be one thing of Kalil was one of the best OT to come out in years, however he is not. He is simply the best OT in this draft. He is not Joe Thomas or Jake Long, not even Fergusan. Kalil would not be the BPA available either, Luke Kuechly would. He IS one of the best linebackers to come out in recent years, and not only is he one of the best players he fills a need as well, Kalil does not fill a need because we have no need for an offensive tackle especially that high. Everyone hates on Trueblood yet he has been starting for the past 5 seasons and he is still there, he clearly can not be as bad as everyone says he is. It is not that hard to replace a RT.

  41. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    @ bucfanjeff, how true! Minnesota has ZERO intentions of drafting Claiborne.
    Everyone knows Cleveland will take Richardson, so Minnesota is trying to get additional trade interest by threatening to take Claiborne.
    I still think someone will trade up to number 3 to draft Richardson, and Minnesota will make out like a bandit.
    Let’s all hope so, and that way Kalil falls to Tampa!

  42. Rickster Says:

    I lirearally just read a mock ,before coming here, that had the vikings taking mo and kalil falling to the bucs.
    It said that with stafford, rodgers, and cutler in there division they’ll be looking for a elite cb.
    And that actually makes alot of sense, which makes me sad…

  43. Brain Says:

    I 2nd the notion of drafting Kuechly or trading down and drafting Stephon Gilmore (or Mark Barron). LB and DB are our biggest needs and Kalil is not a value pick at #5 contrary to what many people believe. I don’t know of any other supposedly elite LT prospects who were worse run blockers than Kalil. The talent drop-off between Claiborne and Gilmore isn’t as big as people think…Claiborne is a better cover guy and playmaker but Gilmore is good in his own right, has lots of upside and is a better run defender. Janoris Jenkins is the best cover corner of them all but he’s a major character risk.

    If we don’t get Kuechly we must get Sean Spence. We desperately need a leader and instinctive tackler with range at WLB and those are the only 2 who fit the bill in this draft.

  44. Meh Says:

    Only fools think Claiborne isn’t the best CB in this draft. He is, and by a wide margin. He’s the best defensive player in this draft. Period. And imo, he’s BPA over Richardson (although I think it is close).

  45. Josh Says:

    I stopped reading about half way down. Guys, Penn was just signed to a large deal. He played good up until the end when the team fell apart. He brings experience and an attitude. No way will Schiano win the trust of the players if he dumps him for someone who hasn’t even played a snap yet in the NFL because the mocks have Kalil as this year’s top tackle. Penn is unique, and I think Schiano would appreciate the work Penn’s put in to get where he is. Tanard didn’t jump on board so he was cut. He won’t cut someone who’s on board and trying or he would lose the players. That being said, I have no clue what I’m talking about. I don’t know any of these people.

  46. Bobby Says:

    It’s already questionable whether it’s wise to take RB in the top 5 let alone trade up to do it. That is NOT going to happen.

  47. Bobby Says:

    @Josh….drafts happen every year and players get replaced every year. It’s a business and NO ONE has earned their place yet. Players will not stop trusting Schiano just because he is trying to improve the team. They understand that you don’t have a spot guaranteed until they announce the starting lineup for game 1. If Richardson and Claiborne are gone and we can’t trade, look for Kalil to be a Buc.

  48. jvato24 Says:

    Joe … And everyone else

    Better scenario ??

    Take Kalil @ 5

    or trade down to about 10 and get Luke Kuechly and get an extra 2nd round pick ??

    The Bills may even be willing to deal Leodis McKelvin

  49. Miracle Says:

    If Kalil or Richardson falls, I could see us having a trade partner in the 6-10 range which would give us great value to grab Luke Keuchley and pick up an additional 2nd rounder to grab both a CB and RB in the 2nd round. That scenario would be the best move if available.

    If somehow we don’t get any trade partners, I’d still go with Kuechley. His lack of value isn’t because of his available impact but the lack of general draft priority value. I say this is nonsense because these positions change nearly every year. 2 years ago it was nonsense to draft a WR in the top 10. How many RBs went in the top 10 when we drafted Cadillac? Where was Reggie Bush and Darren McFadden drafted? How much value is a stud LT to playoff hopes? Ask Cleveland or Miami who have 2 of the best LT’s in the game.

