Mark Dominik Cannot Misfire In This Draft

April 25th, 2012

It’s not often that a team drafts in the top five. That means in the previous season the team was pretty much horrible.

And even a (former) Bucs cheerleader like Tiffany Jimenez would argue the Bucs stunk last year.

One reason the Bucs have stunk is, in his short tenure as the Bucs rock star general manager, Mark Dominik’s draft selections haven’t exactly made people forget Bill Walsh, though his ability to find gems off the street as free agent signings has been uncanny.

Alan Dell of the Bradenton Herald writes that for the Bucs to turn around what was a horrible season, Dominik will have to raise his batting average with draft picks.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager admitted he and his draft choices are running out of time when he addressed the media last week.

The draft on Thursday will be the fourth under his wing. “We don’t have much more time, nor do the players,” he said. “If you don’t learn from your mistakes you are a bound to create them again. So you really try to look at it and say what was it about that that I missed on, that as an organization we didn’t make the right selection.”

There are two ways for a general manager to not have his contract extended. The first is if the team losses. The second is if the team isn’t getting the job done drafting.

The 2009 draft was bad for Dominik. The 2010 draft isn’t looking that great, but it would help its key draftees could stay on the field.

It’s way too early to judge the 2011 draft but the early results are promising.

Dominik could do well to get a(nother) contract extension if he hits a couple of home runs this weekend.

57 Responses to “Mark Dominik Cannot Misfire In This Draft”

  1. raphael Says:

    1 richardson rb (trade up)
    2 harrison smith s
    3 kendricks lb
    5 burfict lb
    6 bpa
    7 bpa
    make it happen Rock star

  2. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    First drafts are allowed to be bad in my book.

    Although, as long as we’ve gone without a franchise QB, I think just getting Freeman made it successful.

  3. pewterC Says:

    I think he brings more to the table than any other prospect other than the top two QB’s. He’ll change the face of a game more consistently than our other potential choices in the draft because he’s superior in many aspects AND will be around the ball more.

    Not only will you get solid running, but you’ll virtually have another O-lineman in the backfield to protect Freeman. Not to mention an effective receiver out of the backfield, if Freeman has to get rid of the ball.

    Kalil is good, but he only brings one aspect to the game (which is his job) and that’s blocking. I love Mo, but the “flow-of-the-game” has to come to him in order for him to be effective.

    With TR, YOU CAN CREATE NIGHTMARES. Defenses will truly have to pick their poison. He takes the Bucs to the next level because he is excellent in the running game (vision & running), and the passing game (receiving & blocking).

    RUNNING: A heavy dose of Nicks & crew with TR & Blount will wear defenses down.

    PASSING: Vincent and an improved wr corp can get open because Nicks & crew will have an additional Lineman in the backfield to protect Freeman and buy time.

    In essence, TR can be used to DICTATE games, where as for the others, the game has to come to them.

    Oh, and just to add, TR’s small stature will make him more difficult to see behind the O-lineman (sort of Warrick Dunnish but with much more strength). Not to mention he’s a quality guy who hails from the same area that Derrick Brooks and Emmitt Smith are from. The dude has a presence about him that I think will translate throughout the locker room.

    Dominick, you’ve GOT TO GO GET THIS GUY!

  4. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It was great to see Mark being critical of himself.
    I think Mark Dominik really wants to win, and has had some bad breaks with injuries to many of his draft picks, and presumably, poor coaching.
    I really like this coaching staff he has brought us.
    And, I think Tampa is going to have an excellent draft starting tomorrow.
    Mark now has some excellent football minds to help him with draft choices.
    I hope he will listen to them.

  5. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Trading up would be a huge mistake. We are already short one pick, it would cost us a 2nd and 3rd to move up…and there is no sense in it. At #5 we’re guaranteed a good pick.

  6. SensibleBuc Says:


    New Burfict News: Dude failed a drug test at the Combine. He’ll be playing in the CFL this year. LOL

  7. raphael Says:

    2nd OR a 3rd in next years draft

  8. SteveK Says:

    Rockstar needs to land the BEST RB in the past 5 years.

    Trade up for him.


    We should have traded up for Megatron, and Suh.

    We could have drafted Adrian Peterson, but instead went with “team need”. Use FA to fill “need”.

