“Kalil Would Play Left Tackle”

April 9th, 2012

Twittering with his followers today, Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud busted out a line Joe can’t ignore.

Stroud floated that offensive tackle Matt Kalil could be in play for the Bucs with the fifth overall pick and then a Bucs fan fired back that he would like that because the Bucs could then dump Jeremy Trueblood. Stroud responded with the following:

@NFLStroud – @boss1sarge – This may shock you, but Kalil would play left tackle.

Now Joe was taken back because Joe considers Stroud’s comment absurd. Why would the Bucs possibly want to displace Donald Penn, a Pro Bowl caliber tackle in his prime? Is that how to be “all about No. 5?”

Making this more absurd to Joe was Bill Polian’s take on offensive tackles today on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Polian gave extraordinary detail about how offensive tackles struggle in their rookie season, “even Anthony Munoz.” Polian went on to explain that he and Bill Parcells are guys that like to draft two guys in one draft that can play left tackle when the team need is there, just to help ensure a team isn’t exposed at that position.

Regardless, Joe would be surprised if the Bucs draft Kalil, and even more stunned if he played left tackle in 2012, barring a draft-day trade of Penn.

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  1. Big Picture Guy Says:

    A guy as talented as Kalil is, would have to be given the LT spot, because that would be his long term position. You would have to sacrifice a year or two for him to adjust to the NFL and grow, and the bucs would certainly have to decide if it was worth it, as opposed to taking someone else.

    But the bucs don’t make this move unless there is no one else. This would only happen if Richardson and Claiborne are BOTH off the board. They would then move Penn to RT, and Kalil would at least have an all-pro next to him to lean on and pick up his mistakes.

  2. Bucfish Says:

    Having to draft Kalil at 5 because MC and TR were gone would be a nightmare to me! However, I do predict a draft-day trade of a player by the Bucs, though it isn’t Penn. I predict the Bucs trade Blount to the Packers for a 2nd and a 5th. This only makes sense if we are able to draft TR in the 1st or a guy like Doug Martin in the 2nd.

    Think that’s crazy? Well, we will definitely draft a “Bell-Cow” back in the first 3 rounds, and Blount is already on record as saying he doesn’t want competition – at least that’s how I read it. So, if we do draft competition at RB and that makes Blount unhappy, we probably won’t resign him after his one-year contract is up in 2013. We could get something for him this year rather than nothing for him next year.

    Joe, is Blount still a restricted FA in 2013?

  3. Capt. Tim Says:

    Stroud is an idiot. No new news there

  4. Vince Says:

    Jeez — Draft Blackmon over Kalil. Let’s start playing for right now. I’m sick of losing.

  5. BonesMahoney Says:

    I am sure Kalil doesn’t put on about 50 pounds as the season goes on and get beat like a drum because of it. If Kalil was the pick he would eventually be the LT, whether it be right away or a year from now. Penn is pretty good(at least through about mid-season) but Kalil will be much much better.

  6. bucbelevr Says:

    Stroud has always been a couple straws short of a broom! Bucs wouldn’t take Kalil, over trading down with Blackmon available (Jax wants him), ORR….Stroud, should have looked at with Kalil available, make a call to Eagles about trading up with us for him.

    We wouldn’t just stay at 5, take a (good) LT, then move on. IDIOTIC. Options…hello.

  7. bucbelevr Says:

    Gary Shelton…..that cat’s good!

  8. BigBear Says:

    @Bucfish It’s like we all forget the way Blount runs and how incredible he can be. There should be 0 talk of him being traded! If TR is the pick then we have a two headed monter same with Martin or anyone else in this draft. We only have Blount and Madu on the roster. So trading Blount and drafting one of those guys would still leave us with two backs who have a combined less than 50 snaps of offense in the NFL. Trading Blount would be an awful decision!!

  9. Macabee Says:

    Stranger things are being said. I just saw a mock on PFT that has the Bucs taking Michael Brockers, DT, LSU at #5. He is coming in for a look-see, But I think more pre-draft psycho-babble!

