Mark Dominik’s First Draft Forgettable

April 20th, 2012

"Mark Dominik didn't draft me."

Joe makes no efforts to hide the fact he’s a fan of Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik. It was his uncanny ability to pull guys off the scrap heap in 2010, guys who plugged holes left by injured players with no apparent drop off in play, bringing the Bucs within whiff of Rachel Watson’s perfume from the playoffs. Combined with his sudden, new-found celebrity with the national media, is how Dominik earned his moniker.

But things didn’t start off so good for Dominik in his first year running the Bucs.

First, there was the messy divorce from popular, cornerstone franchise players like Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn that still has fans howling in disgust in their local watering holes, some three years later.

Attempting to channel his inner Ted Thompson and Kevin Colbert to fill the Bucs roster with draft picks, well, Dominik’s first draft hasn’t gone so well, documented Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Only quarterback Josh Freeman, the first-round pick, has developed into a starter.

Two players — fourth-round pick Kyle Moore, a defensive tackle, and fifth-round pick Xavier Fulton, an offensive tackle — are no longer with the team. The other three players — cornerback E.J. Biggers, defensive tackle Roy Miller and receiver Sammie Stroughter — have limited roles as backups.

Gulp. That’s not good, especially for a team that wants to build through the draft. And Joe knows many Bucs fans want to run Biggers out of town on the next Greyhound bus… and Miller may be in the fight for his short professional career in trying to keep a roster spot this fall.

Still, Dominik will really have to try hard to find the magic of drafting that his predecessor Bruce Almighty and noted quarterback savant Chucky possessed.

Joe only needs to reference the 2007 draft, which may go down in Bucs history as the absolute worst draft.

First round: Gaines Adams (RIP).
Second round: Arron Sears, Sabby the Goat.
Third round: Quincy Black.
Fourth round: Tanard Jackson.
Fifth round: Greg Peterson.
Sixth round: Adam Hayward.
Seventh round: Chris Denman, Marcus Hamilton, Kenneth Darby.

No, Dominik’s first draft may have been a stinker. But Dominik will be able to rest at night, comforted in the knowledge that he couldn’t try to have a worse draft than Bruce Almighty and Chucky pulled off five years ago.

And people actually wonder why those two are no longer employed by the Bucs?

32 Responses to “Mark Dominik’s First Draft Forgettable”

  1. Justafan Says:

    It’s your site. You can and should throw out your opinion at will – but anyone aware of the NFL knows that the GM and HC aren’t the only ones responsible for the outcome of a draft.

    Dominik was a part of that atrocious 2007 draft as well. Bruce Allen is actually an award winning NFL executive – an honor your rock star has never achieved, and Dominik was groomed in part by Allen.

    He may or may not end up being decent or even great at the job, but trying to justify the 2009 draft by comparing it to another terrible draft Dominik contributed to is kind of silly.

  2. Matt Says:

    why was sabby piscatelli known as the goat?

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Tampa should have a great draft this year, since Mark has all these new football men here to help him.

  4. the buc realist Says:

    Still waiting for the “rockstar” to draft someone that will make 1 probowl.

  5. Picked Off Says:

    It still absolutely amazes me that Gruden gets these hour long QB Camp specials on ESPN. It’s unbelievable. When, in his entire NFL coaching career, did he develop a young QB? The specials would make more sense if he would go over tape and interview retread QBs and talk about Syder YB Banana or whatever the hell he said 500 times in the thing with Luck. Gruden has really become Chucky. He is now a cartoon character…

  6. the buc realist Says:

    Gruden took a team with Chris Simms as Quarterback to the playoffs. That alone makes him a QB Guru. Let alone the fact that almost every QB that played under Gruden had some of their best years.

  7. BraveBuc Says:

    If Josh Freeman pans out, that draft will be a good one no matter what.

  8. Fatmosh Says:

    @Picked Off Are you serious? Who cares if he’s developed a QB. Those QB specials are awesome and make for good TV. That’s why he has the show.

  9. jvato24 Says:

    JustaFan … Mark DOminik was Pro Player Personnel director … Meaning he had control on practice squadders and FAs …

    He brought us Donald Penn and also Antonio Bryant who until he injured his knee was a great player … You keep believing he was in charge of the 2007 draft.

    Dominik himself was completely critical of his drafts in an article yesterday. It was the guys first ever draft as the youngest GM in the league.

  10. thibs5599 Says:

    Gruden is a moron and those specials are horrible, he asks ridiculous questions and just looks like an idiot. As for that draft I am not trying to protect Gruden or Allen’s draft strategies but who knows what Gaines could have done if he did not Die, Sears turned into a loose cannon that nobody could have predicted, and Tanard was on his way to becoming a pro bowler yet he smoked away his chances of that. Black and Hayward are still on the team and contributing, even if Black is horrible Hayward is a special teams captain and Black did have a good season in 2010. There are worse drafts out there when entire draft classes are no longer in the NFL, I am sure it has been done before.