    Draft the best position player in this draft. Trade with the Vikings if need be.

  9. raphael Says:

    Sapp failed a drug as well….we won’t get burfict but he could be really good.

  10. raphael Says:

    Lattimore will be the # 1 rb in the draft next year and I think Richardson is better than him.

  11. SteveK Says:


    I am all for trading up, if and only if we get a GAME CHANGER.

    Heck yeah trade up!

    What if we would have traded up with Detroit a few years ago?

    Would it have been our 1st and 2nd rounders to move up and take Suh?

    GMC + Price < Suh

    Quality over quanity.

  12. SteveK Says:

    @ Raphael,

    Agreed, Lattimore is a great prospect, but not on TR’s level.

    We need to trade up and get our man.

  13. raphael Says:

    it won’t cost us draft picks this year. we can trade a 3rd rd next year and the vikings still get Kalil.

  14. SteveK Says:

    If that is the case, then HELL YEAH!

    Trade next year’s 3rd rounder and snatch up Richardson.

    Wow, that would be amazing to have Trent Richardson in Pewter.

  15. bucfanjeff Says:

    I think he has done ok, you can’t predict injuries.

    Tomorrow will be interesting.

  16. Buddhaboy Says:

    go get em and stop whining.

  17. OptimisTroll Says:

    To stay the Buc’s Rock Star GM, MD needs to sell out the shows.

    This is theoretically done only by winning and becoming a team with hopes of a championship.

    Right now, as it appears to me, the team has a fairly strong offense and a defense that is very weak by NFL standards, let alone Buc standards.

    I think the way the team can win the most games in 2012, and possibly compete in the playoffs is to invest even more heavily on offense early in the draft, and then try to pick up a few more guys to have a defense that can do okay this season.

    I believe that will get the most wins in 2012, and set up the team the best to really bring it all together in 2013.

    How I’d draft:
    #5 – Kalil
    2nd – BPA at Runningback
    3rd – BPA at Runningback
    5th – BPA at Linebacker
    6th – BPA at Linebacker
    7th – BPA at Corner

    Then, MD should do what he does best and find some gems in the offseason to compete to improve the defense’s back 7.

  18. Buc Neckid Says:

    Hey Joe!
    Are you going to start an “official” topic / thread for all of us experts to post our Mocks?
    Could be our resume to replace the RockStar if he takes another Draft Dump

  19. patrickbucs Says:


    Iif we trade up there is no way we keep all of our picks based on your mock draft. Burflict might get drafted in the 7th round, he is getting hated on by pretty much all of the experts. Kendricks will be a late first to middle of the second round pick, would be great if he was there for the Bucs in the 2nd round.

    I really hope Minny and Clevland go Kalil and Blackmon allowing Dom to choose between Clairborne and Richardson, doubt it but I can only hope.

  20. Bobby Says:

    To think we could have traded up to get Suh or Megatron just demonstrates a total lack of football knowledge. Tell me SteveK…just how were we supposed to ‘trade up’ to get Suh or Calvin Johnson and do you suppose that we were the only team that was thinking about that or were the other 30 teams just thinking Megatron and Suh sucked? I don’t mind comments but stupidity bothers me when it’s just thrown out there like an accusation “We should have traded up and we didn’t” blah…blah… That’s like saying Miami should trade up to get Andrew Luck. In your fantasy world maybe that could happen but in real life it’s impossible.

  21. raphael Says:

    @patrickbucs the bucs and Vikings could simply swap there 1st picks and the bucs give them a 2nd OR a 3rd from next years draft…Vikings still get there player and a extra pick next year.That is the rumour I heard.. agreed kendrick will prolly be gone…

  22. raphael Says:

    @bobby Ifg the Miami offered there 1st 2nd and 3rds in the next few drafts I am sure the Colts would be on it like a fat kid on cake..*stolen saying*

    see previous Saints coach Mike Ditka trade…not impossible !

  23. Joe Says:


    We should have traded up for Megatron, and Suh.

    1. Chucky screwed up the Calvin Johnson trade. There was an offer on the table and he turned it down. Sabby the Goat was too valuable.