  10. teacherman777 Says:

    Trading Blount? Are you insane??

    He is one the reasons we went 10-6 with him mauling people!

    Then 4-12 when he didnt get enough touches! Why would we trade a cheap, potentially dominating back?

    I agree we need depth and a second back to share the load but why lose a guy who was an undrafted free agent diamond in the rough??!

    I swear, some football fans are really stupid people.

  11. Brandon Says:

    If Kalil were drafted he most likely would be drafted as a LT but would start his career on the right side. Considering Penn’s weight and bulk, he would be a more ideal fit on the right side anyway while Kalil is the prototype.

  12. teacherman777 Says:

    @donald penn

    Watch your diet! If you get fat, you will increasethe risk of injury and potentially destroy your career!

    He got sooooo fat by week sixteen. His weight gain was further proof of an undisciplined team environment!!

    And am I the only one who thinks Jeremy Trueblood is a serviceable RT?

    I thought he did ok last year for his pricetag.

  13. jb Says:

    If Kalil is there, draft him, then promptly call the snakes up in Atlanta who are desperate for a left tackle and trade Penn for their 2013 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders.
    They’ll do it! LOL!!!!

  14. Yar Says:

    Bucs need to get Keekly (I know it’s Kuechly but he spells it wrong) trade down, maybe Buffalo if Kalil is there, and pick up a fourth rd. pick .

  15. BonesMahoney Says:

    Bucbelevr, why would the Eagles want to trade up that far(and have to give up everything) for Kalil when they just signed Bell to a 5 year contract(though they can opt out after 1 if Peters is fine)? They are fine at both tackle spots. And how do you know the Jags want Blackmon? That is just either you or wherever you read it connecting some imaginary dots because the Jags need a WR and he is considered to be the best in the draft.

    There is no guarantee anyone will want to trade up with us. Regardless, you have to weigh the value of the player vs whatever you could potentially get in the trade. Kalil is, without question, the best or 2nd best non-QB in this years draft. If he is there at 5 that is damn good value, and unless it was a trade like the Rams got I don’t think I would move down if I were the Bucs.

    Also, as for rookie OTs struggling. Tyron Smith played amazing for the Cowboys last year as a rookie. Kalil was the one that beat him for the LT job at USC. I have no doubt that Kalil could come in and play very well right away for whatever team drafts him.

  16. bucfanjeff Says:

    The Bucs will not draft Kalil. Write it down.

  17. Brandon Says:


    Stupid idea. Just in the fact that you want the Bucs to draft Richardson on its own is stupid, but to trade him and NOT even know that he is restricted this next offseason too suggests to me that you just say whatever it is at the top of your head without putting an ounce of thought into it.

  18. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I’d rather trade back and get more picks because of the lack of depth and the amount of holes we have to fill trading back we could possibly have a shot at Barron and that would be a huge hole that we would fill at Safety.

  19. Buddhaboy Says:

    Might not be the worst decision ever made, i.e., Quincy Black, Michael Clayton. Pick up Kalil, and trade Donald Penn for a round 2 or 3 pick….even though i love Penn’s toughness, and he is a true Buc.

  20. BILL Says:


  21. bucbelevr Says:


    You seem awfully matter of fact, for having no certainties in there. And you make very little sense on your Kalil approach.

    One your one argument, you say Kalil is one of the 2 non-QB players in the draft, so Bucs should take him. Then you ask me, why would the Eagles trade up to get the guy you call one of the best 2 non-QB prospects??? Nice.

    Also, the Bell lard-ass, is heavily injured recently, that’s why he and McNeill sat out there soo long on the FA market, and the length of Bell’s contract is irrelevant, its basically a 1 year deal. So he’s injured as hell, Peters is no guarantee to be 100% next year on a bum Achilles with 330 lbs weighing on it, plus Reid has also made several comments at beginning of offseason about looking at getting better Tackle play at Vick’s blindside, the right side. So whyyy would the Eagles, who have proved time and time again at draft time to be aggressive/surprising, want to trade up (with 2 extra picks they have this year) to get the guy Kalil YOU YOURSELF CALLED one of 2 best non-QB picks this year?!?!?!? Gee…..that’s why. for 12 years to come, on EITHER TACKLE SIDE.