  11. Heath Says:

    @ Matt

    Sabby’s twitter handle referenced “GOAT”

  12. Rob Holiday Says:

    As we keep talking about the performances of some players the past couple of years, I keep coming back to: How well were they coached? Most young and extremely talented players would struggle mightily if they were not being coached/taught properly. Are some of these players actually better than what they put on film the last couple years? Is that why Schiano is looking at Foster’s college tape?

  13. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Matt — Because he played like a goat.

  14. Eric Says:

    Lets see, which team won the NFC South in 2007?

    Who was the coach and General Manager of that team?

    Three seasons removed from the departure of those two guys has that feat been repeated?

    Which GM over the past seven years has presided over a ten game losing streak, in which the team he assembled set the buccaneer record for most points allowed in team history? As a matter of fact who is the only GM in the history of the Bucs to accomplish those two things in a single season?

    Who was the GM when the bucs fell behind 42-0 midway through second quarter to top off a ten game losing streak?

    That would be our lovable Rock Star.

  15. Gavster Says:

    I thought that draft was pretty good. Just unfortunate how some things turn out. Aaron sears was pretty damn good till all those issues got in the way. T jax had a great 1st year. Sabby looked ok. And Hayward is a good ST player. At least we got some production out of these players.

  16. Kyle Says:

    Hey Eric how is Allen’s turn around of the redskins going? Lots of NFC east crowns and many playoff births, oh wait

  17. thomas 2.2 Says:

    I know you ladies hate it when I am critical; however:

    the 2009 draft was horrible, even if Freeman pans out. Drafting 1 good player during a transition draft is devastating to a team’s development.

    Further, it was dumb to trade up for Freeman, nobody was going to take him before the bucs original pick. It was also a huge mistake to draft Roy Miller in the 3rd round, especially with Mike Wallace available. I know, I know, hindsight is always 20/20 but we had both a need and most rated Wallace a better prospect.

    Dom was operating under this dumb “Captains” philosophy wherein WAY TOO MUCH weight was given to Captains over productivity – that is why he took Miller.

    Miller was clearly more leader than player at Texas. He is a strong but not active or productive player with 5th round value. Wallace was a burner with 2nd round value.

    I think the 2010 draft was even more devastating. Last year, this team finished 32nd in sacks – dead last. Gerald has been a nightmare for this franchise so far.

    8 Pro Bowl players came out of the first 42 picks, and 6-10 more borderline pro bowlers as well. We had 4 of the first 67 picks in 2010: Gerald, Price, Benn, Myron Lewis. What? That is terrible. Dom gets saved a little by pulling Mike Will and Grimm out of the later rounds but questions remain on both of them.

    Listen, I knew (because I told you since pre-draft) that Gerald was not worthy of the #3 overall selection, not based on potential because he has a lot, but based on productivity, which he has always been short on. Gerald should improve under Schiano, and I will reevaluate him – objectively, Gerald was improving some in his run defense – but his pass ruch is abysmal.

    Rahrah and dom drafted Gerald on need (they were desperate for a 3 technique/under tackle a key Tampa 2 position and forced themselves into seeing only the good with Gerald).

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    Just saw this top draft busts since Y2K

    I am utterly shocked that GMC didn’t make this list, being that Thomas has promoted this argument to all 4 corners of the Globe. There are even guys that were picked higher than GMC, and many no longer in the league. How do you explain such a careless mistake by a credible site like Even the guys at had GMC listed as a top 10 bust. Unbelievable!

    Thomas??? Can you explain this??? Please do.

  19. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Sure BigMacAttack:

    the list didn’t include any players from the 2010 or 2011 drafts, likely because they consider it too early to definitively label those players a bust – I agree.

    Check back next year – if Gerald has a 2012, like 2011 and 2010 – Gerald will be on the list. Dom came pretty close to calling Gerald and Price busts SO FAR yesterday.

    I have never said that it is a done deal on Gerald, I expect him to improve and play a full season sooner or later. But 40% of his huge contract has been for not – even if he does get better and stay healthy – the pick is unlikely to be worth it.

  20. Justafan Says:


    Hyperbole and revisionist reposting of what I actually said doesn’t change a damn thing.

    Dominik was a part of the overall team that put together the 2007 draft board. No way was he appointed GM without having solid, recent experience in the draft process. And you can hype the good choices Dom made while Allen was in charge, but it’s hilarious that you’ll give him credit for the right choices and eliminate any of the responsibility for the missteps. Should I bring up the many, many FA missteps?