    2. The Lions weren’t trading that pick for Suh. Simple as that.

  24. OptimisTroll Says:

    @bobby & raphael

    Especially, since the Colts could just suck for Matt Barkley anyway. Even, if they don’t get the worst record, Miami will, because who would Andrew Luck throw it to?

  25. Joe Says:

    Burflict might get drafted in the 7th round

    As Mike Mayock said (before news of his failed drug test was released), this guy is “undraftable.”

  26. raphael Says:

    @ joe, thats great I just just eat and had to read the megatron deal screw up…lol

  27. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ raphael

    I highly doubt it. If it was JUST the drug test that’d be one thing but look at his resume:

    *Good junior year
    *Underwhelming Senior Year
    *Terrible Combine #s (overweight/slow/weak)
    *Failed a drug test at the Combine
    *Terrible Pro Day #s (still overweight/slow/weak)

    If talent was all you needed to succeed in the NFL, Jamarcus Russell would be a HOF candidate. Unfortunately, for him and Burfict, talent is only a prerequisite. He hasn’t shown 1 iota of the desire it takes to be an NFL player.

  28. raphael Says:

    sad story about Burflict…Mom was a certified gangbanger, family members killed…sad deal man !

  29. raphael Says:

    dude has that Ray Lewis intensity but you prolly right.

  30. Lion Says:

    If you realized the first draft failed because most of the player were drafted to fit Jim Bates and Jagodzinski’s crummy schemes. The failure was hiring the wrong coordinators not the draft itself. And plus having Freeman alone makes that draft fine with me 🙂

  31. SteveK Says:

    Bobby, (Here is your “Football Knowledge”)

    Specifically in the GMC/SUH draft, 2010 NFL Draft-

    Order of picks:

    2. Lions
    3. Bucs

    They picked Suh, we picked GMC.

    How much would it have really cost to jump up one spot?
    Maybe the same year’s 2nd rounder? (Price)
    Heck even throw that year’s 3rd rounder? (Myron Lewis)

    So, Bobby, wouldn’t you rather have SUH then GMC, Price, and Lewis?

    I sure as heck would.

    Just ponder that idea, and try to be open minded about football knowledge. 🙂

  32. SteveK Says:


    The Dolphins pick 8th, Colts pick 1st. That would be a more expensive leap.

    Colts sent Peyton Manning packing.

    No sh*t, Sherlock.

    So just open your mind to that hypothetical, because it may have been a possibility?

  33. Capt. Tim Says:

    Problem for Dom – he has more needs than picks.
    Needs 2 CBs- wright isn’t anything but depth. We don’t have any CBs right now, under the age of 37

    Needs at least 2 starting Lbers- Meybe three, if Foster plays as badly as he did last year. Schiano watched his college tape- trying to figure out why we drafted him! A move to Sam will help him out- I hope!

    Need a starting safety

    Need a Rb and WR for depth. No one is sold on Any of our young Wrs.
    Depth at WR, Rb, Cb, Lb.

    Hmmm- good luck Dom- another year of givin up 40 points a game- and it’s happy trails, buddy

    Worst defense in the league- full of bad characters. You got 7 picks to save your career- go

    Good luck pal

  34. SteveK Says:


    Thanks for the inside info on the prior mentioned potential trades.

    You da man, and you have all the best Bucs info out there.

    TY for all you do,

    Steve K

  35. OptimisTroll Says:


    If I remember right, back in 2010 analysts were saying that GMC was a better fit than Suh for the Buc’s defensive scheme anyway.

  36. jvato24 Says:

    I like TR … But have to admit 2 knee surgeries in as many years is not good!!

  37. 941-Bucs Says:

    I Blame the scouting department… Dennis Hickey to be exact. He has been the Scout for us for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem like he is very good at evaluating talent. We have failed in the dragt year after year. Only getting maybe 1 or 2 players who are actually worth even having on the field.

    This all falls onto Dominik’s shoulders tho. Hickey is Dom’s boy and Dom wont let him go. Mark and Shelton Quarles( PRO Scout) actually do a much better job when acquiring FA’s or practice squad players who are gems in the rough(Penn, Blount).

    If Mark wants to keep his job for the future he has to do 2 things. A replace Dennis Hickey and the other College scouts. B. ONLY listen to his new college coaches who have a personal hand in being able to evaluate them.