    AND, I didn’t say anything about rookie tackles no performing well! I have only said, that a 6’0, 230 pound rookie LB as MLB in our defense HAS NO BUSINESS STARTING HERE. As a rookie, MLB.

    Your rant was misplaced, shoddy. I didn’t say there was a “guarantee” someone would trade up, but there are options there, and finding the right mix of players/picks/slots to trade down. THOSE, ARE, always available, to a good GM, with various teams.

    Just because you like Kalil, doesn’t mean that in the NEXT 2 YEARS FOR BUCS WINDOW, that Kalil provides us teh most competitive advantage to build A WIN-NOW BUCS TEAM.

  22. SteveK Says:


    Others opinions may be studpid through your own tiny head’s limited perception ability, but it is ok. Teebow still loves you.

  23. bucbelevr Says:


    I spend every weekend on the road in Jacksonville, for work, and constant communication in local media/sports outlets, is that new owner WANTS this year as last year to determine YES/NO on Gabbert, just one year. A Defensive End won’t do that.

    NO ONE would logically pick Floyd over Blackmon, if Gabbert’s the focus, THIS YEAR, and they could move 2 spots to get Blackmon.

  24. Kujolw Says:

    If Claiborne, Richardson, and Blackmon are gone and we can’t move down then I’m all about it. No matter what we do we should take best player avalaible. As long as we do that then our pick won’t be wasted.

  25. teacherman777 Says:

    If Kalil is avallable at 5, then the likelihood of a trade down increases. I can name 10 teams who would love a franchise LT like Kalil.

    Best case scenario?

    A trade down.

    Please, lets be like the Patriots. The kings of the trade down.

    We need picks and I am not that excited about Richardson, Kalil, or Morris. This draft is sick with corners and LB’s.

    Imagine getting Donta’a Hightower, LaVonte David, and Janoris Jenkins in the same draft? Totally possible.

    I swear, Dontaa Hightower is a beast. 260 pound THUMPER. He would man the Mike spot with Mason at Will ( a true replacement for Brooks.) Then in Nickle, Mason would slide back to Mike. I would prefer Hightower to Kuechly because of his ability to send RB’s back. Kuechly will make tackles but not big hits.

    However, I still like Kuechly. So…..

    Imagine Luke Kuechly, Lavonte David and Michael James In the first 2 rounds. Plus Ron Brooks in round 3. He was the fastest cornerback in the draft. He played for LSU behind Claiborne, Peterson, and Mattieu. ( 3 top tem picks).

    Mark my words Ron Brooks will be the steal of the draft in round 3. He could be a replacement for Ronde Barber (another 3rd round gem)

    We could also double down on 2 badass LB’s plus get ourselves a little Warrick Dunn 2.0. Or even Dre Kirkpatrick, Doug Martin, and Michael Kendricks.

    The possibilites are endless!!!

    Im telling you, the first 2 rounds are full of LB and DB depth. Our biggest needs. And quite a few RB’s will be available on day 3.

    We need to be patient in this draft and take advantage of the first 2 rounds.

    We could even grab a beast of a DE or DT in the top 15 and take care of our LB and CB needs in Round 2. Then a RB in round 3.

    Trust me, if we can get 2 second rounds picks, we need to do so.

  26. bucbelevr Says:


    Like the open-mindedness. @BonesMahoney could sure borrow a thing or 2 from your last post. Well said. (and Kalil available at 5, does absolutely increase our chances of more teams wanting to come up to get him). Agreed.

    Overall, patience, possibilities abound.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Calling people stupid because they want to draft an elite RB prospect is really a great argument! I mean, that would also mean Bill Polian is an idiot, right? I’m sure you have his credentials, so I guess we are stupid and you are smart.

    I don’t mind opinions, but I can’t stand people that think their opinion is always right. You don’t know jack sh!t about drafting, so please stop. Neither do I, I’m just stating an opinion. I could be wrong, or I could be right. Believe it or not, the same applies to you.