    I didn’t claim the draft was a primary responsibility for Dominik, either. I also did not claim he was “in charge” or solely responsible, I said he was a contributor. And he was. Go ahead and try to manufacture a fantasy scenario in which those statements are untrue.

  21. Patrick Says:

    Arron Sears and Tanard Jackson were great picks talent wise, they just bad issues off the field.

    Also, Bruce Allen was the problem here in Tampa. I thought Gruden had his flaws, but I think he got too much of the blame. He’s the one that wanted to trade up for Calvin Johnson, remember that. Allen didn’t.

  22. Thinker Says:

    Reality is that Winslow will have proven to be a solid deal for that late second round pick. Reality is Roy Miller or Sammie Stroughter will have a long career. Hardly a bad draft when you consider teams miss on quarterbacks all the time.

  23. eric Says:

    If winning the division is a problem Bruce was the cause. He has caused that problem multiple times with two different teams.

    If losing ten straight is the solution i give Rock 100% credit.

    Awesome job!

    And people wonder why his Aptitude is questioned and why he is still GM.


  24. td32 Says:

    The 2007 draft had Tanard Jackson, who was a multiple season/impact starter. Aaron Sears was a potential Pro Bowl Guard before psychological issues were his downfall. And how could we label Quincy Black a bust considering he has started multiple seasons and Rockstar GM Mark Dominik handed him a fat contract;) Oh yeah, and Gaines Adams netted the Bucs a 2nd round pick from the Bears. BTW, just a hunch, but I’m guessing Chucky was pushing to trade up for Calvin johnson or Joe Thomas. If memory serves me, wasnt it Monte Kiffen that pined for Gaines Adams?

  25. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Eric Says:
    April 20th, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Who was the GM when the bucs fell behind 42-0 midway through second quarter to top off a ten game losing streak?


    Okay, sure, if you want to ignore all the beat downs the Bucs got during Allen’s reign, go for it.


    Stop trying to use false claims to make your point. Dominick had ZERO to do with the draft that year. Period. You can claim he was part of the team…but so were the cheer leaders. By your warped logic, they are as much to blame as Allen for that draft.



    That first draft was his rookie year, which doesn’t excuse much, but it does explain some things.

    Miller is a solid backup…that makes his a successful pick. Not all draft picks are starters. He wasn’t drafted in round 1 or 2, so he cannot be considered a bust if he is solid…which he is.

    Tanard Jackson was a quality pick as far as skills and talent. No one can predict personal choices.

    Biggers is a late round pick…it was only hope that he would be starting material after he showed some potential. He never should have been given the start, but he can be a solid backup at least.

    Sammie Stroughter may have eventually developed into starting in the #2 slot had Morris and Dominick not drafted Williams and Benn the following year. Priority was given to the higher picks…with good reason.

    And, of course, Freeman is still undetermined, though very promising.

    Two starters – Freeman and Tanard
    Three Backups – Miller, Biggers, Stroughter

    That actually isn’t all that bad a draft. Like I said, Tanard had the skills and ability…but HE CHOSE to smoke it away, not Dom.

    Oh, and btw…there’s a chance Miller could get better under new and better coaches. He’ll never be a sack artist, but he could become a great run stopper with the right development.

  26. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Sorry, drop Tanard from that list, got the two mixed up.

  27. Thinker Says:

    @TD 32 – Tanard played two full seasons. One great, one OK. Then he got suspended and in trouble. Solid for a fourth-rounder but nothing more.

    What does a Gaines Adams trade have to do with anything? The Bucs paid him like $30 million to suck. I suspect if someone investigated Sears we’d find he had problems that should have been red flags in the drafting process.

    And yes, Q. Black sucks!

  28. eric Says:

    Everybody gets a beatdown now and again. Rock has taken it to a unprecedented level.

  29. Sensiblebuc Says:

    God I love that goat picture. Cracks me up every time.

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry Thomas, I took a cheap shot at you with that report, and all things considered, you haven’t been proven wrong yet. I hope both DT’s get it together this year, or as Dom said time is running out. Better coaching for the top should help the situation.

  31. jvato24 Says:

    Hey Thinker … Gaines Adams had more sacks than any other DE drafted 2 years after we drafted him … It was just a weak year for DE and we just cut Simeon.

    Gaines was actually our leading sacker until Clayborn came along this year. You can say he sucked but 6.5 sacks in each of the first 2 years isnt bad for a DE.

    Think about that.

  32. patrickbucs Says:

    @Thinker Says:

    What does a Gaines Adams trade have to do with anything? The Bucs paid him like $30 million to suck. I suspect if someone investigated Sears we’d find he had problems that should have been red flags in the drafting process.

    Thinker these guys are investigated by mostly ex FBI agents that consult for the NFL. They know what you were like in grade school..