  38. SteveK Says:

    Out of curiosity, anyone have an idea on what a trade up for the Calvin Johnson pick would’ve cost?

    @ 941,

    Bucs’ Scout, Hickey es no mut bueno.

    The only “good” Hickey in Tampa is the Pitching Coach for the Rays, Jim Hickey.

  39. 941-Bucs Says:

    If i see one more person say we need to draft Burfict i am going to flip out.

    The guy is a garbage person and player. Sometimes the reasons people want certain players baffles me to no extent. The guy is much worse the Talib and Blount, 2 player in which most fans are already turning against. He is NOT worth a Draft pick period. If we take a flier shot at him once he is a UDFA then maybe possibly. but i don’t want that monster anywhere near the Bucs locker room.

    Most are not even looking at it realistically. I’m just very happy most of the fan base doesn’t have a hand in who we ever get or this team would be horrid year in and year out.

  40. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Joe

    Weren’t there trade talks between the Dom and the Rams GM (name is escaping me right now) back in 2010, with the thought being the Rams weren’t risking too much, in that they’d still get their QB (Bradford) since the Bucs and Lions got their QBs the year before?

    I don’t think the Lions would’ve traded out of that spot in 2010. Unless someone gave them a ridiculous offer of swapped picks PLUS at least 2 more 1st rounders.

  41. 941-Bucs Says:

    @ Steve

    Yep i agree. No one really pays attention to the scouting department. When it is them who give Dominik all the advice and homework on every pick out there.

  42. DAN Says:

    whoever believes we can move up that high for one third round draft pic next year, show me an example of that ever happening, i will counter with the example of last years falcons

  43. beansnap Says:

    I am not yet ready to throw Mark Dominik under the bus, however the team we have is now a direct result of his drafts. How they perform this season will tell us more about the quality of the drafts, and will also most likely determine whether he gets to stay. Let’s take a look:

    2009 – When you start rebuilding from scratch, it is nice to be able to start at the head. Josh Freeman was first, and looks to be a good choice. This season is make or break for him. 2nd round traded for Winslow, not the best decision. Roy Miller is a backup DT, and we missed on Moore and Fulton. 7th rounders Stroughter and Biggers have contributed, and at this point are still with the team. Not a great draft, but certainly not horrible by average standards.

    2010 – McCoy and Price both have shown spurts of greatness, but injuries have limited them greatly. At this point, if they stay healthy, they should become what we envisioned. This season tells the tale, but either way they are slated as the starting DT’s on this team. Benn is a top 3 receiver, and should break out this season. Lewis has been average as a 3rd rounder, but may perform better in new system. Williams is a top 3 receiver on the team, and was our #1 for his first 2 seasons. Bowden was a bust at P, but we did pick up Briscoe and Larsen who were 6th rounders from other teams, and they are both backups on the roster. In the 7th we got our starting FS, and our starting FB. Grimm just needs to stay healthy. Not a bad draft if everyone contributes as expected this year, jury is still out.

    2011 – Clayborne looks to be the real deal, and Bowers has shown signs. Still early. Foster struggled as a rookie, but he was thrown into a tough situation. He should be much improved and ready this season. Stocker hasn’t shown much yet, Black and Gaitor should compete for the safety spots. Hard to make a judgement here either, but things have every opportunity to still pan out.

    Like i said, it is just to early to criticize Dominik’s drafts. Let’s talk after the season.

  44. SteveK Says:


    Last year the Redskins traded out of the # 10 spot, to the #16 spot and only recieved a 2nd rounder.

    We would be moving the the #3 spot, from the # 5 spot.

    If the price is right, pull the trigger.

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    Revisionist History serves no real purpose other than feeding Depression.

    I’d rather take a shot of Jack, maybe 2 or 4.

  46. BigMacAttack Says:

    With rosters expanded to 90 players up until opening day, there will be a large amount of good players available on that big cut day. About 1000 pink slips all in one day.

  47. Bucnjim Says:

    Cheers Big Mac!! Some of these guys are enough to give Nostradamus a headache. There is such a thing as giving opinions based on possible scenario’s, but too many fans on here are getting carried away with impossible theories. The Bucs would have NEVER gotten Suh! Maybe the Saints when they had crazy A$$ Ditka, but look how that worked out for them. It’s fun to wish for certain players on draft day, but the fact is none of these guys may be great players in the NFL. You can look at any draft throughout history and there are 100 times more busts than successful. Even in the first round!