  28. BonesMahoney Says:

    @ bucbelvr The last part about rookie tackles struggling was to the article here and not anything you said, that’s my bad for not making the distinction. As well as the comment about guaranteeing someone will trade up with us. So many people act like there will be teams lining up to trade up to pick 5 and I just don’t see it happening that way.

    If the Bucs were in the same spot as the Eagles, pick 15 or 16, just signed a solid player to play LT, Kalil would have no where to play on the line. I would definitely not want the Bucs to trade up to pick 5 to get him regardless of how good he is. Hell, I don’t want the Bucs to trade up to get him even from pick 5. But if he is there at pick 5 he should absolutely be the pick(just like if he was there at the Eagles pick it would make sense, but to trade up to get him it doesn’t.)

    I don’t really see the Bucs being in a position to win right now regardless of who we pick. I’m a firm believer in taking the best player available with your picks to maximize the talent on your team(as opposed to picking for need) , so even if we were in a position to win now I would want Kalil(if he was available).

  29. jarrett Says:

    Why couldnt we keep penn and move him to rt? I think he would be better suited there anyways.

  30. bucbelevr Says:

    @jarrett… we could move Penn to RT.

    Aside from that overall, IMO, Browns know they can still get Martin, Miller, or Wilson at their #22 pick in 1st round. They can’t get Tannehill, there, or near there, and unless they like Weeden that much to start now, then IMO, Browns go QB at #4, RB at #22.

    (drumroll……TRich is ours). Wheww. (in a perfect world).

  31. buddah Says:

    Donald Penn could be out of football in another year or two, I have it on good authority that he just can’t control his diet. he had huge incentives written into his contract to keep his weight down and he ballooned after the midway point of last season. I like Penn’s demeanor on the field but I would take Kalil in a heartbeat.

  32. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Bucs aren’t trading Penn, bc no one is lining up to trade for Penn. If Penn played for anyone else, and the bucs traded just a 2nd round pick this year to get him, would anyone be happy?

    With T-Rich and Claiborne off the board, the best case scenario is someone wants Kalil or Blackmon bad enough to trade up. Bucs trade down, target whoever their guy is appropriately. Kuechly makes a lot of sense as a trade down target with RB and CB off the board.

    So much of our draft depends on the Browns, it scares the ca-cah out of me, because I don’t think even they know wtf they are going to do at #4.

  33. ben Says:

    Spot on, im right with you brother

  34. bucbelevr Says:


    lmao…. I don’t think Browns know what they’re doin either, ca-cah scared to go around.

  35. diverson89 Says:

    this would never happen. period. if we actually do draft kalil (which I really hope is our last resort), he will play RT. No chance Penn moves in the near future

  36. espo Says:

    Draft Kalil and play him at RT. He might not even start over True his first year. Yeah I know I’ll catch some heat for that one.

    Penn has earned the LT spot. His play dropped off at the end of the year, but so did everyone else’s.

    My biggest worry about drafting Kalil is that when its time to part with Trueblood, Davin Joseph will leave as well.

  37. SteveK Says:


    If Kalil is our 1st pick, barring injury, he will start over Trueblood.

    Shoot, the Cowboys picked Tyron Smith last year in the top 10, and this year he is their starting LT.

    Kalil kept the LT job over Smith while at USC…

    If we grab him, he starts instantly.

    Joseph is under contract, and will not leave lol. C’mon man the NFL is a business.

  38. RastaMon Says:

    if Kalil is @5 ….
    it is a no brainer…
    no trade downs…
    simple take Kalil…

  39. Paul Says:

    Stoud is an idiot. We have a good LT that is getting starting LT pay.

  40. Lion Says:

    Just because Kalil would be drafted to play LT doesn’t mean we would get rid of Penn, it means we would simply move Penn to RT and then Trueblood would be sitting on the bench.