    A smart GM knows not to put too much stock in perceptional need of position. If everyone is hopping on the WR, CB or DE bandwagon and a Patrick Willis or Ray Lewis potential linebacker is sitting there. The smart GM takes the LB even though the position of low value.

    Do you think Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis doesn’t impact a game?

  50. Josh Says:

    I would love to see Kalil as a Buc. If he is there and Clayborn/Richardson are not draft him hands down. All I’m saying is Penn is not one of the problems. Sure he got burned a few times last year, but I think a Penn, Nicks combo still is pretty nasty. I just don’t see Dominik flipping on Penn when there are some many other holes on defense unless he uses that extra cap room and goes shopping in the next wave of free agency. Whatever. I like Penn. He has attitude and plays that way. The Bucs need more like him.

  51. GenocideD Says:

    All NFL gurus will tell you that drafting for need is why the sucky teams remain sucky teams. I love all of the people b!tching at the mention of us taking TR or Kalil b/c they’re not playing positions that we have the biggest need at. I’d love to land Claiborne, however, WHOMEVER we take will be an immense addition to our football team and I’ll be very excited for whomever it is that we actually draft or trade back for. I’ll be glad when this madness is over this weekend.
    This team needs to draft BPA>positions of need all day/every day moving fwd. It’s the only way we’re going to turn this crappy team around.
    I’ve got a hunch Schiano and MD will be on the same page and agree with that logic, too.

  52. GenocideD Says:

    …which means we’re not taking Kuechly at no.5…no matter what.

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Styles White. I’m looking for a new lawn service.

  54. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Penn is worth more than a second rounder. He’s in the prime of his career, we better get a later first rounder for the guy. OR maybe the Colts will want to protect their new, young QB and will give us their second rounder for Penn…that’s the first pick of the second round…if we can’t get a first rounder.

    The very best scenario would be for the Bucs to do a trade with Miami, move down a few spots, still get Claiborne and pick up another second rounder to couple with our current 2nd to trade back up into the second round and take LB.

    THAT would be a dream draft, and very similar to how we got Brooks and Sapp.

  55. Pete Dutcher Says:

    That said, I’m thinking the Colts will want a RB in round 2, if they don’t trade it away.

    They need to protect the QB as well…there is a market there for a team to make trades with them.

  56. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Tell that to the Lions…who did nothing but draft by need and have a very good team now.

    The way I see it, you make a list of your biggest needs, consider the best players at those needs, and draft the best player available from that list.

    Because, if you always go by best player, you could end up with multiple players at one position…it’s a myth that it is better.

  57. Joe Says:


    Penn is worth more than a second rounder.

    He’s in the prime of his career

    we better get a later first rounder for the guy.

    Which is exactly why Penn is not worth a first-rounder. A first round pick, a team expects that guy (unless he is a running back) to be around playing at a high level for a decade. You really believe Penn will be in the league at 39?

    No team is going to trade a first round pick for Donald Penn. Al Davis is dead.

  58. Schmuckaneer Says:

    GenocideD I couldn’t disagree more. Once you build a great team then you can afford the luxury of just taking the BPA w/o consideration of need. You really think Luck and RGIII are the best players in the draft? I know a lot of “Gurus” like Casserly who picked the BPA…there’s a reason they’re analysts now.

    Not taking consideration for your teams need you don’t get Warren Sapp and trade up for Derrick Brooks in the same draft. A GM like Matt McMillan ends up drafting BPA bust after BPA bust at the same position nearly every year.

  59. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I don’t think we should release Penn. But if Kalil is there and Mo is gone. He is a great pick. I think we play him at RT. Let him learn the game. Either trade or use JT as a backup. You can never have too many OL guys on your roster. With that said, I have never been a fan of False Start Trueblood. Kalil anchors our line for atleast a decade. And, we can draft best CB or RB on the board with our 2nd and 3rd round picks.

    I also believe a team from 10-16 would be interested in adding either Kalil or Blackmon so a trade down is still not out of the scenario yet. Honestly, there is several teams throughout the 1st round that would love to have an all pro LT or WR on their team. Look at what ATL gave up for Julio Jones. And Blackmon is way more talented that Julio. Blackmon will be special so I honestly wouldn’t care if we got any one of the 3 guys. Mo, Kalil, or Blackmon. He would give us a 4 WR set w him and VJ on the outside and Benn and Williams in the slot. Defenses could not possibly cover that kind of talent very effeciently!!! If Freeman can’t get it done with our OL and that group of WRs then he really does suck!!!