  48. Camby Says:

    Why on earth do you still insist on calling this guy a rock star? Compared to Andrew Friedman this guy should be a roadie doing mic checks.

    It’s nice that he’s plucked a couple of UFA’s off the scrap heap, but when you whiff on your 1st rounders and completely crap the bed in free agency, I mean you can’t keep hanging your hat on the fact that you signed LGB off Tennessee’s practice squad.

  49. Bobby Says:

    @Camby….??????? Don’t think he’s whiffed on Freeman or Clayborn. Probably gonna be a breakout year for McCoy if he stays healthy and this years FA was the best in the NFL by signing two all pros. So your point is what…??

  50. Bobby Says:

    @SteveK…you actually want to trade UP to get a RB???? It’s silly enough to take one in the top 5 but to trade up and give up even more draft picks is borderline insanity.

  51. Bobby Says:

    Just on a side note….Mayock did his mock draft with all the top NFL analysts picking for teams 1-32 and Richardson didn’t go in the top 5. He made it to #9. That’s not saying that is the way it will happen on draft day but it is interesting that NFL analysts, some of whom are former coaches, seem to place ‘need’ over BPA in most situations and picked the BPA to fill that ‘need’.
    Now there’s a concept huh??

  52. Camby Says:

    I’m not giving him any credit for McCoy so far for a “probably gonna” when I heard that last year about him. Clayborn was solid but unspectacular, and really does not look to project to be anything more than maybe an above average, Ray Edwards type. None of his middle to late round picks have made any impact. NONE. And while he hasn’t had much money to work with, what he’s had could have been better used if it were lit on fire and smoked out of a pipe. McCown..Derrick Ward.. a punter..franchising your kicker.. and did I mention Quincy Black? (oh yeah- the lighting $$ on fire thing)

    Signing a deep threat WR on the wrong side of 30 and a corner that is at best a #2 doesn’t exactly make me want to run to the store to buy a Eric Wright jersey. So again, what exactly has he done that hasn’t been equaled and/or passed in pretty much every NFL city save for Washington (they do have a worse GM)

  53. SteveK Says:


    Picking Trent would not be insane, it would be pure genius.

    Dom needs to make a statement, and so does Schiano.

    What a better way to send a wake up call?

    New Coach, new mindset, new “bell cow”.

    We will see how it goes down tomorrow.

    If we don’t move up to take TR, then I hope we can get Claibourne/Kalil/ trade back.

  54. Bobby Says:

    @Camby….so, even though every expert says it takes 3 years to evaluate a draft you think you have that Nostradamus ability that they don’t have huh? Good for you! Maybe you should change careers and get a career in the NFL.
    As far as V-Jax, he just turned 29 and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Would be nice if her were 25 but he works out like he’s a teenager. I guess that pick was too tame for you huh? Eric Wright in our scheme may be just what the doctor ordered. He’s a sure tackler and we needed those last season. Maybe I missed the whole FA period but tell me again….what are the 30 teams besides Washington that signed two Pro Bowl players during FA? I must have missed that……

  55. SteveK Says:


    We can finally agree on something without one of us getting pissed off and insulting, YAY!

    Eric Wright is a great addition. The Lions D was not nearly as crappy last year with him, 70+ tackles.

    V-Jax was a super signing, we can cut bait with him after two years, or if he is still “top notch” we can continue to have him.

    Now, the bad.

    Derrick Ward, Michael Clayton, Quincy Black, Roy Miller, Myron Lewis….

    All garbage additions either through FA/ 3rd round pick.

    Those additions sucked.

    We traded up for Freeman, and that was a good choice.

    We traded up for Regis Benn, and he has been so-so.

    Dom should up the anty and trade up for TR, it would shock conventional wisdom, and after all it is a copy cat league.

    If we do trade up and get TR, and it is a huge hit, then everyone will laugh at convetional wisdom, and “bell cows” will remain a top priority.

  56. Bobby Says:

    I won’t be upset if we take Richardson at #5. If we trade up to get him I will be punching a hole in the wall.

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    \\\ test, test, 1, 2, 3 test \\\