  41. js1506 Says:

    If Claiborne and Trent are gone… then yes draft Kalil to play LT and move Penn to RT. I saw him fat and slow last year. Obviously Penn on the right side would be better than trueblood..

  42. Lion Says:

    Kalil and Penn, does it really matter where they would play, RT or LT?? Nope, they are both great lineman and our line will be the best in the NFL.

  43. Lion Says:

    Yes, I agree Kalil makes the most the most sense only if Claiiborne and Richardson are off the board first.

  44. RastaMon Says:

    even if Clair and Trent are on the board….Kalil is the pick…Penn goes to RT….no brainer…

  45. BILL Says:


  46. BigMacAttack Says:

    Teacherman777, I also like your scenarios, especially the Hightower & Jenkins picks which could easily happen with a trade back with someone like the Bengals. The Bengals could benefit drafting Blackmon who may be there at 5. Sorry I was late to class. Apple?

  47. Josh Says:

    Stupid. Penn is solid even overweight. Put him next to Nicks and that side is NASTY. Kalil would be great at RT, but not worry the Bucs will not be wasting pic number 5 on RT when they just signed Dotson to a nice backup contract. The O-line is set minus a late round pick for depth.

  48. raphael Says:

    penn = 400 lbs

  49. bucfat Says:

    Write it and they will come. holly!!!! Do you guys know how much our offense of lines costs? A lot. We dont need more money on our OL. Dont waste money on a WR in the draft either. We are a run team. RB at the 5th pick is to rich. We all know the stories. Like i keep saying trade down for Kuechly. or stay at 5 and snag Mo.

  50. Mr Lucky Says:

    Drafting Kalil with the #5 pick will improve the Bucs offense more than drafting Richardson with the #5 pick.

    Running backs can run if the O-line can’t block.

    Freeman can’t stand in the pocket if Trueblood continues to get beat time and time again. The Bucs offense can’t stay on the field and make 1st downs when the current RT gets offsides penalties.

    Given the choice between Kalil, Richardson and Clairborne…..

    I’d take Kalil – I mentioned this days ago.

  51. Rrsrq Says:

    Kalil, is not coming to Tampa, he doesn’t sell tickets. T-Rich will sell tickets, Mo Claiborne won’t sell tickets except to see a defense return to form, Kalil would be solid but the Bucs need to put butts in the seat, RT or LT doesn’t do that. Don’t see using a #5 on that, Bucs need a splash in draft, FA were good hole fillers, but even V-Jax won’t sell lots of tickets, looking forward to draft and season.

  52. Stevek Says:

    BPA our pick

    Kalil> TRich> Morris> Blackmon

    BPA every time we are on the clock, and if we trade down, it better be “Julio Jones” rewarding.

    No more drafting anything less than the best player on the board.

    McCoy: #2 DT
    Michael Clayton: #15 4th WR taken
    Cadilac: #2 RB taken

    We need the most talented football player at the #5 pick.

  53. Stevek Says:

    Our team has a need for the BPA all 6 times.

    FA to bandaid up the wounds.

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    There is no way picking Kalil could be a bad pick. I think our line is already going to be nasty, but he would make it the best in the league. If we did go this route, we still have to get another playmaker on offense. V-Jax by himself isn’t enough.

  55. Miguel Grande Says:

    I’m glad that you’re all coming around to my way of thinking, You can pencil Matt Kalil’s name into the Ring Of Honor right next to Jimmie Giles.

    Now we need to spread a disparaging rumor about Dontae Hightower so he’ll fall down the board to our 2nd round pick.

  56. Fatmosh Says:

    Why is it so hard to see Kalil play at RT for 3-4 years then move over to LT when Penn is washed up? Seems pretty plausible to me.

    And yes, I don’t expect Penn to be a solid starter for much more than 3-4 years.

    That being said…he’s going #3 folks. Team with a potential franchise QB (Ponder) and a gaping hole at LT don’t pass on a franchise LT when one is available.

  57. Patrick Says:

    It’s either Claiborne or Richardson. We already spent big money at the WR and OL positions.

  58. Patrick Says:

    I think a bunch of people have lost their minds on here.