  60. bucfat Says:

    Any experts think we will take Matt Kalil? some say he will drop outta the top ten. I like the guy but feel strongly the bucs will pass on him. We have much bigger needs. which will be address first before signing A Tackle at 5. Duh.

  61. Miguel Grande Says:

    I have read that Kalil is the best tackle since Tony Boselli, truly a player we can build our franchise on. No reason to move Donald Penn, just tape Kalil’s picture to Penn’s locker, he’ll shape up.

    I’ve read from our resident JBF experts that Kalil is too small, or can’t run block. That’s crazy talk, at 6’7″ and 310 LBS this guy was dominant in all facets of the game. Experts say that with his frame he can easily add 40 more Lbs of muscle, that’s not saying he’s too small, they’re saying this guy is going to be a monster when he grows up.

    Kalil’s father and brother have had successful careers in the NFL. This guy is a can’t miss draft pick that will improve all facets of our team. If we pass on him, it will be like losing Josh Hamilton, and he’ll return time after time to rub our noses in it.

    Ian Beckles once said that the Bucs should use him as an OL consultant because he can tell whether a lineman will be successful by watching his feet. Tony Mandarich was the greatest tackle prospect in history, but he had slow feet, and was the biggest draft bust in history. Beckles seems to love Kalil and his feet.

  62. GenocideD Says:

    “just ask the Lions”?
    The team that can’t protect their QB and drafted 3 first round WRs and finally hit pay dirt b/c their team sucked so bad they had another high pick?
    You say wait until you have a good team to get the BPA but you won’t have one until you starting choosing BPA.
    Also, regarding might having multiple personnel at one position…that’s a good thing. Lack of depth is a huge issue with our team right now. In addition, multiple players that we can afford to part ways with can be used to trade for other players to fill needs or acquire more picks.

    re:Luck and RG3:I didn’t say all teams agreed with BPA over need.

  63. Schmuckaneer Says:

    So you agree Genocide, the Lions shouldn’t have went with the BOA everytime, and should done more to protect their QB’s. Thank you…point made.

    Miguel Grande….if you hear anyone say Kalil is the best LT since Boselli automatically tune them out and never listen to them talk football again. I’m not saying he’s not going to be great, but as a prospect he’s one of the lower graded “best LT in the draft” prospect in some time. He is super fluid and athletic…much of that has to do with him being light…Possibly the lightest in the draft.

  64. Schmuckaneer Says:

    He is VERY weak in the run department.

  65. Schmuckaneer Says:

    He is VERY weak in the run department.

  66. GenocideD Says:

    Schmuck, I was pointing out obvious flaws in Pete’s statement regarding Detroit having a “very good team now”. Not to mention their run game…

  67. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not opposed to drafting Kalil, but someone explain to me why in the hell we would get rid of one of our very few Pro Bowl players? Do you really have that much faith in our scouting department that they could turn a second round pick (assuming we could even get that much) into a Pro Bowl player? If not, you aren’t getting equal value, you are just getting another average player (which we have been stockpiling). Penn has arguably been our best offensive player over the last couple years, certainly one of the best. I love how people point out one or two bad plays against pro bowl DE’s, as if that is some indication of how horrible he is. Oh no, he gave up a sack to Jared Allen!!!!! We much trade him at once!!!!!! So what if he’s 29? Are we just going to get rid of everyone as they approach the dreaded 3-0? Isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place?

    We only pick Kalil if he is on the field WITH Penn, period. If that happens, great, let’s do it. Perhaps running back isn’t our greatest need, but it is pretty damn high on the list. LT is toward the bottom, right above QB and punter. A LT can play every offensive snap, a running back cannot. You have to have at least 2 capable running backs, in our case 3 because Blount has yet to prove he can do anything besides run the ball (granted he does that very well).

  68. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t think it matters, because I would be absolutely stunned if Minnesota passes on Kalil and Cleveland passes on TR. All the Claiborne people are going to be very happy on Thursday night. I can’t wait to see how many Claiborne articles Joe puts out over the next few months 🙂

  69. Paul Says:

    “Trueblood, though not nearly as good, is younger and might even play better with Nicks added.”