    Cocaine is a helluva drug right?

  59. Stevek Says:


    BPA, Kalil is a bookend franchise tackle. Yeah, he’d be our lowest risk.

    Richardson is the next best available.

    Then Mo and finally Blackmon.

  60. Stevek Says:

    It would be a tremendously good thing if we had a better option the Penn at LT.

    Two Tackles play at a time.

    This would be an epic upgrade to our entire team.

    We can maul our opponents down, and play a Ravens brand of Football. It ain’t pretty, but it wins. I also believe Freeman has more QB intangibles then Flacco.

  61. JT Says:

    Im not sold on Claiborne I think he is the most over hyped player in the draft. For what may be there for us it’s TR or Kuechly to me. Id like a trade down for Kuechly but dont really see it as that much of a reach.

  62. Patrick Says:

    @Stevek……how can you be so convinced that this guy will be a hall of famer? There’s been several can’t miss picks in the past that have failed miserably in the NFL! I would never be THAT confident in an unproven rookie.

  63. bucbelevr Says:

    @Miguel Grande….

    LMAO!!…on that Hightower thing! Lets spread that rumor, amen. And I’m starting to tire on the whole Claiborne idea overall. Seems, this is a 3 round deep draft for man-press cover corners, so we’ll find one.

    Go get TRich….please. Offensive dimensions, mauler with killer OLine here, and yeah, sells tickets, years to come.

    Did you all see ESPN at 8pm special say Jax needs to trade up above Rams at #6 to go get Blackmon??…(when they covered WR needs, teams). That would be good for us, holla….what I’ve been sayin (only if no TRich there).

  64. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like what u are saying Teacherman, and I like Hightower too!
    He will knock the snot out of runners, and they will fear Tampa again, like they did in the old days.
    I agree, we trade out of the number 5 pick, if we can get enough for it.
    If Tampa plays their cards right, we can come out of this draft Fat with a lot of talent.

  65. Architek Says:

    You all keep pounding the table about trading down, um you have to have a partner. Also the partner must be in a draft spot that the Bucs want. Hypothetically, it’s not a just debate over something that is not an option.

  66. Architek Says:

    Also Penn does not have elite talent. He is an asset and a overachiever but Kalil’s talent is just elite and projection is elite. You don’t pass on elite no matter where you are drafting. Penn will be easily forgotten and the line will be dominant if they can get Kalil and move Penn to the RT position. No holes on the O-line.Trueblood would be depth and thats all he really is.

  67. teacherman777 Says:


    Dominik loves the Patriots and he is trying to mimick their policies. I am sure that there will be a bidding war for our number 5 spot.

    We have to continue to focus on building through the draft.

    @bucbeliever- Trent Richardson is the man but the Browns will draft him. I completely understand why so many people want him. He would give us a seriously dangerous duo in the backfield. I would not complain at all if we drafted him. But I am sure that Cleveland is going to take him. They lost Hillis and they have no one else. They are desperate for a feature back.

    @ Apple Roof Cleaner
    @Big Mac Attack

    -Thanks for the kind words.

  68. mister V Says:

    How about this ,Trueblood contract expires after this season and Penn’s in 2 seasons,since trueblood expires first,Kahlil start the season on the bench behind rt trueblood allowing kahlil to watch the pro game ,get better in the run game( good but can and need to get better, not his strength)and improve all strength(his biggest criticism lean and not neccesarily strong),by mid season start the transition between trueblood and kahlil by the end of the season kahlil is the right tackle. the transition should be smooth and not dipute the continuity in the OL. Repeat same process when penn’s contract end, the ravens used this to transition method on some guy name jon ogdom,not sure if any you ever heard of him. Ogdom played every position except center before finally settling in and becoming the best Lt in the game. It makes kahlil more versatile and valuable and keep a young group of linemen togather for years, too bad minnesota is drafting him.

  69. mister V Says:

    Teacherman, Brooks is a safety,strong safety to be exact, but I agree I think RBrooks would be a good pick up and the same with Hightower another good pick up if either or both could land here.